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As March comes to an end it brings us not only towards the conclusion of the current season, but potentially also the conclusion of the current phase of the ownership saga with Birmingham International Holdings looking to get their shares re-listed sooner rather than later.

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Former BIH Director Back In Court Over Wrongful Dismissal Claim

Former BIH Director Lee Yiu Tung was in court today in Hong Kong over his claim for wrongful dismissal after being disqualified from being a director by Birmingham International Holdings in January of this year.

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The Carson Trial – Day 26

Carson Yeung was back in court this morning as his trial on five counts of money laundering continues.

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Boardroom Politics

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Birmingham International Holdings saw office politics spill into the public domain this week with news that former executive director Lee Yiu Tung had taken his former employers to a tribunal for wrongful dismissal.

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BIH Embroiled in New Courtroom Battle

Reports have emerged from Hong Kong that Birmingham International Holdings have found themselves embroiled in another courtroom battle. Former director Lee Yiu-tung took the beleaguered company to an employment tribunal today for a claim of unfair dismissal after his disqualification from the board on January 11 2013.

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BIH Disqualify Two Directors

Birmingham International Holdings have today announced the departure of two directors from the board following disqualification.

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