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Hoping for Better Things

Birmingham City continued their patchy form of late, going down to an injury-time goal from Jorge Teixeira in a 2-1 defeat to Charlton. Jon Toral had opened the scoring for Blues in the first half but they were pegged back by a Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson equaliser within six minutes.

Predictably, as defeats always do, there has been some intense debate from Blues fans online after the game. Some are accused of being “bedwetters” for complaining about being defeated by a team in real danger of relegation while others are accused of being “pessimists” for thinking mid-table mediocrity is overachieving.

While I can certainly see why people would think we’ve done well by merely being close to the playoff picture despite the never-ending ownership issues, I can also see why people would think Blues should be doing better too – I’ve seen enough games where we’ve thrown away points by not being quite good enough in front of goal. One thing I don’t understand though is that even wanting more now seems to be a crime in the eyes of some fans – how it’s seen as (insult of insults) “v*lla-esque”.

Watching what has unfolded across the expressway has driven it home what separates us from them. After a few years circling the drain, they’ve finally disappeared down the plug hole and are now one game away from mathematical relegation from the top flight. Sure, I’d be unhappy too if my team were gutless wonders who weren’t putting up a fight – but there seems to be this entitlement from their fans that they should be not just putting up a fight but actually in the top half of the table – a deluded expectation bearing in mind how awful they’ve been for sometime and how far other teams have pushed on.

Blues fans don’t have those levels of expectation. We know that things are a bit of a struggle – and after five years of ever decreasing revenues we can see how hard it’s going to be to pull ourselves back up out of the Championship without some serious intervention. Yet we have hope that things could be better – we’ve seen a manager come in, organise a team and improve it so that it performs better than the sum of its parts. There has been a reason to believe again.

Things have tailed off somewhat, and now we’re pretty much talking about what might have been than what might be this season. There are some who are happy we have tried – but then there are some (and I include myself in this number) who might have wanted more. People who saw this season as a chance to steal a march on the teams around us and ride the crest of the wave as far as it could go. Is it wrong to want more, to hope that things can be better – to look for room for improvement rather than be happy with what we have?

Sure, we’re not run by incompetents like Clark and Pannu any more but how long can we be happy that our current staff are good because they’re not Clark and Pannu? When does the time come when the people at the helm have to step it up another level, to show that they can continue to build and improve?

I’m not saying that promotion could or would have happened this season – I’m not that deluded – but one thing I’ve seen in football is that if a team doesn’t try to improve they’ll quickly go backwards. The mob from across the expressway are in the position they are because their ownership tried a succession of short-termist strategies to hold the line which could now have comprehensively knackered their medium term future.

Blues on the other hand have put building blocks in place but we have to keep improving if we are to get back to the top flight. If we don’t finish in the top six this season it’s not the end of the world but in my opinion we should never shrug our shoulders and accept a fait accompli. Asking for improvement isn’t necessarily saying things are terrible – it’s just hoping for better things.

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74 Responses to “Hoping for Better Things”

  • Dave Mann says:

    That’s what I keep telling the realists Dan, what’s wrong with positivity or optemism ? Are they swear words ? Does it mean we are thick and don’t look at reality ? No it doesent it just means we have a more upbeat attitude to those that think the other way and I for one am not gonna apologise to anyone for thinking that way even right or wrong so no change here . KRO

    • Art says:

      Not expecting an apology Dave but don’t keep critisiing those who have a far more realist view than you.They are not being negative but maybe they have a better understanding of the game and what it takes to get promotion than you do.

      • Dave Mann says:

        Really , I don’t think so Art , good effort though . KRO

        • Art says:

          Where was the evidence at the start of the season that would suggest we could get promotion.

          Here’s my evidence that suggested we couldn’t.

          – Young inexperienced manager learning his trade in a very difficult league.
          – A paltry £500k invested in new players at the start of the season.
          – The club continues to sell young players with great potential.
          – On going issues surrounding ownership- leading to lack of investment..

          Assuming GR stays and he gets more money to improve the squad we should realistically be in with a shout next season.Promotion this season was only achievable -in your dreams,

          • Dave Mann says:

            Realistically Art we will find it even tougher next season even with investment and if Gary Rowett stays than this season because the league will be even stronger so time will tell ….. As for dreaming I wonder what Leicester fans are thinking , nearly relegated last season , sacked manager .. Now it’s a premier league title coming they’re way , reality , optemism , are they dreaming , 5000/1 at the start of the season , tell me how your educated brain gets round that one … Leicester can win the premier league but Blues were not good enough to make the playoffs , it’s a funny old game , you could say it’s an Art form or just a dream that Leicester fans will wake up from , those fans dreams have come true so why are we so different , Vardy, Mahrez, Drinkwater weren’t heard of last season yet there champions .. I will carry on dreaming mate and keep it as real as possible at the same time ok. KRO

      • Bluey says:

        Art you`re spot on.It seems to some that to have a realistic view on things is to be frowned upon by some,particularly Dave. Well at the end of the day we`ve been proven right so that`s enough for me. Dave says he won`t apologise for being optimistic (he often does) but i don`t remember anyone asking him to be sorry for anything.And no-one has accused him or his views as being thick so why does he get so defensive?

        • Dave Mann says:

          Ime not defensive Bluey , I go on the attack more than Blues do , you stick to your views and I will stick to mine , if your happy with that then Ime happy to ok . KRO

  • Phil Hall says:

    The negativity in some quarters at yesterday’s game was unacceptable and embarrassing. The idiots that I was standing next to just consistently moaning for 90 minutes about our collective and individual shortcomings. Yes we’ve thrown away a real good position and not maximised our potential for getting into the playoffs but we travel away from home to support our team. Support them, not berate them for 90 minutes. The sooner we can appreciate what our team have done and get back to supporting them we will improve. The atmosphere of earlier awaydays is lacking and I think we have forgotten the importance of a noisy and supportive away following and the effect that it can have on a teams performance.

    • steve says:

      Look at the teams we’ve lost to and you should understand the disappointment amongst the fans

      • Phil Hall says:

        Disappointment at the end of the game, most certainly. My point is about the morons shouting incessant negative comments about certain players and our team for 90 minutes before we’ve even lost the game.

        Yes, we should have done better against teams who are lower than us but that hasn’t happened because we are not good enough at breaking teams down. Everyone should be disappointed but give the players a chance first before slagging them off, that is all I ask.

  • Dave Mann says:

    I noticed that yesterday Phil , support was very intense but in a negative way , not like earlier away games but then we were winning earlier away games so that’s it I suppose . KRO

  • Jaffa says:

    I’m not having a moan but i would have liked us to have got a striker in rather than Fabrinni .It has been our downfall of late.I am still a bit miffed when Rowett say’s that he has to try a find a way to fit him into the team.Agree with you Dan that we now need new owners with some real money to invest next season.

    • atko says:

      Fabrini is the only player who GR has contradicted himself over. He has always said he will only bring players in who fit in the system, improve on what we have got and who don’t upset the collectiveness of the squad. The first one he is still trying to find out after 2 months!

  • StaffsBlue says:

    This season hasn’t been a disaster, or anywhere near it. For want of a few goals, it could have been a very sucessful one. To say we never stood a real chance of finishing in the top 6 just isn’t true. Half a dozen goals in the last month would have seen us firmly esconced in the play-off places. That’s how close it’s been. Yes, it’s disappointing that we haven’t, but all of us would have taken this at the start of the season.

    I think that everyone accepts that this squad, as it is now, has taken us as far as it’s going to. I honestly don’t believe that the manager can extract anymore out of the players than he has, although he’s done his best. An injection of 5 or 6 better quality players is what’s needed for next season… and that’s just to keep us in the top half of the table. Without that, I fear we’ll be looking at a season of trying to stay around the middle of the table.

  • AF says:

    I think even without new owners its time to look forward to next season and build now. Morrison needs a decent CB partner – can Shotton or Grounds fill the gap? Can Vaughan play alongside Donaldson – let’s try it and see? Can Viv Solomon Otabor force his way into the team – again let’s try it and see. I don’t think its time for wholesale changes but without pressure we now have the opportunity to plan for next year.

  • atko says:

    The time to step it up is pre season and that means at all levels – Management and Boardroom! It’s about time TTA laid their cards on the table and announced what they plan to do with Blues one way or another. If they have long term plans then they need to invest sufficient that will allow us to bring in 6 quality players. That I’m afraid is our only hope for improvement next season. There is nothing in this current squad as it stands to suggest we will improve next year!

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Once it’s mathematically certain that the play-offs are out of reach, let’s blood a few of the kids. I’m not advocating chucking 3 or 4 in together, but one or two here and there and let’s see how they fare in competitive matches. I’d like to see the likes of Harding, Mbende, Adams, Arthur etc given a go… even Hale off the bench for 10 minutes or so.

    • almajir says:

      I hate saying this … but most of them aren’t ready. Arthur maybe, Adams possibly – the rest… nope.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Fair enough.

      • jonno11blue says:

        Sorry Almajir how can you say that, how many times have you seen them play? Do you go to every reserve and youth team game then? I’ve only seen them play a few times and may agree with you but especially as we can’t score goals why not give them a few subs appearances as following the last 3 matches disastrous results there’s nothing to play for now, another name I’d throw in is DavidPopa

        • StaffsBlue says:

          I don’t think 10-15 minutes here and there would hurt them, in fact it will give them a taste, give them the appetite and something to work towards. Or maybe that’s too simple.

  • Your right Dave we have to be positive , the players need belief without it they are average , with it they are a unit that’s hard to beat , and with four or five players in the squad we could be winners , what is life without football , we have to work together to gee up the players to get them to their best regularly what I don’t get is the players limited effect , the team was a very good away , we got them playing well at home as well but then our away form dipped , and then we started playing mostly in the second half it seems as if the players are trying to conserve energy at different periods , are we working them to hard , should we be relaxing the training now we are near the end of season , ,goals and passing and consistency seem to be our weakness , I don’t blame GR so much as with the money we have had he has had to sign players that have fallen away a bit in hope that they recover their form somewhat , strikers are our biggest need , ones that have always been strikers and think goals firstly , and ones that can pass a ball between each other …. ,

    • jonno11blue says:

      You have got to question Gary’s signing of Fabbrini. That £1.5 million could have been spent on a player or 2 that would have brought more value to the team in areas needed C/H, Left back or goal scorer from a lower league. You know what they say if you have an instinct for goal it will shine through in any division

  • RayBlueSinton says:

    Agree with a lot of people and there views about yesterday I was also there yesterday and will again be there on Tuesday before flying back to Tenerife were I live . Due to work commitments I get back over about 10 times a Season and always try and get an Away and Home game in were possible . We will always travel and support the Boys in Royal Blue were ever it may be and whatever division we may be in . If you spend a lot of hard earned cash traveling to away games (like the 3100) yesterday you expect some wins and some losses ! But when you think we should win ? We loose and when you think we should loose ? We win ! So for anyone to come away from Charlton feeling happy yesterday there is something wrong so the fan is allowed to moan about poor performances, but tomorrow is another day and we move on with positivity. As Dan says we will always be in this situation until ownership is sorted out and proper cash invested into the Club . Until then we will Keep Right On to the End of the Road . KRO COYB See you Tuesday

  • He looked alright last time , perhaps with tesche he could be as good again ,

  • Eric says:

    After the disappointment of the Charlton game and the realisation we likely will not be in the top 6 I have a theory. Next season in the Championship will be very tough. Likely relegation teams are Villa, Newcastle and Sunderland who will have lots more money than Blues. Also Derby, Notts Forest et al will be after promotion. I believe that next season I would be happy with mid-table hopefully while new owners start to support or sell the club. THEN the season after next will be our big chance for promotion = those likely to be relegated from the Premiership could be Burnley, Norwich and Middlesborugh or Bournmouth.. With ownership settled (hopefully) we can then head to the Premiership with the hope of staying there. We will return but may take a little longer than we would like. KRO Bluenoses…

  • Blue Steve says:

    I am going to make a few comments here and am going to be labeled negative or a pessimist. Everyone wants more but those expectation have to be set within our current ownership situation. If you were to compare our wage bill to other championship clubs then I would guess that we are around 13 or 14 in the championship. Therefore how can we possibly expect to finish above that?

    • RichardM says:

      I don’t think it’s even 13th or 14th, I seem to recall we wwre 23rd in terms of wage spend a season or two ago – would be surprised if we’re much moe than 20th in terms of wages, which brings it home how much we’ve been punching above our weight the last two seasons.

  • That’s where GR excels as we stand now blues have the 8th best defence And the 15th best attack which when you divide the difference gives us a most likely position of 12th or 13th but our ram raid tactics are giving uS a real position higher , but it is obvious that we need another striker to get us equal with the 8th place of the defence , which would give us an even better chance of the playoffs, way to go ….KRO

    • Burntwood Blue says:

      Its alright having strikers but they have to be played. I think Gary is comfortable with a defensive line up and hitting on the break, can he change his mindset?

      • Shirley Blue says:

        Probably because the defence isn’t good enough for us to play a very attacking style – they need to be protected by defending as a team. I lost count of the number of times we were 3-0 down or worse under the previous manager and I really don’t want to go back to that rubbish. We have got from being relegation certainties to being a better than average middle table side because of the tactics employed by the manager not despite it. Some people have very short memories.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          You’re probably right about the defence, but tbf, the manager has had around 18 months to strengthen the defence and has failed to do so in 3 transfer windows. Imo, that has to be addressed in the summer.

  • StevieW says:

    Come on lets face it the players we have are at best league 1 with the odd average Championship player. they have all played well above their normal ability and now the crest of that wave has lapsed into a sea of tranquillity and that is where we are at.

    Nobody thought at the beginning of the season that we would do so well, where we are now is what most optimists were hoping for.

    Don’t kick a team for getting to where we thought they would be in the first place.

    What can GR do with a budget is my next question and hopefully next season will be the season he lets us know.

    The season is now over so now I look to the far East for progress on the financial side. Whether it is a sale of the club or a dale of BIHL with a serious injection of cash into Blues with a stable business plan who knows but lets hope it is progress from where we are now.

    • AdamTrueBlue says:

      What a load of Tosh!! Our players are championship players and are holding their own,we did have a chance for playoff’s but are going to finish off mid table or better! How can you berate our players? There are not many players in the championship that I would trade for any of ours, Ok we are falling short in defence and a goal scorer, but to say our players do not deserve to be where they are is defamatory.

      • StevieW says:

        I suggest you read it again as berating is not something I do. An acceptance of the standard of player we have is more like it.

        As for other players in the championship there are a bucketful I would sooner have than most of our squad.

  • This summer is a time to let go of players that we don’t need , to allow us a saving in wages , when I talk about needing a striker I mean a striker that can play within our system can play in midfield or up front , with our budget he would probably be small , a little terrier , that can make play and score goals , but one that we don’t have to shout shoot to but one that panics defences into making mistakes , and ambition to be Michael Owen…..we will have to probably use our youngsters on the bench , we could gamble on the likes of Cough , or Henry of Walsall or Armstrong of Coventry as players , ones that will be stars , with a couple of veterens as cover , KRO

  • john says:

    At the start of the season, I believed that with the standard of players we have, to finish in the top half of the table, would be an achievement . Anything better than this, will only be possible, when the ownership of the club has been resolved. It would appear , that a lot of supporters have forgotten that Yeung and Pannu, strangled the life out of BCFC and the fact that we are still operating, is only due to the receivers , Ernst & Yeung . Gary Rowett has done a very good job with limited resources.

  • Your probably right John , it’s bloody frustrating when the players you can afford are not quite doing it for us ,,we have often gone for ageing stars at this stage , but they need replacing quickly ,so perhaps if we buy the likes of Henry and have the likes of robbo personally bring him on quick with one to one coaching we might prosper better in the long run , KRO

  • ChrisG says:

    What I don’t understand about us is, when one player plays bad, they all seem to play bad, it’s hardly ever been just one player having an off day. I also wonder why Rowett always seems to sub Maghoma even when he’s playing well, not for the sake of changing the system but often a like for like swop. I’m disappointed in GR in the fact that many times he’s said in his pre match press conference he planned to ring the changes & then on matchday it’s the saje players again. I now honestly believe politics within the club or BIH or whatever don’t want promotion as it could complicate things regarding the takeover, why else would a team of players be so consistantly inconsistant. We know how good this lot can be we’ve seen it but lately something seems to be holding them back.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I’m always bemused by the fact that if Rowett wants to change things a bit, it’s usually Maghoma that pays the price. I think his dip in form is perhaps understandable as a consequence of that. I think that having played well, then finding himself out of the team, it may have affected his confidence a bit.

  • Mitchell says:

    With the hurting disappointment of Charlton now behind us,I feel the most pressing issue now is the vital question of whether TTA will be funding us for next season. Whichever way you dress it up -imo our situation is very fragile and depends on next month CY final appeal date. Should CY get the decision he wants then surely TTA will be out. What then?. Daniel cannot predict the outcome obviously but if CY gets the nod -even Daniel must doubt the current activities by TTA and E&Y. Again no person can predict what the outcome will be but instead of debating whether certain commenters are pessimists or optimists on our current players etc,and play off chances but concentrate on the bigger issue of next months final appeal.All that should concern us is whether we can fulfil next season with funding.

  • swissjonny says:

    Mitchell your right.CY should get off.Ask any barrister in HK.Will he? Not so sure. E and Y have done a reasonable job but I suspect that they have realised what a poisoned chalice this is.Lets not lose sight of the fact that they are professionals but are highly profit motivated.They have stuck their necks out as much as is commercialy viable.If CY gets off then expect massive litigation against all and sundry.Frankly if he gets off then why not? If we had the resources we would react in exactly the same way.However that will not help us. Giving TTA an exclusive 2 year period was a huge mistake-there were other buyers around-fact, Daniel can confirm this. If justice is done Yeung will get off.Now where that leaves us only our higher power knows.

  • AdamTrueBlue says:

    My biggest concern is that we probably will not have Toral next season :-(

  • I have never understood why one of these big consortiums that made bids wasn’t chosen with E&Y sorting the problems out with BIH whilst the consortium putting money into BC to get promotion ,

    • StevieW says:

      I think that is what is happening with TTA to be honest, because going by the consolidated financial report published the other day if they had not bank rolled us then we would have gone down the pan.

  • bluemaximus says:

    And that is the point. Toral will not be there next season, which is the reason Fabbrini was bought. A game of Monopoly is never won within 2 circuits of the board. Rowett is playing the game, and I thank the lord we have someone who has the intelligence to play it that way.
    Rowett has signed a top top player in Fabbrini, and bought him as and when the opportunity shown itself. If Rowett could have waited until the end of this season/start of next, I think he would have preferred that option, but sometimes you have to move and move fast.
    As much as I like Toral, and think he is a top class player, I think we need to take a breath and eat a slice of reality cake. We cant afford him and he wont be with us next season. But all is not lost!
    Last season, when we played teams who wanted to get tight, Fabbrini and his tricks was tactically spot on. When players stood off our No.10 a little, Fabbrini wasn’t quite as effective, but Shinnie could come in and play the pockets of space fantastically well. It is all about options.
    I genuinely believe Shinnie still has a part to play at Blues, and next season with the addition of Fabbrini will show that. I certainly think we will be that bit more creative for the reasons I have just stated.
    If we can improve our back 4 a little, I think we could well be a good bet for a Play off spot next season. Gradual improvements of the squad, and a little bit of luck all help!

    • Mitchell says:

      I admire the optimistic view of next season regarding Shinnie and Fabrinni, but imo both players will struggle with pace and strength. Fab.is fragile and Shinnie puffs and pants. Big,strong lads are required with the golden money earmarked for a goalscorer. Championship footy is not about the Fabrinnis of this world but more of Bartons,Arfields et al. One player who interests me is Duffy-whenever I have seen him on Sky I would readily swap for Cotterill and Buckley. He is quick,uses his brain and guess what-he scores goals.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        I’ve always liked the directness of Duffy, he can beat a man on either side. He’s also scored 8 goals this season. I never understood why he wasn’t given a chance at Blues. One league start and a goal in the FA Cup isn’t much of a chance tbf.

        As for Shinnie, I’m surprised he hasn’t been recalled. In the 9 games Neil Warnock has been in charge, he’s played just 45 minutes as a sub and hasn’t even been in their squad since February. Not sure if he’s injured or just isn’t fancied.

        • .KC says:

          Staffs, made the same comment ages ago and response was that he is crap. He looked ok to me in his brief appearances.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            Duffy’s a decent player… equally as good as Cotterill when they arrived, but he was never given the chance that Cotterill was.

  • ChrisG says:

    I can understand what you are saying about Torel/Fabrini/Shinnie but our defense is not what has let us down this season, it’s been the attacking side. If you look at our goals conceded we’re pretty much on par with the majority of teams above us, but our goals scored is pathetic.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      We’ve only conceded more than 2 goals in a game once this season (Sheff Wed) and have an average of one goal conceded per game. I think that’s pretty good tbh. Unfortunately, our goals for is pretty much the same. You won’t get very far scoring an average of one goal per game.

  • Paul Unitt says:

    statistics are a curious thing .Play 10 games, win 2, 5 nil lose the rest without scoring a goal and your average is then 1 goal per game! Averages are a misleading reflection on the true ability of a team .
    At this time, as much as I want to see us in the premiership, this year is not the time to achieve it.
    If we went up before new ownership, without player investment, we would struggle badly. I do not want to see this happen to an excellent team of players.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Statistics over 10 games are not a true reflection, that’s true, but over a season (or most of a season they are.) After 38 games, we’ve scored 42 goals and let in 37. Both pretty much equate to a goal per game.

  • Andrew says:

    I can categorically say now that if we don’t get a big money spend for new defenders and strikers we will not improve on the likely mid-table position I think we are going to obtain this season.

    • Andrew says:

      There is every reason to have hope but the few times something special does happen is very few and far between in football and I just dont think going forward to just chance it all on hope. Its no science the teams that have spent big on goal scorers this season are where they are. technically the club have not spent this season because we sold a player that covers the wage and fees we have on incoming transfers.

  • Blue Blood says:

    Agree with most of comments. We need a striker which could be Kyle Lafferty and a central defender. I’d like to see Kyle Bartley back @ St Andrews.

  • Mitchell says:

    Why am I deeply sceptical that we will not see Lafferty for a few more games, by which time it will all be pointless. When he got injured imo,he should have returned to Norwich. Cannot believe that if we had the option of returning him being injured-then why not. Hopefully I am way off the mark,but if I am right then GR needs help.

  • .KC says:

    We have dreamt, we have hoped, we have seen enough at times that has fuelled our confidence to stay in the top six. We have also seen some performances that would put us near the bottom 6..Cannot fault GR for taking us from where we were to where we are. Can fault him on transfers that have rocked the boat and nowhere near strengthened the team or squad and allowed him more flexibility in team structure, even with limited resource.

    Don’t want to be negative and hope I eat my words tomorrow night but currently and as of this afternoon ( and I know its unrealistic ) but I struggle to get past Caddis , Morrison and Toral when I look at selecting anyone else with confidence either individually or collectively as a line up. Don’t want to use the -we’re capable of it when we are equally not.doing the business.

  • Mitchell says:

    My earlier comment on the Lafferty injury that we now hear that he has a ‘slight chance’ of making Reading away. Sorry to keep labouring this point but if GR has blown his summer spending on this Lafferty loan signing then why oh why cannot we send him back and save priceless money. Lafferty is injured,Lafferty needs treatment and Lafferty needs to return to his own club.

    • almajir says:

      Regulations say we can’t? (Norwich have to agree to it)

      • Mitchell says:

        Thanks for clearing that up Daniel. What a record GR is now building- Vaughan injury prone and misses games,Brock unfit most of the time,Fabrinni long standing toe injury,and now Lafferty who has been out injured a long time with Norwich and now following him to Blues. GR has had months of praise but there is always a time when judgement is paramount and I for one am jittery as to who next comes into the fold.

  • RichardM says:

    My fear is that we might be vulnerable to bids from our rivals for players like Morrison, Gleeson, Maghoma, Donaldson and Cotterill who might well fancy a payrise somewhere else – I think we’ll struggle to replace them with similar quality. Desperately need the ownership situation to be resolved and some commitment in terms of cash

    • Mitchell says:

      Richard.Next months final appeal will say it all. If CY is cleared and decides to return with funds-then ok by me. I just don’t want the Administration word banded around again. If he loses then let’s have a clear statement fro TTA or EY. As regards fans reaction to Carson returning with dough-if that happens- then I go along with Daniels comments months ago that possibly only50/60% would be against such a return to Stans.

      • BhamCityJulian says:

        Weren’t the deals last month meant to ensure that CY remains no more than a minority shareholder. That being the case I can’t see him wanting to loan the club any money.

        I think he would get a very unwelcome return

  • I think we are a bit harsh on the players , with GR snd COs backing and with our beleif in them we are where we are , . we have to buy what we can afford and what is available , these players of ours also have dreams and the need for glory , if we destroy there dreams then we destroy them..this ownership problem does get to them like it does us , we don’t no what the future will bring so Que Sera , Derby fans are calling there players , hull fans have called there fans at times , with the problems blues have had we shouldnt really moan , we will know soon which side those in HK are really buttering there bread ,and how true to running blues E&Y have been ….

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    What nags at me more than anything is that on occasion we have looked a dangerous side especially away from home.The second half at Wolves showed us it was still there but the last couple of months we have almost seemed surpressed and unable to really express ourselves like at Fulham,Deby or Boro.It makes me wonder how much of an effect selling Dimi had on the team as our form and our counter attacking style away from home has suffered since.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    We are lacking pace in the side since Gray left. This means our striker gets isolated and struggles to score. We need to use VSO and Maghoma on the wings as they will have the pace to keep up with Donaldson. Cotts has struggled since coming back from injury. It’s quite ironic that the unwanted RM Duffy has been in outstanding form for Burton.

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