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Leeds Reflections

Blues streak of recent poor form at home continued with a 2-1 defeat to a Leeds side that finished with ten men after Alex Mowatt was sent off in injury time. Stuart Dallas scored either side of half time to give Steve Evans’ men a 2-0 lead, with Clayton Donaldson scoring Blues’ reply.

Last Tuesday I was seething; this week I left in a more ambivalent mood as Blues did try really hard in the second half to attack the Leeds goal and could easily have nicked a point at least. Diego Fabbrini was guilty of a fairly horrific miss from eight yards which would have evened the scores and given Blues the potential to go on and win it; Donaldson had one chalked off for offside that didn’t look it to me when watching.

I’ve not yet seen a replay but it looked like Legzdins could have done much better for the first – although judging by the Kieftenbeld, Caddis and Morrison yelling at each other in the aftermath maybe he wasn’t the only one. That goal aside, our backup keeper looked okay; his kicking is definitely much better than Kuszczak’s and I can see how that could help us out when you’ve got players who can not only win the ball but bring it down and play it.

Donaldson looked 1000 times better than last week too, although he was shunted up front fairly quickly after we conceded. I’m not sure what formation we played; it started off a 4-1-4-1 with Gleeson sitting; then looked like a 4-2-3-1 with Davis wide, Lafferty in the number 10 position and Donaldson up front; then when Toral came on it was almost a straight 4-4-2 and it was almost a Brazillian-like 4-2-2-2 at the end with Fabbrini on the pitch as well.

I know people have gone on about us playing three defensive minded midfielders at home but I don’t think that was necessarily the problem; it was more the fact they weren’t very good. Davis was appalling first half, missing passes, smashing the ball into the Kop when trying to play it forward and for a while it seemed like his second touch was a tackle. He did improve second half but he wasn’t helped by Kieftenbeld and Gleeson not being brilliant either.

Midfield is definitely somewhere we can improve on – last season we kicked on because we brought in Robert Tesche who was a class above and I’d love to see if he could do it again if we brought him back. Shotton also showed how much less cover we need in midfield when we have a good quality (and tall) centre-back in defence – if we can keep him then yes please.

I guess our glorious inconsistency is about where we are as a team but it is frustrating and it must be for Rowett too. We’ve got a tough game against Burnley at the weekend and as much as I’d like to see something a bit more experimental I wouldn’t blame Rowett if he kept it simple and stuck to what he is sure of. The flat atmosphere isn’t helping too but right now it’s difficult to have something to shout about; maybe Rowett can work on that?

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70 Responses to “Leeds Reflections”

  • paule says:

    Poor 1st half performance & poor officials lost that game for us!! Came away feeling much happier after a decent 2nd half.

  • Darren Astley says:

    It would help if he played players in correct positions for a start Davis is not a wide left midfielder or a attacking midfielder or left side of a three man midfield. He is a central defensive midfield. harass and give it players who can pass a ball. stop this playing Donaldson on the left ( I know he scored last Saturday I was there ) either play him up top or drop him. Toral should be first name down on the sheet cotterill mags and Solomon fighting for the wide spots. now top six is out of reach give some playing time to the likes of Solomon . Arthur Adams brown hancox put pressure on the current first team players.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Rowett has tried a couple of things in the last few matches and, other than the Reading game, they haven’t really come off. But, you never know unless you try.

    I think Rowett will revert to the tried and tested on Saturday. 4-2-3-1, with maybe Kuszczak, Toral and Maghoma back. I think Shotton might keep his place though.

  • Deb P says:

    Just watched Clayts interview he said someone told his goal was inside. The officials were an all time low I thought. Bought my ST for next year too today

    • StaffsBlue says:

      The main reason officials to give wrong offside decisions, is because they’re not level with play. If they can’t keep up, they shouldn’t be anywhere near a football pitch!

  • Deb P says:

    I like the look of Shotton too

  • Alex T says:

    Pathetic, abysmal, turgid, gutless….. Words to describe the first half. Thankfully, I could only apply that description to the linesman in the 2nd half who, in affect robbed us of a point…. I was glad to see some fight in the 2nd half and if we had any luck Fabbrini wouldn’t have missed a glaring sitter, Clayts goal would have stood and we might have gone home 3-2 winners…..

    Oh well, shoulda, coulda, woulda…… I just don’t get why we come out so piss poor and give ourselves a mountain to climb every time

  • Bromsgrove Blue says:

    Another disappointing night. Appalling first half never tested their goalie. Midfield was a shambles with the three players in there woeful in their passing and distribution. First goal was soft, goalie should have done better. Improved second half but couldn’t play any worse. Couldn’t understand Rowett’s tactics needed to change it at half time but persisted in lumping ball forward aimlessly until we were 2 goals behind and then we had to chase the game. Leeds were no great shakes Burnley could overrun us on Saturday. Let’s hope Rowett changes his formation but don’t think he will.Kro

  • .KC says:

    Disgraceful 1st half. None of them deserve their wages, Awful goal from the non existent marking from when the move started in the Blues half and a half hearted attempt from the goalkeeper to prevent the goal. I’ve seen some bad midfielders at the Blues but the this trio were in total harmony-awful, and how Gleeson keeps his place is beyond me. The two upfront could not control the ball and won nothing in the air and were so easy to mark. Shotten did a job but struggled in the air and was no where near as impressive as their big centre back and imo the jury is out on Lafferty. Second half much better but Leeds dropped back to defend their lead so we were always going to be in the ascendency. Fab has no confidence which is so frustrating. We have proven we are capable of being better than this but when we are bad we are bad- and we are bad far too often. After the majority of recent bad performances our league position is impressive taking in to account the lack of quality in the squad and our disjointed style of play.

  • Shane says:

    Why is Gary Rowett the only one who can’t see that Gleeson is too far off the game either through tiredness or injury both him and Kiftenbeld have been way off the pace the last 8-10 games hence the poor run what has Maghoma done as we look far more balanced with him in n the team especially as Cotterill looks to be regaining his sharpness

  • carlos1875 says:

    Love the boys from Brazil video in tonight’s mail just goes to show this villa hate thing is spreading looking forward to the relegation party Saturday after blues game keep the faith

  • Mitchell says:

    This has to be an all time record when we have lost to virtually ALL the bottom teams.Something has to be wrong here especially when at home. Fabrini looked like a player who has never commanded a club- except of course us-it would be wouldn’t it. Home joy is what most supporters want and I am afraid GR has not found the key.

    • atko says:

      According to Tats we have beaten most of the clubs below us which puzzled me because if that was the case, given that we have a good record against those above us, we would be in an automatic promotion place by now, lol!

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I think the whole centre midfield needs replacing for next season. The one we have isn’t going to progress us one iota in the future. Too slow, no creativity, weak at covering, weak at challenging. The one thing I would say about Davis, is that I wish Rowett would play him in his proper position. Whenever the manager changes tactics or formation, it’s invariably Davis who has to move. How many positions did he have to play last night? Three?

    • atko says:

      I think Kieftenbeld is decent enough. Gleeson could be a top midfielder but he is too inconsistent. I don’t know whether that’s down to concentration or what but he wanders in and out of games all season. Kieftenbeld I think is tired. This is his first season in English Football and for me he has done a good job considering. Problem with midfield is if you get one player not on the ball and pulling their weight then you all look bad and that’s been our problem all season. Our midfielders never fire on all cylinders together. If you have world class midfielders you can get away with one having an off day but at this level you get punished. Same goes for the back four for that matter.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    5 games to go… no reason why we can’t give 5 youngsters a chance in those games. 1 per game won’t do any harm, in fact we might learn a thing or two.

    • ChrisG says:

      I think we were saying that a couple of weeks ago staffs but GR wasn’t listening!!. I think he needs to make changes on saturday & maybe go with a 4-3-4-3-2 formation!!!.lol. Mind you we’d still probably get beat.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        I think Rowett has done a very good job considering the state we were in when he arrived, there’s no disputing that. But I sit there sometimes and wonder what the guy’s thinking is . He certainly has me shaking my head at times.

        He said last night that “Lack of courage cost us.” I hope he was including himself in that. If I was pushed, the one criticism I would have of him, is that he’s not been brave enough on occasions, with his selections, tactics, or substitutions. There are one or two games that maybe we won that we had no right to (Cardiff, etc) but there are a lot more games we should have won, that we haven’t.

        In games such as last night, we should have been braver and took the game to them. We can’t always sit back and wait for the other team to make a mistake for us to score, then try to keep them out. The fact that we’ve only won one or two games after falling behind tells you that it’s not a proactive tactic.. but a reactive one.

        • ChrisG says:

          I think the biggest sticking point for me is the games where we’ve gone ahead & lost, we’d be in the play offs now if it wasn’t for them especially as one of those games was against sheff wed who now occupy one of those places

  • Richard Granfield says:

    I thought Lee Clark had returned when I witnessed last nights first half performance, which was a total embarrassment.
    Picked up second half and improved markedly. To be fair to the linesman I was in line with Donaldson who was definitely offside before putting the ball in the net.
    Gleeson needs a rest and Fabbrini and Toral need to start to give some much needed quality to the midfield.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      There have been a few Lee Clark performances this season. Charlton & Huddersfield spring to mind along with the first half against Fulham. I am on board with the Gleeson comments. He reminds me a little of Stephen Clemence – decent as a water carrier but every pass is sideways. The bloke doesn’t seem to take risks when on the offensive. A lack of confodemce or talent I wonder.

    • Alex T says:

      I must have been sat pretty close to you then Richard, but in my opinion Clayts was well on side.

      I didn’t think it was in dispute until now…… will have to check a replay

      • Richard Granfield says:

        I sit in Block 25 and was directly in line with Donaldson. I was aware of nobody in this Block disputing the linesman’s decision.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Just watched the highlights again. I froze it just as the ball left Toral’s boot… and took a screengrab of it. To me, Donaldson looked easily on side. The linesman, however, look a couple of yards off the pace and not in line with play (as I first thought.)

        Also, not one Leeds player raised his hand to appeal for offside either. Says a lot.

        • Richard Granfield says:

          Staffs… The highlight camera was positioned on the halfway line so you cannot accurately decide on an offside decision from that angle.
          I was directly in line, behind the linesman and it WAS offside….Unfortunately.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            Maybe you’re right. I still wonder why no Leeds player raised their arm to appeal as the ball was played through. It’s usually the first thing defenders do when they think it’s offside. Says to me, that they didn’t think it was… even if it was.

  • atko says:

    I must say I do have to laugh when people talk about Fabbrini and Tesche because if they were half as good as people make out we wouldn’t be able to sign them because the fee would be too much, tied to contracts and in other club’s first team. The fact they could be accessible, one of them already signed, speaks volumes!

    Last night’s performance was all about attitude. We were already on our holidays whilst Leeds wanted it more in that first half. Anyone watching would have thought they had something to play for not us. We came out fired up on Saturday. We got fired up when it was too late last night. I’ve

  • atko says:

    (continued) *hit the post button in error.

    I’ve said it before, I don’t think the club want promotion this season and that is the simple explanation why we cannot win two games in a row at this stage of the season. Promotion will undoubtedly complicate any takeover so we have to finish just short.

  • Peter bates says:

    Rowett has done his best having being strangled by the financial restrictions but he does put the players on the pitch ist half last night was the worst I’ve seen for a good while and over the last few home games supporters have had nothing to shout or sing about anyway as for the playoffs eight home defeats already i think it says quite a lot about this season at home kro

  • Quokkasskip says:


    Please behave

    They all tried last night, just a tad unlucky and not good enough.

    V annoying as so close yet so far

    • atko says:

      They all tried once it was too late you mean. There’s a big difference and with Blues it’s called attitude. They were fired up and in to Reading right from the off on Saturday and Reading weren’t up for the fight, they had nothing to play off. We never started anything like that until the second half and everyone knows that when a home side is losing at half time they are going to come out at you so Leeds were ready and caught us again with the second. Like I say..attitude….if we started the game like that we might be talking a different game.

  • atko says:

    The fact that GR keeps tinkering with the formation during a match and nobody knows what formation we are playing except for when we line up to kick off each half says it all. How can we expect to put a series of passes together to produce attacking options when players are being moved to other positions every 5 minutes? The summer needs to spent working on formations, decide what formation we are going to play and have back up plans in place for situations. Too many times this season we appear to not know what we are doing and had to wait until half time to reshuffle. Not good enough, half the game is wasted!

  • mikeyt says:

    Charlee Adams should be given some game time…let’s have a look especially in a three

  • Dave Mann says:

    Look forward to relegation Saturday now , something to celebrate anyway even before we kick off , hopefully !! KRO

  • mark says:

    our away record puts us in the play-offs, but until we can collectively win more at home aswell we will always sit outside the play-offs.

  • mark says:

    another win RM helped boost my betting bank :0

  • .KC says:

    Feel so sorry for the players if they are suffering from fatigue, be it physical or mental. They have such a hard a hard life without any days off for such poor pay. When they do train ,including having to go all the way to the Costa Del Sol it obviously has an an adverse impact on their fitness. And expecting them to play over 40 games in a season – well that’s disgraceful. Poor little darlings !!!!!!!!

    • mark says:

      manicure,hairdressers, full on tan machines,betting shops by 11am, more designer clothes, stress of buying a new car, dumping your wife or new girlfriend….wow the list goes on….i really got to agree with you there…and they only got to kick ball maybe once or twice week phew heaven help us….

  • Mikeyt says:

    I am a Rowett fan but the things he says about freshening up the team, or fringe players will come into contention, we need the whole squad I just don’t buy. He has 15 or so players that he considers for starting.
    Morrison always starts. rowett says thing like at centre half robbo specs and Moro have all been outstanding so it could be any combo but we all know it is morro plus one. I agree it should be morro plus one but the point I am making is he doesn’t mean what he says.

    He recently said these last games are a good opportunity to give the likes of viv a chance. He has not been given it.

    Jones scored a hat trick in u21s I don’t know if he is good enough but the only way to find out is to play him in these dead rubbers

    Adams Solomon and Jones need looking at.

    The small squad has become fatigued and if we had havmade the play offs woul we have had free freshness achieve anything?

    Next year needs more bodies….the only way we will find out if young lads can be those bodies is play man now

  • Once again blues are trying to win a match in one half , sit back first half and go for it the second half ,the top clubs only score 1.7 goals per whole match on average , and we tried to score 2 goals in one half in being one goal down , Leeds had 7 shots at goal before we got out of bed , a couple of them even off target could have been deflected into blues net , any way we ended the half 2 shots to 8 down and a goal down , and the only problem is in playing catch-up in the second half is if the shots are not going in the net the more and more desperate the shooting becomes in which we score not enough goals , which is what happened , we ended up with 12 shots at goal to their 11 , and 8 shots on target to their ,3 which should have won us the match …..so why didn’t we do in the first half what we did in the second , we then would have not been so desperate with our shooting …that was more points given away …

    • mark says:

      i refer to game when we played brighton, we played maybe 20 mins, brighton realized this was a winnable game. They up their game as they should they in top 5 quality of crosses we could not deal with them, and they made us pay. We have players who should be like tigers, better players at GR disposal than LC had so no excuses from me. These are GR players now, he been given the opportunity over 18 months. We made a tidy improvement and moving in right direction.

  • Tony E says:

    Was really annoyed that no-one narrowed Dallas options as he approached the area for the first goal, yes I thought the keeper might have done better. Kief, Gleeson and Davis were all atrocious, Cotterill was on the perifery and provided only one decent free kick. Too many players failed to turn up, really disappointing night.

  • Tony M says:

    The first half was an embarrassing shambles,same happened against Brighton,Gary has to take the blame for playing that weird formation,first half displays have been our downfall at home all season.

  • Alex T says:

    People keep going on about fatigue…….

    I don’t think fatigue had anything to do with;
    – Cotterill clearing the ball in the 18 yard box in the exact opposite direction to that he had intended sending it out for a corner
    – Caddis with his back to a free kick which was directed at him. He was the only player on the pitch/person in the ground unaware that the ball was about to bounce off him and out for a throw
    – Grounds and Davies not knowing which direction the goal is (take note, if there is a player in a forward position and in space, maybe pass it to them rather than to your central defender behind you??)

    Im still fuming about the 1st half…. it was just embarrassing – from the manager to the players, a woeful performance.

    Yes, it got better in the 2nd half.. but it couldn’t have got worse

  • Mitchell says:

    I am beginning to dislike any formation now put out by GR. With horrific home loses to lower teams including Charlton,Rotherham and Leeds -the only way to get a few fans interested before the end of the season is to blood a few youngsters. Other teams do without fear but imo our manager will never to a special one as he fears being turned over.

  • Barny Blue says:

    In the past couple of months I have really struggled to understand Rowett’s thoughts in regards to tactics/ player selection, which is in stark contrast to the rest of his tenure. He constantly refers to the ‘fact’ that 4-4-2 leaves us exposed defensively, yet 18 months since he arrived he surely has had enough time to either work on this tactically or recruit players in centre-back and centre-midfield that he has confidence in?

    His solution is 4-3-3 (with the thought that 3 defensive midfielders makes up for what two midfielders would lack, but to the detriment of other areas of the team), which negates our prolifery of wingers, has no effective role for our creative ‘number 10’s, and leaves our lone striker isolated. I know that he tried to rectify this on Sat with Donny out on the left, but surely that is only a short-term experiment? He has also resorted to shoe-horning players within the team, with Toral as a left winger a prime example. When he arrived he clearly stated that the key to his initial success was that players were played in their correct positions. An example that he gave was Shinnie, with GR moving him from left-mid to sitting in behind Donny to good effect. So when I see Toral out on the left I do start to wonder if Gary is becoming a little desperate and trying too hard to find a solution, rather than keeping/ returning to basics and having faith in his players.

  • Dan says:

    Very accurate recount of last night’s match. Completely agree with a few others who have replied to this in regards to Gleeson. How he keeps his place in the team really does baffle me. Rowett of course has done a fantastic job over the last 18 months, but he’s more than open to criticism with his team selection at times. Gleeson has had one decent game all season and that was away at Fulham when he got on the score sheet (along with what seemed like the rest of the team that day!), but Rowett has his favourites for me, Cotterill is another.

    In my opinion, Cotterill has really gone downhill this season. Yes he’s had his injury problems and was going to take time to get back to full fitness, but now he is, I still feel as though he’s more of a hindrance. The only thing Rowett can defend him with is that he’s assisted all of our last 3 goals. He’s scored one free kick in almost 2 years, surely it’s time for him to give someone else a chance from free kicks because the vast majority of the time they end up high in the stand, he’s not Ronaldo, and if he was, he wouldn’t be at the Blues!

    Going to Davis, he had a poor first half last night, but he was not alone. Nobody played well first half last night, and some of the stick he’s getting on here is unwarranted. 2nd half he was must better as were the team, he puts himself around a lot more than Gleeson does, has much more of an impact in the middle of the park and can actually pass to a blue shirt, something Gleeson seems to have forgotten how to do.

    Their first goal was poor all round, no closing down from the defensive midfield 3 and suspect positioning by what is essentially our number 2 goalkeeper. That may seem harsh as he kept a clean sheet on Saturday, but he had barely anything to do at Reading. Okay he could do nothing about their 2nd goal last night, I don’t think Manuel Neuer would have saved that last night, but he showed his level with the first goal last night and Kuszczak is by far the better keeper, despite his kicking ability.

    At the end of the day, we’ve stopped ourselves being in with a chance with the playoffs, losses like the one at Charlton was an aberration and the other against Brighton last week was poor. But, despite all of this criticism, 99.9% of Blues fans would have taken a top 10 finish at the start of the season, so you have to say this has been a good, progressive season for us. We’re a much more attractive side to join now and will be in the summer, the likes of Kyle Lafferty signing, albeit on loan, shows that. So to finish, let’s get behind the boys for the final few matches of the season and see where we finish and look forward to what will hopefully be an even better season next year!

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Whenever there are changes in the system, usually Davis and Maghoma are the ones to suffer (and Toral to a lesser extent) either being dropped to the bench, or played out of position. Is it any wonder they don’t play that well? Since when have Davis and Toral been left wingers? (Or Donaldson for that matter… or Fabbrini.) Reminds me of when Novak and Shinnie were played out there. I don’t see Gleeson, Kieftenbeld or Cotterill being shunted out there.

      We need to play players in their proper positions to get the best out of them.

      • atko says:

        I don’t get why he plays with wingers if he wants to play those players. He doesn’t have to play with wingers, he has Caddis who can put in a decent cross and Grounds isn’t bad. Holding midfielders can drop in to cover when they push forward. If we had two holding we could still play with two attacking midfielders. Players don’t have to play out of position!

        • StaffsBlue says:

          It would also work in a 3-5-2, with maybe Morrison Shotton Grounds, with Caddis at right wing back and possibly Maghoma at left wing back. That would allow us to have either two defensive midfielders and a creative midfielder further forward, or a defensive midfielder and two more advanced midfielders. It also allows for two up front. For instance:

          Morrison Shotton Grounds
          Caddis Kieftenbeld Toral Davis Maghoma
          Donaldson Lafferty

          Just a thought.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    The price freeze on the season tickets is a reflection that the first team squad at best is treading water. However having seen most of these players for two or three years now I yearn to see some fresh faces, replacements for Grounds, Robinson/Spector, Davis, Gleeson, at the minimum and if we can decent fees or Caddis, Cotterill, or Donaldson I would sell because I think they’re on the cusp of their peak

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Kind of agree with a lot of that. I very much doubt any of those players are going to get any better now, but that’s exactly what we need, better players, or, as you say, we’ll just tread water next season… or maybe start to backpedal.

  • Art says:

    In order to get better players you need money to buy them.

    The club have been bottom feeding for years now and until we get new owners, who are prepared to invest -nothing will change.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Was just stating what we needed, what everyone can see. It’s up to TPTB to find the money. If they can’t/don’t, maybe mid-table is the best we can hope for, especially with more premier money coming down.

  • Well at least now we can see how the young players fit in the frame of things , I would even give hales a chance , as I can remember one of my grandsons after arguments with players being thrown in a team with grown ups , he looked frightened to death of the big centrehalfs so hit the ball first time every time , he scored 40 goals that season , way to go ,

  • Dave Mann says:

    We’re not getting new owners for a season or two so get use to the middle of the championship at best and possible relegation if we clear out what we have now and replace them with so called better players , you never know what’s round the corner with replacements who nobody else wants . KRO

    • Bluey says:

      Sadly i have to agree Dave. We will get new owners eventually but it`s likely to drag on for a while and next season is going to be a struggle.We need to maintain our position in the Championship and hope for better things the following season. Let`s hope we`re wrong and we can make a challenge for the play-offs in 2016/17 but i have grave doubts as things stand.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      You’re probably right, but keep the same players, you’ll get the same results. There have been as many downs as ups this season… proper rollercoaster. :)

      • Dave Mann says:

        If we get the same results next season with the same players as now then Ime happy , it means we’re safe and Bluey don’t be sad with agreeing .. Ime not that bad you know but seriously yes it is worrying the way this soap opera is dragging on and on and on but let’s cheer up … Vile relegated on Saturday and the new peaky blinders is back on our screens next month :-) SOTV. KRO

  • craig says:

    As far as i am concerned we have massively over achieved this season and us falling short is down to lack of goals and the number of shooting opportunities we have created which maybe corrected in the summer. Gary rowett has done a brilliant job for such an in experienced manager in my opinion and we should all cut the guy some slack as we will all be moaning if he moves on and we are back with a lee clarke look alike. Enjoy the good times because the bad is just around the corner, just ask the in breds from across the city. KRO

  • Gerard says:

    many things crossed my mind over last night but
    as another season draws to an end having just read Small Heath Alliance blogs – a press cut out from Thongs on page 2 or 4 shows clearly that GR is a confirmed Vile fan- all be it the statement was made when he was 19 but I have been a bluenose since the age of 6 some 60 years ago-he completely denied this when he joined us sorry but my estimation of him has gone down quite rapidly I do not take kindly to his comments about the shite across the city he feels soory for them he wishes them well and a quick return to the Premiership as appeared in the Bham Mail, , he fully understands the feelings of us bluenoses do not give that crap that we want all midlands clubs to do well especially the Vile-hate is a word I use sparingly but I hate them- their arrogance is beyond contempt . I also think that the atmosphere amongst the players has changed recently maybe they know something we do not, maybe he is Derby bound ? who knows
    So I look forward to the relegation party on Saturday such a shame the gloss is taken off it by last nights defeat. Finally if you have not done so visit you tube/sotv Brazil and make sure you tell everyone you know to have a real laugh watching it a great pleasure and truth

    • almajir says:


      1) That cutting has been doing the rounds since Rowett was appointed – I can’t believe you’ve only just seen it…

      2) I thought Rowett should have said “My only focus is Blues” when asked about them across the expressway – I dunno why he had to say anything else.

      3) Gonna call it as I see it – I think things like that Brazil video can be seen as funny when it’s come about as an organic thing but trying to force more from it doesn’t work – hence I’ve not said anything about it.

    • Bluey says:

      Firstly how do i find this video.i`ve never heard of it.Secondly couldn`t care less who GR supports as long as he`s doing a good job for us.Agree with Dan he could have said nothing about the vile and simply toed the party line with “my focus is on Blues”. I have a feeling he`s destined for B6 next season.

  • Gerard says:

    ok I only have just seen the cutting

    agree Rowett might have thought exactly what he actually publicly said but should have kept it to himself sometimes even the wisest do stupid things anyway I will stick to my opinion and bet Derby is his next stop sooner than later NOT SOUR GRAPES after 60 years as a bluenose no one is bigger than the club and more no one is more important than its supporters


  • StaffsBlue says:

    At the end of the day, a manager is entitled to support who he wants to, same as any player… same as any football supporter. As long as he does his job properly, I don’t see what difference it makes.

    Saying that, I do think he was a bit naive to come out with all that guff, instead of just deflecting the question. Football fans have very long memories…. ask Mr Clark.

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