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One thing I’ve noticed with Blues is that now that we are owned by a former hairdresser, our owner dresses with a bit more style and pizazz than the previous incumbents. I’m not sure if it’s because Carson used to deal with hair on the heads of his models, rather than hair elsewhere like Sullivan did, but there has definitely been an upswing in the amount of classy gear associated with our owner.

Let’s compare and contrast:

As you can see from the above picture, David Sullivan is clearly hiding his face in shame at being shown up by Carson. Sullivan has to flaunt his wealth in an ostentatious display of symbolism on his military-styled jacket, whereas Yeung looks a lot more understated, with the merest hint of a shade of green in his jacket’s shoulder-pads.

No, Often Partisan hasn’t gone all fashion-mad. The truth is that the pickings in the Chinese media were a bit slim this week, and all I have is pictures of Carson with either booze, a young lady or both in his hands. Young ladies I hear you say? Well, that got your attention didn’t it?

Take this photo. Carson is doing his thing, having a gala ball to celebrate us winning the Carling Cup, and he celebrates in style by having two beautiful women, each taller than him, pose with him in front of the old ball and globe. Clearly we have a man who is comfortable in his wealth, although judging by the position of his hands rigidly at his sides clearly his wife was in the near vicinity. Whilst we had an owner who was content to get his face and words into the media every day by whatever means possible, we now have an owner who has a newspaper solely to publish pictures of him with pretty women and having a few jars with his mates.

This is a better close up of Carson’s smoking jacket, and you just have to admire the cojones of a guy who can wear this sort of thing in public without a sense of irony at all. Of course, these balls aren’t just for Carson to tie one on, they’re important in that he invites all the bigwigs he can to them and ensures they get their pictures taken with him imbibing some nice champers, or maybe a classy single malt. Sing Pao is seen as a pro-government newspaper, and I think Carson is not above using the editorial slant to ensure he makes friends in the right places within the Chinese bureaucracy – all strictly legal and above board of course.

As you can see, Carson is all up for a bit of a sing song, as he joined the musical act on stage for the last song – I’m not sure what this was, but please contribute your guesses in the comments section below. From everything I’ve seen, we have a bit of a party animal for an owner, and I kinda like that. Carson has also acquired a couple of roses – maybe these Chinese galas also have those annoying people who wander from table to table trying to take advantage of your inebriated condition to sell you flowers,

As you can guess, this isn’t anything like a serious update. With the league table situation looking so ominous at the moment, I thought a bit of lighthearted fun might be in order. Carson is quite obviously having a good time of it, so why shouldn’t we? After all, it’s not every season Blues win a trophy.


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