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Blues Ladies Draw With Reading

Blues Ladies might have reason to be a little bit disappointed with a scrappy draw against Reading Women at the Autotech Stadium on Thursday night. Despite chances for Freda Ayisi and Jade Moore they couldn’t capitalise on long periods of superiority and had to take a share of the spoils.

It was a scrappy game from the start; neither side was able to put a foot on the ball on what was a very slick surface and passes went wayward from early on. Jo Potter felt she was denied a penalty when brought down in the six yard area by Reading keeper Mary Earps but the ref waved play on – a decision that did look fair when watched on replay.

Blues were guilty of some kamikaze defending; Sophie Baggaley was twice caught in possession and it was only some last-ditch defending from Kerys Harrop and player-of-the-match Jess Carter that kept Reading scoreless.

Blues struggled in midfield in the first half, and David Parker brought on Jade Moore and Remi Allen at the break with the obvious intention of adding some bite to the midfield. It worked almost instantly, with Mel Lawley breaking down the right but the lack of confidence she has in her own shooting returned to haunt her as she hestitated too long and saw the chance taken away from her.

However, moved wide left Lawley became more of a presence on the game, and it was her and Harrop who provided some of the best chances. Twice Ayisi failed to capitalise on crosses into the box from the left, while Jade Moore tried to take matters into her own hands with a couple of lashed long-range efforts which skewed narrowly wide.

As BCLFC CEO Tim Andrews said after the game, it was a game where maybe three points were targeted but a lack of nous up top has cost Blues Ladies. He made mention of the fact that there may be squad changes to come in June and the hope has to be that a new striker is among them now that the past regime has been fully exorcised from the ladies team.

Team: (3-4-1-2)

Baggaley; Mannion, Westwood (c), Carter, Stringer (Brazil 79), Peplow (Allen HT), Potter, Harrop, Lawley, Wellings (Moore HT), Ayisi




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23 Responses to “Blues Ladies Draw With Reading”

  • Walker says:

    I know this may offend but why is womens football being mentioned on a this website and also the mens bcfc.com

    Personally I just want to here about the blues team I support.

    Im not a sexist I just dont see why it cant be on a seperate forum, website

  • Walker says:


  • oldburyblue says:

    Offence well and truly taken Walker. I look forward to reading your site.

  • oldburyblue says:

    I think we are really missing Kirsty who not only is a good striker but also links other players into the game so well. I think Marcus misses shouting at her all game too! Catch 22 with Freda…she is a feisty so-and-so but always at risk of being sent off. She seems to have calmed down a lot this Season but at a cost to her game.

  • Blunose_Mattp says:

    You can post what you want on your own blog Walker………..

  • Walker says:

    Hi its not the general content of this site because its very good an imformative. but I read it for the Blue male team. Sky do the same and its great if thats what you like. Each to there own

    • StaffsBlue says:

      But you didn’t have to click on the link, you chose to.

      My advice, is to just read the blogs you’re interested in and ignore the ones you’re not.

    • Anasyn says:

      It’s BIRMINGHAM CITY ladies. They might have their genitalia on the inside, but they’re still in Royal Blue, and do the club proud.
      They have the attitude and commitment to put most mens teams to shame.
      KRO for the girls in royal blue!

  • Walker says:

    For gods sake stop hitting me with your handbags. I was only suggesting you post items about BCFC.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Birmingham City ladies are part of BCFC .. or are you just trying to be annoying … and by the way that ladies team would beat any you or any of your other ten mates you put together so stop the sexism . KRO

  • Tony says:

    Dave you surprise me I had you down as a mans man

  • Dave Mann says:

    I am but that does not excuse running down women ok . KRO

  • bhamcityjulian says:

    As he says is Dan’s site. However it holds no interest for me.

  • Tony says:

    All that was mentioned was not everyone is interested in women’s football, the furore that has ensued is ridiculous, this political correct shite really has got out of hand. The mere fact Dan features it on his site just shows how scarce news about blues really is.
    I love women but I don’t like them when they exceed size 14, also I don’t like tattoos, or women who drink pints, not bothered if it is politically correct I like what I like.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Most women players are slim , don’t have tattoos or drink alcohol so I take it you don’t mind them playing footy then ? .. It’s your opinion ofcourse but if they represent our football club as Birmingham City ladies then like the women support our men we should support our ladies .. In this day and age it’s only right and proper .. Muirfield golf club should take note also . MRO

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