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June Swoon

June is upon us and in my eyes anyway, the transfer season proper. With football contracts traditionally expiring on July 1 this is the time of year now to tie up the Bosman free transfers and to get a head start on who will come in before pre-season starts up again.

There’s been a fair bit in the press recently about how Gary Rowett thinks it’s going to be tough in the window; he wants players who will improve the squad but Blues are still going to struggle to be competitive with respect to wages and fees against some of the other teams in the Championship. There’s still this sense of wanting a “small, tight squad” – although that could be sorely tested with the lack of loan window next season – and the idea of not signing players for the sake of it.

I have to wonder at what some people are thinking. I’ve seen suggestion that Blues are going to spend multi-millions in the window, or that we can chase players who are on high wages – it’s not going to happen. Even when (not if, it’s when now) TTA take over I’m not expecting a flood of cash to come in – I think running the club on a business-like basis will come first rather than being Carson-esque with fees and wages.

I have to admit, I do agree with Rowett that Blues shouldn’t be looking to bring in bodies who aren’t going to ever get a game; it’s frustrating for the player that he’s been brought in to make a squad look bigger on paper and it’s frustrating for the fans who wonder what the point of that player being in the team is when there is such a stricture on money anyway. I think Rowett won’t bring in any more than four first teamers as it stands; two defenders, a wide player and a forward – although I’ve been wrong enough times in the past.

All this being said, I really do want to see Blues get their business done early. If there is one weakness I think Rowett has it is in the transfer market. While some signings I think have been really good, I think there has been times when Rowett has panicked a bit and broken his own rules because he’s taken too long to sort something out. Yes, there are financial strictures – I’m not going to deny that – but I do wonder if Rowett is too careful in pulling the trigger.

I want Rowett to prove me wrong this summer. I’d love us to bring in a couple of players that get us if not excited at least intrigued as to how they will change the team. If it means going abroad for players, or dipping into the lower leagues then so be it.

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62 Responses to “June Swoon”

  • mark says:

    very disappointed with some of players that GR has decided to let go without them fully been given game time………

  • Matt says:

    there was no mention about David Edgar? did he go in the end?

  • mark says:

    its called being Mr Safety first Daniel….if he gets it right at blues he can move on to the next level…
    two or three seasons stabilizing a club in his eyes will been seen as a good job….before the big hand comes along and offers him higher level. imo 50/50 with some of his signing……First thing he needs to do is make that defense solid, then try find a striker who will get maybe 15-18 goals along with midfielders chipping in.

  • mark says:

    GR made comments he wants to play 442 next season suddenly he got a magic wand oh please….look at the last 8 games of season. Turn it around that’s relegation form….If he struggles in the first 10-12 matches next season and losing to the vilers i see his seat been very uncomfortable……

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Rowett stated again in the BM yesterday that our midfield isn’t good enough to play 4-4-2. I think the only time you’ll see 4-4-2, is when we’re chasing a game. Other than that, it’s highly unlikely.

    • ChrisG says:

      Mark try actually reading the piece in the BM cos at no time did he mention changing to 4-4-2 next season, what he’s basically said is what he’s said before, he doesn’t like it because it leaves our midfield too open.

  • Sideshow Bob says:

    so Mark who should Rowett have given ‘game time’ to? Novak? Thomas? Duffy? Edgar? Hancox? We have a squad of average Championship and some League One players, what do you expect without serious investment? Correct me if I am wrong Rowett did make the defence solid it was goalscoring that was the problem. Easier said than done to get a 15 – 18 goal striker how much do they cost? He did well to squeeze that many goals out of Donaldson the other season.I see the usual ‘dithering’ comment comes out again. I am sure there would be no ‘dithering’ if Rowett had the budge of a Derby or Hull then he could go and blow £4 mil on a nobody so the armchair experts would be pleased

    • mark says:

      good morning dear Sir, you obviously watched the last 8 games then mate let me tell you it was sideshow….i like your reference to armchair supporters…… with over 40 years of supporting my team…where do you think vardy came from….If though players mentioned above don’t have the mental toughness then i would agree./ managers have favourites ask the england manager roy wilshire over Drinkwater. enough said..would i trust GR with a big pile of money the answer no.

    • almajir says:

      Defence wasn’t that solid tbf, was poor for the second half of the season…

  • steve says:

    I’m not disappointed with any of the decisions on players that have left.GR has already warned not to expect early signings.

  • mark says:

    on a good note the world and ball crest returns……kro

  • Brum82 says:

    All this talk about a new striker I don’t see why ronan hale shouldn’t be given his chance I kno it’s not the same level he has been playing at but surely he deserves a chance surely but as always in rowett we trust kro

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Is Roberto di Matteo the same man that applied for the Blues’ managers job in June 2011, but was REJECTED in favour of Chris Hughton?

  • Brian says:

    GR insists we keep to the same so called counter stacking method of playing I.e. We let the other team have the vast majority of he ball and sit back and defend. With one up front our attacking options are limited. With our current centre forward being absolutely assured of his place and so he should, who is going to want to come knowing they are not going to get a game.

  • Neil says:

    Most of these players are quite comfortable
    In the championship, but to move to the next
    Level most are not good enough and they no that
    so why play to be out of work just a thought.

  • williammorgan says:

    I personally think GR has a lot going for him , now the rub ,we need owners in the first instance to support the club with money and EY should have chose a consortium with the know how , backing financially , and sponsorship to make it work , having a fire sale and selling off our best players every transfer window is not the way this club should run , and is not the way the fans expect it to be run , except In emergencies, one of the consortiums could have used the likes of E&Y and still backed blues financially whilst backing the club ,without possibly having Stans up as security, will TTA have all this ,? We will see if E&Y has chose the right consortium , they certainly have chose the right way to go at getting the club stable , but as DAN as inferred GR needs to show a little bit more he who dares wins to get back on track again , He also needs to talk to the fans more , as you cannot run a club any other way …KRO

  • KinverBlue says:

    He has three weaknesses; transfers (with very few exceptions), tactics, and sub decisions.

  • Bluey says:

    Let`s be honest.With limited funds we`ll struggle next season to even match this season`s decent finish. I still see some fans talking of a promotion push which is absolute nonsense unless the current status quo is changed (and quickly). Even the bookies agree…there are only 3 clubs with less chance than us of going up in their expert eyes. Best case scenario is that GR can consolidate until new investment is forthcoming which probably means a wait until 2017/18 before we can dream again of top-flight football. KRO .

  • swissjonny says:

    William. E and Y will not choose the next owner of our beloved Club.TTA will. TTA do not want to own a Football club-they wanted the listing on the cheap. Will TTA give a damn who they sell the Club to? No, they want the best return on their investment. I suspect and have done for some time that TTA already have the Football club buyer in tow and a back to back transaction will occur when they get the listed vehicle. A very good deal for TTA.Now why did E and Y choose TTA in the first place, who knows. I would be fascinated to know who the real money behind TTA is.

  • Bluein Sale says:

    Early deals are not going to happen with the better players. They will wait to see what options they have, what other clubs may come in. Moreover I suspect that their agents will be encouraging them to shop around once someone takes an interest. To get new players early Gary will have to make good (or high) salary offers to encourage them to make early decisions, this may not be good business.

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      Completely agree and that’s pretty much what happens with players and their agents.Fans who think we should strike early and get deals done have got their head in the sand.

      • Blue Steve says:

        Completely agree. If you want real quality players on average wages then you have to play a waiting game and hope they run out of options at the end of the window. Like Dan I would like some early business but I am more concerned with getting the right players in at the right price. If this means waiting – so be it.

  • hkbluenose says:

    i wonder if we can get matt taylor now released from burnley and bring back dan burn
    both free agents , do we have the cash for their wages ?

  • tmsblues says:

    I think you are right. Players and agents will play the field. There might be a couple of exceptions. Tesche knows the club and the club knows what he might expect in wages. I think maybe an early deal could be done there (though I note Daniel you don’t have a midfielder in your shopping list). Then there’s Ben Turner a bluenose and free agent. An excellent centre back that we should have signed 2 yrs back before Cardiff upped the price for his signature. Ben will I reckon be available at an initially reduced wage fitting our budget which because of his unfortunate injury at Cardiff, could then be enhanced with a bonus salary increase once so many games are completed. I think both of these could be through the gates early.

  • Tony says:

    This has nothing to do with money it is I’m afraid an example of Rowetts small mindedness, he mentions not signing players who will struggle for game time, well he’s signed quite a few. Small tight squad that’s been shown to fail also.
    Its is rare I agree with Mark but on this occasion he is right Rowett is Mr safety first, he lacks the vision required for a top manager, he has found his level and cant take us any further.
    When this ridiculous charade finally comes to an end the new owners should show their intentions by sacking him.

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      Sack him?Unbelievable!!.Some of his signings havn’t come off I agree but the sort of market he is forced to shop in its not surprising.
      Just think where we’d be if Lee Clark hadn’t done so well on transfers when he was manager.

    • Bluepenguin76 says:

      Tony?? I cant believe you are serious with your post,that or the glue kicked in hard when you wrote it? Rowett has not had the cash for us to judge his signings,its all been bits and bobs of money,I-would like to see what he can do with 4-5 million ( which frankly is peanuts nowadays) before asking for his head. The truth is you would need a manager of amazing calibre to take us further in our current fianancial situation! People are amazingly deluded and unrealistic to expect more! Rowett has his faults but id suggest he done well with a limited budget!! He is still learning and i think we will continue on an upwards spiral with him.

  • Ken says:

    If we judge GR on what he’s done with what he’s had to do it then he’s done a bloody fantastic job! People above seem to be judging him as tho he’s at a massive club with unlimited funds…yet if they actually read what he says they would realise he’s one of the most honest managers we’ve had! Just get real and back the bloke!

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      From nailed on relegation to 10th in his first season and then 10th again in his first full season is a very good return given the situation.Unfortunately there are some who think we should be in the playoffs or better.Everyone is entitled to their point of view I guess!

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I don’t think the small, tight squad works, unless you can buy quality players, i.e, Burnley.) The trouble with having no money, is that Rowett invariably fills up the squad with utility players. Most utility players, imo, are utility players because they’re not good enough to nail down a place in one position.

    If the manager only brings in 4 players this summer, they’re going to have to be a damn sight better than what we have already, or there will be no progress. It’s going to be tough finding the right players, but that’s his job. I think all eyes will be on his signings more than ever.

    • Ken says:

      he’s already said that because of the finances its likely that the players he wants will wait for better offers so I dont think we should expect anything by way of signing anytime soon. Apart from Tesche and maybe someone from that Dutch team we’re playing so he can run the rule over their players

      • StaffsBlue says:

        I’m not too concerned where the players come from, as long as they’re in the right positions and better than what we have already in those positions… otherwise, what little money we have will be wasted.

  • Karl Ferris says:

    I would like to see a 4-4-2 just to see a solid plan B, IMO we need 2 young CB, a solid CM and a small whipper snapper up front with Donaldson

  • Mark mac says:

    The amount of people slagging rowett. Wow. Cant believe what i am reading. Even the majority of this squad is still not his squad. Majority bought by LC. Think about that for a second. This year i can see that being diluted a little more into rowetts squad. Adams/ brown/ otobor and hales will come in this season. Things are brighter than what they were 12 months ago. The club has progressed. Think back to the day at bolton and stop bloody moaning.

  • Macca 21 says:

    6 players we should consider who would improve the team and would not blow the budget.
    Sawyers Walsall
    Dack Gillingham
    Hughes Wigan/Huddersfield
    Byram West Ham
    Akpom Arsenal Loan
    Mcguire Hull

    Some already mentioned in the press some not . These additions would make us into a top 4 team.

    Hope GR can sign a few. Outstanding job from him so

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Ex-chief scout Ewan Chester is back at the club (as Football Consultant.) Will be interesting to see if/how his experience affects the recruitment of players.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      For all those calling for an experienced head to help Rowett out with transfers… there you go. :)

      • Hillfield Blues says:

        A good move and not a moment too soon.GR has gone on record about wanting complete autonomy over all aspects but surely he can now see that he needs a pair of hands in the recruitment side of things.People must remember that as a young manager coming into the championship he needs time to gain experience especially in the transfer market.

      • ChrisG says:

        Thing is staffs, I don’t know if you’re aware but it’s not just his head that’s come back, the rest of his body has joined him!!!!!

  • williammorgan says:

    GR is on a learning kerb , yes with faults , yes if I am reading it right stubborn , who it seems doesn’t listen to what we are saying , doesn’t talk to us enough , but then again perhaps he talks to the ex -managers of players , to see what they think , and perhaps because he has been 24-7 into football all his life he thinks that he knows a teeny bit more than us fans , and just because he has got blues from the bottom of this league to second place for a short while perhaps he thinks he as done well ..Hey he is local he is OUR manager with faults who’s stubborn , but just maybe if we throw enough ideas at him perhaps he may be clever enough to pick up enough knowledge to take us on that journey to the top , He Has a dream ,. ..we have a dream ,…let’s make sure it’s our dream , Get in there Bluenoses ..KRO

  • Art says:

    I suspect Dan is right about the amount of money being available from the new owners and it’s probably the way forward long term.In the meantime a mid table finish is probably the best we can expect..

  • Blue Eyed Boy says:

    So now were rumoured to be after a Kidderminster Harriers player who hasn’t even been a regular in their side.What planet is GR on? Is he planning for the long term in Div.1 or 2?

  • Phileni says:

    Dan are you able to ban people for brain dead comments? If so there’s a few in here need booting.

    Sack Rowett? April the 1st was months ago!

  • Bluesy6 says:

    After all the problems with over the past 5 years and all the explaining by Dan as to what is happening there are still some on this site that have eyes to see and cant see and have ears to hear and cant hear.

  • Blue Eyed Boy says:

    Yes ok Phileni!

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