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In Flight Positivity

If there is one thing that has been proven in the last two years or so, it’s that having a figurehead for the club’s owners resident in Birmingham is good for the club. Regardless of what he’s actually done the biggest thing Panos Pavlakis has achieved in my eyes is to be seen as a force for good by a large number of Blues fans.

I have to hand it to the former banker – today he’s played a blinder. While he’s watching the in-flight movie on his way back home from Hong Kong, he’s got everyone feeling positive about things moving on with regards to the ownership saga. By posting a couple of pics from Hong Kong airport, he’s got people going on Facebook about what he’s out there to achieve – with even the Birmingham Mail picking up on it.

Never mind the fact it’s the departure lounge and he’s actually just leaving the Far East having done what he he was out there to do – people are responding with positive comments about his leadership and their hopes that things will be ironed out once and for all. Positivity is a good thing and it’s something that should be welcomed.

To quote Panos for those who haven’t seen it:

Let’s say I have a “gut feeling” that some busy days are almost here for everybody!

I hope this is true. I really do – I know from people I spoke to in HK that things have moved forwards and it’s now down to paperwork and the authorities to get BIH across the finishing line as it were. I don’t know if Panos is implying that this will happen soon, or if he’s referring to something else – but happy days have to be a good thing, right?

From a personal point of view though, I think it’s important that we retain our scepticism to a degree. I’m all for optimism and people being happy but I think it’s still important that we question things. It’s like Gary Rowett – in the main he’s worked absolute wonders at Blues, taking us from the pits of despair to hope we can actually go up. That doesn’t make him untouchable though – and it’s right and proper we question when things go wrong.

Questioning someone doesn’t mean we hate them; if anything it’s helping us to understand their viewpoint and ideas better so that we know what is being attempted. I’ll be honest here – on the rare occasion I’ve spoken to Panos I’ve been open and asked the same questions to his face I’d ask on here. Likewise, I’d expect people to pick me up when I’ve got things wrong too – I’m not perfect either.

Let’s hope the next time we see Panos in the paper it’s for something more concrete than a Facebook post. Let’s hope that it’s because we’ve signed some great players, or because the EGM has been announced. Words are great and it’s good to talk – now let’s see some action.

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69 Responses to “In Flight Positivity”

  • Dave Mann says:

    I think it’s more chance of the EGM being announced than Blues signing GREAT players . KRO

  • swissjonny says:

    The cult of the celebrity. The Kardashians, Essex people, Posh people, Hello, Blah blah. Panos here today and hopefully gone tomorrow. No serious owner would entrust either him or Rowett with their finances. Sorry but its true-shoot me down but no forked tongue here. Lets get this over with, let TTA flip us and make some money-on top of the secured bond investment paying junk bond interest- plus the profit on the listing. Then lets have a real owner, with a real CEO who is there on merit and a manager who has grey hair and trouble sleeping at night. Rant over. KRO

    • atko says:

      Say what you want about either of them but if it wasn’t for Rowett & Panos we would probably have just spent this last season struggling in League One let alone fighting for a place in the Championship Playoffs!!! They steadied a rapidly sinking ship & as far as I am concerned I hope they both remain here & are given a chance.

      • swissjonny says:

        We hardly fought for a place in the play offs… Rowett motivated a sub standard team but spent money very badly.Panos has done nothing.TTA had to give money to keep the club alive-but who wouldnt have done bearing in mind that it was secured and paying a very toppy interest rate. New owners soon I hope. Hope being the operative word.

    • bhamcityjulian says:

      Swissjohnny and Tony I have to disagree with you on Panos.

      He was the guy who got EY in against the wishes of Carson and his crew. He is the man who manoeuvred Clark out without having to pay any compensation. He is the man who brought in a manager who was able to arrest the decline and move us forward. He has been directing and motivating the staff at BCFC.

      Prior to BCFC he had an established business and financial management CV: look at LinkedIn. No doubt his work allied to his current working relationship with TTA will see him continue after the restructure. They will see no reason to replace him.

      As for Rowett the acquisition of Ewen Chester no doubt reflects the disappointing transfer/loan dealings. Gary may publicly have ‘welcomed’ him but I think it’s more of a case of having someone else to make an opinion of Rowett’s as well as finding candidates himself

    • des says:

      HA HA like your style swiss jonny ewven if I don’t wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments!
      onwards and upwards, I can see a twinkle of optimism around Stans!

  • B34blues says:

    Well next in the long line of blues/ bih it’s the date of the egm so it will be that then the announcement to get re listed on the stock exchange so I’m hoping its them 2 being announced , then we can finally see a end and a new begging !

  • Agent McLeish says:

    I remember Ken Wheldon quoting once that “sunshine is just around the corner”. I’ll believe it when I see it. :-)

  • Trev says:

    Panos has been a great leader in the dark times and I hope there will be a place for him at blues when ownership is done and dusted just my opinion

  • Mitchell says:

    Daniel.This blog is strange to say the least- not like you at all. Full of happiness and wanting people to be happy etc! Is this the real Daniel. Perhaps it is and I am confused or this is the ‘special moment’ when Panos is great and our sorrows are within ditching distance. Love all your optimism to be true but still have that ‘Bluey wariness’ (sorry Bluey no disrespect but sensible caution).

  • gerard says:

    Think forward not backwards,positive not pessimistic, glass half full, at least take a look across at Vile Park were would you rather be and whos hands would you rather be in, yes its BCFC, more sorrows than joys in the past , but lets start smiling with optimism please much justvas easy than feeling sorry for yourselves

  • gerard says:

    ps as usual Dan ahead of the Bham Mail who have got as their latest headline Panos just arriving in HK , now had it been the Vile or Wolves they would have been up to date for surw, hey but who cares about that crap paper and whet is even wprse is WM Radio and Franksie love affair with the Vile and Wolves but again this this time year ?

  • gerard says:

    forgive spelling errors did not check before mailing i am sure you all understand my sentiments

  • ChrisG says:

    Dan for someone like myself who doesn’t really understand the ins & outs, could they actually announce the EGM on monday & have in say friday?. I’m sure you’ve mentioned it before but my memory card in my head is a bit damaged!!

  • rhees says:

    I feel positive about the future for the first time in a long time

  • Kingstanding Maximum says:

    The future’s so bright I got to wear shades.

  • Bluesy6 says:

    The way Panos has been talking over the past few weeks are not the words of a man who is soon to be leaving it sounds like he is going to be around for some time yet, I hope he is

  • zxcv says:

    When we didn`t get the normal monthly announcement I said at the time “it could be that they have a different Announcement to make if you get my drift” it beginning to look that way even more now with Pavlakis speaking out via twitter. I wouldn’t`be surprised if it was within a day or two and even tomorrow as I doubt he would have said anything if its likely to be weeks away. Lets not forget tho that the rules mean that Three weeks notice is required for the EGM but that’s not to say that they can`t give an even later date, can`t think of why they would but its a possibility.

    • almajir says:

      They have to make an announcement a maximum of 30 days after the last one. The last one (the Pannu special deal) was May 10 – therefore I’d expect them to make an announcement by June 9.

      That could be the EGM… but I’m not banking on it.

  • Mitchell says:

    With all this happiness today and the glorious sunshine-I feel a song coming on-over to you Dave Mann with Reasons to be Cheerful Pt.3 ! with Staffs and William backing group.

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    He’s obviously referring to the EGM being announced and if it is to be within the next 3 weeks then happy days.At least then some funds can be made available for the manager during the summer all going according to plan.
    I just have an outsider bet in my head that TTA could be selling us on to a proper owner with some money to spend but I suppose that’s wishful thinking.We’re due a break are we not?

  • Bluemaximus says:

    I love this blog, it is as informative as one can hope for. I am sure many a fan up and down the country are envious we have a fan who is willing to give up so much of his, and his family’s time. But the comments of some drive me crazy. David Cameron makes me want to launch the TV set out of the window on a daily basis. Swiss Tony has just made me want to do the same with my phone. Rowett and his management team are special. They coach and make average players look above average. Fabbrini will become a massive player for us, and look an absolute bargain. Some will only see the work achieved by Gary and his team, including Panos, when they are gone. I am happy to say Thanks, carry on with your hard work, and build as you have been doing. Good things come to those that wait.

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      What Rowett has done since his arrival has been fantastic.How some people come on here and say he should be replaced once we find new owners I find unbelievable.How can he be truly judged as a manager when he hasn’t had proper funds to play with in the transfer market.Its just complete nonsense.

    • almajir says:

      Absolutely not convinced re Fabbrini. Hope I’m wrong.

      • zxcv says:

        Me neither, his problem he has never settled anywhere really and I think that is down to the fact that its part and parcel of his game to keep going over at every single opportunity. That’s ok for the prem but its not what you want in this division, you will come across a Gary Pendrey who will launch you once you have a reputation and this guy certainly has. You need battlers in this div no nonsense type players with a good mix of ability in the right areas. for example Dimi Grey had the ability but how many goals was he scoring. once defenders had him sussed, and as a comparison Trevor Francis also had the pace skill and ability but would also get more than his fair share of goals because he was good enough Dimi and Fabrini will never imo be in that class and I use Francis as measure and am not expecting them to be as good as him but to be somewhere near and I doubt they ever will be anywhere near.

  • Bloody hell even sir alex signed some dudds! Cant get it right every time. Sometimes players do not live up to their potential. Not always the managers fault the blame sometimes rests with the players!

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      I also think Fabrini will come good but even if he doesn’t so what.1.5 mill doesn’t give you the finished article and is chicken feed in today’s market.

    • Mitchell says:

      Problem is Cannock bluenose that although we like GR and for what he has done-he continues to sign a large percentage of duds. Not all down to lack of funds also. Lafferty and Buckley on big wages,Vaughan on a further years contract, Brock-Madsen on 3year contract, loan players who rarely played and now Fabbrini who doesn’t inspire perhaps that he isn’t fancied for first eleven starts. Some commenters feel GR would be a risk to trust any new owner putting in serious money in for a promotion bid and I am one. This is not due to any dislike of Gary,but down to the fact that mid table is his level but for top two or top 6 then this will imo not happen under GR.Earlier Swissjonny made a few hard facts that not possibly popular -stated stark truths.

      • zxcv says:

        How on earth can anyone think he has done even ok on the transfer front, as you point out Mitchell, not one player he got in, in the Jan window remotely improved what we already had. Lets be honest his record is deplorable in the transfer market. Why do you think Panos has brought in a director of football. I am afraid he has one foot in the exit door imo, and it won`t take much in the way of a bad start next season to help him on his way.

      • bhamcityjulian says:

        Hence the arrival of Ewan Chester which, despite comments to the contrary, maay not have his full blessing.

        • zxcv says:

          Julian, lets put it this way… I do not believe for one moment the headline “Rowett brings in Ewan Chester”. ha ha ha ha. Of course.

  • Art says:

    To those who criticise the current situation and management-just give a moments thought to the dark days under Clark and the terrible financial uncertaintaity.

    I have little doubt the club at some stage could easily have gone into receivership and under Clark into Division 1.

    Let us all be grateful for where we are at the moment and look forward to the future..

  • williammorgan says:

    greatest thing that I possess …

  • Isaac Vivian Alexander says:

    The level of sheer toolery of some Birmingham City supporters will never cease to amaze, surprise or disappoint. Clearly, I’ve missed all these millions which Rowett has spunked away on his merry spendthrift way. Yeah, Kieftenfeld, Morrison, Kusczak and Maghoma are all outweighed by a couple of short-term loans, Fabrbini’s failure to fire us single-handedly into the playoffs and a Danish 21 year old who hasn’t even had a chance to experience a full English pre-season yet. Give me strength ffs.

    • Waycoolblue says:

      Very close to what I was going to post but Couldn’t have put it better my self.
      I would like to add
      Kieftenfeld IMO was one of the best singings in the hole of the championship vale wise .Maghoma also a very good singing. And lets face it lone player with the expectation of Toral are just interested in a pay packet and their fitness levels. It makes no difference to them where Birmingham finish. And have no real concision with the supporters.

  • Spot on isaac. People getting on managers back because a couple of loan signings didnt work out. The players you mentioned have all been a massive success and in my mind without we would of been nowhere near top ten. As for brock and fabrinni both was brought in for the next season that was obvious from the start knowing toral would go back to the gunners. People need to take a reality check. Maybe gary is only a top ten manager but he has been working with nothing compared to his rivals. Has not even got a proper scouting network like other clubs. Honestly what do people expect?

  • Devon Blue says:

    Why is it that when a Blues fan starts to see a little positive momentum he will immediately go into a state of senseless folly. 2 years ago we would have given away our bedtime coco for what we have now. I agree that it isn’t the final chapter, (so many to go) but we are over halfway, we have positive steps to be taken. As to the future, sure we will get taken over again, and i am sure in 20 years time we will have been taken over at least one more time, but we have what we have now. A season when there is no talk of relegation (positive, but i am sure it will come) an EGM (positive) a relisting on the stock exchange (positive), a take over by a company TTA that does have money (positive). After that we have new players to be bought in which we can “rip apart” because they are not £20 Million and won’t score 20 goals each. Games against the Vile, again so much angst to be gained there.
    This is part of supporting our great team, you should be joyous at the future, you have so much paranoia to bring forth it seem to me that these are truly halcyon days.

  • williammorgan says:

    Gary has done well under the circumstances , has made a few mistakes that are forgivable , now is his is make or break season ,,

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    Rowett or indeed any manager cannot be judged on loan signings because they’ve always been hit and miss.We must have had literally hundreds of them in our recent history and I can only think of Dugarry that was any cop.Theyre just too unpredictable.

  • FlowerPower says:

    Likewise, I’d expect people to pick me up when I’ve got things wrong too – I’m not perfect either

    Tried that one before, the response I got was: It’s my blog and if you don’t like it sod off.

    You have had it in for Rowett since day one!

  • williammorgan says:

    Whe have sold many star players in the past , and with the money had very. Little success in replacing them , yet have had many young players successful , but we must not be fooled into thinking that we can just survive on a young player system , we need to learn to buy players as well , we need to study and respect other people’s judgement , eg those players made club player of the year young player of the year , league player of the year , internationals , we need a young fan , making a dossier on every player in our proffessional leagues , and to then follow the stats on their form each week .so that any upturn in great form can be passed on to the scouts who will make a qualified judgement ….we need to corner all sides of football to be a success and this information must stay as club property …..

  • Tony says:

    Never once have I said Rowett has not done a great job he has, the question I pose is this could you trust him to spend say 20 mil?l for me the answer is no.
    Could you imagine him managing big name players? again for me the answer is no and before everyone starts on about the real world and cutting your cloth accordingly, that has to be the aim.
    We want a big name manager hopefully with the right owners that will come about.

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      So how do young managers like Rowett or Eddie Howe become big name managers?.Like any other profession they need time to evolve,gain experience and learn their trade don’t they?
      Can you honesty say with hand on heart that Rowett has been able to express himself properly in the transfer market with some decent funds that put him in line with other managers in the championship?

    • zxcv says:

      Don`t worry Tony he is on very limited time, He will never be a big time manager, big time managers don`t accept football directors buying in the players. Has anyone heard anything that Rowett has had to say on Ewan Chester.

  • williammorgan says:

    Your right HB , but to learn young managers must be able to bend like a willow , and listen to what the fans have to say , the elders of blues fans had seen what dozens of managers have tried before , the managers job is to thrill the fans and the board , the fans want exciting football which will fill the ground at home matches , and the board want exciting football to get the bigger sponsors , so you would think that would be the order of the day , I’m afraid many managers like to play safe and play defensive , the days where a team could score 60 goals and get relegated have been slowly down graded by fear ..ah well , pass us a tissue , …lets get this club moving again , COME ON ….KRO

  • Big name managers wouldnt touch blues at the moment for the very fact big name managers like big budgets. And i think you will find a lot of big name managers do work under directors of football. Its part of the modern game which has come over from europe. And big name managers dont always get it right either . over 200 mill spent at man utd by LvG do you think they had a good return for that? And here is a few of you who think a couple of bad loan signings are the end of the world. All im going to say is that villa said same about o’neil. Look where they are now. Becareful what you wish for we have been down this road before remember. Im just interested to know who people think can do a better job than rowett at the moment and actually would be interested in coming? Answers on a postage stamp….

  • Tony says:

    Well lets take a look at the facts, we carry the name of the UK second city. We are twice the size of Manchester, We are at the moment the 30th best side in England.
    We are not a million miles away there are plenty of managers who would jump at the chance to manage us.

  • zxcv says:

    This is what Panos said, how about we hear from Gary himself telling us himself what he thinks.

    We are delighted to have Ewan with us again. ‘

    “This is a major, positive step by the club bringing in someone of Ewan’s calibre.

    “Ewan’s experience and knowledge in the scouting field will augment Gary’s backroom team – this is something Gary expressly wanted – and his appointment is again another example of how we are determined to become even stronger in all areas of the football department.”

    It’s potentially very significant news for the club, this – another pair of eyes, another set of contacts and another experienced head to enhance the current set-up.

  • zxcv says:

    very significant news for the club. Mmmmm

  • Tony how we paying for these managers even if they are interested. We cant even afford top championship players. Its all very good being the second city and i agree that there is huge potential. But the game is awash with money now and above all it will have no relevance how big the city or the club its more who pays the most. Interesting that you couldnt come up with a name either

  • mark says:

    so glad the euro’s is starting soon blooody hell i bet with 888sport……..wear me new blues top for the summer………………….kro now that’s positivity

  • Will says:

    Just my luck the big news breaks at 2-30 in the morning back to bed

  • Mitchell says:

    Just woke up to the news we have been waiting a long time for from the HKSE. Wonderful.

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