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BIH: Minor delays

Birmingham International Holdings today announced to the HKSE that there is a minor delay before distributing a circular to shareholders regarding the upcoming EGM.

The announcement confirms that the circular will be delayed until no later than July 8 as more time is needed to prepare it. While it’s annoying it probably amounts no more to a slight paperwork delay although it points to an almost certainly delayed EGM which was expected to be held on July 22.

I can hear the cynicism from here from Blues fans who are already weary of delays, red tape and paperwork but unfortunately it probably is unavoidable; the Receivers have to clear these deals with authorities in not just HK but also the Cayman Islands – and I reckon the timetable assumes everyone playing ball and doing things pdq.

There is no reason to worry… Hopefully the next announcement will confirm everything is okay and stuff is back on track.

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13 Responses to “BIH: Minor delays”

  • zxcv says:

    Dan are the dates the wrong way round?

  • zxcv says:

    No sorry I think I have read it wrong. lol

  • zxcv says:

    so it could be about a weeks delay.

  • Cynic says:

    As a nation we need to stop the Chinese buying any companies or property in the UK, and that include football clubs. The sooner our government wake up to this the better.

  • williammorgan says:

    We have opted out of Europe cynic surely you don’t want us to opt out of the world…..

    • Cynic says:

      I don’t propose opting out from the world or from China in particular. All I am suggesting is unless we impose upon the Chinese the same impositions they place on us, they (the Chinese) will be permitted to first ruin an industry and then buy it up on the cheap.

      And before you start raising doubts – look at the New Zealand dairy industry, Australian mines and to a lesser extent much closer to home MG-Rover, As we keep accepting more and more “investment” from China we become without realising it further into debt.

      BUT as previously stated on this excellent blog – this should be about BCFC and not a general discussion, So I will leave it at that. KRO

      Thank you Daniel

  • mark says:

    how long does take to circular take if a deadline in place

    • zxcv says:

      Mark, They have to give three weeks notice, so if the 8th is the deadline for the circular to be sent to S/Holders then 21 days after which is 29th should be about the date for the EGM. INSTEAD OF 22nd so about a weeks delay, nothing unusual.

  • Adiedee says:

    After all this time, a further delay of a week is only an inconvenience.

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