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Who is Paul Suen? – Part II

As there hasn’t been much in the way of football happening of late due to the international break, I thought it might be interesting to see if it was possible to find out a little bit more about what Blues’ would-be new owner, Paul Suen Cho Hung, has been up to. It appears he has been a busy boy.

For those who aren’t aware, BIH isn’t the only company in Hong Kong Mr Suen is an investor in. He’s known in the Cantonese press as “仙股大王” which translates as “Penny Stock King” because of the amount of deals he does with cheaply priced companies. I’ve highlighted a couple of deals in just the last month.

One of those companies – Courage Marine (HK:1145) – which boasts Mr Suen as its largest shareholder with 22.89% along with Daniel Sue Ka Lok (another potential BIH director) as chairman recently announced that the company is diversifying from their position as a “dry bulk carrier” into the world of Korean Pop music – which I can’t help but find a little bizarre bearing in mind I’ve just come back from holiday to Gangnam, the home of Kpop in South Korea.

This article from Apple Daily seems to link him to SM Entertainment, one of the big three entertainment firms in South Korea and home to artists such as Girls Generation. It gives me an excuse to post a picture of them so I’m happy anyway…

Girls Generation

While the coincidence of that is interesting, I was more piqued to notice Paul Suen is in the throes of taking over yet another listed company – EPI Holdings (HK:689). Mr Suen already owns just under the magic 30% threshold of the company but apparently this isn’t enough – on August 31 EPI along with Paul Suen made announcements to the stock exchange that Mr Suen was making an open offer for all shares and options to properly take over the company, shelling out HK$530mil or so – a cool £51million or so.

Evidently he’s not short of people willing to offer him the credit to pull off such a deal, with HK brokers Get Nice Securities offering him a credit line sufficiently big enough to buy all shares without breaking into his own pocket.

EPI deal with oil exploration currently in Argentina.

What does this prove? On the positive side, I think it proves Mr Suen is a proper businessman, with a paper trail of deals all across the Hong Kong stock exchange. It’s evident he’s got access to a fair bit of cash and he is a serial investor in projects – which is more than could ever be said for Carson.

On the other hand I think it might disappoint some who wanted Mr Suen to a sugar daddy type owner ready to shower the club with cash – I think he’s too sensible for that. I’m okay with that myself… but I suspect that I  might be in a minority.

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97 Responses to “Who is Paul Suen? – Part II”

  • Big Al says:

    I don’t want to support a team that spends £60m and defends that badly.

  • mark says:

    in my opinion he keep his money firmly in pocket, but what ever moves at the stans it will be sellable…….so any assets will be sold, picket a pocket or too comes to mind…..

    • Steve says:

      Really? Take over a club that you’re probably planning to sell on and sell all its assets ? Jeez

      • mark says:

        so you don’t any of our young players will sold on for a profit within two years, have a cuppa tea mate.

          • RichardM says:

            Mark, I tend to agree with Steve, I don’t think it will be even on his radar. I think he’s looking at the bigger picture, making £20 – 25 mill profit, which could be achieved by simply getting promotion. A couple of million on one player is not really going to wet his appetite. I think it’s more likely the player will want to move on for more money rather than Mr Suen making a fast buck…

          • mark says:

            2008-9 was our promotion year we had strikers in kevin Phillips,gary mc sheffrey, gary connor, cameron jermone…..we had quality players….put them against what we have now we are million miles away from promotion……

          • Gerrard hehir says:

            I agree to a point mark. O’conner quality????? Not sure i agree there. Jerome,although i liked him personally he wasnt no prolific goal scorer for us. Mcsheffery quality yes. But fabbrini has to hit form yet! when he was on loan he was quality and since weve signed him its not gone right as of yet. Hopefully im not being so unrealistic by saying if he gets back to what we had originally, we have a real decent player. What about maghoma? Solomon? Even storer? We have a solid back four and a decent keeper so weve got enough to keep us out of trouble.(without being complacent ) This team i believe is more than capable of being the suprise package. Lets face it we certainly havent got the pressure of them over the other side. Paying those sort of fees puts you under so much scrutiny,theyll be trying not to panic over one loss and a draw. Not only villa either. Keep the faith. We have (as of yet anyways) an unproven manager and an unproven squad. But still we have loads of potential and without the added stress of having spent stupid money to assemble us. I wont get carried away about new owners until i can see where its going to go. Look at west ham signing payet and the likes (good work) then they go and sell of there stadium to become tennants!!!!!! Like a few people have already said l, a nice steady growth will do me fine. Ive supported blues for thirty years. I dont expect to be champions league winners anytime soon. Im still hungover from carling cup. Keep right on.

        • Steve says:

          Not necessarily. We had no choice before but now if we’re stable and he does want us in the Premier league then maybe not. Now drink your milk there’s a good boy.

  • bluenose08 says:

    with the likes of newcastle,wolves,norwich and the other lot having lots of investment paul suen
    will have to decide if he wants us to compete. !!

  • mark says:

    maybe he should put aire on the end of Trillion lol

  • Mickey07 says:

    He seems everything that yeung and pannu are not/wasn’t and let s be honest coco the clown would have done a better job than them pair.

  • John says:

    I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a heartless asset stripper. i just want sensible ownership and success on the pitch to be the main focus and not ownership worries.

  • FellowBlue22 says:

    Clearly a sensible business man, will run a steady ship and will ensure we are a decent prospect to potential buyers when the time comes…. Put’s us in a MUCH safer place than we have been in for the last few years!.
    Good news in my opinion! KRO!

    (thanks as always dan!)

  • oldburyblue says:

    I’m OK with that too Dan. In my view there is only 1 way he will make the profit he seeks and that is to make us worth more than we are now. As an example I have no problem with property developers who buy dilapidated houses that no-one wants to live in, doing them up so that they are desirable again…….and making a profit in doing so. To me a win-win situation where there are no losers at all. We as supporters can only be winners also if BCFC is worth more in a few years time because we will have had success between now and then.

  • Oldbury Blue says:

    Thanks again Dan for the update, I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve read and heard, I don’t expect TTA to spend money like its going out of fashion but they’ll build on what we have and we’ll push for promotion and move forward. KRO x

  • Jonathan says:

    I bumped into a guy in Birmingham City Centre,who “claimed”to know him ,of course I asked what he was like,and what his intentions are,he replied,that he is loaded and competitive,as in,he would be Prepared to put money in to make Blues a force,but also said, he could be interested in building a new stadium and using the land St Andrew’s stands on as a development site,but,i think an open mind and a pinch of salt is needed

  • mark says:

    so daniel what your chances of sitting down with Paul and discussing the next two years with him, over pantyhose tea?

  • Gerrard hehir says:

    I would welcome just some stability. We dont need sugar daddy’s. Its not what bcfc is all about. I know the modern game is changing all the time. But lets just think about our carling cup triumph. What a day. Will any of us forget that. That wasnt because we spent ridiculous amounts of money. Its was OUR boys. Playing OUR brand of football. Not always pretty but it worked. Look at Leicester!!!!! Like i said before the games always changing and im not saying we should never spend any money on players ir develope our squad but not at the cost of us being our club. We may not have won much but weve won, we won it our way. Not by someone throwing cash at us. Lets hope this guy just brings stabilty with him.
    Id sooner get it now rather than wait like portsmouth and coventry are having to. Keep right on. Bcfc till i die.

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      Good post from the heart Gerrard.Agree 100%.I am happy to have some stability and security at the club for the first time in a ing time.

    • theguvna says:

      I agree with you Gerrard in that the spirit of Blues is not about having a sugar daddy who probably couldn’t give a flying **** about us. Look at that bell end over in B6, who is frankly, embarrassing them with his silly statements and behaviour. He is strutting around like a peacock, as though he has been there all his life. The club is just a vehicle for his ego.

      I love the idea of the organic growth of our club, or actually any other club for that matter. Having said that, we do at least need some cash to make us competetive and provide the stability which has been lacking for a long time.

      Blues are what I would call a ‘proper’ club, with proper fans. Although the atmosphere at St Andrews is generally not what it was, when it really counts in the big games, the fans get behind the club in a way, which few other clubs can match for ferocity and rawness.

      Fair weather fans of the so called big clubs don’t feel it in the way that we do.

  • Mick Legge says:

    Just what we need Dan

    A serious guy wanting to move it forwards and not backwards like CY.

    Hopefully in 2 years time we will be in good shape to be moved on.

  • DaveP says:

    how long before the tannoy at St’Ans starts pumping out Girls Generation songs before games?

  • Andrew says:

    We need a steady ship it would be nice to have a owner with some cash to spend but run the club sensibly !!

  • Andrew says:

    Sounds like an astute businessman with money to spend. But does he have any experience or know how a football club is run and what our supporters are looking for in an owner ?
    I hope apart from his people he acknowledges the fact he needs some football minded people on his board aswell.. ?

    • ChrisG says:

      I think that’s where Panos would come in mate & let’s face it, the time it’s taken for the takeover to complete he could probably have done a university degree on how to run a football club!!!

  • swissjonny says:

    I think the point here is that Paul Suen does not operate alone. I am intrigued to know who else he invests with or for. There will be a bigger beast in the background.

  • Mitchell says:

    Truth is we simply do not know what lies ahead of us with Paul Suen. Any new owner should be only too happy to engage in announcing plans for a new beginning whether it be for a new look Stans.or a backing for the manager. As we currently sit with TTA we haven’t a clue. We all have our own opinions and mine is that Paul Seun simply could not pass up a golden opportunity to buy a decent ex-premiership club for a pittance. Big question is whether he has the appetite to invest heavily and make his ‘bargain buy’ a monumental hit.

    • almajir says:


      There are reasons why he can’t talk.

      1) TTA isn’t buying a football club. TTA is buying a controlling stake in a Hong Kong listed company called Birmingham International Holdings, which coincidentally owns a football club. As TTA are buying a controlling stake in a HKSE listed company, then they must comply with the Takeover and Mergers Code plus comply with the standard rules of the HKSE. Their obligations are to the shareholders of BIH, not the fans of BCFC.

      2) When signing the exclusivity agreement back in June 2015, TTA will have also signed a non disclosure agreement. This will bind them on what they can and can’t reveal re their offer and the status of BIH’s financials until the deal is done (ie the shares are relisted and they’re in control).

      3) As previously stated, TTA’s obligations lie to the shareholders of BIH now the offer has been formally made and EGM announced. Under rule 34 of the Takeover and Mergers Code, TTA cannot do anything that would potentially put pressure on the shareholders of BIH to approve the resolutions put forwards at the EGM. This means that they can’t reveal anything further than already stated on future plans – and I’m further led to believe it also means that they cannot attend the EGM either.

      4) Equally, under rule 13.09 of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, BIH cannot reveal any information which could affect the material value of shares without making an announcement to the HKSE first. This is why EY must announce everything to the HKSE rather than via other media to fans of the football club.

  • Colin Cross says:

    It seems perfectly simple and obvious to me what Suen wants to do.

    -Firstly he wants to acquire Blues.
    -Secondly he wants to stabilise it.
    -Thirdly he wants to put in enough investment to get it promoted to the Premier League.
    -Then he will look to sell it to a serious and long term investor – probably Chinese but not necessarily.
    -He will then retain an interest in the new investment company to optimise the huge gains made to that point by him and his Company.
    – That’s what he specialises in, buy cheap; stabilise; invest sensibly, fatten up, and sell on to someone who can take the company to the next level, not afraid to retain an interest if it suits him.

    Only one outcome if he does this as well as he normally does, success for Blues!

    Give him 3 years, Villa and Wolves will have been asset stripped and destroyed, Albion will be a Championship Club begging for Jeremy Peace and Blues will be up there rivalling top Premiership Clubs in terms of financial clout, stability and real investment.

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      Nice thoughts but I would be surprised if a guy obviously as intelligent as Suen would want to plough millions into Blues in the hope of getting to the Premieship.He will sell us on to a Chinese investor once he has established his company on the HKSE.If as Swiss says there is another investor already involved it may be different but tidying up companies and moving them on is what he does and I don’t see this as being any different.

      • Gerrard hehir says:

        One concern i do have however, Is when you get new ownership (unless your fergie or wenger) Your days as boss are normally numbered. At this stage i dont want that for GR. He and his team are doing a fantastic job. I really couldnt see a better replacement.Thats football though i suppose. Just take this one step at a time. Lets just see what this guys intentions are. If he is as good a businessman as people are saying (i really dont know enough) then maybe he’d want to keep him as lets face it, we are not a million miles away currently. Keep the faith guys! Keep right on!

    • Mitchell says:

      That sounds wonderful Colin.Utopia at its best.You have given my day a timely boost! All your points signal and herald a new beginning. If only I could share your unbounded optimism.

    • Steve-0 says:

      Dreeeeaaaaammeerr lol

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Whatever the future holds Blues fans should be eternally grateful to Paul Suen for rescuing the Club from the clutches of Carson Yueng and Peter Pannu. Not that Mr Suen’s motives are purely based on altruism, why should they be? He is a hard headed business man who buys cheap and sells at a profit and there is nothing wrong with that!
    Welcome to Birmingham City Football Club Paul. I hope the union will prove to be mutually beneficial,

  • Lich Blues says:

    For Paul Suen to get the maximum profit return on Blues (which i’m sure he does – he’s not doing it for his health) we need to be in the Premier League. To get back to the Prem will take some serious investment and a lot of luck. Well we haven’t had either for bloody years so hears hoping!!!

  • StevieW says:

    Dan he seems to be a real action man when it comes to business. Do you know what his success to failure ratio is in taking businesses and turning them around? It would be nice to have an idea of how successful he is.

    I’m sure a man of your standing and talent could find that out.

    • almajir says:


      It’s fairly high judging by his stock market dealings. Flattery aside, you forget time… I work full time, and OP is just a hobby. If I have time and the inclination I’ll look into it – can’t ever promise more than that. All dealings are publicly listed online, so if you’ve got time why not take a look yourself?

      • StevieW says:

        Dan I did say it a bit tongue in cheek as I am aware you are a grafter just like me.

        I did do some checking on his name against company’s he has had and sold when his name first got mentioned a while ago but the tree is so big it did get a bit tedious, what is quite clear is people do not give credit to failures and the companies that I checked for which he has been involved in are running quite well on the HKSE.

        anyway back to the day job.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    TTA have announced a 2 year tenure. In that time, they will not have any interest or possibility in carrying out ground development either at Stans or elsewhere. A man who deals in the hundreds of millions arena would not be interested in stripping assets from an investment that has extremely limited assets, A business man of his stature does not gamble. You could give the wrong manager a hundred million to buy new players and if he bought unwisely, even this would not guarantee promotion. TTA may provide a few million to keep us marketable as a Championship club but that is all we can expect. So all in all, no ground changes, no asset stripping and promotion would be a massive bonus but not essential. That said, I personally am very happy with those aims. KRO!

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    I believe he will invest in the squad he wants a return on is money in the way of profit and the only way to get that is by getting in the premiership. I agree he wont invest in the stadium its self and he wont strip out any limited assets the club may have left. Now I don’t think we will see 12 and 15mill spent on players but we may see players in and arrowed 3mil 4mill and a increases in the wage budget. And a investment in the staff and development squad. I believe this is doable within 2 years but if it takes longer then I expect he will have planed for that. He from what I read on here and the very limited info elsewhere is a good businessman. You don’t get where he is making silly investments and having no plan with backup plan if thing go wrong. KRO SOTV

  • Neil Jones says:

    I have had similar conversations with friends that support Chelsea and Manchester United, more recently adding (ahem) ‘lifelong’ Citeh fans to that list, they cant for the life of them understand when i say i don’t want us to have an Abramovich/Mansoor type owner.

    i explain that’s NOT Birmingham City, its not the club we all love through good and more often bad – they don’t get it. they also don’t understand why i laugh at their arrogance when they get held to a draw or beaten by the teams they consider underlings in the Premier League.

    lets continue down the road of a stable financially self sufficient club, producing enough quality youth players than can help balance the books and propel us up the leagues with some home grown talent.

  • Ginger says:

    He will get us stable, maybe even take a cheeky little gamble to get us in the premier league, then he will sell us on. For us fans it will be infinitely better than we have been used to and with his undoubted contacts I’m very hopeful for the future.

  • zxcv says:

    Dan, good blog I enjoyed reading it and you made some good points especially this one.

    What does this prove? On the positive side, I think it proves Mr Suen is a proper businessman, with a paper trail of deals all across the Hong Kong stock exchange. It’s evident he’s got access to a fair bit of cash and he is a serial investor in projects – which is more than could ever be said for Carson.

    To prove the point, I would seriously doubt a company of Ernst and young standing would have entertained anyone other than as you say a proper business man with a paper trail that proves he has access to a fair bit of cash. Plus the fact they have done business before with him.

    I am delighted to have someone with such a wealth of experience and for me he is exactly what is needed in period of time. I think he will be the type to make the right decisions with a view to longer term success as opposed to a chancer or a flyby night. I think he will build his asset (us) and if that takes time so be it, which is better than ploughing in big amounts to start with then walking when that fails. Just steady progress and that’s will do for me.

  • AdamTrueBlue says:

    Why oh why do fans think PS is looking to get us promoted to improve his yield??? Smell the roses people and look at it realistically, if Blues get promoted their stock is worth 10 fold what it is now, who except a devoted fan would pay that sort of money for Blues?, Our stock is very low at the moment and PS has bought a bargain, as soon as shares are relisted and we have a new owner immediately our stock will rise, perhaps double, so Mr PS then looks to gain 100% on his investment without having to squander more money, and we are still worth another investor having a punt on us.
    Investors were hard to find when we were at our cheapest, try finding investors when we are expensive. Kro

    • zxcv says:

      Adam your way off the mark mate. Doubling his investment is nothing compared with what he would get by gaining prem status, first season is around £120 million alone that’s one season would be (and I am guessing his outlay to date without as you say investing any more) around four times his investment it would be like selling the club on four time over, and that’s just for going up , then you would have at worst three years Guaranteed income called Parachute payments, but how about if we stayed up after that first year yes you got it another 120 million quid, I think you need to work the sums out again mate.

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      I agree Adam.This guy has no football background whatsoever and even if he was the biggest bluenose on the planet he wouldn’t be as naive as to start throwing money at Blues in the hope we can pinch promotion,that’s not his objective at all imo.

  • Royinamillion says:

    In my opinion the new owners have a plan and that is to get Blues into the Premier league within 2 years i.e. next season and then sell the club to the highest bidder.
    I suspect that a buyer is already on the scene as it is unusual for people like the new owners to acquire an asset without having an exit strategy.
    If I’m right they will have a price fixed subject to Blues gaining Premier league status which will include their profit. The problem will be what happens if their plans are unfulfilled.
    But lets be optimistic and get behind the team and maybe just maybe we can surprise everyone and get up this year.

    • Bluenosesol says:

      Roy, there are probably half a dozen teams with the same chance of promotion in the next 2 years as Blues and then there are probably half a dozen or more teams that have a far greater chance of promotion than us. Then there are the teams who are yet to be relegated with their parachute money and prem players. Believe me a definite expectation of promotion is NOT in the TTA plan.

      • Bluey says:

        I agree with that. To get us into a position where promotion is feasible it`s going to take a few bob and that doesn`t look to be the m.o. of Paul Suen. I think he`s after the HKSE listing and will then let the club go at the first opportunity even for a modest profit. If he did hit the jackpot and we were somehow promoted i wonder whether he`d stay on considering the riches of top-level footy. Just a thought.

        • Mirkwood55 says:

          If he is as good a businessman as has been made out then surely in order to simply obtain an HKSE listing he would buy or invest in a company that has significantly better prospects than BIH? And why has he not done that already? We are hardly a gilt-edged opportunity.

  • Tilton Rifle says:

    The dozen-digits are spending their parachute money and the doctor has the smell of a five managers a season chairman. RDM isn’t a mug, he won’t hang around if it turns sour and he if does bunk, they’ll be back in the circus market for a clown like tactical timmy.

    Contrast that with the slow and steady progress at Blues. There is a lot of investment going into the city in general, in two years purchasing the club that bears the name of the second city could/should be a decent prospect.

    I agree we are still in a delicate position on and off the pitch. Looks like anyone can beat anyone on their day in the championship which means an uncertain season. 3 or 4 wins or loses on the bounce at the end of the season could spell the difference between playoff contenders or league 1 avoidance.

    Football is so fickle and short sighted it’s near impossible to predict 24 months down the line. But TTA must be better than Carson

    • BCFC83 says:

      With the news of Chinese investment today in housing in the city you could be right about the long term benefits of the club, whether Paul will stick around long enough to see them is another question.

    • zxcv says:

      Tilton, I like that post a lot, it has a lot of truths and a lot of common sense and more importantly Paul Suen is imo chalk and cheese compared to the flyby night character you refer to. I don`t think we will be getting all the false promises from Mr Suen, just sound steady investment on the right players at the right time, no gold diggers just a solid sensible experienced business man that doesn’t shout crap from the roof tops. yep good post

  • abc says:

    Not expecting huge money for transfers, I’m just hoping they invest in the scouting and the academy and go from there.

    Could take a few years but I imagine if they wanted to sell the club a solid base would be more appealing to buyer than a team with mercenaries on high wages.

  • BCFC83 says:

    Dan has there been any inclination from the club that Panos will be kept on once the deal is complete?

    A lot of people saying he has done a good job so just wondering, I know TTA can’t say anything but Panos seems quiet on the matter too?

    • zxcv says:

      I would say there is little to no chance he will be kept on, I think Mr Suen will want his own board and own people who he knows and trusts to do the job he requires and who will have the say so on Budgets and maybe appointing a football person which Panos is not who would act as an adviser someone in the Ron Atkinson Mould, even Carson had MacMannaman (spelling) so I don`t really see a need for Panos altho they may keep him as a board member for a year or so but I would be amazed if Paul Suen didn`t move his own guys in.

      • BCFC83 says:

        Yep makes perfect sense. Think some blues fans need to realise this as many seem to think he will continue to be the voice of the club and will be about to be part of the revolution.

      • BhamCityJulian says:

        On the contrary I think it is nailed on he will stay on. They’ve had a working relationship since they came in the scene: those loans wouldn’t have happened without their confidence in him. There’s nothing to suggest that #BCFC is a poorly run club which would give rise to those in charge being replaced. Panos also would not have accepted that EPL role if he felt his #BCFC job was in jeopardy and he has enough experience to know those signs.

  • Steve-0 says:

    We’re a smidge off a play off team. If I were investing I’d make a couple of Jan signings to make the difference and see if a promotion can be pulled off via play offs.

    Next season will be key one that reveals their intentions.

  • Paul suen seems to be a man that thrives on beating the odds in life . Which is probably what attracted him to BC , that and the fact that he likes football among one of the sports he likes . He and his pals makes money where others have failed , which means he makes money even in hard times which is good for survival , as I see it he will enjoy the challenge of the other Chinese owners in the midlands but on a bit smaller budget , but don’t be surprised if all goes well if he relishes staying for a long time …once a bluenose always a bluenose….KRO

    • Mitchell says:

      Now that’s an optimistic and well thought out blog William. Yes,you could be right and the bluenose blood may well penetrate Mr. Seun and will him to outdo his fellow Nationals at Villa and Wolves and WBA.

    • TBone says:

      I don’t suspect it was the club that attracted him to BIH in any shape or form. His main priority will be the diversification of BIH in order to maintain the entry on the HKSE, the football club being a side issue. He’ll invest enough to keep us ticking along, maybe a little more if we happen to threaten promotion somehow. I hope I’m proved wrong and he invests heavily, but personally I can’t see him holding on to the football club for much longer than the “two years”.

    • Gerrard hehir says:

      Yes but in fairness. Take alan sugar and what a machine he is. He failed at football. He would put a different kind of spin on it and maybe that is a little harsh to say he did fail. But he certainly never had the same sort of success as he did in other fields. Theres never any guarantees in busiess and football it seems is a different kettle of fish althogether. So i wouldn’t start getting carried away just yet. Like myself and other people have said, keep feet on ground and dont be too ambituous. One step at a time. If other clubs are happy to just throw money at it then let them. But we are bcfc. We would never have it so simple like just spending money to get what we want. Personally i would like stability and just the backing to bring the likes of redmond and gray amongst others and have sucess witht them. Im not saying only our boys to play for us(im not that dillusional). But just to be able to say these are our players that weve brought through and with sensible spending and ill take what success comes our way. Bcfc is our club and lets not even think about changing who we are. Kro

  • AdamTrueBlue says:

    I notice that our shares have been devalued by 95% down to 0.07 hkd per share

  • des says:

    Richard M
    I’m actually rotflmao at your comment Paul Suen could make 20 to 30 Mill by SIMPLY WINNING PROMOTION!

    My God its so easy, bow can someone let every one else in the division know please!
    You couldn’t make this stuff up!


  • Dave Mann says:

    Winning promotion will make young Paul more than 20/30 million , in fact you can treble that but as other fans say it’s not that simple is it !! .. But let’s keep dreaming nice things because nightmares are a ….. Nightmare !! KRO

  • Let’s bring the bulldog back to blues for God sake , the last five years have past …believe ..

  • AussieBlue says:

    Hi Mates, I don’t know Cho Heug Suen (Paul) but he did live in Australia and got his MBA here in Adelaide. One thing I do know and that is the Chinese are the best deal-makers in the world and he fits the bill as one of the best of the best. It will be a positive to have stability back under his ownership. Whether this translates into funds for the right players and a shot at promotion…who knows. He’s no Carson and I doubt we’ll see him in the seats jumping up and down when a goal is scored..it’s all about business. If he has to invest 10 mill to make 20, 30, 40 – he’ll do it. How I wish I had his financial brains!

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Today is Ronan Hale’s 18th birthday, on behalf of Blues’ fans evertwhere I would like to wish him a happy birthday and a speedy return to fitness from his ankle injury.

  • Dave Mann says:

    And let’s hope by his 19th birthday he’s knocking on the door or as opened that door to the first team .. Happy birthday Mr Hale . KRO

  • Graham says:

    With jaguar rejoining formula 1 and Chinese investment announced in big new housing project in Brum today, Birmingham becoming a well known name in China , jaguar, land rover and a myriad of Chinese companies could well want to jump on the bandwagon that is bcfc.either as potential future sponsors or shareholders, investors, even owners? Onwards and upwards.KRO

    • Cynic says:

      Tell me what is good about becoming more deeply in financial debt to the Chinese as every day goes by?

      I know this is Dan’s blog about BCFC, but it really annoys me to see the Chinese tighten their grip on us. It won’t be long before we are in their strangle hold, with them collecting their rents and interest charges whilst our borrowing from them increases still further. The sooner the nation wakes up to this insidious ploy the better, or maybe we have become just too lazy, bloated and complacent to care..

  • Dave Mann says:

    On a serious note I haven’t seen a post from StaffsBlue since Dan put the comments back on .. Just concerned because the guy posts more than anyone else on here and ime just hoping there’s no problems in his life … Let us know mate ! KRO

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