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BIH Confirm Board Meeting to Approve Accounts

Birmingham International Holdings have today announced to the stock exchange that the Receivers would be meet on Friday 30 September to approve the yearly accounts for the company.

For those who want to read the announcement in full, the link to this announcement is here.

While the takeover is going full steam ahead with a procedural announcement last week in line with the timetable for the takeover, the due date for last years accounts falls next Friday and thus the Receivers have to meet to approve them in their capacity as directors of the company.

I’m always wary of putting too much faith into what accounts mean; after all, they’re a snapshot of where the books are at a specific moment in time three months ago. However, those accounts will give us the best idea yet of exactly how far in hock to Trillion Trophy Asia BIH are prior to their takeover of the company.

The accounts should how also tell us how much will be needed from Paul Suen and his merry men to keep the company (and by extension the club) running this financial year and give us a flavour of what to expect when they finally do complete their takeoover on October 17.

As always, when released I’ll do my bit to read, digest and produce my analysis of what the accounts say once released.

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73 Responses to “BIH Confirm Board Meeting to Approve Accounts”

  • zxcv says:

    Should make interesting reading, and will be interesting to see if E&Y costs or part of are in their but may be as they are results for prior to them leaving maybe not.

  • zxcv says:

    Dan, What is this waiting moderation?

  • eric says:

    Thanks Dan – don’t know what we Bluenoses would do without you!

  • Man Lyk Clayton says:

    Will the accounts also reveal the amount owed to EY? May have missed it but I can’t remember that being disclosed thus far? Worth every penny as I dont think th toxic mess BIHL were in would ever have got sorted without their appointment.

  • Jonathan says:

    Thanks Dan, it’s finally moving forward on and off the pitch,the last five years has certainly tested our faith in our anthem,but, we’ll be there at the end of the road,dare we afford ourselves a ripple of excitement.

  • Man Lyk Clayton says:

    Indeed Jonathan, Keep Right On to the end of the takeover…

  • Darren Brown says:

    Well done with all the updates…

    PLEASE can you focus on how the club and us fans can help fill St Andrews on match days.
    Euro nights were fantastic.

    • almajir says:


      Not sure what you’re expecting me to do here.

    • Cynic says:

      The solution is easy. Reduce the ticket prices. If priced right the stadium can be full to capacity.

      • David L says:

        Up to a point…

        You can’t make ‘pay-on-the-day’ too cheap cos then you’d undercut the season ticket holders, and surely the club like the certainty of (say) £300 up front in August over the possibility of paying (say) £15 for every home game during the season.

        Agree that a full stadium gives a much better atmosphere than a half-empty one – but 10 000 paying £25 a head brings in more than 20 000 paying £10 each (yes, I know, programmes and pies)

        I think crowds will only slowly improve if the team keep playing attractive and winning football.

        The only other thought I have is to make season tickets ridiculously cheap.. when Bradford City went into League 2 a bit ago, I think an adult season was £150 for 23 games….result – lots of money up front and 5 figure gates for even L2 games.

      • almajir says:

        But that doesn’t make mathematical sense.

        Say you make walk up tickets a tenner and you get 25,000 people – 15,000 walk up tickets = £150k versus 6k walkups on Saturday @ £30 = £180k. So you make £30k less and piss off 10k season ticket holders…

        Simple economics.

        • Duffin92 says:

          A good idea is how Walsall do their season tickets. You buy the season ticket then each game you attend you get money back for store credit/kiosk. Kind of like a supermarket reward card. If you don’t attend you don’t get the cash back for that game. That way they can offer cheaper pay on the day prices that don’t have that cash back incentive.

        • Bluey says:

          Losing a few quid to get more through the turnstiles has to be worth it because a raucous St.Andrew`s surely helps the team,players have always said that that`s the case. The stumbling block is the average season ticket holder who would probably rail against the idea of cheap tickets for the walk-ups having spent their dough up front.

      • BhamCityJulian says:

        Not proven. What fills the ground is ‘good’ football, a few players worth watching, optimism for a win and feeling that the club is progressing

        • Dave Mann says:

          Exactly , we’ve lowered prices in the past and it’s hardly made any difference so all what you say there Julian is bang on . KRO

        • AdamTrueBlue says:

          Agree 100% but the problem is that good football today will not bring the fans in tomorrow or next week or the week after, its years of success that entice new suporters as children to support their team and once you have them hooked then you have them for their lifetime and if their playing good football still then there is a chance that their children will support the same team, Here’s our problem we have lost out on 2 generations of fans, I am not saying we have NO new fans but not as many as we should, look at the sh*t* across the road, we cannot deny they have a bigger fan base than us, and we can not deny it is because they have been more successful, when I was a lad along time ago!! We outnumbered them and it’s going to take time and good managment and results to get back to where we were. On the optimistic side, we are finally moving in the right direction. Kro

          • RichardM says:

            Not sure I agree. If you look back to the Promotion season of 2001/02 and the subsequent years in the Premier when Blues were regularly getting 24K to home matches, its a feeling of optimism and good football that will bring back the missing 8K regulars – don’t think it’s quite as long term / generational as you say it is. Basically people pay to be entertained, the uninspiring football and feeling of being a club in limbo over the past 5 years has left all but the die-hards turning up week in week out. I reckon a few more results like last Saturday and the attendances will start to rise pretty rapidly.

            Don’t think we’ll ever see the days of 35K plus down St Andrews ever again (as was the case in the Mid-70’s) – mind you, we couldn’t fit them all in anymore!

  • Deb P says:

    Thanks again Dan

  • swissjonny says:

    It will be interesting to see what, if any, qualifications or notes the auditors attach to this set of accounts.

  • ian says:

    Thanks to Dan, Am worries and not trust to TTA takeover at blues by 17th Oct 100% and honest??…
    1, BIH will moderation again???
    2, Where wideworld takeover was 7 bidder at blues???.
    3, Keep Right to the end of the takeover at blues…
    4, Need new (main) stadium???..
    Good Luck by 17th Oct

  • Walker says:

    Personally I am disgusted that the fans cant be bothered to support the team until such games as villa, wembley, premiership. We are supposed to have a hidden fanbase that crawls out the wood work on certain occasions. I find the attendances embarrassing at times tbh.

    We were a big club but im afraid to say we are average now based on the last few years (granted the clark era wasnt that great) Maybe that makes me a glutten for punishment or just a fan who supports through good times and bad.

    As for the buyout do we actually think these people have cash. Surely the football league checks should look at wealth and consider if they can support a club before agreeing. Saying that look how good for the checks were for the crook hairdresser!!! Hands were washed from the presmiership and gold and Sullivan!!!

    • Bluey says:

      We are not a big club and haven`t been for a long time. Personally i think our attendances are just about reasonable comparatively speaking. When you think about the misery of the last few years regarding the ownership and relegation etc i think we do well to get as many fans as we do.

  • Roll on BLUE NOSE DAY……..KRO …

  • Retired&Weary says:

    Regarding attendances I don’t think ticket prices are really the main issue. How come Villa are still getting over 30k for their home games? Yes reduce prices for TV games, even some ST holders don’t turn up when we’re on telly!
    Basically we don’t have the fan base it is always claimed we have, apart from cup finals of course. Even in the Prem we struggled to fill the ground.
    Years of neglect have I’m afraid taken their toll.

  • ian says:

    why does it have to be cheaper for season ticket holders ?
    if you reserve a chosen seat on an airplane, it cost more money, pretty sure the same would apply to any other reserved seat.
    a season ticket is already discounted by the club, traditionally (before sky) to provide a lump sum for transfers etc,
    instead of getting bent out of shape because a season ticket holder moans about losing money, they also have the option to pay on the gate,
    many long term supporters, only buy season tickets out of addiction, purchasing as early as possible to receive the biggest discount possible. cheapskate or superfan is a matter of opinion
    these individuals then try lording it over pay on the day fans as though being a season tick holder some how makes them superior. ( usually killing ground atmosphere as they spread )
    seems to me season ticket holders get cake and eat it, sit in a chosen seat, get preferential access to cup tickets, in any other walk of life you would expect and pay a premium for this service,
    so if blues, having priced the home games for a season, and given early purchase season ticket fans a sizable discount on the estimated cost of the home games, allowing returning customers to sit in a guaranteed, preferred location. then who are these people to bitch and moan, if the club decides to reduce the price on one off games to encourage more potential blues addicts ?
    what is more important ? birmingham city football club, or the 8-10 thousand addicts ?
    and even if the club did discount games for pay on the day, sure, the addicts would moan, but that is the thing about addicts, they will be buying next year, or how else could they claim to be superior supporters ?

    • Jazzzy786 says:

      Look at another way why should it be cheaper for you to pick and choose your games than the loyal fans who pay up front and guarantee the club an income. Our season tickets are amongst the cheapest in the league. I paid £230 for 23 games in the paddocks. That’s only £10 per game. For the 4 home games in same seat it would’ve cost me £90. It would actually be cheaper to get a season ticket than go 10 games pick n choose. It makes more sense to get a season ticket than not if you’re a regular attendee.

    • WayCoolBlue says:

      Well it don’t always work like that. For instance I have been going to every Home game since 1984 and I go to a minimum 10 away games. Home games not always having the same seat. my seat last season was in the Tilton as it was for the last 8 year but I have moved to the Paddock this season because I have my 7 year old son with me now. But in moving seat I did pay a penalty become I lost my renewal discount.

      Look I am all for £20 per game and under 11s for Free with a adult.
      I am all for TV games for a Tenner and under 11s free with a adult I am all for under 18s for £15 and student discounts and OAP concessions and Disability concessions.
      We already have most of this in place at Blues.

      Should a season ticket holder get first pick on away day tickets YES
      Should a season ticket holder lose renewal discount. when changing seat NO
      Should a TV game be cheaper for everyone YES
      Should any sportier that as been to 3 or more away games get priority on CUP game tickets YES.

      KRO SOTV

  • murph says:

    well said in ref season tickets, they even can spread the cost of it i think !!!?

  • I think retired and weary ‘s point of not having the fan base comes down to parking somewhat ..in the forties and fifties 40k…and 50k was possible ,now with more and more people having cars in a family parking in city centres on days that non football fans are shopping makes for a nightmare getting in and out of towns is a possible cause ..being told to move on by neighbours and the police because people are now parking their second hand BMWs on the greens where a whole streets kids used to play football , less that play means less that have interest in football ..we need to get more friendly rivalry between midland teams using the press here …we need more attacking football , more goals easier access to grounds , we need match times set to the same time as super markets have their dinner breaks or on Sunday slack shopping or closed shop times when it will make it easier and cheaper for to bring in match police .. .football needs an overall .. and help..

  • John Griffin says:

    with regard to the televised games in America to try and reduce the effect Local games are blacked out that is to say blues ,villa ,albion ,wolves home games would not be seen in the local catchment area . This is to try and minimise the stay at home effect . ..

  • Peteflamingo says:

    As a season ticket holder I don’t care if people pay less on the day. I’ve reserved my seat and would rather be in a full stadium than sat amongst 16000.

  • andy says:

    Winning games and scoring goals, that is what will start filling St Andrews. Lowering prices would be ineffective if the team is not winning games at home and scoring goals!

  • ASB says:

    For those of us who don’t have time to read the full announcements, i would like to extend a sincere thanks to OP for summarising them and putting them into laymens terms!

  • Dave Mann says:

    We are winning games and scoring goals at home so let’s see what next Tuesday’s attendance will be … 16,000 my guess :-( KRO

  • webbybluenose says:

    Amazing how a piece written about the accounts moves swiftly to bums on seats and matters on the pitch, this is really where all the bluenose hearts belong seeing the club well supported and playing well.
    Unfortunately for us Carson and Pannu came along………………….

    Remind us please, was it Panos that instigated E&Y to take control?

  • Mitchell says:

    Attendances used to frustrate David Sullivan. Even in the Prem.with Savage,Dugarry etc it was always a slog to get a decent near capacity crowd.They tried bargain prices all the time especially with the juniors and over 60’s but to no great success. Maybe since the intro.of the all seater stadiums there has been this decline. Many older supporters can remember the 27,000 plus as a normal gate but have to remember that this was when standing was not only the norm.but very popular and gave a greater feeling of the whole match occasion.Today’s gate in the Championship at 18,000 is considered pretty decent imo.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Yes Mitchell , even in the premiership with Dugarry , Savage , Forssell etc we still didn’t completely fill the ground so can’t see it happening for whatever reasons fans think .. Julian said it right earlier but even then we would still struggle so god only knows the real reasons , I will leave it to him ! KRO

  • Tilton Rifle says:

    A full house paying less vs. empty seats and a bit more in the coffers. We have to assume that TTA will prefer the latter, as they are about getting Blues financially healthy and competitive on the pitch so they can sell for more than they paid. I can live with that. Its rare to get a ‘benefactor’ owner who will almost subsidise tickets to get a full house. Look at Manchester City, 30k for a Champions League game. Can only assume it’s the cost? There are other things at play- 2 wins at home after a long drought. If Stans becomes a fortress the fans will return. Assuming we stay in the mix, I’m thinking of the late 90s when we had decent gates and a similar playoff contending side.

    • Duffin92 says:

      As Dan has stated many times before, revenue from match day sales is peanuts in comparison to sponsorship contracts and tv rights. If I was ever running a club I’d have cheaper tickets and get an extra 5-8k through the gate and then charge extra for companies advertising around the ground as they are getting more eyes on their products. But then I’m no economics major.

  • swissjonny says:

    Its also to do with local kids supporting Man U etc.The stars used to market the latest trainers and boots etc all play for the so called big clubs and the kids get influenced that way.Agree it seems to hurt us more than the other local teams but I would rather see a local youngster in an Albion or Wolves shirt than a Mn U one.Please note that I do not count the Vile in this moment of local love.

  • Mike says:

    As glad as I will be when we are sold and rid of the Donald duck era ( Yeung and Pannu ) Unless there is a multi million pound transfer kitty ( I,m talking about 50mill+ ) then not much will change . I do hope GR watches other teams play and sees how that when a player gets the ball ,there are 4 or 5 players offering their support for a pass !!
    With us when one of us gets the ball, the rest sit back and seem to say ” go on then my son” .NO support offered or in most cases no-one to pass to, AS THEY ALL SIT BACK AND WATCH !!!! Also Greg Stewart should be permanently in the team as he seems to be the only one with the ability to beat a man with skill as well as make things happen around him.
    45 years a season ticket holder so I think I am entitled to my view !!

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Have to agree with that. I was saying all through the match on Saturday that whenever one of our players gets the ball, they’re looking around for someone to pass to… and invariably finding no one. That’s why we have so many long balls pumped upfield. The players need to support each other more on the pitch, when a player gets the ball, give him an option or two, don’t just stand there watching like a bunch of fannies. While I’m at it, we could do with a bit more movement at throw-ins too. We’re far too static.

  • Mitchell says:

    I may be totally off the mark here but suppose next Tuesday home game was fixed at £5 for all. Imo we would be looking at 18,000 tops. It is not the cheapness of the tickets it is the general malaise amongst supporters. Since 2011 with the awful happenings at Stans. a near mini generation of fans have either turned their backs on the club or found other activities. My own generation of former supporters don’t go anymore-a bunch of 6/7 of us regulars is now 2. If we had a mogul owner who injected star players and a star studded stadium then maybe the whole situation would change. All is not doom and gloom by any means but realistically we have to accept that 16/17,000 fan base is our current level. We don’t like it but accept it we must.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Football has far too much competition these days, especially amongst the younger generation. Gone are the days when most of us were out kicking a ball about. Now, a lot of kids prefer to sit at home with their Playstations/Xboxes/tablets/phones for their entertainment. On top of that, if one of their parents isn’t a footy fan, it’s far less likely the kids will head in that direction either.

      I suppose there’s still a kind of kudos to supporting clubs like Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, etc… but there’s far less in supporting a team like Blues, Walsall, Scunthorpe and Port Vale. Sad but true.

      • swissjonny says:

        Too right Staffs-those wretched computer gamest have a lot to answer for. Teenagers today think three and in is a porn film not a fair way of making sure no one got stuck in goal in a kick about.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          Makes you wonder what will happen once all the over 35s have gone – sorry, morbid I know, but you get my drift. Where will Blues new supporters come from? What will the gates be in 15-20 years?

          • Nobby says:

            As a 45 year old ex season ticket holder (had to give it up when the kids came along), my family of 4 cost for Blues/Blackburn is £70 in the Kop. With a balti pie and a drink plus a program to share your looking at £100 for 90 mins of joy….or sorrow. That’s not exactly a cheap day out and that’s probably why the only “dads and lads” you see down there are aged 70 and 45 respectively.

            The club and season ticket holders need to look a little more long term otherwise the ground will be “full” of 1000 geriatric season ticket holders talking about the atmosphere in the good old days.

            I reckon my family will get down to only 4-5 games this season which means I will be spending more than most single adult season ticket prices this season. Ok, I could ditch the missus but I need a driver to get me home after a few sherbets and I bring my kids as I have bought them up to be bluenoses and hope that they will be our season ticket holders of the future.

          • almajir says:

            Why it’s important to bring your kids ;)

      • WayCoolBlue says:

        Well there was a report stating that 14% of Blues supporters attending games are under 16.
        Compered to that of the Villa witch is only at 5%
        Wolves 11%
        Walsall 22% very Good IMO
        West Brom 12%

        • Dave Mann says:

          If that’s true WayCoolBlue that’s a very good stat , shows there is a young following wanting to come and support the Blues in our area . KRO

          • WayCoolBlue says:

            I was trying to find the lick to this but trust me it is in the Worcester news. It was a study to try and get more young people to take a interest in sport not only football but all sports. Football was shown to be the sport that this age group was most interested in. Now I am not saying the Worcester news knows any more than anyone ells but it was a independent company they used to giver data.

          • WayCoolBlue says:


          • Dave Mann says:

            Still it’s good to see its not all doom and gloom . KRO

  • Mitchell says:

    Away from football for a second. Has anybody noticed the woeful attempt by the Bears to preserve their first division status.In contrast Hampshire are taking their game very seriously. Bring back Ashley Giles.

  • Talking about whether blues are a big club or not , blues have been in the premiereship 57 seasons : and out of it 56 seasons so we are still a premiereship club just …like other midland clubs we all need to assert ourselves to keep our credentials .. come on super blues

  • oldburyblue says:

    Catch 22. Do I love being in a big, noisy, partisan crowd?……definitely. Do I think that sort of crowd helps the players?…..again, yes. On the other hand when there is an unusually large crowd do I enjoy not being able to park in our normal place (disabled brother makes this important) or join a long queue to enter the ground and even worse join a long queue to get to the toilets at half-time with the inevitable struggle to return to my seat having to battle against the tide coming the other way?……definitely not. Our Stadium was built to accommodate 20,000 comfortably and nearly 30,000 uncomfortably. I have always thought that the aisles, tunnels and toilet entries and exits were badly designed for large crowds.

  • Jon Thorne says:

    In 1973 we were apparently the 4th best supported team in the country http://www.european-football-statistics.co.uk/attn.htm.

    The fans have gone. Our best hope is to merge with baggies or a billionaire comes in. Best club in second city in best league in the world- WE SHOULD BE THE BIGGEST TEAM IN THE WORLD.


  • harken says:

    Our home attendances are pathetic and have been for some time. There are a host of reasons. I had to smile at the comment about Sullivan being frustrated at the crowds we had in the Premier, as he is a major reason for that. He had a great opportunity to build crowds, but priced fans out of coming. Our first season in the premier we sold out, Sullivan and Gold then put up prices to ridiculous levels, making our tickets amongst the most expensive in the country. We had a chance then to consolidate and build the support base but, Sullivan and Gold were building their cash cow.

    As for now, we need to try to try what Huddersfield have done this year and price season tickets at £160, which has massively improved their gates.

  • AdamTrueBlue says:

    As I mentioned in a Reply to Julian, its not the ticket prices or standing area’s etc; some of these things would help to get a few extra fans out, the problem is we just do not have the fan base any more, it’s years of inconsistent football that has done it, we have lost 2 generations of ‘proper’ fans and it is going to take 2 generations to get it back, but we will have to be more successful than the vile to do it so that our children choose to be Bluenoses and not villains, just look at the demographic of ‘most’ contributors to OP. Kro

  • Asher Ray says:

    brilliant news let it out so we can see whats going on
    Take over coming soon I’m happy

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