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Accounts Due

At some point today before 4pm BST, Birmingham International Holdings are due to issue their accounts for the year ending June 30 2016. While the accounts will give us a picture of where things were financially they’re important as they will also give us a more accurate insight as to what to expect once Trillion Trophy Asia finally complete their takeover next month.

As seems to happen a fair bit of late, the accounts will almost certainly be released while I’m incommunicado so I won’t be publishing any real analysis until probably Sunday. However, while I’ll happily admit I have no idea as to specific details I do have an idea what I’ll be looking for.

With Birmingham City pretty much making up all of BIH’s turnover, the accounts should give us a good idea of where the club were at last year. In football it’s always wise to look at two things – how much money was spent on wages and how much money was turned over; in recent times Blues have spent almost as much money as they have brought in paying players and I don’t expect that to have changed last year.

If anything, I think wages will have shown to be increased – and thus the other figure I’m interested in is how much money BIH/BCFC owe to TTA prior to their takeover. With Paul Suen and his merry men taking the holding company on in a couple of weeks it’s not such a big deal as it was owing money to his investment vehicle but it will show how self-sufficient the club isn’t … and even in these days of billionaire owners and sugar daddy types that is something I’m not overly fond of.

In the accounts BIH have to show what their plans are going forwards – and how they’re going to fund them. This too is important because it will tell us how much money TTA are going to have to pump into the company – with the corollary of showing how much ambition they have by the amount they’re choosing to put in. I’ll be honest now – I wouldn’t expect the braggadocio that has emanated from across the expressway; I think it’s going to be prudent investment for now unless we have a real chance of going up.

One figure I would expect not to see in the accounts is the cost of Ernst and Young. I’m 99.99% sure that Trillion Trophy Asia is footing that bill as part of the deal to buy the company and as such I don’t think we’ll see any mention of how much is handed over to the Receivers.

If you want to keep an eye out for the accounts the Hong Kong Stock Exchange news ticker feed is here – BIH’s stock code is 02309.

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26 Responses to “Accounts Due”

  • Gerrard hehir says:

    Im not going to try to sound intelligent enough to know what that even means.
    All i want to say is fingers crossed, it’s good news and positive.
    Im an old fashioned fan whos more interested in the football side of things rather than the business! Kro sotv

  • Big Al says:

    I think one of the most impressive things about the scrutiny delivered by this site is the understanding that’s been developed around some very complex financial issues. In the meantime as my sister is marrying into the Caddis family, I tried to do some digging on that score. Turns out I can exclusively reveal most of the current issues can be traced back to his love of cake.

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    Stability Is all I want. I don’t want Billions pumped in as I feel it strips Clubs of their identity it makes supporters far more expectant it ruins the game. it take the fun out of it And clubs that you want to do Business with up the price of players just because you club as Billions! hence Ross McCormack OVER PAYMONT.(WE DONT WANT TO BE A CASH COW) for every club in the championship like the Vile are now.

    If we can look to paying 5m for a player Or 2m for a up and coming player or even maybe 8-10m for a 20 goal a season man. This is modest in todays game. It’s when you see clubs spending 12-15-20-25m and even 30m on players that are 27 29 30 years old with no sell on value just because they have the money its ridicules. had the clubs that have done this not been in the Billions! they could have played far les and still got the players they wanted. KRO SOTV

  • Brummie Brian says:

    Blimey Dan,braggadocio,where is the dictionary ?


  • Eddie says:

    forget a Trillion Trophies,
    just one or two Trophies and a champions league spot for now.

    I think they’ve set the bar too high aiming for a Trillion Trophies

  • Dave Mann says:

    A place in the playoffs and a trip to Wembley will do me , let’s not get to greedy to early right Eddie ? .. Trillion trophies yes but that’s more in the future doesent one think , like your style though mate . KRO

  • Preston Bob says:

    The accounts have been issued!

  • Dave S says:

    Looks like the company ( inc Blues) will have up to £26,239,094.54.4p to last this season and next.


  • swissjonny says:

    The good news is that due to the low pound HK Dollars are worth a lot more!!

  • Gerrard hehir says:

    Oh yes thats right. Because thats the way to see if you’re a proper blue nose. If they spell check there not????
    Think that shows you up(for thinking that way) rather than anything else. Kro sotv good games today for both gleeson amd cotterill. They both needed this.

    • Mitchell says:

      Gerrard. To be perfect in spelling like Donegal Rob wants to be is ok and his choice -but this ultimately leaves a distaste when it is aimed at one of our own for what reason. I suspect it is for self adoration that any nit-picking will be highlighted whenever he comes across it. Sticking to the footy is best.

  • Dave Mann says:

    The game was yesterday Gerrard but yes your right both cotterill and Gleeson had good games and I also thought Fabbrini looked the part aswell so very good news allround with the result and the performance of individuals we might have thought were out for the count with those three mentioned .. Happy days . KRO

  • Gerrard hehir says:

    Definitely dave! Personally im more pleased for gleeson as his form last year warranted alot more respect than alot of blue noses have given him on social media and even at the games!!!
    Yes mitchell you’re quite right about the nit picking. He probably follows peirs morgan on twitter and wants to be like him!!!!!

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