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If the media were to be believed, the vultures are already circling to pick the bones of a relegated Birmingham City team clean of what’s desirable, and as such many Blues fans are wondering who will be leaving us and how much for. I decided it was worth a trawl through the rumours, and to try and piece together something resembling the truth.

Sky were one of the first to report that we were in danger of losing Scott Dann and Roger Johnson. To be fair, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that these two along with Ben Foster and Nikola Zigic are our prime assets, and as such are most likely to be picked off.

Yesterday, the News of the World reported that Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal were all interested in Scott Dann at a reported price of £15mil. As much as I don’t want to lose Scott Dann (as I consider him to be the better of our two wanted centre-backs), I think we’d have to take that as a good price for him. The Liverpool Echo states a figure of £10mil, which I think is just at the boundary of what I’d want for him. The Mirror also goes with a figure of £15mil, but for the combined transfer of Dann and Foster to Aston Villa – something I sincerely hope isn’t true.

However it’s worth noting that the Mirror also reported on the 24th that Spurs and WBA were battling for Foster’s signature. No figure was given, but stories like this one and the Villa story make me think that the Mirror might be just trying to put together two and two to make four – taking teams that are in probable need of a keeper, and matching them to Foster.

The Express and Star reported last Monday that Wolves were interested in Roger Johnson, although no fee was discussed, and on Wednesday the Mirror said that Liverpool were interested in Dann and Johnson for a combined fee of £10mil – something I can’t see as being true as I think Blues would push for a fee close to £10mil for one or the other.

Can you see a pattern developing here? I don’t think any of the newspapers actually know what is going to happen with regards to players moving – there is a lot of conjecture and a lot of guesswork going on, and I suspect it’s going to stay that way for a couple of weeks at least as most footballers are currently too busy working on their tans in foreign climes to be thinking of where their next career move is.

In short, what I’m saying it’s not worth worrying just yet about who is going where. It’s the silly season right now, and until you see confirmed quotes from the club it’s probably not worth believing anything much about who is going where. Likewise, I’m not worried about the possibility of us signing Marlon Harewood for instance – I don’t believe a player is coming until I see them with the scarf on the Kop.

As news breaks, as I’ve said before I’ll update people on here – but right now it’s not worth worrying about paper talk.


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    I know prices might go nuts…I’ve seen what can happen on Bargain Hunt when a few people start bidding….but I’ll put up another £1.00……………………….

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