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A Cocky Ginger Male in the Late Spring Sun

It’s been pretty dead this week for news in relation to Birmingham City. A quick browse of Newsnow yesterday showed that nearly every news story related to Birmingham City was about Sebastian Larsson and who he might sign for – which in truth doesn’t have much relevance to us. The biggest thing on Newsnow right now is that we’re now showing as a Championship team – the harsh realities of relegation kicking in.

The fact is, now we’re not in the top flight the mainstream media will care even less about us; the media writes stories that sell newspapers and two-bit teams from the provinces in the second tier aren’t seen as that newsworthy unless they’re going bust. We live in an era where Sky’s sports news service dominates, and of course when it comes to Sky it’s all about the Premiership – and the so-called “big four”. I understand I’m talking in clichés and it’s not something we as Blues fans don’t already know, but I think it’s something that needs to be criticised. Football didn’t start in 1992, and there is more to football than what an unnamed Premiership footballer gets up to in the confines of the bedroom.

However, I think this is a good thing – the newspapers that employ people who write good stories about us – and I don’t just mean good things, but well researched things, things that the writers know the fans care about – they’ll keep producing news about us. Thanks to the internet revolution, newspapers aren’t so restricted on column inches and some have really upped the standard of local reporting. However, the sites that just reprint rubbish, that regurgitate press association quotes and lines spun out of context from press conferences – and you know who these are – will in all likelihood leave us alone, and instead concentrate on the teams in the big league.

It’s an opportunity for the club as well; freed from the strictures of the Premier League, they can maybe look at enhancing their lines of communication with the fans, and do what they can to engage more with us, to bring us more into the fold. Blues embraced the social media side of things in the last twelve months, and I’m hoping that in the next twelve they can maybe look at improving further on this. There was a comment left by a reader yesterday that Peter Pannu needs to talk to the fans more, and as I said in my reply it hits the nail on the head.  The supporters club forums are good, and a lot of useful feedback is given to the club so that they can try and improve the matchday experience etc – but unfortunately there is never any presence from anyone connected to the board. To run the club properly, the board need to understand the club properly – and that means talking to us, the fans. I’m loathe to mention our claret and blue brethren, but their board had a successful spell of answering questions posed by fans on internet messageboards – if they can do it, then we should be able to as well.

I’ll finish with the biggest news I’ve heard directly from the club this week, which concerns a ginger male, who spent Wednesday proudly strolling around the ground as if he owned the place, unconcerned by anything going on around him. Indeed, he seemed to be lapping up the rays from the late spring sunshine without a care in the world. I don’t believe he even stopped to say hello to any of the staff, but cats are cocky like that.

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