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McLeish Gone

Just over twenty four hours after I swore blind I couldn’t see McLeish going to the Villa, it’s come out that he has tendered his resignation from Birmingham City. Although there has been no announcenent yet as to what is happening, McLeish is now odds-on favourite to take the job at Villa Park.

I actually cannot believe McLeish would be thinking of this step. I’ve heard from a good source yesterday afternoon that McLeish had thrown his hat in the ring for the Villa job, but I couldn’t see for one moment Randy Lerner contemplating giving him the position. It’s not going to go down well on the blue side of the city; I cannot see it going down well at all with the pink and baby blue mob.

Although I did say I was ambivalent about McLeish staying or going, I must confess I feel a bit numbed by this. It’s also worrying that we’ve signed two players prior to his resignation; how must they feel now? It’s also worrying that McLeish may well have jumped because he felt he couldn’t do a proper job with the finances that were available.

I guess more will come out in the wash. I will say however what I said on twitter; if he went to Villa Park I’d lose a hell of a lot of respect for him.


3 Responses to “McLeish Gone”

  • chris says:

    Or is he going to Bolton or Everton with either of those managers going to the vile.
    The board need to make a statement quickly to stop any rumours of impeding doom at the Blues and why he’s gone.
    Also they need to reiterate that players won’t be sold at the moment

  • Lee says:

    Did big eck know about the call to Phil smith Re R Johnson ? Did he feel that the board were acting without he’s knowledge ? It all needs to be brought into the open. Who ever is to manage blues will have a huge job on there hands & cant work if there’s no trust in the board. Where Mcleish goes is irrelevant, its more whose coming in and until that is resolved NO players should come in or more importantly leave.

  • macca salop blue says:

    Big telling time for Blues.
    McLeish’s exit could spark a big stampede out of St Andrews, I know it’s early days but the longer we go without an appointment the more it’ll encourage agents to get players to look elsewhere. The new appointment has to come with excellent reputation and respect of the highest calibre in the game, if not it’ll be an excuse for players to leave. And if they do leave under new managers tenure then he’ll be seen as “weak” in some quarters unable to convince better players to stay. One things for sure , the pressure is now on the board to deliver an excellent manager and with that a decent start next season near the top of the league otherwise things could get worse and we’ll be in for a winter, spring, summer and even years of discontent.

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