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The 31st full time manager of Blues: the Often Partisan verdict.

Whilst there is still a settlement to be sorted, the dust has mainly settled on McLeish’s reign at St Andrews, and Birmingham City have apparently been interviewing prospective managers for the hotseat yesterday. I gave you some very eloquent arguments from fellow Bluenoses a few days ago for who should get the job. I’ve decided it’s time I came down off the fence and gave my verdict.

For many people, the deciding factor for who should be the thirty first full time manager of Birmingham City is the type of football their teams tend to play. After nearly ten years of fairly stout, battling but above all defensive football, it seems that most are calling for a manager noted for their attacking teams. We want goals, they say. Entertainment and exciting play are all called for. I can appreciate that sentiment certainly; at times it was almost painful to watch Blues last season, but for me it’s not the crux of the problem.

The fact is, at this moment we’re a team going through a transition. Quite a lot of players have left us at the end of last season, and we’ve already taken in three new players. No doubt the player turnover over the next few weeks is going to be high too. It looks like it’s going to be an unrecognisable team from that of last year that lines up at Pride Park on August 6th. Whoever takes on the role has got a lot of immediate problems to sort out, and needs to hit the ground running.

It’s also evident that whoever takes on the job isn’t going to have a massive amount of money to spend, and they’re going to need to be able to get the best out of what we’ve got, with a sprinkling of whatever talent they can pick up. There are some bruised egoes in the dressing room; there’s some hurting hound dogs who are moaning in vain for their departed master. Whoever takes on the job has got to be able to reassure the players he wants to stay that there is something for them to stay for. I’ve talked about loyalty in the past week; the lure of money and top flight football is hard for some to resist but if we’re to bounce straight back up we’re going to need to retain some of our Premiership squad. Whoever takes on the job has got to impress on the players that he will get us back up, and furthermore that he is the boss, and no matter how much they whinge to their agent they’re not going fecking anywhere unless the club allows it.

Luckily enough, there is one manager in contention currently who I believe fits that criteria. He’s worked with big egos, at a club in crisis and he succeeded. He’s also been a coach for many seasons and is appreciated by many within the game. He’s a grafter, and will fit in well with a board determined to get the most out of their money. Most of all, it’s obvious from what has been in the papers that he wants the job.

The Often Partisan choice for Birmingham City manager is Chris Hughton.

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15 Responses to “The 31st full time manager of Blues: the Often Partisan verdict.”

  • Paul says:

    Yep I agree! Get him in quick so he can figure out how to take us forward. KRO!!!!

    • mukaferg says:

      i totally agree i live in wigan now but still get to as many games as possible , my 11 year old son has signed for everton and from time to time we get free tickets. We went against newcastle last term with houghton in charge and i have
      never seen such a disiplined performance, they were so well drilled and there positional play was also spot on get him in quick if we get compo for judas then weve got a great deal remember the likes of dan and foster where likely to go with or without judas and remember he had charlie addam at rangers and never went for him when we were a championship side last time and gave palacios away.

  • Jonny says:


    I really hope we don’t go through a process of interviewing 5 or 6 people to see who impresses in an interview. I don’t see the purpose of interviewing say Dave Jones for example. Hopefully the board will have spoken to people in the game, received references, considering the options and identified a couple of interview (Hughton, RDM) then make a QUICK but NOT HURRIED decision early this week as to who fits the bill. The last thing I want is to read on the paper on Thursday that they are now on to candidate number 5 or 6 interview process and then a week of deliberation.

    Hopefully by Wednesday we will be unveiling the new man and letting him hit the ground running. I like RDM a lot but I think Hughton is the experienced man for this situation.


    CHRIS HUGHTON should have been appointed the day Mcleash past over to the dark side but you no what! i wish him all the best!……… a man Mcleash who solved all our defensive worries a man who won us a fantastic day at wembly and a great victory over arsenal who feard us that day!!! REMEMBER blue noses! All i want as a fan/supporter is for this current BOARED OWNERS to cough up the money that was promised to Mcleash during transfer speculation window to a new GOOD MAN a determined motivated and wrongfully dissmissed from the newcastle job MAN!!!! ALL I WANT IS CHRIS HUGHTON with money to spend…. im sick of having only fools and horses stars at the heart of our football club PANNU NO MORE DELL BOY ANTICS no more wheeling and dealing loanees. money makes money foooooools!!!! KEEP RIGHT ON

  • Berkshire Blue says:

    You sum up his attractions for the post well. However my main reservation on Hughton is that he is more a coach than a manager. Most of his experience has been as a coach or a number 2, whereas others who may be in the frame such as Di Matteo or Curbishley have greater managerial and leadership experience. I also note that he appears to have been turned down for both the WBA and Cardiff jobs.

    Having said that I would be happy with him, Di Matteo or Curbishley – main thing is that we appoint somebody fairly quickly who wants the job and encourages a more attractive style of play than seen in recent times.

  • zublue says:

    Hughton, di matteo, curbs or zola will all play attacking football so would all be an improvement on mcjudas. I don’t expect us to win every game but I want to see us attack teams score goals and provide our fantastic fans with some entertainment for a change. Mr pannu its over to you….

  • Rod Chapman says:

    I agree entirely. I think Chris Hughton would command respect and engender team spirit as well as give the players confidence to express themselves.

  • Rod Chapman says:

    I think it would give Jerome a fresh start (if he stays). Playing up front with King and more support may give him confidence back.

  • Rod says:

    I agree the point about not taking too long

  • Rod says:

    I agree entirely with the article. I think Chris Hughton would command respect and engender team spirit as well as give the players confidence to express themselves.

  • BlueSteve says:

    I whole-heatedly agree. Make the appointment soon around Wednesday. Not so soon that it look like its rushed. Pre-season starts beginning of July and its better to have any new players in at that time so appoint him soon!

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Spot on. Hughton knows what it takes to get a struggling team promoted and keep them there. He hasn’t whinged or become a media face since his sacking – he strikes me as a man with the integrity that McJudas lacks. Hughton on Wednesday, please…

  • leigh says:

    Who ever the manager will be….. what sort of squad will he have? reading the press articles rumour indicates we could have a squad comprising of 12 of last years staff and 3 possbly 4 signings as at this time. It would help the supporters if the club announced those players who cannot leave without permission, and who are definitely wanted to stay.
    let us out of the speculation over Foster, Johnson, Dann, Ridgewell, Ferguson Gardner, Beausejour, Canmeron, Vidic and Michel.
    Will we have a promotion or relegation squad? and even a squad for Europe? at present the press indicates not.

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