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Loan Rangers

With the current dearth of stories regarding possible incoming players to St Andrews, I thought I’d take a look at some players I’d like us to take on loan. Now, before we get into this, none of these are players that I “know” Blues are interested in, they’re just potential loan signings I’ve picked out. It’s not even speculation, it’s just a look at what is out there.

Benik Afobe (Arsenal striker)

Yes, it sounds like a name I’ve dragged up from Football Manager, I have to be honest. However Afobe, an 18 year old English striker of Congolese descent earnt rave reviews last year whilst at Huddersfield Town from the Terriers fans. Although his record of 8 in 35 in all competitions last season (5 in 28 League One appearances) isn’t fantastic, the feedback I read from the Huddersfield forums was glowing; many praised his all round attacking game and stated that at 18 he was a real prospect. I think as a third or fourth choice striker, a player who might start initially on the bench he’d offer us some options. Not convinced? Here’s an obligatory Youtube clip

Nicky Ajose (Manchester United Forward)

Nicky is a 19 year old English winger/forward of Nigerian descent who is rated fairly highly as a prospect at Manchester United. Last season he scored 13 in League Two for a Bury side that got promoted to League One. Again, he’s another player who has excited whilst on loan and from watching various bits and bobs on Youtube, it looks like he’s a raw talent. It would be a bit of a step up from playing in the fourth tier with the Shakers to playing for a team that should be promotion favourites in the Championship, but again as a third or fourth choice striker I think he could provide us with a pacy option.

Gai Assulin (Manchester City Forward)

Now, I will have to admit the first time I’d ever heard of Assulin, an Israeli forward was in the Football Manager series of games. Whilst at Barcelona, he was supposed to be one of the next big things – however, like Enric Valles (who he played along side) it didn’t quite work out for him, and he ended up signing for Man City on a free. Assulin has had major injury problems over the last few years, and it might be a bit of a risk to take him on loan; however I think given a chance to shine, his undoubted talent would come through. There are also work permit issues – I’m not sure if he is a player who requires one and if he is, that would massively complicate a loan deal. Obligatory Youtube clip here.

Chris Wood (WBA Striker)

I know that for some the idea of taking a player on loan from our local rivals wouldn’t go down well – and I accept that – but I’ve been keeping an eye on the young Kiwi striker Wood and I think he’d do well at Championship level. Although he didn’t score whilst on loan at Barnsley (like Garry O’Connor), he did get 8 in 29 for Brighton and Hove Albion, who won League One at a canter. It’s true that a few of his eight were from the spot, but to me he’s looked useful – his average rating in the Brighton newspaper was just under 7, which to me indicates a fairly steady performer. He’s not the quickest, but he’s a big lad and I’d like to see some variation in our front line. In saying that, some BHA fans were a little less forgiving of him missing a few chances; however if we’re making plenty of chances I don’t see that as being too bad.

No doubt some of you will argue with some of my ideas, or suggest better ones. Hughton has said that he is likely to use the loan route; in the past it’s seen us bring in such great youngsters as Bendtner, Larsson, and Muamba. I’m not fully happy with the idea of us bringing on another team’s young guns but the fact is we’re going to need a bigger squad and bringing in a few kids will help us with our player shortage.

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6 Responses to “Loan Rangers”

  • adam Barton says:

    Would be brilliant signings

  • flashbevan says:

    the squad deffo needs bolstering, im sure hughton is on it, im sure he has got a few gems up his sleeve, just cant wait to see what they are lol

  • Ben says:

    We are just a few games away from being in the knock out rounds of the Europa League and the chance to really put ourselves on the global market, ok we may have to use the play offs to get promoted; but lets face it we could win 1 game and have 6 draws and qualify for the knock out rounds.
    Which means in january a few more loan players could be avaialble the likes who can’t get games for big teams (man u, chelsea etc al) like M.B.Diouf, Sturridge, Vela, Kakuta etc.

    Having the likes of these players in the championship even for half a season in my opinion could be better than signing players like Puncheon and having him for a full season.

    I just hope we qualify for the groups – as I don’t think 2 games should distract us too much as we have effectively had 1 game less this year thanks to our cup bye. Lets really get a top flight ready side for peanuts and have our best years as a club under Hughton!

  • Mortonsblue says:

    Ben we are just a couple of games from being knocked out of the Europa League I think you will find! We are turning back into a nursery club for the Premiership!

    How can Stoke afford to be splashing £16M on Dann and Jerome (£15M for Dann and £1M for Jerome I assume), surely they are not bigger and wealthier than us?

    Maybe Pannu can negotiate a bit more than £5M for Gardner Iafter all the football genius turned down £5M for Jerome) so we can buy some players rather than playing a team with an average age of 15 (take out Carr) next season!

    • almajir says:

      Stoke are incredibly wealthy. They are owned by Bet365, and have absolutely ruckloads of cash. They are also bigger than us right now as they are a Prem team, and unfortunately we are not.

  • AR says:

    I hope there are few pessimists & knockers like Mortonsblue. Why try to be so nasty & call PP “a football genius”; he hasn’t said that himself & I would trust him to get as much money as possible for those who don’t want to play for us. Don’t forget he successfully sued the previous board for awarding themselves money AFTER the deal had been done to buy the club. I would trust him to get the best possible deals for the Blues.

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