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Carson in more trouble

If Carson wasn’t in enough trouble, news has broken in Hong Kong that a plaintiff in a civil case against Mr Yeung has requested repossession of one of Carson’s properties to settle a HK$20mil (£1.6mil) law suit.

The case in itself has rumbled along for the last couple of years, and concerns Carson’s purchase of the Sing Pao newspaper. The plaintiff, Wengshi Bing, alleges Carson Yeung owes him the money for acting as a go-between in the 2008 purchase of the newspaper group. In March this year Weng and Carson agreed to go to arbitration, but it appears that is now out of the question as Bing has filed for a statutory charge – coincidentally on the same day that Carson was arrested.

The apartment in question is in the Ying Piu Mansion, a massive high rise in the Midlevels section of Hong Kong. It was bought by Carson and his former wife Li Yong-Shi (note, not this lady) for HK$5.34mil (about £427k) in 1996, and is currently valued at around HK$11mil (about £880k). I believe the residence is currently still occupied by Ms Li.

The case goes to court on October 12.



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