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Mrs Carson Yeung – revealed

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this article about Carson Yeung’s young lady wife, and the mystique that surrounds her. One thing I talked about was that no-one here in the UK seemed to know her name or anything about her, and how I’ve had a multitude of hits from people trying to find her. Today, I’m hoping to lift that veil.

Before I talk about her name, I think it’s worth pointing out the nuances between Mandarin and Cantonese. In Cantonese Carson’s name is Yeung Ka-shing; but that doesn’t quite translate and in Mandarin it becomes Yang Jiacheng. As a side note, the character for “cheng” in Mandarin used in Carson’s name also means “Honest”, so I often think of Mr Yeung as “Honest Carson”. For reasons of ease, I’m going to use the Mandarin version of his wife’s name which is Wang Manli – in Cantonese it’s Wong Maanlik.

It’s obvious Ms Wang is a pretty lady, and thus it’s not surprising for me to find out that she’s won prizes – the above one was for “Miss Globe International – China Final Best Talent Winner”. Indeed, a lot of stuff you see written about Ms Wang is about her looks in comparison to her much older millionaire husband. What isn’t well known though is that Ms Wang is becoming a businesswoman in her own right. It appears that in China as much as here in the UK, she is stepping out from Carson’s shadow to make it in her own way.

Ms Wang is at the helm of a new magazine that has been launched by SMI Publishing, which is part-owned by Carson. SPLUX is a Chinese-language magazine that is focussing on fashion, and is to be sold in Hong Kong and Macau. It’s a big step for her to take, but it’s one many women do as they try to consolidate their lives away from purely making money based on their sex appeal.

Here is Ms Wang at an awards ceremony held by the General Assembly of Chinese Global TV in Kuala Lumpur, to pick up an award for SPLUX as brand of the year 2010. This picture is taken from a Sing Pao piece published yesterday, and from reading it it does seem that Carson has been doing his bit hobnobbing with various media bods with connections throughout southeast Asia. Hopefully he’s been trying to bring more cash into Birmingham International Holdings – they certainly need it. What I think is more interesting is this is the first piece I’ve seen where they’ve directly mentioned her name and something she’s done.

So there you go. Not only is she pretty, but she’s a successful businesswoman. I wonder if she’s got some cash she’d like to invest in a Championship football club?

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