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News from China: Potential problems with Xtep kit deal

As if things couldn’t get any worse for Blues right now, Xtep have announced that should Blues not get promoted this season, they will terminate their five year kit deal three years early.

The news, which was reported in today’s Ming Pao newspaper in Hong Kong is yet another problem for Blues to deal with. Whilst Xtep are happy to continue their sponsorship with Blues this season, BCFC can ill afford to lose another long term stream of income – and lose yet more face in China.

The original kit deal was worth £7.1million when originally signed, although there had been word in China last month that less money would be forthcoming this year than originally planned because of relegation.

With news that the rumoured investment that had been reported previously isn’t as close as originally hoped, Birmingham City are going to be facing more questions about their financial predicament from fans.

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13 Responses to “News from China: Potential problems with Xtep kit deal”

  • Poppa999 says:

    Can’t you find any good news Almajir?

  • Furniture says:

    This is absolutley the best source for level headed info on the Blues. Thanks and good job. keep it up!

  • prewarblue says:

    Someone upstairs def dont like the Blues, not much else left to go wrong, apart from meteors or asteroids landing on St Andrews

  • Letsby Avenue says:


    I”m glad you didn’t put it in Capital Letters Mr A lol

    Normal practise.
    Normal procedure.

    A club gets relgated,and the sponsor or provider needs to look at their contract.
    99% less TV exposure.
    99% less media snaps and exposure.

    That is normal.

    Thanks for raising the point. I would be worried if I was an XStep shareholder that they were ignorant of less exposure and still paying out.

    Ask Hull, Burnley or Palace.
    Coventry or Derby.

    They are the ones that I am aware of.

    This is normal.

    Unless you are Man Utd or Chelsea etc, getting relegated does have a knock-on affect with sponsors.

    So—Xstep have got an out.

    No big deal

    It;s normal.

  • Chris says:

    Great news, all we need now is the rest of the Chinese mob to sever their ties & all will be rosy for the future!!. Carson Yeung please take note, sell up & get out now

  • Masaccio says:

    Let’s face it – the chinese kit looks cheap anyway, can’t we find anyone in the UK to make it?

  • Blue In Murcia says:

    I wonder when we’ll have a shirt sponsor, surely before the season starts!

  • Dan says:

    Why don’t we all have a whip round and buy the club, I reckon with a £1,500 investment from every blue-nose we could raise £40million with £5 mill to invest in the team and stop the sale of the best players.

    Install Jasper Carrott and TF as Chairman and Chief Exec and have the club run by the fans for the fans. I’m sure there’s a few more famous or rich blue-noses out there with a bit of cash and access to re-financing that could secure the club.

    • lee says:

      season ticket holders only would invest thats 11500 so each would need to chip in close to 4k…. i’m in if you can get the other 11499 onboard.

  • lee says:

    wait a minute out of that 11500 some are kids or on the rock n roll….i think its a non starter.

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