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Benjamin and Glyn; a tale of two goalkeepers.

It took a week or so, but it finally happened – Ben Foster left Birmingham City on a loan deal to our neighbours in Smethwick, and in return we’ve got Welsh-American keeper Glyn Oliver “Boaz” Myhill, a saving in wages and a loan fee. It’s not a transfer that excites; in many fans cases it’s wound them up. What’s curious is that there is no purchase clause in Foster’s loan deal, contrary to some previous reports.

It’s a strange deal, and eerily reminiscent of an idea I had months ago regarding Nikola Zigic. I think what’s peeved fans is that it doesn’t seem to make sense; we’re not getting a transfer fee now for one our top players, but have possibly deferred it for twelve months, if the Baggies stay up and we don’t go up – yet all we hear is about how the club needs cash now. All kinds of things can go wrong whilst Ben is at the Hawthorns, and if they do it’ll probably be Blues who end up picking up the tab.

One theory I’ve heard mooted was by Birmingham Mail WBA writer Chris Lepkowski. Chris wondered out loud if Blues were only letting Foster go out on loan because in this way he would remain an asset on Blues’ balance sheet, without costing us money in wages. This would make the balance sheet slightly more palatable reading for a potential “white knight” investor. Of course, despite the rumours in HK the idea of an investor for Blues still seems a long way off, but it does kind of make sense.

Looking to the future, I’m of the belief that Boaz Myhill is a decent enough capture for us. He’s played plenty of games at the Premiership level, he’s an international keeper (if only for Wales) and thus he should be more than capable of fighting for the number one jersey with Colin Doyle. With England u20 international Jack Butland maybe holding the 3rd choice slot, Blues I think are actually okay for goalkeepers, and one of my main worries for if Foster did go is alleviated somewhat.

We’re a week away from the new season properly starting now, and I would hope that over the next seven days we maybe finalise a couple more deals; if Dann, Jerome or anyone else are to go let’s get them going now and sort out their replacements with time to spare before the end of the window. I still think we’re desperately short at right back; a striker would be nice and then maybe a few more bodies to bulk up a squad that looks desperately short on numbers. I’ve resigned myself to believing we’ll do no more than achieve mid table mediocrity; however, after the summer that has just gone on I’ll happily accept that right now.

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10 Responses to “Benjamin and Glyn; a tale of two goalkeepers.”

  • BlueSteve says:

    Completely agree almajir. Zigic, Dann, Jerome and probably Ridgewell are going to leave. Lets get these deals finalised so we can sort out some replacements. Have heard that Jonathan Spector maybe an option for cover at right back he is on a Bosman to. Its also possible that Michel may leave though its hard to estimate whether he is a high earner or not I would guess no and would therefore be worth keeping though from what I have read he only has one year left on his contract. Our striker problem needs addressing to. Looks like we will be left with Rooney as our only striker Asante (Inexperienced), King (Injured). Do you know of any stirker links that have the potential to happen. KRO

  • Blue In Murcia says:

    The loan fee, I heard 1 million, a while ago… will pay Zigic’s wages for a few weeks while he’s sat on his arse bleeding the club dry!

  • Dean Giblin says:

    As always almajir spot on. I remember a few matches Hull had in the premier where he saved them a least 12 points. A very good like for like considering the circumstances.I agree as the squad stands at the moment as ridgewell , dann, zigic and jerome haven’t gone (yet) we are short in the following areas 1 RB 2CB 1 AML and 2 AMC. As it stands ATM we have 5 strikers 3 being injured. I’ve got a feeling though that the Ranger deal with Newcastle will be done this week

  • Jay Sidney says:

    This comment from Almajir sounds well-thought through (try spelling that when you’ve had a few!). However, if Blue In Murcia really believes Zigic is the main reason Blues are being bled, doesn’t that sort of bring to mind the elephant in the room scenario?

  • Bluehobba says:

    As we can see its all about Blues saving money.Getting the higher earners off the books may actually mean that the money we have or get lasts longer rather than going to pay something off. Looks like it is all done to buy us time till the CY case is sorted, new investors found, sponsorship sorted etc. With the swap loan deal going through we have probably SAVED £25K a week and gained a player in return. On paper it looks a good deal for Blues but only time will tell.

  • Bluepenguin76 says:

    Hughton is making a good fist of getting in strong replacements for the new season,Myhill is a decent keeper and I can see him making the NO1 shirt his own quickly. Spector would be a signing in my opinion aswell,it’s like for like in terms of quality with Ridgewell!.

    Whats happened to the move for Jones on a bosman from Wolves?. He’s another excellent player who would fit into most teams in the championship,appears to have gone a bit quiet when it comes to signing him. Im slightly worried about our strength upfront aswell, anyone have any more news on Ranger making a switch?.

  • Scoobers says:

    We need at least two strikers and asap

  • Tony D says:

    While we are short of strikers, I’d like to see Redmond play just behind Rooney with Burke and Beausejour out wide.

  • junit says:

    Considering clubs pay for a player to release them from their contract, Does that mean that we now value Foster @ £3M (assuming that hes got 3 years left on his deal at st ans?)

    Its not a fire sale, more of a give-away. Which on a semi informed opinion smells of asset stripping and doing anything to get as much money outta the club because the share value (and the clubs value) is worthless whilst the shares have been suspended. Its very much a case of sell what ever assets for what we can get then distance the holding company from its investors (who have got what the can outta it) then allow the HK government to pick through the bare bones when the seize it.

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