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… and we’re back

Having been away for a week, I’ve got a lot to catch up on Blues wise, and I think it would be unfair to go back over the last seven days and try and blog stuff about things that have happened. Whilst in the rural south-west I felt quite out of the loop Blues wise, and thus I’m going to look to the next week or so instead of recapping.

I have to be honest, whilst I got back in time for the match today I didn’t go due to feeling physically exhausted. I managed to catch the last 65 minutes of the game online, and from what I saw the signs are good. Myhill (barring one almost horror moment when it looked like he carried it over the line) seemed a lot better than the last time I saw him (Everton), and the clean sheet will have done his confidence wonders. For me, Adam Rooney again showed his worth as he managed to rescue his header that hit the post and instead of snapping at it had the presence of mind to tee up Keith Fahey. Curtis Davies looked solid at the back (as did Steven Caldwell), Gomis showed some promise in midfield, and Mutch looks like he’s come on a bundle.

Furthermore, the majority of the play was on the deck – we passed it from back to front, got up and down both wings and looked to try and work openings from good penetrative wing-play. Wood probably should have scored with his chance, and after the third or fourth shot was blocked after a pull-back when maybe it could have been pinged along the six yard line I thought it wasn’t going to be our day but the fact was we made lots of chances. The facts is that  Championship defenders are never going to be the same calibre as those in the top flight – which means we can score more if we can continue to make the same number of chances, because they will make mistakes.

I’m going to spend tomorrow looking into the Chinese press in detail; I know from some texts I’ve received whilst being away that there has been some movement at Sing Pao, and I think it will be worth looking to see how things like that will affect Blues. It’s also part I of our European adventure this week, and whilst I (unfortunately) won’t be going out to Madeira I will be previewing our first European game in fifty years on Wednesday.

Thanks everyone for bearing with me over the last week, hopefully normal service will now be resumed and you’ll stick with me over the rest of the season.

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5 Responses to “… and we’re back”

  • Bluropa says:

    Welcome back. An encouraging if delayed kick start to the season. Whilst our squad is depleted and undoubtedly weaker, we are playing a whole division below what we have been for last couple of seasons and I’m feeling more optimistic about us climbing out of the mire and getting promotion in 1 season. That said it is only 2 games in and there’s a long, long road to get there. Cmon you blue boys, we can do it. Believe. That’s what was lacking in the latter quarter of last season. Keep the faith and KEEP RIGHT ON!

  • Poppa999 says:

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Dann and Zigic over the next few weeks and who comes in to replace them. A few injuries to key players and we could be very severely weakened. Imagine taking Curtis Davies and Stephen Carr out of yesterday’s team. I cussed when I saw the draw, I was in Funchal three weeks ago!

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Though I never saw the match myself,!!. I am pleased with reports of our improved football playing, [ such a big step-up on previous seasons ], I also worry about our ” threadbare ” squad, We are playing with just 2, rookie forwards, and though there are 3, more seasoned strikers, who are yet to play,?. There are doubts concerning Jerome and Zigic, staying with us,?. So leaving the cupboard a little bare,!!.

  • Bluehobba says:

    Welcome back. Plenty of positives from yesterday. The only down side (not a moan) was the passing from Mutch. Trying to spray too many long hopeful balls when the easier option was to carry further or a shorter pass. If the long ball came off great but bear in mind the age and legs of Stevie Carr (who had a great game) who he was trying to pick out. The players are still trying to bed in and at this stage 3 points is very welcome.

  • AR says:

    Maybe I’m expecting too much. I thought Carr was easily our best player. Caldwell missed one header from a corner,was beaten in the air at the end from another,both of which would probably have been goals in the Premiership. Wood was not far from useless & didn’t even put himself about a bit;Rooney looked far better when he came on & I wonder why he didn’t start. Gomis showed some neat touches but is too easily knocked off the ball & once again did not seem to last the 90 minutes. I had heard a lot about Burke before Saturday but on yesterday’s performance I was disappointed; he could & I hope will play much better. Mutch played very well,but I wish he didn’t play so many long crossfield passes when the player he is trying to find is closely marked. I realise this may seem like a big moan,but how we need a striker sooner rather than later. By the way,Is Redmond injured?

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