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I have to admit, I cursed my timing in taking a week away. I was going to miss for sure the first match of the season and (as happened) the second too. I wouldn’t be able to follow what happened when Carson had his day in court, and no doubt we’d have sold some players and maybe brought one in. As it turned out, I didn’t really miss much at all – and whilst it’s a bit relieving to have a pause in the current maelstrom of events at Blues I can’t help that at the moment we’re trapped in stasis.

Take the transfer situation for a start. I still fully expect at a minimum Scott Dann, Cameron Jerome and Nikola Zigic to depart Blues for pastures new within the next seventeen days. I had hoped that Blues would have maybe wrapped up another signing or two – I saw Anthony Gardner, Darren Carter, Craig Fagan, Radames da Silva, Lomana Lua Lua along with Gambian-Swedish trialist Njogu Demba-Nyrén all mentioned in connection with either signing or trialling for the club. At the moment, the only movement in that direction is that Radames da Silva has been told “thanks but no thanks”. As much as Blues are in trouble financially, it’s evident that the club needs to add at least a couple more bodies especially with players probably leaving us still.

I must confess I’m kinda looking forwards to September because it’ll calm down the transfer out situation somewhat; I won’t have to read what players are leaving us this week according to their agents the national press. I know players are still going to have to leave us, but Christ, I’m tired of reading who’s leaving us next to pay for Carson’s legal bill. I’m tired of hearing the words “fire sale” – I just want to watch some football, you know?

As expected, Carson’s day in court was nothing more than a chance for him to (futilely) ask for a lessening to his bail restrictions; a date fixed up for another hearing and another photo op of Carson in a slightly dodgy suit looking slightly nervy. As I’ve said from the outset, I believe his trial is going to be a long, drawn-out affair because of the complexity of the charges against him and the difficulty in proving his guilt. It’s another example of the stasis the club finds itself in – until the trial is resolved in one way or another, it’s something dangling over the club like a judicial sword of Damocles.

So here we are. It’s one of those things that can only be resolved by waiting patiently; nothing can be sped up right now and thus we must abide until issues are resolved. As much as I don’t want Blues to get ripped off, I just want Blues to get on with selling those who need to be sold now – if, as reported we have to sell players to ensure our bankers are happy then let’s just get on with it. The lads on the pitch and the manager are getting on with it without them; Mr Pannu do us a favour and help get rid of some of the distractions so that we can all focus on what after all is the point of Blues – football.

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9 Responses to “Stasis”

  • Bombay Blue says:

    had to google Stasis! and I thought I was reasonably bright!!

  • Bradley says:

    I agree, why don’t we just send Zigic out on loan???, I think Jerome will stay and It will be a crime if Dann goes for less than 10 million, but let’s put all this business to bed and get on with the job in hand. want to say thanks to Almajir for a great website, I don’t live in the UK and it’s great to read a blog which gives you the low down when you can’t always be there.

  • Brendan Fitzgerald says:

    Totally agree as always, wise words softly spoken. I would however just like to add that for me personally it’s been an absolute pleasure looking forward to the upcoming season. Perversely, the whole Carson Yeung, relegation, McJudas, player departures etc etc, has actually created a situation where, for the first time in years and years, Blues fans can approach this season with realistic aspirations. We have a manager who wants to play football and even with the loss of Zigic, Dann and Jerome not a bad squad for this level. We obviously need someone who can put it in the onion bag but then what side doesn’t! (Apart from Blackpool who have unearthed a little gold nugget called Philips!) I’m off on Wednesday to see my club play in Europe for the first time in my lifetime (50 years) and i still can’t believe we beat Arsenal at Wembley and are holders of the League cup. Being a Blues fan the only cloud around that silver lining is that we have been deprived of one of my favourite songs and will no longer able to sing “we’ve never won f**k all”. It’s not easy being Blues but no one ever said it would be easy! KRO

  • Bazzathebluenose says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I have said in my latest article that I’m weary of hearing the same old stories reheated and dished up on a daily basis; bone idle journalism in my view.



  • bluehag says:

    When I read “stasis” I thought almajir had got pissed and was writing a blog about star trek! I was never a fan of the transfer window but I’m now its biggest fan, coz at least now we know the exact date all the lies nonsense and rumours about our players can be put to bed till january at least and by then hopefully the whole carson saga will be resolved and we can start moving forward as a club.

  • Cbrccc says:

    Great article yet again from you Alamjir and not to mention educational as I am just about to look up stasis in my dictionary.
    Thanx also to Brendan for your positive and excellent reply summing up the eternal optomism of being a bluenose perfectly.and the bit about losing your favorite song had me in stitches.
    I remember watching us in The fair cities cup in my youth and having some great nights against the likes of Roma etc so enjoy your trip Brendan .I however can’t make it but will be listening on the internet at 2.00am over here in Asia.
    Maybe if we get through to the group stages I will treat myself to a bit of de ja veu .( think I need to
    Brush up on my French spelling as well whilst I am at it..)

  • Bluehobba says:

    After all the bad feeling from the end of last season and with what’s gone on with players, Money and Carson, 3 points on Saturday went quite a way to easing the pain in the stomach. A win in Europe would ease the pain even further and give the players club and fans an awful lot of credit and hope for the season ahead.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Can never understand why us blunoses always get treated so badly by the club. As a proud city club who’s following consist mainly of working class supporters, why is it that all of the travel options sponsored by the club are aimed at the prawn sandwichites. The only club package to Madeira is a £1500 VIP package. Me and the missus had two bloody weeks all inclusive for that!!

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