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International Recruitment – investors and players?

It’s been confirmed – by James Nursey of the Mirror at least – the supposedly billionaire new investor is Yang Yuezhou – as first mentioned on this website nearly a month ago. I have to admit, I’m sceptical as to just how rich Mr Yang is; I’ve seen nothing to indicate that he is “mega-rich” but then again it’s entirely possible he’s the front for a group of investors that possibly could include the government of the People’s Republic of China. It’s once more into the unknown – that’s for sure.

Of course, there has been a lot of worry about Blues’ precarious financial situation. Despite Mr Pannu promising that there would be no “fire sale”, Blues did end up losing pretty much all their “star” players. What I think is interesting – and has been noted on at least one messageboard – is that despite some real plaudits in the season, not one player has moved to a club where they could be considered to be anything more than mid-table mediocrity at best. Look at Scott Dann and Roger Johnson – lauded as one of the best central defensive pairs in England at one point – one has joined our canine neighbours for a fee of £4.5mil or £7mil, depending on who you believe, and the other has gone to what looked to be a very poor Blackburn side last year for a fee of around £6mil. I suppose this is what the real disappointment is; not many people would begrudge Scott Dann going to Arsenal for £10mil plus, but selling to Blackburn? The sad thing is, it’s not a case of he was pushed to Blackburn – there just wasn’t any other interest in Dann.

With the English transfer window shut now, it would appear that all Blues’ selling has been done and that Chris Hughton can now start on properly shaping his squad, maybe adding a couple of loans into the mix to build it further. To do that, he’s now enlisted the help of Norwich’s ex-chief scout Ewan Chester – mentioned at the bottom of this article here. I was quite intrigued by Ewan’s previous employment and this line from the Norwich site where it’s said that he was leaving Norwich to pursue employment to look for another job “involving international recruitment“. Does this mean we’re going to scour the continent for some cheap foreign players?

I suppose the other big news in the past week is that Carson is returning once more to these shores for a short four day trip after being allowed out to play by the HK authorities. Judging by the vitriolic reaction I’ve seen from some supporters, I think Carson might want to think about watching the Braga game from the comfort of his hotel. Whilst I personally think it would be a good thing for him and Peter Pannu to come out and talk to the supporters, I think with what has happened in Madeira etc it has to be from the relative safety of Tom Ross’ studio.

There has been much speculation as to why it’s necessary for Carson to come back to England. I have to admit, I’m not fully sure although I’ve spoken to a few people and tried to gauge their opinions on it. Suffice it to say, I’m not convinced the financial problems are here in England – I think there are more pressing matters in HK that need to be sorted out. I don’t believe it’s to hand over the keys of St Andrews to a new English investor either; however much Blues fans might want that to happen. My honest opinion – and it’s nothing more than that right now – is that Carson is coming over to enjoy the prestige of being a football club owner for one more time before he returns home to be shunted aside. Whether Carson being removed from the top job is good for the club or not remains to be seen.


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  • tilts says:

    The last regime told us about a billionaire and look what happened….. Google this new guy and use words like ‘FORBES’ and personal wealth. You will find nothing

  • Bluenose63 says:

    Hope it isn’t the case, but this feels all very similar to what happened to Portsmouth,

  • chris says:

    The real problem is that there is no stability allowing the fans / club to focus on the important things.
    Just when you start to concentrate on the team another rumour / fiasco starts like this latest loan.
    We are in the press for the wrong reasons and consistently hovering is fears of Portsmouth, Southampton, Plymouth, Wrexham & Leeds etc.
    The Football League are conspicuous by their absence concerning Plymouth, which is a scandal and for me shows they are incompetent and will abandon us in the same manner, there will be no help nor clarity from them.
    All we can do is support the team and Chris and probably set up this Supporters Trust.
    The Supporters Trust at Wrexham played a big part in saving their club and supporting new owners in purchasing the club.

  • Carl says:

    “Judging by the vitriolic reaction I’ve seen from some supporters, I think Carson might want to think about watching the Braga game from the comfort of his hotel.”

    It’s a shame but I would also worry about such a side show spoiling what could be another fantastic night, like a couple of weeks ago – which was such a positive night.

    I’m getting fed up of the swelling aggression being aimed towards PP and CY. I’m not happy with what is happening at the Blues, off the field, but I’ve still seen no evidence of them intentionally setting out to harm Blues – it seems to have been a fiasco due to ill-prepared running of a football club. Yeh, that may •••• us all off but I don’t feel the need to punch someone or hanging around the football club chanting ‘where’s the money gone’ like a looney, then getting upset when PP waves a fiver at me!

    Despite the great articles on this site, there are too many fans putting 2+2 together and coming up with 5. We still don’t know what is really going on and I’d rather put my energies into supporting CH and a bunch of players who want to play for the club.

    I really think I’m going to enjoy this season on the field so let’s be vocal about that – where our voice can be heard.

  • Bazzathebluenose says:

    Well said Carl. Your views echo mine in many ways. I have found Aljamir’s articles on the financial aspects of the club very informative because they have contained well researched facts and substance. I have deliberately not written anything over the summer on joysandsorrows, the blog I contribute to regularly about the off the field stuff, the selling of players and state of the club’s finances since like nearly everybody, I don’t know the real story although that is not to say that I don’t have a view. There have been so many reheated articles dished up on a daily basis over the last three months that personally I became immune to their effect. Let’s get down to talking about the players and team that are contracted to play for Birmingham City and not those who have departed, most of whom we wish well for their futures. However, they don’t play for us anymore and no longer merit mention. Until it officially changes, our owners are our owners and we should stop denigrating them for misdeeds we THINK they have perpetrated. I agree with Carl, I can see no evidence that CY and PP have deliberately tried to undermine the club and/or its business and it wouldn’t be in their interests to do so anyway would it? Time will tell what the true story really is and who knows it may be that the owners are actually doing exactly what is required against a backdrop that none of us know the true nature of or understand. Let’s do what we do best; get behind the team and the manager and drum up some atmosphere in the stands. Leave the owners alone to get on with running the club as they see best; you never know they may actually know what they’re doing!


  • mark says:

    agree with Carl and bazza lets get behind the team and let the board get on with it after all if they were asset stripping the club they would sold Ridgewell and Jean Beausejour as well i am not happy that we have lost the players that we have but all have said the same thing after leaving that they didnt want to play in the championship shame they didnt stop that happening when they had the chance

  • mark says:

    Birmingham has always had problems with club owners, and fans will always disagree what happens in boardrooms. Let stay focus on football matters. Kro

  • marcus says:

    Does anyone know what AMG means ?

  • hammy says:

    i have a feeling that there are quite a few possible “new owners” keeping an eye on our beloved Birmingham city…..
    and, if im right, one of them might well step in at the last minute…..
    sort of like another chelsea….who were 30 mins from oblivion….

  • eric jones says:

    He is coming to see his son…….

  • blueflamingo says:

    I’m going to Bruge anyway! I have supported Blues for nearly 40 years, nearly died and lost a limb, how could it get worse? – but I keep going…… “Keep right on!” thats how I live life now! Do your best CH, we are all behind you.

  • Mark says:

    Totally agree with blueflamingo out luck on life good luck in Bruge, who care about boardroom moans anyway.
    We are bluenoses we are use to this crap, most blues fans care about is fair ticket prices and watch blues play well. And CH is the man…..KRO

  • Dirty Bertie says:

    OP says, “Carson is coming over to enjoy the prestige of being a football club owner for one more time before he returns home to be shunted aside”

    And he’s bringing someone to show around – Yuezhou? It will be interesting to see who comes with him.

    Whatever, I don’t think it will be of any use to give him a hard time. Enjoy the game instead.

  • bluehag says:

    I feel we’ve got the best and most attack minded manager since jim smith was at the helm. Getting behind him and the players as said previously should be our main objective, the owner situation is out of our hands and will resolve itself in the fullness of time. I’ve just got this little feeling at the back of my mind what with china being the worlds fastest growing economy and seemingly new billionaires created every week that sooner or later one genuine big hitter from the far east will step into the breach and make us all happy.

  • Jon Herrador says:

    I think concentrating on the team must be put to the forefront now by all fans because what happens in the Boardroom is totally out of our hands and unless one of us have 50m plus we will never be able to do anything about it either.

    When I look at our squad and calm down, at present we have not come out of this to badly really,considering all the shenanigans that has gone on over the past few months.

    We have four very decent centre backs…Davis,Caldwell,Ridgewell and Pablo

    8 very capable midfielders in Burke, Redmond, Gomis, N’Daw, Mutch(whenfit), Beausejour, Spector and Fahey.

    And we must have one of the strongest quintet of strikers in the league in Zigic,King,Wood and Rooney.

    Add all this to the loan window that opens next week we have as good a chance of getting out of this league then any other team and if we can get St Andrews packed and rocking not many teams will leave our place with much.

    Time for all of us to pull together and get get stuck in and help Chrissy Hughton and the team.


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