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Enjoy the Silence

If the current paucity of Blues stories on Newsnow is to be believed, this is the week that football forgot – at least in the part of the world around St Andrews. To say there is a dearth of news out there is an understatement right now, and it’s made me think about Blues right now from a media perspective.

As a learned friend put it to me this morning, thank God for Europe. Without Birmingham City’s participation in the Europa League, this year would just be horrible for us bluenoses. Without it, what would be looking forwards to? No disrespect to teams like Leicester, Leeds or Bristol City but I can’t get really hyped up about games against second tier opposition in the same way I’m counting down days until I leave for Bruges. I know I’m not alone either – this is the big one for a lot of people, the chance to live the dream and I sincerely believe that the Belgians aren’t going to know what’s hit them when ten thousand Brummies on the piss descend on their pretty city. Without the Europa league, it would be difficult to have enough articles to keep this blog interesting, I can’t imagine how hard it would be to write good copy every day in the local press.

Other than the excitement of Europe, it’s a real tumbleweed week. One of the things that come with having a heavily re-modelled second tier team is a lack of full internationals within the ranks, and it wouldn’t surprise me if half the team have used the break to top up the remnants of their tan and recharge their batteries before the long slog until Christmas. I have to admit – that actually pleases me too – I’m not a fan of international football and I’d rather see our squad have a break and a rest than risk injury whilst on duty for their national side. I know that there is a prestige thing about having internationals in the team, but I will admit to being selfish and say that I only care about Blues players playing for Blues.

I read a few Blues forums, and one thing that has stood out to me is that people don’t seem that bothered that things are quiet either. The way things were last week re Pannu I’d expect people to be hungry for news about the club but it does seem to me that there is a level of apathy about Blues’ off-field problems at the moment – it’s as though we know things are crap but until there is something more solid out there it’s pointless discussing it. I can only speak for myself (and indeed, only do speak for myself) but I think that’s a good thing – endless speculation gets us as a fanbase nowhere and it’s a sign of the stoicism of Blues fans that in the main bluenoses are concentrating on the good stuff on the pitch and the exciting trips rather than worrying about something that right now we as fans can’t do much about. I’ve always been proud of the “ah, screw it, let’s enjoy ourselves and have a laugh” attitude that Blues fans have in the face of adversity on and off the pitch, and it’s showing in spades at the moment.

I guess with all the stuff that has surrounded Blues in the last few weeks we should enjoy the silence – no news is good news after all, isn’t it?

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15 Responses to “Enjoy the Silence”

  • Ry Freer says:

    This is the best blog i have read for ages, so true i for 1 cant wait for brugge me and 5 pals are driving there, were also going to be living our dreams. KRO

  • Oldbluenose says:

    I shall be re-awakening from my slumbers on Sunday,!!. As you say, Little [ or nothing ] we can do about the board, but wait, and pray for the bst, eh,!!.

  • Qatarblue says:

    If 10,000 are travelling and only 5,000 tickets – is there a “Fanzone” being set up in Brugge.

  • Bazzathebluenose says:

    On a practical note for those of us driving, anybody know of any Park and Ride facilities around Brugge? Any helpful information would be gratefully received. Can’t wait for the game!


  • hammy says:

    me and the lads were only saying on sunday, what a great season this is!!!!…everyones happy and enjoying the game for the 1st time in yrs!!!!

    were playing football….nice footy at that, for the 1st time in 6 yrs, and this is with a total value of the 1st team being only about 10m!!!!…..and these are players that seem to care….and we will get alot better…..

    were in europe…..and its great…..win or lose….we dont care!!!!….its just the dogs nuts!!!!!! ;)

    theyve give us 5000 tickets for brugge…..and i bet the bloody lot go!!!…. oh and its on ESPN CLASSIC at 6pm….

    now, this bloody administration??? who gives a fuck??!!!….im damn sure there are people out there watching every move being made at our club, and im damn sure we will be bought out just as the threat is looming, as we will be given full warning and a time frame to pay up before it happens….so are we bothered one way or the other??? ARE WE BOLLOX!!!!



  • Bazzathebluenose says:

    Thanks Aljamir for the tip. :-D

  • skareggae72 says:

    Despite Englands qualification it has been a very `slow `international break,and the biggest football news coming out of BCFC has probably been Jake Jervis & his full debut double for Swindon in the JPT(yes auto-windscreen/leyland daf trophy),both his goals scored against ex-blues keeper Artur Krysiak.
    Hopefully the players will come back fully refreshed…..

  • hammy says:

    ladies….if u are going to brugges….go to the “news now” footy site….search for birmingham city….it will bring up loads of links…a great free site with no registering or anything….

    theres a new link on there about travelling in belgium which u need to read….


  • prewarblue says:

    No news coming out of St Andrews,club in the shit for money,,,,nothing new there,,,,excited about the next game,,,,yep nothing new there,,,,same old shit, nothing changes only the depth.

    Happy pills mislaid today,,,,misery rules ok ?

  • Boy from Oz says:

    There’s a saying in Oz thats quite commonly used when the proverbial hits the fan, ‘ She’ll be right mate, no f—-ing worries”.
    Only worry about what you can control, leave the rest to the powers that Be. KRO

  • DoctorD says:

    For anyone travelling by ferry via Dover to Calais, I can reveal (having driven from Bruges to Calais several times) that it is about two hours max from the French port to Bruges. And there’s only two petrol stations on the motorway (and none on the French bit) so tank up in Dover before you go!

  • Mark says:

    If it possible that ten thousand bluenoses are travelling to bruge that shows me they care deeply about the football been played under CH.. Everyone can have opinion on the board, but us bluenoses only care what happens on the pitch. For those fans who do travel I hope CH can bring back us decent result there…………… KRO

  • Wingman Blue says:

    So…no news is good news then!

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