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Friday round-up

Whilst we have a brief pause between a hectic run of games, I thought I’d take a look around what is happening and do a brief round up article of news.

It’s been announced by the official site that Jake Jervis has extended his loan at Swindon Town until December 30th. The 20 year old striker has scored three times in his six games at the County ground, and the extension to the loan will mean that he continues to get game time at an important time of his career. I’m not convinced his career will continue much longer at Blues and it’s vitally important he can show what he can do if he needs to move on.

If you were at the Leeds game on Wednesday you might well have witnessed what was the slightly bizarre spectacle of Chris Kershaw (PR and Comms manager) along with fan Chris Smith getting a shave on the touchline at half time. However, it wasn’t Carson combining his love of football with his barbershop profession but the launch of BCFC’s push to raise money for Movember. I’m not normally one to push charities but I’m a big supporter of anything to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer in men. As I mentioned on twitter I can’t grow a mowser personally (plus I’d miss my beard), but I’ll be doing my bit to support people who can and are. If you’re a Bluenose and are growing a mo for movember please get in touch as I’m looking to do a feature on “Bluemoses”.

I’ve been watching the Chinese newspapers for any follow-up to the allegations made at a SFC tribunal about Carson and Vico, but as yet there has been absolutely no further news. Whilst it was referred to as “money laundering” no formal charges have been made against Carson or Vico in connection, and it’s my personal belief that they won’t be either. However, it’s a serious thing to say in what is effectively open court, and it leaves another black mark against Carson which will be hard to shake off.

I should also mention that tomorrow is the date for the public meeting of the supporters trust; it’s at the Phoenix Community Hall behind the Sportsman pub and doors open at 11am. As I’ve said previously I personally think it’s something that could be very effective for Blues but what is more important is that people attend the meeting and raise their own issues about the idea.

Finally, on the blog front I’d like to thank everyone who reads the site; it recently broke through 400,000 total pageviews since I started it in April and it humbles me to think that anyone takes notice of what I say. You can of course keep in touch with the blog on Facebook or Twitter – and if you ever want to contact me you can drop me a line – almajir@oftenpartisan.co.uk.

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7 Responses to “Friday round-up”

  • liamblue123 says:

    Would just like to say well done on the success of the site. Your blogs are a great read and though I don’t always agree with you, ie. Marlons performance against Leeds to name one, I can see where your coming from and respect your opinion. Keep up the good work. KRO.

  • prewarblue says:

    Agree with the above comments completely,,,,,unlike some blog site this gives a sensible view of things that affect our club

  • ludders says:

    Congatulations are well deserved, always giving an up to date sensible debate on all things blues.

  • kev usher says:

    your site gives a great update about news and info about blues .i might not always agree with some of the opinions but fair play for the information given and the research you do.keep up the good work well done.i think our recent run of form is down to super chris getting the best out of a supposed mis match lot of freebies and loan signings,it is refreshing to see the lads playing attractive football and a manager who never seems to have a negative word to say despite the troubles he has had to deal with behind the scenes.i just hope we keep the current squad togethet in january otherwise i feel if chris is forced to continue the firesale it will leave many people dis illusioned including the manager and players n many fans.kro sotv

  • DoctorD says:

    Great blog and keep up the good work. My knowledge of inside matters at the Blues has risen hugely since you started blogging and your match reports are a treat for those of us who can’t make the matches — and substantially more interesting and useful than anything in the mainstream media. You’ve struck the perfect balance between enthusiasm and pespective, something the latter is often in short supply in football.

  • jaffa says:

    Keep up the good work, and keep digging alajir!!

  • Daz Yates says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’m Daz Yates – I arranged the Big Flag at St Andrews last season and made many contacts and friends at the club by doing so.

    My next project is to have our emblem on the rear of the Railway Stand and I have been in discussions with the Club, Birmingham City Council and Network Rail. As was the case with the Flag, once approved I propose to collect the funds from us fans. I believe there’s many more projects the fans and the club can look forward to in the future.

    If you need my help (it sounds as if your doing a great job by yourselves anyway) please let me know as I will be calling on you guys to promote collections for the BCFC emblem project.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon



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