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Tired Legs: Blues v Brighton review

Here are my reflections on the Blues v Brighton match at St Andrews.

1) The end of a run

For the first time in 12 league games, Blues failed to score and so their six match winning streak came to an end. What is a little more disappointing is that Blues didn’t really look like scoring; Wood and King both put good chances wide and I can’t actually remember Steve Harper being forced into a save. However, I don’t think the finger can be pointed at our strikers; Brighton had clearly done their homework and did everything they could to stop Beausejour and Burke getting in behind the full backs. Starved of service from the wings, Blues looked toothless up front. What didn’t help was the lack of options from the bench to change things; this was a game that called for someone with pace and trickery, like Nathan Redmond.

2) Fahey and Spector: unfairly made scapegoats?

I think so. I’m not saying either were world beaters because they’re not, but I think people unfairly blame the central two for Blues toothlessness today. Both players did what they could to break up the play in the middle, and I thought Fahey in particular played some nice neat passes to try and start attacks – but I would like to see him trying to burst forwards more. Spector was more of a “holding” midfielder, and he did okay; he helped stop the Brighton threat through the middle and he made some good challenges; however, I really would like to see what Guirane N’Daw could do in the same position.

3) Beausejour’s legs

I think the recent continual onslaught of fixtures has taken it’s toll on Jean Beausejour, as our Chilean winger looked fairly knackered after about an hour and I think his effectiveness has been reduced as a consequence. I really would like to have seen a change – Murphy can do a job on the left flank and I think he may have had fresher legs to more properly test Gonzalo Jara Reyes (and/or his replacement Mauricio Taricco). Talking of Taricco, the 38 year old Brighton assistant manager has retired more times than Stephen Carr; having retired originally in 2005 after doing his hamstring whilst at West Ham and then once again four weeks ago – clearly Brighton are a bit short of players at full back to have to ask him to play again.

As a game it was a bit dull, a bit insipid and a draw is probably the fairest result; it would have been nice if Blues could have stepped up a gear and got the win but I think we have to be happy with a draw considering the recent fixture schedule. I think Hughton will have to reshuffle the pack again when Brugge come to visit – it’ll be interesting to see how he’ll do that.

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13 Responses to “Tired Legs: Blues v Brighton review”

  • GMN says:

    beausejour and burke looked tired but beausejour is suspended for the next game so he will get a rest and most likely redmond will get another game. the defence as always was strong and i never really felt we were under great pressure. we are missing gomis elliott and mutch so we are lacking midfield options so ive been surprised hughton hasnt tried to find someone else to get in on loan. we need someone who is comfortable on the ball. in a team full of bosmans and loans to have only 1 problem is a miracle.

  • Smokinjon says:

    Tired legs, tired minds. No big deal, bring on Thursday.

    Thought Fahey and Spector did OK today, though I too would like to see N’Daw given some time in the league. I did enjoy walking round the area at the back of the Kop Corner whilst having a quick cigarette though. About half the smokers thought Fahey was brilliant in the first half, the other half thoughthe was terrible. That boy can’t half generate debate :)

  • Blue Steve says:

    I believe that Beausejour will now get an enforced rest due to his booking and will miss Reading away. Maybe the timing is good and it appears he currently needs to re-charge. The Reading match is also just before he heads off to South America for for 2 World cup qualifiers with Chile.

    Hopefully the return of Jordan Mutch can add some creativity that could potentially turn games like these into wins. KRO.

  • Jean Blluesejour says:

    Furthering what GMN referenced, any rumours emerging of possible loans Almajir? I feel we’re still seeking that creative flair to rotate with Mutch when he returns – Shelvey could have been a tasty acquisition, reckon Michel would want to pop back?

  • Mark says:

    We did not lose, and we are still unbeaten bring on the next match, obviously with the amount we are playing 6 on the spin is great. Hopefully blues will be trying to get 3 points against bruges on Thursday. come on you blue boys……… KRO

  • Gregmeister says:

    Great blog as always keep it up! A mate of mine who sits in the kop called me straight after the game to inform me that Peter Pannu had been ironically clapping the Carson song coming from the Tilton.

    Maybe if he was a bit more honest with the fans such songs wouldn’t exist, the fact he was clapping shows how little he knows of our club and what us brummies are about , towards the end of the Gold & Sullivan reign many people turned on them but they were always upfront whether it be good or bad news.

    I can’t remember enjoying the blues this much for a long time, the football has improved, the passion is back among fans and players, I just hate this dirty cloud hanging over us

  • joe king says:

    End of a 6 win streak, but we are still on an 8 game unbeaten run. As for Fahey and Spector I did think they were too slow to thread balls through and a little too eager to pass side ways or back. Never looked like losing today though.

  • prewarblue says:

    Did think the entire team looked knackered,,,,,but the support from the choir was lacking also,,,the anti Yeung chant was sung twice,,,KRO was sung twice, the Brighton fans even sang about how they didnt know we were there,,,,,,they out sang and supported their team throughout the game,,,,,,I was sat on the halfway line on the kop so could hear both sets of supporters very clearly,,,,,,,could even hear the banter between certain Blues players and fans sat around me, something I have never been able to do in near 60 years supporting BCFC and before it is suggested I have a hearing complaint,,,,many things are failing at my age but not my hearing

    • prewarblue says:

      The “Does your Boy friend know your here” chant I must be honest did not refer to as it wasnt worth the effort of commenting on,,,since the racism chants hopefully have died out homophobic chants have taken their place,,,either have no place,,,,,”Gay or Straight”,,,,”Black or White” we are supposed to be supporting our TEAM,,, not indulging in play ground taunts to the other teams supporters [even when its misplaced support ]

  • jaffa says:

    The game was crying out for Elliot or Redmond.I know Elliot was injured but what has happend to Redmond.

  • Masaccio says:

    I think Brighton played the way we used to under the jinja one, 10 behind the ball and one upfront.

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