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The Bullet comes to Birmingham

One thing that was spoken about when Carson took over Birmingham was the possible influx of Chinese football stars to these shores to bolster the squad. Unfortunately, due to work permit issues and the like, it’s never really happened – until now. News has broken in Hong Kong that teenage midfielder James “The Bullet” Ha is coming to Blues on trial.

As you can see from this piece in the Apple Daily, James Ha (who’s Cantonese name is Ha Zi Ming) is coming to the UK to study at university, and as such has arranged to have a trial with the reserves. The midfielder, who is nicknamed “The Bullet” because of his pace (100m in 10.8 seconds) is considered one of Hong Kong’s best rising stars and won the young player of the season award in Hong Kong last season. Due to the fact he was born in Middlesbrough and is of mixed Chinese/British descent he shouldn’t have an issue with a work permit either.

I can’t guarantee he’ll be gracing the turf at St Andrews any time soon, but it’s interesting to hear that Blues have found one potential gem in fragrant harbours of Hong Kong.

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12 Responses to “The Bullet comes to Birmingham”

  • geodude says:

    not even a james nursey ‘exclusive’!

  • Masaccio says:

    Not played many games though so far according to his wiki page

  • Bazzathebluenose says:

    Never mind, let’s get him over here and see what he can do.

  • Dirty Bertie says:

    If he can bring some cash with him he’s in!

  • Matthew says:

    I think you’ll find that the Chinese players that they wanted (for PR purposes and Marketing BCFC in China) were refused and blocked by the stubborn Mr McLeish…

    Quite clearly he was an inept business man as well as a football manager!!

  • Bumpyfunk says:

    Would be nice to see this happen, and him be good. We could do with a new speedy winger to fill Beau’s boots when he gets sold in January!!
    Hopefully this is the bit of good news we could all do with.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Bumpyfunk we already have a speedy winger in Redmond. Lets see if this guy is any good.

    • Bumpyfunk says:

      Absolutely Jazzzy. Just trying to keep positive. Yes, Redmond is there (almost) ready, but we have a very thin squad. Euro games, bigger domestic timetable and so on….all i am saying is ‘fingers crossed’ and lets see how far this guy gets toward Stans. Just a story at the moment, but potentially a nice one for a change….

  • AR says:

    Spector in midfield, N’Daw on the bench! I sincerely hope the manager has got it right, but I don’t think so. Let’s hope N’Daw & Redmond can come on later.

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