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Chinese Media: Yang Yuezhou making further acquisitions

It’s not strictly anything to do with Blues, but I’m posting this titbit as people have been interested in Yang Yuezhou, vice chairman of BIHL.

News has broken today that Mr Yang has taken on the Chairmanship of a software company listed on the HKSE by the name of Computech Holdings, a company he owns about a quarter of. The software company, which was only recently re-listed on the HKSE has offices throughout China and is supposed to be quite cash-rich.

As far as I know, this means absolutely nothing in terms of BCFC as the company isn’t connected with BCFC or BIHL save Mr Yang owning a chunk of both; however as there is so little information available about Yang Yuezhou I’ve included it on here so people are a little more aware of who the guy is, and if he has significant money backing him. As with anything like this, I’m monitoring it and will follow up as and when more becomes available.

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8 Responses to “Chinese Media: Yang Yuezhou making further acquisitions”

  • PannuMannu says:

    move along, nothing to see, nothing doing

  • AR says:

    Thanks,almajir. Some of us appreciate very much ANY bit of information to do with Chinese people concerned directly or indirectly with BCFC. Keep it up please.

  • bluenose11 says:

    i agree as you have quite rightly pointed out this at the moment has nothing to do with us but any news regarding people involved in blues gives us that little more insight thank you and keep it up .

  • ray clarke says:

    we all know that our beloved Blues will soon go down the tubes so let’s cling on to any faint glimmer of hope there may be, for as long as we possibly can. Sadly comrades, the end of the road is nigh.

  • Poppa999 says:

    Computech was the first internet provider I used to access the web. They are quite a big player (or were).

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