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HKSE gets tough with BIH

BIHL have published an announcement with regards to the resumption of trading of shares in the company.

The announcement, which can be viewed here (pdf link) confirms that the company have asked if the shares can resume trading and have had various conditions laid upon them by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange – chief amongst them being details of Carson’s arrest and how it will affect the company being released as well as the now overdue accounts.

The announcement goes on to say that BIHL are undertaking steps to fulfil these criteria.

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24 Responses to “HKSE gets tough with BIH”

  • Oldbluenose says:

    When will this announcement take effect,?. Will it elicit any cash flow to the club,??.

    • almajir says:

      Not sure what you’re asking there.

      To reiterate, BIHL have evidently asked if they can relist their shares, and the stock exchange have said no until they provide certain information. Nothing changes until that information is provided.

  • parkp says:

    Surely Carson wont sell the club? well not for under 50 mill because he stands to lose too much. The club is possibly worth 15 mill to any potential buyer. Im sure the chinese are moving heaven and earth to find investment and tie the club over, at least until Carsons trial. Its an interesting read lets hope it turns out to be an interesting development.

  • AR says:

    Perhaps Deadly Doug might buy us for a song?

  • Violent Pacifist says:

    Don’t worry about it lads cos there’s f*ck all you can do

  • Violent Pacifist says:

    Shame, had a lot of potential this place but nope, yet another PC paradise.

    KRO Brothers & Sisters

  • prewarblue says:

    Seems from this even the Hong Kong Stock Exchange dont really know whats going on reading between the lines , so what chance do Blues fans have to understand it.

    Also agree there is no need for the foul language,,,,,ok in the right place and time,,,,not a p.c prude being an ex truck driver I know 2 languages ,,,English and Foul and use them in the right place,,,,here is not the right place

  • Chris says:

    I don’t really understand stocks & shares, but am I right in assuming that at this moment in time Carson couldn’t sell the club even if he wanted to?

    • almajir says:

      It’s important to remember BCFC and BIH are two different albeit intricately linked entities. If BIHL wanted to sell the club they could, as it’s shares in the parent company that are suspended not in the club itself. However, it’s all about money – Carson would stand to lose a lot if the club was sold at the mo.

  • skareggae72 says:

    Chinese business usually operates to a number of key rules,one being Trust(Chinese appear to be suspicious and cold towards strangers,with whom relationships have not been established,a tight group of people`like a family unit `will operate)which probably suggests we will no little.
    Also`face` is vital so Yeung will not want to be seen as making a financial loss,also long term planning is favoured over quick term fixes.

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    I’m pleased to notice that NOT ONE Executive Director has left BIHL since the dreaded
    30th June 2011.

    No ‘rats’ leaving a sinking ship ! :-)

    In fact in the period from then to this anouncement, new faces have joined BIHL either in Executive or non-Executive capacities. Hardly the actions of a doomed and written-off entity.

    My take on Vico’s published statement, is that it is laying the groundwork, letting every potential buyer or seller realise the actual and legal position BIHL are in…..before they move forward.

    And although it has been tremendously quiet for the layman or fan over here, I surprisingly have faith in them. I think that they know what they want, and have been working toward it ever since Carson’s ‘previous life’ embroiled them in the stagnation.

    I realise I am in a minority, as it’s easier to slag, point fingers and spread ‘theories’ than it is to hold your breath and think.

  • gibbo says:

    good point letsby,,the money is not slushing around like it was a few years ago. Pompey,notts county etc have found this out. I dont think yeung is a bad person,just naive

  • parkp says:

    No Carson is not a bad guy, iv been astounded by some fans claiming he is taking money out of the club when in fact, its quite the opposite. I totally agree with letsby on the comments made here. CH is being regularly kept up to date by Peter Pannu and i believe the chinese are quietly moving things forward, slowly but surely. There are many clubs in a financial mess, ruined by sky and greedy salaries. The biggest blow to Carson and the other shareholders was obviously relegation, but as letsby pointed out, noone has decided to jump ship.

  • Masaccio says:

    Let’s hope they satisfy the stock exchange and get the shares relisted, whatever happens it can only be a positive move for Blues.

  • DoctorD says:

    Good work Almajir: that’s an interesting document you have dug out. The PDF is as solid and reliable a document as we are likely to get for some time in my view.

    This is the statement that catches the eye: “The company has been and is continuing to take appropriate steps to fulfil the conditions…to resume for the resumption of trading in the shares and will keep its shareholders and investors informed of progress as and when appropriate.”

    So steps are at least “being taken” and we are to believe they are “appropriate”.

    It will interesting to see “all material information about the arrest” of Carson Yeung.

    I am still wondering what Steve McManaman is up to on the board. Come on Steve, do an interview with Almjair.

  • mickey07 says:

    yeh good work mayor.tidy.fair play.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Guys, I hope that if I am ever in the dock then you guys are my jury. I am sorry but for all the laudible support for CY and co and the extreme willingness to continue to give him the benefit of the doubt, I am forced to make a logical observation that whilst CY is languishing in his self imposed wilderness, he will not be overly concerned with the state of affairs at BCFC, he will be totally consumed by self preservation. He will only take from us what he can use to save his bacon and wont be thinking of improving our prospects in the January transfer window. Roll on the sale of the club and let us hope that administration is not part of the inevitable process.
    If what is going on behind the scenes served to endear the board to the fans, then believe me, they would be talking to us. They are not, because they do not have a story to tell which the fans would wish to hear!

  • Harry Meadows says:

    The ball is rolling on this one then! I’m not worried.

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