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The Block Eleven Controversy

It’s been brewing for a few weeks, and I think it came to a head during the Blackpool game when other fans in the Tilton Road end started booing block eleven for singing their “we’ll sing on our own” ditty. Are block eleven the last bastion of atmosphere at St Andrews, or are they smug fans who think they’re better than the rest of us?

It’s difficult for me to judge, personally. From where I sit in the Main stand the only part of the ground I can hear regularly singing is block eleven; barring the odd moments of noise when it’s coming from all around the ground, a chorus of “Keep Right On” or God forbid “We don’t care about Carson”, if I look around the ground looking for people singing the only ones I will find with regularity is block eleven – or to be more precise, the people standing in the back six or seven rows of block eleven. They seem to sing a variety of songs for the majority of a game; in short, creating the “proper atmosphere” fans crave.

However, from talking to fans who sit in other parts of the Tilton it’s a different story. I’ve heard accusations that “block eleven don’t join in with songs from other parts of the Tilton”, that they “drown out other chants that start up” and generally act as if they’re a superior specimen of a Blues fan. There have also been accusations that they’re the most fickle of fans – ie they are the ones who are most likely to boo a Blues player who is perceived to have had a poor game.  I asked the question on Twitter and it clearly divided opinion between people who love the noise that they generate and people who are angered by the implied superiority complex.

Whilst I don’t think it’s right for anyone to have a “superfan” sort of viewpoint, I think the people who sit/stand on block eleven have managed to do something that is hard to achieve – ie create a truly non-artificial “ultra-style” singing section. I look at videos on youtube of the so-called “Brigada 1874” who are trying to recreate the ultra sort of atmosphere over at Four Sheds, and it’s laughable, because it’s artificial. I remember the ill-fated attempt by the board to designate blocks one, two, and three as a “singing section”; I even remember the bloke with the drum at the bottom of the Tilton banging away in the half-hearted attempt to generate a bit of noise and atmosphere. None of that works, because “atmosphere” has to be spontaneous and reactive to events in play and at the ground.

Block eleven tried to prove a point on New Year’s Eve by “going on strike” for the first fifteen minutes, not making a peep to see who else would sing – and in honesty, I didn’t hear anything. In some ways, they can point out that they’re right – they are the only people who start songs. In other ways, they’re massively wrong – by “going on strike” if anyone else did start a song (and I’m sure some did) they weren’t joining in which is against the whole bleeding point of a crowd really.

It’s something that’s going to rumble on and on I think. My only hope is that by posting this and maybe getting some dialogue going in the comments, that may turn out to be a small part in getting people united to a common goal – to make St Andrews a fearsome noisy place for opposing teams to visit and to continue to bring pride to the fans of the team. After all, we’re all Blues fans – we’re all on the same side, aren’t we?

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74 Responses to “The Block Eleven Controversy”

  • OBNH says:

    It’s weird whats happening with Blues fans at the minute. I’ve never known Blues fans to turn on each other like they are. I mean, booing the block next to you because they’re mocking you for not being a noisy is a bit pathetic.

    Yesterday i stood behind the goal with half of the fans singing “There’s only one Liam Ridgewell” while the other half sang (Villa, Villa bastard we hate you).

    Booing your own fans, booing Zigic, booing Fahey… poor form lads.

  • Steve G says:

    I sit in the Tilton, block 7 – block 11 just bore me now to be honest – it does come across that they seem to feel they are above every other Blues fan in the ground. But in fairness the atmosphere of late has been awful – someone has to start the songs off….

  • suenoble says:

    it is true that the atmosphere isn’t as consistently good as it used to be but that is true of all football grounds. I don’t think it is totally down to all seater stadiums either. We have had 5 season tickets in block 19 since they were bolted to the floor and our block( 5 rows back and 10 rows in front) used to get the whole ground rocking and the biggest change over the years was Longbridge closing because within one season about 50 regulars were no longer able to afford it. Those same people occasionally show now but they are scattered around the ground.
    However, for the big games, Stans is still the best atmosphere in English football bar none.

  • Steve Wragg says:

    I sit in Block 11, and have sat in the same seats since the stand was opened. I find it hilarious that this is even talked about. I sit near the front, so I’m not the instigator of the singing, but I would rather be sitting somewhere where there is a bit of atmosphere. Let’s get some raucous noise around the place, just like when we hit the Prem for the first time. All fans unite, and sing your hearts out.

  • mark says:

    The problem I had on Saturday with block 11 was others did try and start songs in the first 15 but block 11 started booing and hissing. They need to get over themselves, fair play they start songs, it doesn’t make them better than the rest of us!.

  • Paul says:

    I think block 11 are just trying to get people to sing i sit in the paddock and on Saturday against Blackpool when Blk 11 started singing we’ll sing on our own it got the backs up of the other supporters but it did the trick because the atmosphere in the stadium lifted which was great .

    But the only way you will get atmosphere back in St Andrews or any other stadium is the reintroduction of Terraces take out the bottom section of seating in the Tilton or even the Paddocks and make them Terraces the club could apply to the FA to trial it in the Paddocks that would bring back the Atmosphere of the old days on the KOP and Tillton .
    I for one would prefer to stand than sit

  • jeff says:

    seats don,t stop the singing.if a group of like minded people ie block 11 sit together than its possible to make a noise.the fact is the mad lads of the 80,s have become good dads of the 2000,s.they want to sit and watch the games with there kids.age matures in general.i have no probs with singing,i,ll do some myself if it ain,t that anti carson song or some swear word filled tirade.people sit where they do for a reason .i sit behind alm and do so because i take kids.i would rather it be silent than hear foul language all night like we do when the seats are sold to anybody on euro mights or big games like the villa.iv a feeling that if blues fans got back to supporting blues instead of being anti villa,anti carson then people might join in more.as for standing areas iv no prob with that though at the age of 46 i prefer a seat..

  • block 10 says:

    Good luck to block 11! Forget terracing though some things are better off left in the past!

  • reece says:

    I’m sorry guys I sit in block 11 and have done for ages we are try to get the famous noise back down the blues but it aint work people don’t like because we sing all game? It pathetic if I’m honest everyone need to pull the finger out! And get behind the boys in royal blues and not boo people that sing! What must the player think of the are you booing the or sumin else!

  • Josh says:

    Block11 plague of our club! I absolutely loved it when everyone started to turn against them! As for all the anti Carson songs, how good was he at the start! It will only go back to that when it’s sorted then everyone will be back on his side again! Carson is part of our club so by booing him your booing the club and that’s what the vile do!

  • chris says:

    can’t agree with jeff, i’m 52 and will sing along to anything as long as it lifts the atmosphere.
    i don’t go to every home game and the lack of atmosphere is one of the main reasons.
    if you don’t want to hear swearing go in the family stand or club class.
    i want our singing / shouting to intimidate the opposition that’s what other managers have said about us. though nowadays it’s like a ballet or opera audience ( now that’s gay THONG), there’s more life at a panto.
    i sit in the boring GM and i will be singing / shouting / swearing and the stiffs around me half my age just sit there because we haven’t scored or are under the cosh but that’s the time to sing ffs.
    i get looks from dad’s with there kids because of my swearing but i’m trying to create passion, singing and intimidatory atmosphere, if you don’t like it save your money for the summer and watch the cricket, which i do and i don’t swear at all there. horses for courses.
    the same dad’s moaning about swearing are the same one’s who did swear when they were young teens at matches. hypocrites.
    i’d love to stand but it won’t happen unless the law is changed.

    • oldburyblue says:

      You are right Chris…we did all swear in our early teens…but most of us grew up! Any fool can swear but it takes maturity to pick the time, place and company as when to do so. Children soon learn that playground language is not acceptable in the presence of adults. Likewise, adults should have learnt that it is not acceptable to use factory language in the presence of children.

      We are not hypocrites Chris…we are just the majority who have learnt manners long before we reached your age.

  • Kaje says:

    I don’t mind them singing, that’s not the issue – the issue is WHAT they sing.

    The majority of the songs they sing are ‘up their own arse’ ‘Block 11’ based songs, with very little support being shown to anyone, or anything, but themselves. They also over-use ‘SOTV’ to a sickening and embarrassing degree (are we really THAT obsessed with Villa that we take more time to sing songs about them than about our own team?).

    I’d be happy for them to start songs every minute of every game, providing they’re about OUR club and not about themselves or the Villa.

    • Harry Meadows says:

      Agree witht hat mate

    • Stevie Blue says:

      Agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Singing should be about getting behind the Blues nothing more, nothing less. Many a good song is no longer sung at St.Andrews since I first went in the 1976-77. Indeed “SOTV” Iis overused. Where are the songs about most of our current team or the great league cup win?

  • Paul says:

    SOTV has been sung for decades as has Birmingham are you listining down Vile Perk its part of who we are , You need atmosphere to generate a buzz you can see it lift the players , Look at Wembley for example the supports won the cup that day with the support they gave it carried the players through the best atmosphere ever experienced at Wembley FACT!!!
    We need to statr replicating that cauldron of noise at St Andrews and like others have said if you dont like it sit elsewhere . I for one will not stop the singing and i sit in the Paddock with my kids i have also noticed in the past few games the Kop Corner next to the Away supportors has started to sing which is great.
    So why are we debating Block 11 and there anti Tilton antics all they are trying to do is get everybody singing and backing the Boys .


    • Stevie Blue says:

      Part of who we are? Show where it’s written down that supporting Blues means you have to hate Villa or vice versa?

      • Paul says:

        Yes it is part of who we are thats not just Blues but Villa as well i have supported Blues for over 30 years and it has always been that way . For godsake its only a song
        Passion,jealousy,Contempt and in some circumstances relegion are what makes rivalry between clubs that are in close proximity to each other that has how its been for years and i cant see it changing in the future so thats what i mean by “Part of who we are” KRO

        • Stevie Blue says:

          I agree about rivalry Paul, but you must admit, apart from KRO, SOTV is sung with more gusto than anyother song. I don’t think thats right when we have so many other songs that are PRO BLUES.

  • Bluenose nation says:

    Grown up!!

  • Reeboh says:

    I admit they do start most of the songs, but so do block 39.

    Block 39 are also like the fans of block 11 in their ‘ultras’ style. it’s getting a reputation now. I think yes it’s all fine and dandy with them singing lots of songs, but don’t sing we’re block 11 and we sing on our own.

    I sat in the main stand v Blackpool and the atmosphere is still crap there, it used to be a little better when I went a few years back when I had an ST there, but for me one of the beat places for atmosphere is the Kop Corner, or even block 25. I’ve never sat/stood in the tilton as I can never get seats there. When I say the atmosphere, I mean in that block they sing as well once the whole of the tilton get going.

    If you went to the Blackpool game, you may remember at the start of the game, tge tilton and the kop corner(nearest away fans) singing KRO with one, the tilton end being a few lines behind the kip corner. Suggesting that block 39 were singing first. I know they had their 15mins of no singing, but this happened again and again and again during the game.

    Block 39 are the real ultras, they still respect the other fans.

    • TommyG says:

      Sounds like your trying to big up block 39 as if its better than block 11 here, trying to get it votes or something, so amusing! Block 11 > Block 39

  • Lichfield Blue says:

    I think that the Block 11 ‘singers’ are more a benefit than a problem, although I get fed up with the “we’ll sing on our own” ditty and I think if they were to stop singing that self-promoting song then all would be OK.

    I take my hat off to them for trying to generate an atmosphere; we do need that, we just don’t need reminding from where it is coming!!

  • Wingman Blue says:

    The Stan’s Atmosphere is one of the last intimidatory experiences for away teams, especially Premiership sides. It really isn’t enough to buy a ticket and just stand there – that isn’t going to lift the lads when they’re up against it. Take the carling Cup semi-final last season . At half time the morons were slagging down the likes of Seb and Liam, but the electric atmosphere thereafter drove us on to Wembley, despite the triumphant chants from the Hammers fans. For those that just want to stand and stare, your silence may be the team’s failure. Success requires us all to get behind the lads. Block 11 aren’t the problem, just a symptom. The real problem is the negativity, criticism and lack of support from too many so-called ‘fans’.

  • jassyblue80 says:

    I have no issue with block 11 starting all the songs etc… over the years this has always happened! I remember the banter between the tilton and kop… but this was a way of banter and encouraging each other!

    not sure if any of the block 11 “leaders” come on here, but instead of that song why not try “block 10 give us a song” etc… to encourage others to start songs?

    kro and keep making the noise

  • hammy says:

    maybe it will all change soon with standing areas due to be allowed again….

  • drongo32 says:

    I really cant believe this thread. I have sat in block 11 since it opened. Does it matter who starts the singing…as long as someone does. SOTV has always been sung…whats the problem? I have never heard a song putting any player or manager down. The rest of the Tilton were booing block 11….why? I dont think its the singers of block 11 that have their heads up their backsides do you?

    • Harry says:

      If everybody joined in the songs none of this would happen? Totally agree with you

    • Stevie Blue says:

      As I said earlier i do think “SOTV” is overused because it is often sung to the exclusion of other songs, a lot of which haven’t been sung for years. When was the last big rendition of Champions Ball? Or even the Blue Army echo? Those are to name but two!!!

      • TommyG says:

        Champions ball gets sung quite a bit actually…

        • Stevie Blue says:

          Really? Without being sarcy, I’ve been to Stans 9/10 times this season and I’ve not heard it once. Mind you I usually sit in the GML or block 40 of the Kop. You don’t always hear the tilton from there. That said I never fail to hear SOTV…

  • Bleunez says:

    Booing our own fans? Absolutely bloody crazy. FFS just support the team – they need all the help they can get.

    • reece says:

      right all this over one song you all need to grow up im sorry im 19 had a season ticket since i was 4 and also a home and away one i sit there and have done for the past 4years “block 13 does your mother know your here how pethetic is that really ” most of the people in block 11 go to every game home and away even in europe and they sing that LOL but on a leval now the booing needs to stop and as blues fans this aint what we are blues fans come together as one and all was have done WE NEED THIS BACK

      • almajir says:

        I agree – booing our own fans isn’t good but neither is goading them with “we’ll sing on our own”. I do wonder if there is a problem that not many people know many songs barring the obvious – and if that is the case how is it counteracted.

  • Luke Allen says:

    Yes, Block 11 do start the majority of songs. However on NYE, when other blocks tried to start off singing (I sit in Block 7 and the lads behind me were trying to start off singing), Block 11 shushed and booed them. It seems apparent to me that Block 11 are arrogant and like to be the only ones to start off songs. Perhaps if they tried to start off a chorus of ‘Keep Right On’ or ‘We’re Birmingham City’ etc etc then the rest of the ground would feel more involved and would sing. Singing ‘We’ll sing on our own just alienates them and annoys the rest of the ground.

  • zublue says:

    Fair play to block 11, I don’t give a monkeys what they sing as long as there is an atmosphere inside st ans and let’s be honest without them it would be dire. Some fans need to get a thicker skin and stop being childish its a football ground not a methodist church, either join in or be quiet but getting uppity about the block 11 lads and what they sing is all a bit pathetic really.

  • Walker says:

    Booing eachother is a joke. I cant believe this is even being talked about!! As for booing fahey, zig and ridge I dont think this is right. Although I do think that zigic is taking us for a ride with his wages, fahey is out of his depth and will always be a “close but no cigar” player and as for that aston vile …..r ridgewell he is scum and should not be allowed to don the royal blue of Birmingham city fc. Can I also beg for people to stop singing about carson. Why give this guy any time whatsover. As the sogn says he dont care about us. So why do we even bother to sing about this scum bag.

    KRO sotv

  • John says:

    Just get together and make st.Andrews intimidating how it used to be, everyone in the ground should catch on to the songs and stop being boring and SING!!!!!!!

  • bluenose87 says:

    I take my hats off to Block 11 in many ways, I love to sing as much as the next fan but I tend to lose my voice long before the final whistle if the atmosphere is pumping! Seems we can draw out a good atmosphere against rivals, midweek night games and in the Europa league games so why should Saturday afternoons be so different?
    Don’t agree with the protest but it showed that it worked and got everybody elses backside in to gear! If that’s what it takes every weekend then so be it I am afraid…….

  • Cameron says:

    Who cares were all bluenoses and we need to get the atmosphere back at st.Andrews like this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b7ZH2g7lqw&feature=related

  • harry says:

    I sit there and no one has EVER booed players, how can we be accused of not joining in when we aerstart the majority of the songs. We don’t think we’re better, we want everyone to join in, because it’s not the loudest ground around us it?

  • poppa999 says:

    Block 11 only know 4 or 5 songs anyway (apart from KRO). But I think atmosphere would be a lot worse without them singing those five songs all match. Shame they have upset us fellow Tilton Roaders with their elitist attitude. How come the lads at the Kop corner have disbanded?

    • BcfcBlue says:

      POPPA999 are you foreal that they only know song 4 or 5 songs other than the KRO….i sit in block 9 an often hear coming from them ‘When the blues go marching in ‘…..’Singing the blues’….Stephen Car song..Dirty Villa b*stard…Who put the ball in the arsenal net…11 Tebilys…Adebola songs….16 years song….Chrissy Hughton barmy army….we are the lads from the tilton….Ndaw chants….Burke will tear you apart..plus many more ….So would like to say if it wasnt for Block 11 at times then Stans would be like Vile Park…If people wanna have ago at them then fine but if they do please use correct information!

    • TommyG says:

      Well you clearly know f*ck all!!! 5 songs? Most of the songs that you here these days were created by people who sit in block 11!!

  • jassyblue80 says:

    like many have said, we agree that block 11 start most songs. but as pointed out by most who sit around block 11 there is an element from block 11 who intentionally don’t join in with other songs if not started by block 11!! all this to feel “superior” is the sad element!

    let’s just leave all this rubbish alone and get behind the boys!


  • Dirty Bertie says:

    Bored Brits will fight any country in the world.
    Failing that, the English will fight Mick, Jock or Taff
    Failing that Brummies will fight non-Brummies
    Failing that true Brummies will SOTV
    Failing that Blues fans will fight each other
    Failing that, I’m playing my brother snooker next week and if he turns his back for a second…

    Failing that I’ll sing a song (much more civilised?)

  • brummie1875 says:

    Couldn’t have said it any better, blog puts it perfectly from my point of view. I love to hear block 11 singing and would love the entire crowd to feel to same buzz, what I don’t like is when block 11 in a way turn on the other fans and like you say drown other chants out, it’s as if they like keeping themselves to themselves.

  • brummie1875 says:

    reading this thread gets me excited, it’s clear you all want decent atmosphere there, let us again unite and get the place rocking, not just for ‘big games’ but every game, admittedly bigger attendances would help, but still, for the league we’re in these are big attendances! Lets get it back the ways where the entire ground would be shouting WHO WHO WHO ARE YA when the opposition made a subsitution, when I was a child, that is my most vivid memory of being down the blues!

  • jeff says:

    chris,i do sit in a family area.the paddock.i,d say refraining from foul langauge in a family area is,nt asking for too much is it?im all for singing.we,ve loads of songs that involve no mention of carson or villa.im all all for cranking up the noise at stans as it used to be a very hostile place for away teams.at wembley the noise was fantastic though again we spent far too much time singing anti villa songs.iv no love of villa but whatever goes on in b6 ,barring a bit of light entertainment has no baring on us at all.they can lose all their games till march but it dosn,t mean we,ll get in the play offs does it?we ought to looking at our ourselves not other teams.we can start that by ALLsinging pro birmingham city songs

    • chris says:

      Jeff, toatally agree about the family stand and i used to have season tickets there for my children when they where under 14 years of age. i didn’t swear Oldbury, honest.
      i’m only trying to say we need to be more vocal, all of us.
      my swearing point was only to point out that we need to be more intimidating and i know you don’t have to swear to do that but you do have to get out of your seat and be vocal but so many people round me don’t even clap for goodness sake, it’s like a morgue.
      i am bored singing the same four songs every game, when only a few years ago there would have been at least ten different songs per game.
      it was embarrassing when bruges sang ‘shall we sing a song for you’ IN ENGLISH.
      years ago the singing stemed from the middle of the kop or tilton and you’d stand in or near to that area to create an atmosphere, whereas now the main singers are spread around the whole ground because of seating and this is a problem at most clubs. this is why most away support which are always in one area, out sing most home crowds.

  • sam says:

    Creating and getting known new songs is a hard job (Man utd are great at this), so fair play to anyone that does. Continual KRO and SOTV serve to lose there appeal to me someone who likes a song say 4/5 times a match so new songs are lifeblood of a decent atmosphere.
    A standing area would be boss but if happens is years away.
    Its sad that unless a player has a name that easily fits i.e they don’t get a mention.
    Harry, Harry, Harry!!!

  • Waterboy says:

    I used to be part of the Block 19 mob until I gave up the season ticket several years ago. There weren’t that many of us up there but spread along the block. They always used to start some songs and sing along with the ones that came from the Tilton. And even back then (5 to 15 years ago) the main section of Tilton singing was around the block 11 area and it is definitely more defined as being that block from the matches I have been to this year.
    The downfall of Longbridge was a big part of the atmosphere disappearing from the blues. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been recreated at cup and European games but the more ‘normal’ games don’t have the atmosphere.
    The songs such as ‘You are my city’, ‘When the blues go marching in’, ‘blue and white army’, ‘We’re on our way’ and of course keep right on always used to go around the ground along with the player songs we had (Forsell, Horsefield, Dugarry, Cisse, Adebola) and there used to be a nice mix.
    The songs however do seem to have been forgotten and the Anti Carson song is prevalent and is starting to wear a bit thin. The anti V***a songs will always be there though.

    Maybe block 11 could have a classics revival weekend and forget the current modern songs for 90 minutes.

  • jeff says:

    when the atmosphere was rocking at stans barring a few anti villa songs everyone was singing the praises of our team or getting behind them.those songs unite everyone.the anti carson stuff dosn,t .not everyone is anti c.y .in fact some of us who remember the 80,s may think this is bliss compared to 6k crowds and a falling down ground.there is too much negative stuff around us at the moment.if fahey isn,t getting panned then its ridge or zig.after the summer of unrest these boys and c.h deserve praise not mullering.im upbeat about this season but im sick of hearing negative stuff from fans.if c.h and his troops can get on with it why can,t we?the play offs are well attainable..where the singing starts is no issue for me and i salute anybody who starts it.can it just be pro blues though to get everyone involved?

  • paulo says:

    wow ..what a debate!

    I think this debate is hilarious! Sing for god’s sake and sing loudly! Shout and make a noise! Join in and get over it.
    Matches at St Andrews are boring if there’s no atmosphere and I can see it reflect on the pitch, and the team just find it frustrating.
    Matches where everyone goes mental and lift the roof off are good fun for us and no doubt brilliant for the boys in royal blue.
    I dont care who sings, and if I can join in then even better! I’ve sat in several parts of the stadium and to be honest, the Tilton Road end seems the best to be near to. Ok, some songs have a bit too much swearing for my daughter, and some songs I just dont know.
    I think more singing is needed and the West Ham match showed it! Blackpool was a close 2nd, but the vile are mortal enemies ..I doubt that can be kept quiet.

    I’d rather go and sit in the Tilton just to sing KRO because it’s louder over there!

  • Tilts says:

    Some of what has been written in response is total garbage. I would personally move to block 11 next match because sitting in block 5 or any other block lately is like being at a F***ing morgue. Our club is dying from the inside. Too many armchairs at home and too many remaining moaners ALL OVER ST ANDREWS!!!! The booing is a generalised thing from most blocks…. Actually it’s more of a ‘HALF BOO JEER’ type thing that I hear.

    A couple of seasons back block 3 and 5 used to compete with each other but now if not for me, my son and half a dozen others our block would be dead. But to move aint worth it because fans pick the club up and down so much this would mean moving every season.

    I personally applaud block 11 for their attempts to get something going at the club because other wise it’s so quiet I was tempted to stand up and chant on my own “It’s just like being in church”!

    We are now living in a generation of fans who have been brought up on a diet of 20 years saturated TV football they turn up at St Andrews having dined out on watching the Ronaldo, Tevez and Rooney’s of this world and when the plucky little has been and second rate players a club like ours can afford ply their trade they simply cant wait to jump on their backs.

    It’s high time attendees at our club realised that we are a club that simply cant afford to buy the players that capture the imagination and having players like Fahey is around the norm even more so at present. If you do your shopping at Aldi and Lidl there are some bargains but you can guarantee that most of it is Sh**…. If you go to M&S then quality is far more likely.

    If the rest of the ground win in their attempt to shame block 11 into not singing then our ground will be dead.

    On the topic of the villa obsession there is nothing wrong with hating your rivals because without rivalry football would not be the game it is today. They sing SOTC just as much. They also invented the ‘Best Team in Birmingham Song!!! so if it’s their ambition to be the best around here then it shows what importance they put on rivalry.

    The Carson Yeung Song;

    This has merits because as we can all see we have had one fire sale and this will continue, if BCFC is in credit with it’s bankers why are they stripping the club bare!!!

    The Carr Song;

    It’s just a fun song that fits but some people are just too bloody touchy these days

    The Villa not winning nowt in 16 years (soon to be 17)

    This is all we have over them and I am shocked that the ground don’t take this one up because without that tin pot in February we simply have nothing to crow about because otherwise we would have just failed yet again for the umpteenth time to prove a point to them that we are a top flight club.

    Finally our gates are EMBARRASSING, all the armchairs are full of excuses why they don’t go but the reality is they are just excuses… I accept that those living far away or those out of work but the rest only want to come for a FIVER!!! We are the cheapest club of the main clubs in the west midlands, sully has gone and we won a cup but still nobody wants to come. All that flannel to Sully about get us in the premier league and the ground wont be big enough…. The fans said the same to Yeung & Co!

    I believe if BCFC said it’s free next home game we would still not fill the ground.

  • Confused says:

    Firstly, I have had a ST at the back of Block 11 for the last 4 years.

    For corrections to get the facts straight…The few games in the run up to the Blackpool game spoke volumes of how the Tilton are at the moment. Completely silent. As usual, in the few games leading up to Blackpool, Block 11 were singing on our own for 20 minutes with nobody joining in. Cue the song that everybody hates. It’s nothing to do with being stuck up our own arses, more trying to get the other blues fans off their arses.

    Anyway, the “sing on own” song starts and the other blocks start to boo. So, we decide the Blackpool game we won’t sing for 15 minutes to prove a point. When I hear that we deliberately don’t sing when others do, barring the first 15 mins of Blackpool thats utter tosh. Them first 15 mins v Blackpool, Block 13 tried to start one song. That was 3 people in block 13… Block 9 I think tried the same, that was 4 people.

    Anyway, after 30 mins of block 11 singing away, yes a variety of songs, blues score. Cue all the other blocks singing KRO as the players leave at half time. Pathetic. As soon as the goal goes in, people sing.

    Variety of songs…stevie carr song, ridgewell song, carson song, 16 years song, adebola, boot boys from brum, kro, sotv, were on our way etc etc are all sung.

    As for booing, there is a bit towards the odd player like zigic but this is the same throughout the ground and isn’t exclusive to block 11. In fact, i’d say that block 11 back the players more through the use of songs than someone sat there giving a little clap every now and then (although nothing wrong with it). As nearly every lad goes home, away, europe, I think its pathetic how other blues fans can get pissed off at fans trying to sing and start an atmosphere.

    rant over

  • Paul says:

    ok folks lets stop the bickering and lets get behind our boys in blue


  • Mike Bledsoe says:

    Birmingham City Fans need to stick together and create an atmosphere at all games. The Team is trying to entertain with the limited resources they have due to the circumstances .Keep right on Blue Boys.

  • […] Block Eleven Controversy, Part II A couple of days ago I published an article about some of the controversy surrounding block eleven of the Tilton road end and singing at the […]

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