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On our way again… Wolves replay reflections

Here are my reflections on the Wolves v Blues FA Cup 3rd round replay at Molineux. I should add that like the most of the Wolves fanbase I watched this one on the box.

A Deserved Result

I have to say, based on the chances in the game and the way both teams played the only team to deserve to win that was the one in Blue. Wolves seemed quite scrappy and you can tell they’re on a winless run because they didn’t have the confidence the Blues side did; they didn’t have the crispness in the passing and they looked more toothless than we did up front first half. I thought Blues’ diagonal balls behind the full backs were excellent and there seemed to be a real passion to keep the ball on the deck and played “the right way”.

Jordon Mutch

As ever, ITV took the easy route and gave MOTM to the goal scorer but I think this was undeserved; for me Jordon Mutch was miles away our best player. I don’t think Mutch is quite cut out to play off a lone striker but as a midfield anchorman he is excellent; his range of passing was very good and his vision enabled Blues to get forwards into good positions with frequency. With N’Daw off at the Africa Cup of Nations I think Mutch has a good chance to cement his place in the middle of the park.

Adam Rooney

I felt for our Irish striker; it’s a hard job being a lone frontman at times and the one chance he did get (after a fine turn to lose the defender) was taken away by a combination of a good challenge from Elokobi and a hesitation to pull the trigger. However, Rooney did what he was supposed to do quite well away from the goal; he tried his best to hold the ball up and lay it off to midfielders and I think he had moderate success at that. It’s true that Rooney will probably be never more than a squad player for us but I don’t believe you can slate a player if they’re trying.

Colin Doyle

Colin certainly earnt his pay in the original tie with a fine double save at the death, and I think he had another decent game tonight, highlighted by another fine double save. It’s true that Doyle didn’t have much to do but when he was called into action, he did what was necessary – and that’s massively important in goalkeepers, to be able to keep concentration and focus when the game hasn’t been near you for the majority of it. Kudos to Colin, I hope he gets another chance in the next round.

Wade Elliott

Despite scoring the goal that took us through, I was slightly disappointed by Elliott. There is no doubt in my mind he’s got some skill in his locker, and that he has a footballing brain but it’s never quite there; he never quite does as well as I think he should. It wasn’t a terrible performance from the former Burnley man but it was one that made me think that Blues need to continue thinking about who to play off the front man because I don’t think Elliott is quite up to it.

All in all, it was an enjoyable game to watch – and despite some of the doomsayers are thinking about another game in a crowded fixture list, I think that’s all good. After the first half of the season which was bouyed by our trips to Europe, this second half can be punctuated by another attempt to get to Wembley – more days of enjoyable football that maybe doesn’t matter quite so much to keep our spirits up for the grind of the Championship. Look at this way – if we got the right opposition, we’re potentially four games away from a return trip to the Europa League. Wouldn’t that be fun?

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26 Responses to “On our way again… Wolves replay reflections”

  • kentucky blue says:

    Great to see young players get a chance. Great result. Great manager. Great run we are on. Just great

  • johnwolf says:

    What a load of garbage, blues are a crap shit team, if you get beat by a decent team then fair enough, if you get beat by an half decent team then fair enough, but to get beat by a team who would not look out of place in the conference-now that is bad.
    I didn’t watch it on the box I was there and some of blues antics off the ball were well dirty, Rooney – does this guy go to diving school! cheating little bastard.
    My bet is on Sheffield to wallop you has long as they can play you with 11 on the pitch and not 9?they will put more into it than us.

  • josh says:

    Wolves fan in peace. Although you went through tonight I don’t think it was as clear cut as you have made it out to be on this blog which I stumbled across searching through news now. I only counted one clear cut chance you had all game and that was the goal. There was half a chance with Rooney but there was definetly something there in wolves. Not helped by the linesman on a number of occasions but Hammill ripped murphy apart on the right side of midfield. Ebanks blake close to breaking the deadlock twice in the first half and doyles shot catching a deflection tht doyle was glad to hold for the away team. Second half granted blues were much better but again the goal only the clear cut chance. We huffed and puffed with guedioura, fletcher and hunt all coming close but Birmingham were resilient and for tht you get a well done. I am a bit worried about the youth coming through at blues compared to tht at wolves. Hughton is a manager tht likes to bring in fresh blood, Redmond (looks a great player) and Mutch seems decent enough whereas mick has only ever given two of our academy players time and thts forde and hennessey. Good luck for the promotion push maybe this fa cup a blessing in disguise so we can concentrate on the league. Hope to see you next season ;)

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    In the interview with Elliott after the game he was asked about the number of matches Blues were having to play and he replied that it was not a problem as the team enjoyed playing football! Long time since we heard our players saying that!! Hughton on a long term deal should be our immediate priority. KRO

  • DoctorD says:

    Lovely result — watched the last five minutes on the box. I thought Wade Elliot, when he spoke in the post-match interview, was surprisingly articulate for a footballer; a bit like his manager in fact. Can we make it three quarter-finals in a row?

  • Blueking says:

    Surely if your crap at being a shit team you are a good team??? Blues did well tonight, with King or Zigic upfront with Rooney I don’t doubt we would of settle the game sooner than we did. Wolves have some quality players but they look to seriously lack confidence

  • merseypete says:

    John Wolf – ‘quality stupidity’.

  • Masaccio says:

    Elokobi is so fat his belt size is equator

  • Masaccio says:

    10,000 in the ground and more than 2,500 of them were blues making all the noise. No songs of their own and loads of empty seats – congrats to us for making an atmosphere and the ITV cameramen for continually picking out the fat kids pulling faces.

  • leigh says:

    Please stop lowering yourselvesto JohnWolf level.
    I must agree with all that is said on the players signalled out for comment. HoweverColin Doyle deserves greater praise , sometimes we laud the flashy goalkeepers, remember Gary Sprake? But sometimes we should realise the really competent are those who make it look easy, because they read the game well and take up good positions, and unfortunately therefore look less athletic.
    Doyle has suffered in silence first behind Maik Taylor, then Joe Hart, Ben Foster, now Boaz Myhill, and with Jack Butland in thwwings. On his earliest appearances he looked potentially the real thing, then a poor second chance followed by years of languish. This season he has, qwhen alowed stepped up to the plate., and I for one would be more than happy that he keeps the spot for the next round, and even in fantasy land, all the way to, and at the final.
    Just one thing I an not sure of his dress sence!!!!! Although I may actually see a reason for it.

  • Dirty Bertie says:

    John Wolf Howooooooooooooooooooooooooooooling at the moon. On his own and in the dark

  • I Roth says:

    John wolf it is



  • Blue Lou says:

    Sorry johnwolf but it’s sad really, as you put it “a team that wouldn’t look out of place in the conference” knocked you out of the FA Cup, says it all about your team and played a weakened side.
    To be honest with the amount of home support you’ve got, in a derby too, your lot would slot nicely into the conference! You missed relegation last season by pure luck, it won’t happen this season, you’re a poor premier league side that’s been found out.

    P.s Can you pass on a message to your captain please? Ask him to give us a wave on his way down, we’ll give a wave in return on our way up!
    Oh and enjoy the loyalty he’s gonna show you at the end of the season when he’s suddenly “too good for championship football”!

  • Denis Thwaites says:

    Leigh, Not sure about your assessment of Doyle. He looked the part when we got promoted to the Prem for the 2nd time under Bruce and was installed as number 1 keeper at that time over Taylor and even won some international caps. When promoted to the Prem he had a couple of howlers resulting in him being dropped and since then he has had to play second fiddle ever since to good keepers.
    This season his initial performances were woeful culminating in his clanger at Maribor and up until the 1st Wolves game he looked bereft of confidence and rooted to his line on any crosses sent his way.
    In my opinion Blues have one of if not the best goalkeeping coach around and I think that Doyle’s days with Blues are probably coming to an end. I hope he continues to recover his confidence and wins a contract elsewhere.

  • Ash w says:

    Before this tie with wolves I was always worried about the prospect of us getting promotion this season, the problem being that going up without investment could see us do a Derby and be made to look silly in the prem, I always thought a year consolidating in the championship awaiting new investment would be the sensible option. However the win over wolves and also seeing how Swansea and Norwich are doing have shown that the gap between bottom half of the prem and top half of the championship is not as great as it once was and therefore we would have a chance next season, if promotion is gained, of making a good account of ourselves.

  • leigh says:

    Not THE Denis Thwaites, the atacking winger of my youth ! But I do recall not many months ago Boaz Myhill was getting awful stick.
    You no doubt see more than me as I left the Midlands nearly 25 years ago, and I bow to your superior knowledge………but going from Schofield, Withers Herriot etc I still think the lads got something to offer.

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