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Enter the Dragon

As many of you will know, today is Chinese New Year – the year of the Dragon. With an eye on Birmingham City’s owners, I thought it might be interesting to look and see what the astrologers and knowledgeable people thought the year ahead might bring.

Today marks the start of the year of the Dragon; the only mythological animal in the Chinese Zodiac. It’s a creature traditionally linked with emporers, with power and money – and this year is seen by many in China as an auspicious time for a child to be born. This year is also the year of the Water Dragon – something that only happens every 60 years and is seen to be especially auspicious.

The year of the Dragon is also seen as a time of change; there are quotes all over the internet from Feng Shui masters that the year will be a time of positive change, of revival and of luck for businesses in trade and tourism. It’s seen as a year when maybe the tide will turn and what was once seen as problematic will become beneficial – a time for businesses to flourish.

The Dragon is also seen by some as being unpredictable; with forecasts of scandals bringing down leaders in China and Hong Kong. There are also predictions that whilst the second half of the year will be prosperous the first half will be very difficult for traders, particularly on the HKSE.

Now, for the average Birmingham City fan this means nothing. However, in China and in Hong Kong there is much more deference to astrology. If it seen as auspicious to invest in certain businesses this year, many people in the Far East will take this into account. After a few years of economic turmoil this year may be seen as the right time to invest. If China is seen to be the right place to put money into, it may well be that more Chinese will invest in Chinese businesses rather than elsewhere. All of this could well be good news for BIHL.

I can’t pretend to know what 2012 has in store for Carson Yeung, Birmingham City or anything else for that matter. What I do know is that the first three weeks have been positive; unbeaten on the pitch, seemingly better finances off it and a vibe from the club that promotion is a real possibility. All I can do is to wish Mr Yeung and the board of Birmingham International Holdings kung hei fat choi, or congratulations and prosperity for the new year.

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11 Responses to “Enter the Dragon”

  • poppa999 says:

    Could the opposite be true, that certain Directors have dumped negative baggage to go into the new year unhindered? Lets hope the Reading new Russian owners have got some rich mates who also want to play. Financial figures should be out on the 31st and we will all see the writing on the Wall.

  • prewarblue says:

    3 Chinese maidens talking about the man they want to marry, 1st one says”I want to marry a man with 1 dragon on his shirt,,,,2nd one says I want to marry a man with 2 Dragons on his shirt,,,,,,,3rd one [a dirty little scrubber ] says “Dont care how many Dragons on his shirt my man will have,,,,,as long as he has one “Drogon “on the floor

  • Geoff says:

    I don’t suppose last year was the Year of the Rat, by any chance?

  • arthur says:

    I have no idea what will happen to Carson and his oriental mates but I would be surprised if it doesn’t involve a long stretch in a chinese prison

    comment edited; please don’t be racist

  • We DO care about Carson says:

    Lets hope there is good fortune for Blues and this financial chaos is resolved.
    Carson has never seemed to wish anything else but to bring success for our club.

    The last regime ripped him off and he seems to have been undone by naivety.
    His business dealings in HK are there and previous in the same way the much lauded Harry Redknapp is in now. The latter (it could be argued) being more obviously pertaining to the wrong side of the law.

    We support the club We have a manager in that is working miracles and a team that has a desire to win games.

    The water dragon is welcome to caste it’s luck and charm on us and at the same time bring down it’s authority on weak money driven individuals such as Eck and his nomads…


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