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Spinning Plates

The funny thing about money is the less you have, the more you talk about it. I know in some eyes it’s tedious – and to be frank, I can almost agree with those people, Blues money worries are getting boring – but I’m going to touch on the subject once more, so please bear with me.

I think one of the chief problems we have is that many of us are jaded and cynical; the lack of information forthcoming from China coupled with (and you’ll have to excuse the cliché) Chinese whispers that surround the club have left many of us just exasperated. I mean, we hear that money has come in from China to help secure the club’s immediate future – and then we sell one of our few remaining players from the Carling Cup final. What’s going on?

From people I’ve spoken to, the money from China is just money to get us through to the end of the season. It’s not going to pay for new players – it’s going to pay the bills. So of course that begs the question – well, if the bills are paid why don’t we sit tight until the end of the season with what we have got and see where we are then? We’ve got a good, tight knit squad and we’re performing well – let’s go with it, eh?

The way I see it (and I’m working on some assumptions) is that whilst we do have a good, tight knit squad it’s also tiny. If we can get £2.5mil (and that is the bottom figure I’ve heard for Beausejour) plus his wages off the books, then we can maybe bring in a couple of cheaper players on lower wages to plug holes. Two for the price of one, if you will. Of course, this doesn’t work until we get the two players in – but that’s what I’m hoping will happen. I don’t think there is any coincidence either as to why Hughton is looking at as many people as he can before he brings someone in – again, I’m guessing but with a tight knit squad you need just the right kind of personality as well as player to fit into it. Of course, there is the danger that if you don’t move quick enough you’ll miss your chance – but this is what he gets paid for.

I have to admit, I also like the fact we seem to have a stack of ressie games we’re playing at the moment to look at trialists; whilst I think it’d be a million to one chance we’d pick up a diamond from the non-leagues I’m of no doubt that we can probably at least pick up cover – a raw striker or winger with pace and talent that maybe could be moulded into a pro. We can pick up non-contract players until some time in March – I’m not sure how non-league players fit into that, but I’m sure there is a bit more leeway with giving someone a contract from somewhere like Leamington FC than another league team.

It comes down to something I’ve said all season long – all we can do is wait and see; sit tight and hope that something comes off. It’s like the guy spinning plates at the circus – he’s got them all on the go, whirling around on their sticks and it comes down to which one drops first. Until one goes, we won’t know which way things are going to fall. Until then all we can do is continue to trust in Hughton.

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11 Responses to “Spinning Plates”

  • mark francis says:

    Totally agree with what you say and at least we have a manager we can trust not to make rash decisions. If has what has been said about all the bills being paid then thats one less thing to worry about and we can concentrate on the football side which is going to plan at the moment so lets just keep getting behind the team and ch and hope for the best k.r.o.

  • robbo says:

    I have just read the mails artical from CH where he stated he only expected 1 or maybe 2 players to go this month, in which case all is not lost, with the doom and gloom around maybe it is not as bad as is being made out by the media? Any thoughts?

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Out of our players I think we can afford to get rid of Foster and Ridgewell. We need to bring in a striker (maybe 2 if Zigic goes) . A left sided midfielder is a must now as I don’t think Redmond or Fahey are at their best on the left. Some people have been championing the case for Jervis and Valles for these two positions. I haven’t really seen either of them play so cannot argue one way or the other if they would cope. Lets hope CH is correct and we can get through these next few days with the minimal of upheaval. Roll on February 1st.

  • Mortonsblue says:

    CH has already said that we will only be taking players on loan – so what about the money from Beausejour and (almost done if you believe the press) Ridgwell?

  • skareggae72 says:

    As long as we keep winning then the money isnt a big issue to me & probably most here.
    When it (or if) it all goes`pete tong`then questions will be asked,so the people at the`top`better be prepared for that but i guess they will be all staying stum as usual.

  • jeff says:

    loans are fine.we need a few bodies for the next 5mnths.im still confident of at least play offs if we don,t shed anymore players except maybe ridge.the fact he barely plays means he wouldn,t disrupt the team.thats presuming no injuries as well..a few new faces to be on the safe side would be good though

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  • Richy says:

    I wonder if all those people who were happy to see the back of the previous owners are content now?
    All those morons who rounded on them in the stadium the day we were relegated.

    Sullivan, The Gold brothers, and especially Karen Brady were the best thing to ever happen to this club, they provided massive amounts of funds but the real problem was that the money was poorly spent on average players who failed massively to produce anything. I think Steve Bruce wasted over 20 million pounds. 3 million for the kid from Argentina, I can’t even remember his name, the list of wasted money is massive, the board took all the sh1t for this, I never hear anybody talk about the money that was wasted, the blame always went to the owners because they “lacked ambition”…well thats pure bullsh1t if you look back and consider the actual money they supplied and compare it to how things are right now.

    Carson Young is flat broke, going down for fraud and we need a new owner, forget about him, he is finished. I’m based in Thailand, In business here I’m surrounded by ethnic Chinese, most of them are dirty, dishonest, fraudulent, corrupt, untrustworthy….scoundrels. I knew as soon as I set eyes on CY that it would come to this.

    I guess what I really wanted to say was “f*** you” to all those who were and still are of the opinion that the previous owners were not up to the task of taking this club forward.

    They say you get what you deserve in life………

    • almajir says:

      I nearly didn’t approve this comment, but I thought it required posting to make a couple of points.

      1 – Carson is innocent until proven guilty.

      2 – to generalise the Chinese as “dirty, dishonest, fraudulent, corrupt, untrustworthy….scoundrels” is pretty damn racist.

      To use either as an example as I told you so… well.

      • skareggae72 says:

        The grass always looks greener in the next meadow,but when you get there it often isnt.

        G & S are in London now,which is what they have always wanted,they can charge £48 a ticket,as they said “London is a rich city,all other uk cities are poor cities” totally ignoring the fact that London has some of the poorest ares in western europe.
        Our grass might not be green but i will not be switching it for the G & S meadow.

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