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Levante Say No To Zigic

I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for any stories about impending transfers of Blues players, and I got sent this link about Nikola Zigic being turned down by Levante of la liga.

Levante, who are riding high at the moment in 4th place in Spain’s top flight are on the lookout for a striker to take some of the pressure off on-loan striker Arouna Koné but have reportedly turned down the chance to take either Nikola Zigic or John Carew on loan. Whilst it’s acknowledged that Zigic has had a good goalscoring record in Spain his injury record and his age have made him an unappealing signing.

Despite stories in the media about Blues having turned down a couple of loan offers for Zigic I’ve yet to see any other interest reported in the news of Zigic – if and when something comes out I’ll try to keep you posted.


6 Responses to “Levante Say No To Zigic”

  • Do you have a link or something that can verify that Levante have turned down John Carew?

  • Same one I’ve read. Nothing totally settled, though. Depends what else Levante can get. They’re not exactly known to spend much on signings. Depends more what Carew wants. A fat salary or more time on the pitch…

    • almajir says:

      Having seen Carew around these parts, I think he’d also like to make sure the town nightlife is up to scratch…

  • Dirty Bertie says:

    2 problems:
    1 No-one seems overly interested in Zig so are unlikely to want to pay him too much.
    2 Zig has indicated he’s happy where he is so someone will have to entice him with more money, which seems unlikely considering 1.

    Unless someone has a panic attack on the last day, I think he’s with us for the season.

  • […] been a glut of rumours about Nikola Zigic although I haven’t included rumours from a Spanish newspaper that Levante had rejected him or from a Serbian website that he’d been offered to Sunderland. […]

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