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Gossip Folks Week Six

We’re into the final hours of the transfer window now as I take my weekly look at the transfer rumour mill.

The updated spreadsheet is here – as you can see, there’s been a glut of rumours about Nikola Zigic although I haven’t included rumours from a Spanish newspaper that Levante had rejected him or from a Serbian website that he’d been offered to Sunderland. From what I can gather there has been a mandate given to a couple of agents to try and sort a move out for the Serb striker but his age, injury record and wages are a massive stumbling block.

Liam Ridgewell still finds himself without a move; despite a flurry of tweets this week from James Nursey – the Mirror man said that a second bid had been turned down on Tuesday, and on Wednesday that Ridgewell asked once again to leave. Then on Thursday there was news of dialogue, which was said to be problematic on Saturday and completely broken off on Sunday. Readers may be interested to hear that James Nursey has agreed to be interviewed for Often Partisan in the next week or two – I’m hoping to ask him if his own transfer to Wigan Athletic (as reported by the Denver, Colorado based Examiner.com) was a bit easier!

One rumour that broke on Saturday was that Nottingham Forest turned down a loan bid for midfielder Lewis McGugan – reported there by Sky but broken much earlier on twitter by John Percy, who works for Wardles.

The window closes at 11pm on Tuesday but as some deals take a little while to sort themselves out I’m planning to round this up for this window on Thursday.

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8 Responses to “Gossip Folks Week Six”

  • Coleshill Blue says:


  • parkp says:

    I agree cant wait to see the back of him. There is a bond within this squad which he obviously dont want to be part of.

  • Masaccio says:

    Why would you not want to be part of a squad that’s playing great football, scoring goals, doing well in the league and in the 5th round of the FA Cup? Apart from cash what have the romans done for us.

  • Blue Lou says:

    Masaccio- ridgewell wants to play in the premier league. The queue of clubs waiting to sign him says it all!
    Don’t need a want away spoiling the dressing room confidence. We have a great group of lads now that all want to work hard for the manager, Ridgewell thinks he’s above the championship now, we’re not good enough for him.

    Good riddance, the sooner the better I say!!


  • BigDave says:

    Why do you give Nursey such credence? He has got himself in a twist with Ridgewell. He’s seems to be on some sort of Rosie 47. He reports a second bid was made when Albion and Blues say no no such thing. then says it’s happening then it is. talk about hedging your bets,. the bloke is an embarrassment to himself and his profession

  • Gerry McDermott says:

    With the lack of players coming in to Blues, I’d argue keep Ridgewell to keep squad numbers up – also he’s apparently on fairly modest wages? Unless, of course, an offer comes in that is just to good to refuse!

  • Bluehobba says:

    Maybe Nursey will get Wigan the goals they need to survive in the prem. He might keep Beausejour out the side ha ha

  • dazofwolvo says:

    weve gotta get ridgwell out of blues also cant see any way back for foster after his comments last week.cant see albion paying 5 million for him though.

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