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The Day of Reckoning

I’ve got today marked off on the calendar, and not just because it’s my Dad’s 60th Birthday. (Happy Birthday Pa!). You see, today is the first day I think Blues can properly think about bringing in loan players.

The loan window has been open for over a week I hear you cry. We’re desperate for players, why do we have to wait a week and a half to bring in a player when those around us aren’t? The key comes down to rules regarding temporary transfers.

You see, an “emergency loan” can only be for a maximum of ninety-three days (as per the rulebook) – and with the playoff final being nearly three weeks after the end of the season today is the first day that a player can be taken on loan which can be extended until the playoff final. Thus if we were to loan a player who is 21 or over before the end of the season (which would rule them out of being a “youth loan”) we couldn’t loan them before today and guarantee we’d have them for every game we’d possibly need them. Youth loans do not have a maximum length and thus aren’t affected by this.

I’m not saying that this is definitely the reason we’ve not brought anyone in yet – just that it might have factored into the club’s thinking to ensure that they get the best value for their money. Whilst I understand that people are worrying that no one has been brought in, the thing to remember is that there is still time. The loan window (and free transfer window) remains open until the fourth Thursday in March – March 22 – which is a shade under five weeks away.

Let’s hope Hughton is given the chance to bring in the players he and the club needs to ensure we give our promotion push the best possible chance of success.

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