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Jose Mourinho

Ah, the mainstream media. You’ve got to love them when they come out with articles like this one. To think a reporter asked the Special One himself about Chelsea fans chanting his name.

Of course, Blues fans know better. Those who were there will testify, it was the real Blues fans singing Mourinho’s name, as a taunt to the fans of a team worth hundreds of millions losing to a patched up Birmingham City side.

This is what happens when all you concentrate on is the terrible form of Fernando Torres and the managerial tactics of André Villas-Boas rather than report on the game in front of you. In short, the mainstream media got trolled by a bunch of pissed-up Brummies. Take a bow Fleet Street, you played a blinder on this one.

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6 Responses to “Jose Mourinho”

  • Bluehobba says:

    Just shows.. don’t believe all you read.

  • tall blue says:

    according to some papers chelsea didnt play anyone saturday -they were on the pitch on thier own – well thats what you would think reading some reports- no credit given to us at all – all chelsea,chelsea,chelsea

  • tom says:

    fools…as if they are that bllind to our existance n that game

  • Norman says:

    even in the 60’s /70’s while waiting for the train back from London bought a paper.No resemblance to the game we watched. And no mention of away teams’ players. It went: “Charlie George’s peach of a shot – B’ham defender clears”. Same now, so biased.

  • Denis Thwaites says:

    I thought Chelsea had played some team called “In Form Birmingham” as numerous pundits kept referring to us!! Also when the Drog was warming up by the Blues fans they had a bit of banter with him by chanting “Zambia” I am therefore surprised the result was not shown as Chelsea 1 Zambia 1.

  • paulo says:

    I was there at Stamford Bridge at this game, and I will remember it for many reasons! We were so loud that 3000 of us versus apporx 33,500 chelsea fans ..you could have heard a pin drop on their side, basically we were just enjoying ourselves and did it show! I read a report from someone in the opposite stand saying BCFC fans were simply the loudest!
    We sang loads, and yeah ‘Zambia, Zambia, Zambia’ was a class moment, as well as ‘Let’s all do the Drogba!’ (waving arms about stupidly), and the ‘Jose Mourinho’ was funny ..as AVB was obviously mental to think he was going to take the piss out of us! Blues are tough, and it felt like a Europa League outing, where we took no s**t.
    Apparently we (BCFC fans) didnt get any camera coverage, although we did get the treament from everyone down there ..it was all about chelsea! Even their programme was hilarious ..we just weren’t welcome!

    Bring on the replay, i just hope ‘EVERY BLUENOSE’ in St Andrews that night makes a noise!

    (oh, and I got told that reports from chelsea fans totally slated us, our stadium and more importantly ..our pitch! ..a radio 5 snippet shortly after it finished).

    Keep Right On!

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