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The Season So Far In Numbers

With last night being our fifteenth match unbeaten in all competitions (matching the unbeatables run of 2009/10) I thought I’d take a look at some of the other statistics out there in what is turning out to be an amazing season for Blues.

Blues have scored 50 League goals (31 league games) so far this season, and a total of 67 in all competitions (44 games). The 67 in all competitions is 2 more than we got in the whole of last season (which was 49 games), 18 more than we got in the 9th place/unbeatables season (45 games) and 9 more than the previous promotion season (49 games). Blues are just four short of their league goal tally from their last promotion season with 15 games to go, and have already scored three more away goals than in that season, in seven fewer games.

With their 11th match unbeaten in a row in the Championship Blues now share the record with Middlesbrough for the longest unbeaten sequence in the division this season, and are now the only team to be unbeaten in all competitions in the top four divisions of English football in 2012. Last night was our fifth away league win of the season (ninth in all competitions); last season we managed 2 league wins away from St Andrews and only 3 in all competitions.

To achieve this, Birmingham City have used only twenty six players in all competitions, with only 21 of these having started a game. Bearing in mind Blues have now played 44 games and it’s only the end of February that in itself is testament to the durability of the squad Chris Hughton has put together. Two players (Marlon King and Chris Wood) have already surpassed last season’s best goalscoring tally by a single player; Chris Burke has now got nine from right wing and there have been eleven players to score for Blues this season.

There are a minimum of sixteen games to go, and there are now no free midweek slots at all between now and the end of the season. Should Birmingham City beat Chelsea in the replay at St Andrews and progress to the Quarter finals of the FA Cup Blues will face the unenviable task of potentially playing four games in seven days.

Pretty incredible, huh?

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28 Responses to “The Season So Far In Numbers”

  • neil says:

    interesting reading, although just to pick you up on the last point, there are is one free midweek, the last week is still free, between 21/4 – 28/4,

    il throw in another stat for you,ive done some checking and the fewest goals we have conceded in a 23 game home season is 15 in 1998-1999 and 1997-1998, so the 6 goals conceded at home is also heading for a record.

  • Masaccio says:

    Amazing stats from an amazing team! Let’s hope Ziggy and N’Daw are back this weekend as we need numbers. But whoever plays for blues they appear to be doing well.

  • Smokin says:

    Somebody should send this to Jason Mellor at the Times. In his Barnley match report he states that we could only play so many games because of our large squad, and that yesterday we “rested” four of our star players from the Chelsea game….. presumably Doyle, Rooney, Ibanez and Carr permitting will all be back to their “regular” starting positios on Saturday :)

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Another southern based journo with his head up his rrs, how difficult is it for journalists to actually check their ‘facts’. Really is lazy journalism!

  • kelly says:

    Sadly, only watched, at home, by an average of 18,700 souls.

  • neil says:

    the other numbers are the fact that 0 loan signings have been made to relieve some of the pressure on the current squad, i put the blame firmly on the doorstop of peter pannu where ever he may be

    • bassman says:

      that’ll be the Pannu that signed CH , the reason we’re reading this article, lets face it the anti CY and PP brigade are becoming more like dodo’s everyday. Fact , we were a yo yo club under the Gollivan regime an won nothing of note under their tenure , we’re still a yo yo but have had our first big trophy under CY and are embarked on a remarkable championship season , and the disaffected few still want to revel in perceived administration and a pipe dream change of ownership. give me CY and PP anyday if this is the style of football we can look forward to

    • LodgeLion says:

      Peter Pannu has done a great job so I do not understand where the negative comments come from? The problems in Hong Kong are not of his making. No one likes to see our players being sold but, as a result, we seem to be solvent which is more than clubs like Portsmouth can say. If he had kept our best players and we went into administration, the complainers might have had something to complain about! He also brought in Chris Hughton when Carson allegedly wanted Zola.

      • ExPatJohn says:

        PP is the front of CY. Face the facts, they have financially brought the club close to its knees. I shall cut PP some slack as he’s the yes man for HK, but I shall also concede kudo’s to him for standing firm on the appointment of CH.
        In fairness a lot of the verbal abuse of PP has diminished, but that is down in the main to CH and the players and their astonishing run so far this season. Long may it continue.
        Proof of the pudding is, IMHO at least, still to be realised. Funds need to be released for some loan signings to help out over the rest of the season.

        PS: Good thread Mayor.

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Many thanks for your positive input Neil!

  • Qatarblue says:

    Truly remarkable really. It’s the 18 goals in the last 10 minutes statistic that to me really shows the spirit and endurance that CH has engendered into the squad this season. Plus every single player has been shining at one time or another.
    Feel good factor is back big time.
    Plus it’s graet to have a manager with the integrity and dignity that CH has shown all season.
    Proud to be a bluenose KRO.

  • Chris Quinn says:

    How can such a positive post breed such negative comments? Get a grip.

  • Alan Watton says:

    some good stats here but In the last promotion year we were 10 points better off at this point and only third. We were as now 6 points behind the leaders abd finished the same.

  • Spotlight Kid says:

    A few more numbers, based on Blues current form (over the last 10 games) the team is on course for 90 points… whether this is enough depends on other teams. The full top 8 extrapolation is revealed in my previous post on OP (in the blog preceeding this):


    • Andy says:

      I think one of the keys to where we finish in the table will come down to our home games against Boro, Cardiff and Reading.

      Win all three of these games and barring a disaster we will be nailed on in the play-offs and looking good for automatic, lose all three and we’ll be lucky to scape into the top 6.

      Beat Reading on the last day of the season to seal promotion, can lightning strike twice?

  • Denis Thwaites says:

    i don’t see why PP should suddenly get any credit over the appointment of CH. I have heard the rumour that Zola was the first choice but a) I doubt he would ever have accepted the job and b) I guess the terms he would have been seeking well exceeded what we were prepared to pay. This is all heresay of course and matters not a dot. The fact here as borne out by all these stats is that possibly through luck we have in my opinion got the best manager this club has ever had.
    He has without doubt performed miracles. The point that has been made that players just slot in and do a job has become more evident as the season has progressed. Earlier in the season I used to fear the fact that we were making half a dozen changes but now I just know that whoever wears the shirt will perform. We have seen a massive improvement in some players brought on I suppose by confidence and coupled with how well organised we now are it is no wonder we are breaking the BCFC stats book. It is costing us an arm and a leg to follow Blues this year but in my view worth it to see such an honest bunch trying to schieve the impossible.

  • Saudi Bluenose says:

    And how many of our goals scored have came in the final 10 mins of a game? I read a stat recently that said it was a third of all our goals had come late on. I knew we had scored a few late ones but I didn’t expect it to be as high 20!

  • texaspete says:

    Next week we don’t have a midweek game?

  • Joe says:

    Almajir, been having a think about the players blues could be interested in and the one stand-out choice that hasn’t been mentioned is re-signing James Mcfadden on loan, now i know he wasn’t massively popular with every blues fan but can cover left mid and up top and an experienced head that Hughtons after, what’d you think?

  • Dirty Bertie says:

    Ok stattos here’s one: how many minutes has each of the 26 players clocked up in all comps to date? And, if it took a man a week to walk a fortnight how many…

  • Fatguyinthepaddocks says:

    I am relieved that all the stuffabout CY and co as diminished a little. I would like to comment on our players who in most part are seen asbit players. The Hammers released inmo a committed no nonsense defender had the odd blip first part of the season but now has been looking every bit the right back we need, with our captain finding it hard to get over a troublesome knee problem, Spector has been outstanding and many times for me man of the match.

    Now when our midfield became somewhat depleated sale of key players making it tick over etc. one player we had in our ranks had to step upto the plate. Fahey had a dodgy start to the season,but now he is looking more than a bit player, i have to say that with the team management the staff have instilled into the team is a breath of fresh air.
    Thankyou CH PT and CC. So before i meander off the aforementioned players have had a lot to prove and boy have they. when we do have our blip in the last 15 games or so, because of the durability of the team so far im sure they will bounce back straight away. We have proved a lot of the pundits wrong, so lets keep on going on in that vain i am sure we will. ill sign off now by saying “Get right behind the boys” weather it be at home or down the hallowed turf and of course wherever you are KRO …

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