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Update on Carson’s Court Case

News has broken in the last hour with regards to the court case Carson was facing with respect to a defaulted loan secured on his property in Barker Road in Hong Kong.

Oriental Daily reports that the hearing has been adjourned for a full hearing to be heard at some point in the future, to last half a day. The chief complication appears to be the affect that the asset freeze order placed against the house has on the charge that Wing Hang bank have on it.

Carson’s defence is that a third party was due to pay the interest that was due on the loan but this was rejected by Wing Hang bank as they suspected it may be further money laundering. Wing Hang bank has denied this.

The Master who is hearing the case will contact the Department of Justice prior to the full hearing to discuss the implications of the assets freeze order.

As and when a new date is announced for the case, I shall update you.


39 Responses to “Update on Carson’s Court Case”

  • squealy says:

    News has broken….

  • DoctorD says:

    Um, so will Fahey partner Mutch in midfield then?

    I wonder if Carson would recognize Fahey and Mutch, or any other player for that matter, if he met them in the street. Also do you think he signs in to bcfc.com to watch games….I wonder.

  • a hawkins says:

    ‘We dont care about Carson,he dont care about us. All we care about is BCFC’

  • a hawkins says:

    The sooner our club is rid of this chinese idiot the sooner we can move on. After the greatest day of my life when we won the cup the club should of moved on and enjoyed continued sucess. But the club has gone from one crisis to another. Chris Hughton and the boys are doing everything they possible can to lift the spirits and i must say doing a very good job of it. But until things are sorted with Carson then it will be like a dark shadow that continues to follow us. Ive supported my club for over thirty years andso many times have seen the club take one giant leap forward but then three giant leaps backwards. I have and always will love my beloved club and always hope that one day somebody will come in with the mega billions that the Man City has. But ubtil that day it will feel like that we are always hanging on in there. We all know that the club has so much potential and if anybody is willing to take the risk and invest then this club could be massive. But until then we only have our dreams.

    • a hawkins says:

      I respect your comments Bazzabluenose BUT long before all the stories that came out about the money laundering etc there were rumours about him and his so called fortune. He made promises that he couldnt keep on spending on new players. I honestly believe he jumped in with his eyes wide shut,not realising the kind of money that is required to run a football club. Also a lot of these owners no nothing about football and just look at the opportunity of making money.

    • SirHarry1875 says:

      “We all know that the club has so much potential and if anybody is willing to take the risk and invest then this club could be massive”I just dont agree with that. Third in the league, 12 months on from winning a major trophy, a week after gaining a very proud draw at Stamford Bridge and one of the best managers in the game and we cant break 20,000 against Forest!! Its pathetic. Dont blame the recession. A third of our support at Wembley last year is’nt suddenly unemployed or find it tough. We just are’nt a big club. Never have been, never will be.

  • You would think that the legal teams on both sides would have thought this obvious component of this case through. If the man’s assets are frozen he is hardly likely to be able to furnish interest on a multimillion dollar loan drawn up using his home as collateral is he? It doesn’t surprise me that this case has been adjourned; I for one never believed there was ever going to be any clarity over this issue and certainly not whilst the money laundering case still hangs over everything connected to it. Once gain the only winners in all this are the lawyers who are more than happy to put off the judgement until later since they continue to make hay in the meantime. Finally may I remind all the CY detractors out there that our owner is an innocent man at this stage and there is no evidemce that he doesn’t care about us as the chant goes. Until there is clear proof presented in a court of law that that is the case I think we should all keep an open mind and just get on with supporting the manager and the team on the field. KRO

    • almajir says:

      I thought that there may have been some legal precedent for them to refer to; the fact that even the judge has had to ask the question surprised me. Like you say, it’s the defence you’d expect from Carson – whether it works or not is a different matter.

  • Masaccio says:

    Procrastination, the thief of time. I wonder if that is the motto of the Chinese legal system? They certainly like to take their time over things.

  • shedrocket says:

    As ever with the chinese its all smoke and mirrors, but certainly carson must be deemed innocent until proven guilty. I actually think that if carson had billions he would fund us handsomely, he loves his football, but deep down we all know that even if he gets found not guilty of all charges he hasn’t got the money required to run a successful prem club in todays climate. The sooner we find someone else to take the reigns hopefully with more financial clout the better.

  • hammy says:

    at the end of the day, if u really think about it, we dont really care who it is who owns us do we???

    all we want, just like any other footy fans, is for our club, birmingham city, to be successfull and have plenty of investment……

    so, if, and when we are eventually bought out and have new, hopefully mega rich owners, :) will we really care whats happening to carson and his crew????

    will we f*ck as like….

    its our club we love, NOT who owns us…..

    comment edited

  • hammy says:

    s**t on the villa…..like that do u mean???

  • manicmac says:

    Like everyone else I don’t know if Carsen is guilty or not. The chant about carsen is catchy, but thats about all. If anything Carsen is guilty of paying too much to Gold and Sullivan and underestimating how much money he’d need to pump into the Club. The fact the Ginger idiot wasted most of the cash is not Carsens fault. ‘He don’t care about us’ about the bloke who mortgaged his house (which he might now lose) and put the money into the club is just a stupid thing to chant.
    I wish he’d give an interview or something to at least reafirm his commitment to the club. Don’t forget he used to fly from China and back to watch the matches (Gold and sullivan complained about being driven up from London!

  • hammy says:

    mac, i just gotta say, i realy dont think there was alot wrong with the majority of the team we had. it was mcleishs shockingly negative, and woeful tactics that took us down….

    • manicmac says:

      I’d probably agree with that – but I’m just trying to make the point that Carsen didn’t pick the team or set the tactics. We were really unlucky with injuries as well and some of the players lost there heads (Gardiner)
      Obvioulsy the problems in China are a real worry, but the finance for the club always depended on us being in the premier league.
      I can’t help thinking if the case against Carsen was strong – it would have been tried by now

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    This situation seems to get more and more mired in the sticky stuff.

    Many many more questions than answers.

    Even though this is not directly linked to BCFC, in – directly it could have huge implications as to what happens to our club. Depending on how the court rule at the next hearing – provided it is settled at that stage, this might be the avenue CY takes in keeping BCFC going by asking ‘third parties’ to make payments / release funds up until his criminal case is resolved. Thinking about it, any associate or business contact would only do so on the basis they would be more or less guaranteed a return and knowing that CY would soon enough be in a position to deal with his financial matters and obligations.

    There is no chance of a billionaire taking us over any time soon. We are not based in London and the Sheiks only took over Man City as a finger in the eye to Man U. In addition, Man City was / is a big club with a large fan base, history etc..
    Even fans with serious wealth taking over clubs is not all it might appear at first – look at Mike Ashley with Newcastle.

    The only way we will crack on and steadily improve ourselves (club – wise of course), is with CY taking full control again and learning from the past 2 & 1/2 years since his takeover. He is obviously not silly enough to recognise that he has made in errors in the purchase and subsequent handling of Blues, and, I believe, given the chance would set about prioritising his responsibilities and those of the club. No – one likes to believe they have been ripped off and made a fool of.

    Rightly or wrongly, CY has not become wealthy and privileged enough to buy what was then and soon will be again, a English Premier League club. There is no chance he will be giving us regular updates about how he is keeping a stiff upper – lip until all of these shenanigans are resolved – the mentality and code is obviously not same in the Far East and there is a separate way of doing things. We can no more judge than be judged upon. Some will argue that as it has implications for our club then we should be kept ITK, but up until CY officially relinquishes control, he paids his monies so he calls the shots. And we do care about CY, I can distinctly remember last season’s home game against Blackburn – the one in which there was a chinese dance troupe on the field, and CY and his son did a semi lap of of the pitch with PP, and the vast vast majority of fans applauded, sang his name, and strained to shake his hand.

    How soon one becomes an expert in changing their opinions and emotions.

    Regarding ‘that’ song, I took my european mate to his first Blues match against Watford, and after hearing it he wanted to know why those zitty teenagers in the Spion Kop were singing about a german footballer ( Carsten Jancker ) and appeared so concerned about a bank (HSBC) ?

  • mitchell says:

    “We don’t care about breakfast. We don’t care about lunch. All we care about is eating our teeeee.”

    Appreciate a lot of fans don’t join in with that song due to the bad language etc. ( Being brutally honest I sing at the top of my voice)

    Facts are Carson paid over the odds for us with other people’s money; the man is beyond stupid.

    The man is a cancer to our club.


    • Euston 9.18 says:

      Don’t know how old you are MITCHELL.

      But can you plz tell me which chairman/board havn’t shafted us BLUES FANS ??

      Do you remember the Coombs family running the BLUES ??

      Wheldon ??

      Kumar ??

      Cockney mob ??

      BIRMINGHAM CITY were run by local businessmen until 1965.

      Maybe one day we may go back to pre/1965.


  • Gazablue says:

    I hope that if Carson is cleared he realises that the spotty idiots that sing that bloody song are the minority. They are no doubt the same idiots that were calling for Sullivan and Gold to sell the club only a few years ago.

    My daughter and i have a season ticket in the Tilton and also attend many away games, Are we wrong in thinking that the song seems to start from the none season ticket areas?.

    Will they never learn?, have they never heared the phrase “Better the devil you know”.

    • Flying Doctor says:

      “have they never heared the phrase “Better the devil you know”.
      With hindsight, that is certainly true of the previous board. Whatever you think of them, they wouldn’t have made some of the stupid decisions the current lot have done.

  • james says:

    Well I’ll tell you EUSTON – 33.

    Too young to remember anything pre Wheldon – the only board that ran us as a business ( fyi – that’s something that makes money) were Gold et al. We had no debt up until Carson came along.

    Gazablue – Most of the songs tend to come from Block 11, the majority of which are ST Holders. I have been to Forest, Sheffield Utd, Leeds, Barnsley, Southampton & Watford this season AND that song is sung by the majority. Appreciate you have a daughter and the song contains some bad language. Tough. My first match was in 1986 with my father and heard SOTV and various other songs with bad language – he looked at me with a sly grin and said ‘ don’t repeat it’. I didn’t. ( Well not until I had the balls to swear in front of him, which was about 6 months ago) He didn’t feel the need to chastise other fans for swearing.

    • Euston 9.18 says:

      We had no debt !!!!!! LoL !!!!!!!!!

      All the cockney mob wanted was a new stadium !!!!!!!!!!!!


      They bought the BLUES for 1p and left with millions in there pocket,sully & gold gave BLUES a loan,what did the old secretary from the sport put in ?????

      She left with her “gucci” handbag full of notes !!


    • almajir says:

      Except for the £12million or so they left Carson.

      The greatest PR exercise ever was the Sullivan/Gold “we left Blues with no debt”. Absolutely, utterly, untrue.

      • john.kelly@mottmac.com says:

        They left a debt and a team promoted to the Prem with all the money that goes with it. Money that should have more than covered the inherited debt

  • james says:

    Have a day off!

    How much money do we have to spend on players? – £0 How much money has CH been given after the sale of Johnson & Co? – £0. Give me one instance where the previous board didn’t spend money, even with relegation’s?

    They gave us stability and 3/4 of a half decent stadium. Carson has given us staggering debt and national embarrassment. But that’s okay because he’s innocent until proven guilty. Of course he is.

    The previous board were no saints, and in the end took the money and ran. I was angry that they didn’t finish what they started. Disappointed that we never pushed on after spending 3 seasons in the Premiership and battering those in pink and blue over the road. But compared to this lot?

  • james says:

    It was the happiest day of my life Almajir – and for that I am eternally grateful.

    But, and it’s a rather large but, he’s locked up with his assets frozen. We have nothing because of his financial errors/mistakes/naivety. Cutting our cloth accordingly is part and parcel of being relegated ( we have experienced it often enough!), and for what it’s worth, everyone we have sold has gone for a fair price. But these sales have been quick and in huge numbers and everyone bar Fahey, Ziggy & Carr have gone.

    I’m prepared to accept that PP should be given more credit; CH is a genius. but Carson has damaged our club. If Chris was left with some cash and the charges against CY were not so numerous, then fair enough. But we are where we are financially due to Carson.

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    You seemed to forgot also……

    C`young was on the board with the cockney mob.

    And then sold him BIRMINGHAM CITY,but of course it was all done “IN GOOD INTERESTS OF BIRMINGHAM CITY” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They did the MAIN STAND OUT WELL !!

    “PROMISES ………. PROMISES …… Typical cockneys “ALL MOUTH” ;)


  • andy says:

    Alex McLeish and his players gave us a trophy, not Carson and that will be the yardstick for any future manager and his team to be measured by. People should give Carson and the board some slack because the football club is still running and CH has been able to bring players in.

  • james says:

    And the Kop,Tilton & Railway End…………

  • DoctorD says:

    If there’s any good in having got relegated, it’s not still having all those expensive players on our books and with the owner going in and out of court. Can you imagine the speculation then? It would have been massively unsettling.

  • […] Mortgage Case Update As you may well know from reading this site, Carson was in court with respect to a defaulted loan secured on his property on Barker Road in Hong Kong last month. […]

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