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Carson Mortgage Case Update

As you may well know from reading this site, Carson was in court with respect to a defaulted loan secured on his property on Barker Road in Hong Kong last month. There has now been a full hearing scheduled by the Hong Kong judiciary to decide whether the bank can foreclose on the property.

The case is to be heard on 4 June 2012 at 10am in a hearing expected to last half a day in court. The court is also expected to have on hand details of how Carson’s asset freeze order affects the proposed foreclosure by the bank.

I will of course update the blog when news of the result of the hearing breaks.

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2 Responses to “Carson Mortgage Case Update”

  • Oldbluenose says:

    As the proposed court hearing obviosly has a bearing on our club, Supposing that it finds against Caron Yueng, and either he loses possesion of his home, or monies are deucted from his account[s]. particullly the latter, Would that herald the selling of the Blues, [ amongst other holdings ] to meet these ” costs “,
    Can you deduce, as yet,?.

    • almajir says:

      I don’t think it’ll be a quick and easy finish.

      I think if the court finds against him and the bank foreclose, if Carson can appeal he will – after all, wouldn’t we all if faced with losing our home?

      The one thing that I think WILL be interesting is that more of the asset freeze orders should come to light – that could be telling.

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