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McFadden and the D-Club; What I’ve Been Reading This Week

As you may know, I regularly read other Birmingham City related stuff online, and in this regular feature I’ve been featuring the best of what I’ve seen. Here’s what I’ve found this week.

I’m only in my mid-thirties, so unfortunately most of my personal football memories are post-Hillsborough; all-seater stadiums, no alcohol in sight of the pitch and fairly sanitised. Thus I love reading stuff like this well-written piece by Trev984 over at the Birmingham City Fans Forum. Trev talks about belonging to the D-Club at St Andrews in the sixties and seventies. He paints a picture of a much-different football experience; having a pint at the ground on a lunch break in midweek, mixing with the players of the day and yesteryear over a couple of drinks and the funny scrapes that he could get into whilst travelling away on their coach. It seems a world away from the way things are now, and I must admit I’m almost jealous that I never got to experience football like that.

Itsroundandwhite.co.uk host a good selection of writers, and this piece about James McFadden written by Joe McKelvie shows the sort of talent that they have on the site. Too often websites write stories like this relying on what they can find on wikipedia but this is a well-researched, factually impressive piece that traces the career of Jimmy Mac from his early days with Motherwell through his time with Everton and Blues to where he is now, touching on the sadness of McFadden’s injury-shortened international career. Faddy’s career with Blues wasn’t the great success we hoped when we signed him for a hefty £5mil, and I wonder how much better Blues would have done had the Scotsman been fit last season.

If you have written or read something that you think I should include in this feature, please let me know.

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4 Responses to “McFadden and the D-Club; What I’ve Been Reading This Week”

  • bluenose08 says:

    When i was in my late teens i worked in birmingham and was a member of the supporters club and would often go in for a drink after the game. on one occasion i got talking to some lads who were planning to hire a mini bus and go to ayr for a midweek texaco cup game so i signed up. Took the day off work and we left st andrews at 10am and after a few stops arrived at ayr about 6pm went for a drink and then whilst we were stood outside singin k.r.o. freddie goodwin the manager came out and gave us all free tickets to get in. Cant remember but i think the game was a draw! After the match went in to the prince of wales pub and had a few drinks with the ayr supporters then it was the long drive back arriving in brum at 7.30am with no sleep straight in to work for 8am! happy days. k.r.o.

  • NooBloo says:

    Wonderful article on Faddy.

    I saw him play for Motherwell Everton and B/ham and a once upon a time England Captain once described him to me as being as good as Davie Cooper but could do what Davie could do with both feet and not just his left foot.

    No body ever saw the best of McFadden because he was at his best when he was ‘show boating’ and sadly he never ever played for a club which could afford that luxury

  • Daniel says:

    McFadden was technically very good but he didn’t play to the potential of his abilities. I think that lies with him more than the clubs he played for to be honest. He always seemed to me to lack a little direction, purpose and imagination on the pitch. Technically great but lacked ideas, for me.

  • ESONEULB says:

    Thanks for the kind words about Trev984’s blog, he will be delighted it came across well to everyone. He is such a nice guy.

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