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Damian Zamorano

The Daily Mirror reported late on Wednesday evening that Blues were looking to sign trialist Damian Zamorano after a successful spell on trial at the club but were currently thwarted by the transfer embargo currently enforced against the club.

The youngster had, according to James Nursey, impressed on trial scoring goals in friendlies and reserve games during a three-week trial. However, there have been conflicting reports from Argentina.

According to El Atlantico, the Argentine midfielder had returned to his club after an unsuccessful trial spell in England. Note that his club is Argentine third tier side Club Atletico Union and not as reported in the Daily Mirror Primera division side Union de Santa Fe.

Furthermore, as backed up by the Spanish wikipedia page, Zamorano has now moved onto fellow third-tier side Club Atletico Kimberley (which is where Julian Cardellino played), where he impressed scoring on their debut in the Torneo Argentina C.

In short, don’t believe the hype.


6 Responses to “Damian Zamorano”

  • BillyBS says:

    Two words: James Nursey. End of.

  • Stratty says:

    I must admit, as soon as I saw his name, I stopped reading… he’s full of it…

  • Kaje says:

    As has been said, James Nursey – least informed Midlands based football journo.

  • Bradley says:

    I make that 23 articles on the trot without getting one correct, I’ve picked more winners in the National than he’s had true articles.

  • Kaje says:

    Ah! Notice how the article has now changed?

    He’s now saying the move has been put on hold due to the transfer embargo.

    Perhaps he wrote a blatantly false article using absolute guess work before remembering (or more likely being told) that Blues were the subject of a transfer embargo.

    Insert appropriate term of ‘endearment’ here… ;)

  • Nigel1875 says:

    It’s well known that because he is banned from every club in the Midlands the only people who are prepared to talk to him are agents who big up their players and he trots out their bidding time after time. remember he was basically bumming Ridgewell’s agent since relegation? facts don’t matter to Nursey

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