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Well, it’s the morning after a deliriously happy night before, and I figured I should try and put some thoughts into writing on here.

1) Don’t Stop Believing…

I’ll admit it, at half time I thought we were out, and we deserved to be out. We’d been very ineffective, Derbyshire was a waste of a shirt and we hadn’t been able to get the ball at all in midfield. I’d forgotten though that this is a team that doesn’t stop believing in itself, and it’s a team that fights like a tiger to the death. The introduction of Zigic was the catalyst for us to win it, and his presence up the pitch just pulled us towards their goal like a lanky Serbian magnet.

2) Trust in Jiranek

I’ve been saying for a while we should give our Czech centre half a run, and after an admittedly shaky first ten minutes (which I think was sorted out by him and Johnson switching sides), he really grew into the role. He’s not a defender like Rog, in that he’s not blood and thunderous tackles; as my good friend IPF sat next to me pointed out he’s more Cunningham-esque, in that he would step in, take the ball and then move it out of danger. Sky apparently weren’t impressed with Martin, which surprises me as more than one blues fan who went said he was MOTM.

3) I want to know what powers Stephen Carr

Seriously, he’s like the energiser bunny, he never stops. A bloke who is a year older than me, who was retired from the game for four months has no right to be running like that down the wing in extra time. For me, Carr was man of the match. He put in a shift and a half, never giving up down the right and at times embarrassing Larsson by getting further forwards, yet he was always there to help cover his centre back. He typifies the spirit of the team, and I think as inspired purchases go he’s up there as one of the best.

4) If that doesn’t convince you Zigic is a good player, nothing ever will

As I alluded to previously, the introduction of Zigic to the game changed everything. I saw mention on the Guardian comments that people thought he couldn’t head it or control it – were they watching the same game as me? The reason we pushed so far up the pitch was when the ball was played up, he’d move towards it, win it with his head or his chest, and flick or control it to another player. His passing isn’t bad, his desire is there for all to see – he was helping tackling back in extra time and his face after the whistle told a story of a man who wants to be a hero for us. There are rumours that we might ship him out; I hope to God that they aren’t true as Zigic could well have turned our season around.

5) Carlton Cole

It’s well known Blues need another striker, and if we could persuade the Hammers to let him go, I think Cole would be the perfect fit for us. I was impressed with him all night; his control of the ball was excellent, and he held it up for them so well. He showed he has a football brain, and his finish was top-drawer. I know he’s had his problems with injuries, but on that form you can see why he was and is around the England team.

6) Eck

For me, Eck has delivered this season – a major final and a day out at Wembley. Should we do the unthinkable and actually win it, that seals it for Eck. He could manage the team the rest of the season dressed in a pink tutu and a bra, and I wouldn’t care. Last season he gave us our best finish for 50 years. This season he’s given us our first major final at Wembley for 55 years, and our first major final anywhere in ten. He got team selection bob on last night – I felt confident walking up to the ground; and he got the subs bob on as well. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Trust in Eck.

7) And finally…

Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be, we’re going to Wem-ber-lee, que sera sera…

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One Response to “Wembley”

  • andy says:

    Re: Jiranek

    What really impressed me was that he was clearly organising the back line at times, to the people saying that he doesn’t have enough experience of the premiership, this guy is clearly a born leader.

    We have found our new back four to last until the end of the season.

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