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Beaten But Not Bowed

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Despite coming back from the dead and looking like it was actually possible for ten minutes or so, Blues couldn’t quite get the result that was needed and have bowed out of the playoffs.

In honesty, I don’t think on the balance of the two legs Blues deserved to go through. For too long the team didn’t seem at the races at all and when they finally did start playing the task was too great despite the decent fist of a comeback that they made. It wasn’t about tiredness from too many games or tactical naiveté or even bad luck – Blues just weren’t as good as Blackpool over the 180 minutes.

However, in the darkness there is light. Nathan Redmond dispelled the poor performance away in Lancashire with a passionate display as a substitute that got the crowd on their feet and the team forward into the right areas. Once again, the “first touch” thing rang true – his first action was to shimmy and get the ball past a defender which excited the Tilton, and Redmond was sparked up to keep trying to beat defenders and get the ball into dangerous areas.

Colin Doyle, on what was his 50th and probably last performance was poor however. It’s a cliché to never get beaten on your near post and he near enough chucked in the opening goal. The slickness of the ball and the surface from the rain won’t have helped but I thought his distribution was poor, his command of the area was scarily bad – how many times did we see a defender hoof it rather than trust Doyle to collect – and it seemed apparent that the big occasion got to him.

The midfield seemed to be poor again; as predicted Jonathan Spector lined up in the central two and I am still struggling to see why he was preferred over Morgaro Gomis. Spector didn’t offer that much in the way of ball retention, he didn’t get forwards and he didn’t look fully fit. Guirane N’Daw tried hard when he came on but he wasn’t the answer either – the flick header in injury time summed up his last few weeks – lots of effort but very little end product.

Of course the attention is now going to turn to the financial side of things with the potential riches of the Premier League denied to us; I was interested by Mr Pannu’s statement in the programme and I’ll be looking at that in more detail over the coming days. However, in the here and now I have to say – if we lose players, we lose Hughton, or even go into administration – so be it. It’ll hurt, but I have no doubt the club will arise once more like a phoenix from the ashes. We have to do what we always do as Blues fans – roll with the punches and deal with what comes our way.

I’ve noticed I’ve picked up a few comments from errant fans of the other club in our fine city, who have the misguided notion that Blues not going up makes their season of mediocrity, wailing and bedsheets okay. I have no doubt that a few of you readers will probably get a few wisecracks too from the claret and blue mob. The thing is, despite everything that could happen, and has happened this season, I’m still proud of my club, its players and it’s manager. I doubt many of them could say the same – and that’s the difference between us. Hold your heads high Bluenoses.

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75 Responses to “Beaten But Not Bowed”

  • Aussiebrum says:

    “I’m still proud of my club, its players and it’s manager”.

    Thats the big issue, this hurts – lots! But we had a fabulous season, a wonderful European tour and are all proud of our team. So different to that lot.

    • P says:

      I can’t wait to see the back of N’Daw. He is rubbish. Doyle is a shambles. For next season buy Ross Turnbull off Chelsea and Butland as back-up. Keep Ramage and Townsend. get rid of Zigic. Chris Hughton: pleases go to West Brom and get them relegated you are a rubbish manager and bring Paul Ince and Lee Calrk in to get us back to the promised alnd. KRO.

      • alexrust says:

        what kind of blues fan are you slagging off chris hughton when he has been a great job for us this season he brought the attacking football back and we wouldn’t want him go to west brom. and ndaw has been fantastic.

  • m says:

    thanks for your good work this season Almajir in keeping Blues fans around the globe informed about goings on at the club. Also, well done to all the Blues squad and Chris Hughton and his staff on their work this season. Hopefully Hughton stays and we keep the same squad and go up next season after a well deserved rest this Summer.

    • Julian Glass says:

      Keep the same squad? It didn’t get us up this year, why would it next? It has to be enhanced and I’m hoping its by CH and with more than a few bob to spend.

      • The think is Julian next year we won’t have the European tour to contend with and can focus all of our energy on the league. We played the largest number of games of any Championship team with the smallest squad in the league. We will be contenders next year if we can keep most of the squad together. Foster will go, as will N’daw who was on loan.. Redmond will be key for us next year.


  • oldbluenose says:

    Very proud of CH and the lads. I believe it will be better in the long term that we lost. I don’t think we had a chance against West Ham, I don’t think our team is ready for the Premiership and I think another year will see us gain strength right throughout the club. If we had managed promotion, without spending millions (and a lot of millions), which we know wouldn’t have happened, we would have been relegated again next year. Lets take this on the chin and look forward to next season. All this is said on the basis that we keep CH. I think this is absolutely key to the future of the club. Keep him and the majority of the squad, let Foster and Ziggy go and replace with 5/6 decent Championship players and this time next year I think things could look a lot better. kro

  • andy says:

    I still think CH has a lot to prove, im not knocking the guy, he has been a breath of fresh air, but Blues’ best players this season were signed by the previous manager and iv not been convinced by any of the signings CH has made, Eric the useless viking for one. I dont want to see CH leave but at the same time, he has more to prove for me.

    • pedantic pete says:

      To be fair CH has had to stitch together a squad in the face of stiff competition to give us a bit of depth to cope with all the fixtures this season with no money to do it with. That the Blues is a team that players have wanted to come to or their clubs have wanted to give their players experience in as loanees is tribute to his management skills.

    • Alex T says:

      Andy, I think the example you provided was a bit harsh…. Dont forget, CH was only able to scrape the leftovers from the Portsmouth Carcass

  • m says:

    What I meant was that it sounds promising that Hughton expects no major changes in the squad in terms of having to sell players. As said above I can see Foster and Zigic going and yes of course reinforce the squad much as Reading did last year. They have been all the stronger for it as we will be as well.

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    I think most of us would have taken the season we have had last July if it had been offered to us then. What lies around the corner one wonders…

  • Daddyblue says:

    We must keep Foster, I can’t believe everybody is saying let him go. I am so proud to be a Bluenose. Thankyou CH and all the player and staff, Even Mr Pannu for a wonderful season Kro4ever

    • almajir says:

      forget Foster, he won’t play in the Championship.

    • Johnners says:

      I reckon Blackpool are the perfect ‘cup’ team. They completely blew us away over two legs if we are honest and played way above their league form. West Ham would be wise not to underestimate them. If I put my rational head on then I agree with the post that said this would not have been a good time to go up – no money, uncertain ownership position, fragile squad. I’ve enjoyed watching the team this season and that is an important change from the few seasons before that so another season in the championship is not the end of the world. Surely in the next twelve month’s the ownership situation will be resolved one way or another and then we can seriously move forward. I think Sir Chris is a top man and he has done himself and the club proud this year when we were facing potential meltdown.

  • joe shaw says:

    Well put everything you said is true and the fact that blackpool played better was also true but the atmosphere of the fans was unbelievable and you could really feel the hope and passion. Although it is unlikely i hope Hughton stays as well as his brilliant players but its a long long road and we have to deal with sorrows to gain joys. KRO Birmingham and no matter what il be there at the end of the road :)

  • GW Blues says:

    As a Down Under supporter for 40 long years, I’ve learnt to deal with the ups and downs that come with being a Blues man. The boys tried, eventually failed, but did us all proud this season. Our style of play was so much better, and personally I’d rather wake up on a Sunday morning to learn we’ve had an entertaining 2-1 win in the Championship, than was the case last year in the Premier League when we were being badly beaten, drawing 0-0 or scratching out a boring 1-0 win…all while playing dull, dull, dull football under that gingernut. Fantastic job CH…I don’t think we’ll be able to hold on to you now you’ve shown how good you are, so good luck with whatever lies ahead. I’m in London in September so hope to see Blues playing live for the second time in my life…last time was v Arsenal at Highbury, so maybe Palace at Selhurst Park would be the go. I’ll try to get to Birmingham, but none of the travel companies is rating it as a must-see holiday destination?!

  • Boy from Oz says:

    It has been an exceptional season by blues standards of late and all credit must go to everyone involved. Management, players, staff, volunteers and fans and supporters. I believe we will see more changes in personnel leaving and more of the young kids given a go. Almajir, thankyou so much for your time and your most valuable contribution via your bloggs. To allthe contributors to OP your comments have been a delight to read. Bless you all and let’s look forward to another interesting season. KRO and keep the faith

  • Lasher1 says:

    We outplayed you for 3 of the 4 halves and you were lucky to even get a sniff at the end. Dont get me wrong it was nervy after your second goal but we deserved to go to Wembley. To beat West Ham we will need some luck as they are a much better outfit than yours, but hey, anything is possible on the day – fortuitous penalty or sending off – or even an outstanding performance by the mighty Pool! If we dont make it we will see you back at the top of the Champs next year.

  • Berkshire Blue says:

    A good summary of the game I feel. A few more reflections. I agree with your assessment of Redmond – for me he looked more dangerous and contributed more than Townsend. However I thought you were a bit harsh on Spector who ,in my opinion, was one of our best players in the first half in rhe defensive midfield role – was it entirely coincidence that we co – incided the 2 goals within 5 minutes of N’Daw coming on?. On the debit side Doyle ,i’m afraid , was an an accident waiting to happen – his lack of command of the area affected the defence and he really should have saved the first goal. Three successive managers have not made him their number 1 choice keeper – they can’t all be wrong. I also thought Mutch ad a poor game again – but he’s young and will improve. A three goal deficit was too much to overhaul and I agree Blackpool deserved it over the two legs…and yet…

  • Berkshire Blue says:

    A couple more comments going forward. Yes it’s important to keep CH – he has done wonders this season. However I do think he still has more to prove – e.g. On the signings front where arguably the two best signings of the season were Mcleish ones – Burke and King. Its also not clear to me that he’s neccesarily a better manager than others near the top of the Championship such ad Hollaway or Poyot. Hopefully he will be around to take us further next season – but if he’s not then its not the end of the world.

    Squad wise it’s going to be a challenge and we need the accounts published quickly. As CH said the squad is very small and we need to be in a position to try and pick up the best free signings quickly. I suspect we won’t try and sign any of the loanees and I personally wouldn’t try and keep the out of contract Doyle. Foster and Carr will go and ,for salary reasons – probably Zigic – beyond that I feel we need to retain the rest of the squad and add ,quite significantly, to it.

  • pierre says:

    does anybody think ch has fallen out with gomis , good display against reading,no injury reported,surely a better option than spector.massive summer ahead .kro.

  • Gregmeister says:

    Everybody’s slating Spector when Mutch was abysmal yet again, poor passing, not closing down players and his heading is woeful , the blackpool midfield had far too much time on the ball. We all know how Ferguson plays and he was given time to do as he pleased. I expected great things from Jordan after his performances earlier in the season. For me Gomis should of started both playoff games, what he maybe lacks in quality he makes up for with his workrate something the middle of the park lacked last night for me.

    It Is a worry what will happen to us now, the comments in the program from Pannu are positive lets hope it isn’t all bull

  • Mark says:

    Very Proud after a season that will live long in the memory. I went to Brugge with my club I still have to pinch myself that it actually happened. End of the day the small squad and long season caught up with us, I just think Blackpool had that edge blues have been running on adrenalin for a few weeks, what our team could have done with loaning DOBBIE!!!!

    Instead we were stuck with gap fillers like Hughton and Folan.

    I only hope the silver lining is that BCFC can no longer keep BIHL afloat and therefore cashing in on the only asset in a quick £30m sale means we are finally shot of this cancer called CARSON YEUNG!!!!!

    He may well have had the best intentions but to take a solvent club win a cup and still put us on the brink of administration in less than 18 months is truly remarkable BAD MANAGEMENT!

  • pierre says:

    i think in any other season (no europa , bigger squad) jordan would have played so many games. he still developing,this season has been a massive learning curve for him and nathan, never thought we woyld have missed fahey so much.hopefully we can bring a experienced midfielder to mentor jordan next season. kro.

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Agree with a lot of the above, the question must be tho’, will we be cherry-picked and become another Cardiff, always in contention, never quite having the quality to go up? Whether we keep CH or whether he goes, my guess is the success of next season is going to be determined in the boardroom. The truth of the matter is that until the final twenty minutes we looked poor. We looked frightened to tackle, to run into space – the officiating was much to blame for that – and even us crowd were quiet. Redmond’s sure touch showed the way forward and revitalised the blue end of the ground. Shorn of too much talent, with a reserve goalie who looked just that against a Blackpool determined, fit and focussed we struggled.
    But at least we went down fighting.

  • mitchell says:

    Great season and some great posts on this site, a refreshing and honest read that sets it apart from the usual tat.

    A little bit taken aback with fans on here saying that CH still has to prove his managerial credentials? With no budget, the owner in nick and a pathetic home support ( well done to the missing 10,000 last night, let me guess, you found £30 down the sofa?) he has worked miracles.

    If we do keep CH he’ll finish the job and take us up. Very proud bluenose last night.


  • RichardW says:

    I second all the sensible and realistic comments above but do not agree that Hughton has more to prove, given the miracles he has achieved against the odds this season. His departure would be deeply felt. I also feel the loss of Davis would be a serious one, given the magnificent season he has had after all the negativity when we signed him. Use Foster and Zigic to finance other signings but keep Davis. And don’t be too hard on Mutch – he’s still young and a great prospect.

  • paul davis says:

    On behalf of all bluenoses i want to thank Chris Hughton and the lads for there efforts this season. For all the right reasons the season will live long in the memory and Mr Hughton has put the Entertainment back into Birmingham City again. To Chris Hughton i beg you to give it another season and lets just see wot happens with the court case and any potential investors. It cud just bethat we rise from the ashes a better and stronger club and you will be a big part of it. I do truly brlieve that the better times for us are just over the horizon and its all about just getting thru the next few months. If it doesnt work out then this time next year we will pak you off ourselves with our blessing. You(Chris) will be responsible for breaking thousnds of fans hearts so please i beg you.

  • […] a minute before Spector went off and was replaced by N’Daw. Almajir on his great blog post (http://oftenpartisan.co.uk/archives/5388/beaten-but-not-bowed.html) said he thought Spector had a poor game. I hope he doesn’t mind if I disagree with […]

  • Eil says:

    I agree. I don’t mind us not being promoted but when interviewed on radio and asked directly whether he was staying Chris Hughton skirted the question – which says it all. Sadly if he goes the best players will go as well – but then it wouldn’t be Blues if there was a happy ending.

  • DoctorD says:

    If there’s one thing worse than having your owner not around, it’s having them around and creating friction between them, the manager and the fans. That’s exactly what it was like in the last few years of the Gold-Sullivan reign. So in a way having absent owners has been no bad thing, with the excellent Pannu and CH keeping things ticking along this season – head down, good football, all the dead-wood players thrown out.

    Let’s not forget we finished FOURTH in the league, which is a pretty good showing. To be in contention and there or thereabouts is no bad thing. I’m as down as anybody but surely this has been a season where the club had done us proud on the pitch.

  • Evesham Blue says:

    All this talk about CH leaving and we have not even got over the disappointment yet. Why would he want to leave when he has dealt with the same situation all season? He has a good working relationship with Pannu (who has kept us afloat incidently for all the fans who knock him) and we gave him his chance and took him to our hearts. He likes the club ethic and feels at home. If the restrictions with transfer embargo’s are lifted then why wouldnt we be able to give it a right go next year without the turmoil of last year?He went for an interview and didnt get the job at Baggies last time. Dont know bout you but I wouldnt be going back to an employer who didnt want me the first time. The project is half complete. There is always hope – Norwich, Southhampton can do it so why not us? We just need some stability and another season to get it right. The club at least has culled alot of its liabilities now. You cant continue to run a club paying millions on players and wages

  • nicko says:

    keep the faith c/h i think is an honerable man if we would have gone up we would have had
    the chinese hanging on but they are finished now lets hope for some good news shortly.the
    best season for many years we will come back stronger kro sotv

  • Evesham Blue says:

    We were beaten by the better side over the 2 legs. Blackpool have stiffened their defence and added Dobie and peaked at the right time. We lost a couple of keys players at the wrong time. Perhaps with Fahey and Myhill might have been different story. The only thing I didnt understand was playing an unfit Spector in central midfield (who I rate as a right back only) and not playing Gomis who played when we beat the league champions Reading? I would think the loan signings go back, Doyle leaves and Foster joins a premiership team. However we need to resign Murphy. May lose Burke and Davies to poachers perhaps as well. Dont think we will be able to offload Zigic. The media are always going to link CH with any premiership job going from now on. Fair play if he goes to a team pushing up the league but as Mr Danns and Mr Johnston have found out – doesnt mean its a step up necessarily!

  • DoctorD says:

    I know Almajir’s going to do a forensic job on Pannu’s statement but these to me are the key points:

    “I have been told the consolidated accounts should be published very soon and in any event before the play-off final. Let us not expect a very rosy picture on the accounts but again it is not as bad as people seem to portray it, based on rumours.”

    “We are not close to bankruptcy and, of course, likewise we can’t rest on our laurels as much work is required here and in Hong Kong. Time is of the essence going forward and I have informed people in Hong Kong of the need to be ready for contingencies. I have been informed that once the accounts are finalised, an investor has been identified and it is likely further announcements will be made in Hong Kong.”

    “I have in my own ways impressed upon the members of the parent group’s board that should a suitable party came along, that they should give it serious consideration. I have reiterated that we owe it to the fans to ensure that the vitality and the good name of the club should continue and I will do what it takes to ensure that it remains that way. My advice has been well received.”

    • mark says:

      Essentially the main point of his statement mentions investor!!!! Not new owner :-(

      • Dirty Bertie says:

        Depends how much they invest. Plus “… suitable party…”, “… advice has been well received.” Hints that CY and his pals are now looking for the exit in order to heal their burnt fingers.

  • Thomas Wright says:

    I think N’Daw played shocking which somes up his season hope we never see him playing at St Andrews again, Zigic was well Zigic he cant jump he cant pass and worse of all which really annoys me bout him is he walks around the pitch like a fool he must be sold, As a Birmingham fan all i want to see is this Carson Yeug put some money into the club like he promised, we must be looking to sell now and hopefully they will realese the accounts

  • Eversham Blue says:

    steady boys, let’s not let Zigic’s ungainly appearance could our vision. He is in fact a very effective player and has scored some crucial goals – like last night

    • mark says:

      A few months ago I sat down and worked out zigic goals per minute ratio and like it or not in his entire time at blues it a goal every 185 minutes !! To many Muppets run him down without credible reasons! His record is fair game and without his monumental performance we would not have won the cup! Without injury he wud have kept us up too! But the downsides to that is being lumbered with McJudas

  • Kimberley Blue says:

    Great game last night .. at least the last 30minutes. Glad we stayed behind and applauded the team.
    However just looked at squad left and when you take out all the loan players we are left with 16 players in squad who have played for us this season plus Foster… not a lot left for next season with an embargo over our heads.

  • Eversham Blue says:

    the boys have done great for us this season, I think last night though they were out of gas. The earlier exploits in Europe have taken their toll, and whilst we have some great memories, we haven’t actually achieved anything else this season.

  • AL-LAD says:

    CH is a wonderful manager but got the tactics wrong in both the games with Blackpool, Holloway on the other hand got it spot on, Blackpool played us off the park in both games, Blues only managed to get into the game at St Andrews when Blackpool took off Ince, then Philips, this gave us more possession, and allowed us to attack in numbers, whilst Blackpool tried to defend there lead and see out the game, up until this point Blackpool dominated possession, dominated midfield, and used their wingers to great effect. Far play to them, and i can only wish them well in the final, as for Blues, i don’t think any of us can guess what the future holds.

  • NooBloo says:

    I think your assessment of Doyle was a bit harsh. i can forgive someone for having a poor match or not having the ability BUT what I cannot forgive is lack of effort and there were 4 players on that field who stolled around like they were on the beach in the bahamas

    Ramage, N’daw, Townsend and Zigic. Their bags should be packed and flung onto the street this morning.

    If they cant motivate themselves to put in a 90 minute shift like the others put in during what was the biggest match of the season they ought to be somewhere else.

    They let their team mates down and they let the manager down and I for one dont want to see any of them in a Birmingham shirt again.

    Normally, i dont criticise players so strongly but they strlled about that pitch last night like their holiday flight had been delayed at the airport.

    Good riddance to lazy rubbish I say.

    CH always refers to his leyton orient moment when he told everyone who didnt want to be at Newcastle to get out the door and i have a feeling these 4 will get their ultimatums if he decides to stay with B/ham

    • almajir says:

      Well, Noobloo – as three of those players are only on loan anyway, I don’t suspect they’ll be sticking around at any rate.

      I think you’re wrong re Ramage and Zigic too; Ramage played fairly well and Zigic was trying his hardest and was handicapped by the opposition fouling him without the ref caring.

      • NooBloo says:

        I wasnt referring to what they contributed. i referred to their attitude and their lack of urgency and demeanour through the whole night.

        Your last response said it all…..they 3 are loanees and the other is looking to leave, whilst the ones which put in 100% are all Birmingham players.

        some of the others didnt play well but you knew at least they were giving what they had to give, even if it wasnt enough.

        its all about attitude in these sort of matches and sadly the 4 i mentiones had a bad attitude. i wonder what the management think on the subject……….maybe they will enlighten me :-)

        • almajir says:

          I respectfully disagree.

        • NooBloo says:

          oh and another thing. ramage played well ? You wouldnt need a calculater to count his forward passes but but you could fill an A4 page of 5 bar gates on his back passes

          • PeaJay says:

            On your calculations Noo Bloo The best Blues played was Doyle as all his passes werer forward…

          • blaneh says:

            I thought Ramage showed alot of determination actually, at times before we pulled the first goal back he seemed like the only one who cared and wanted us get back into the game.
            But to be fair, hes not a full back, his first touch and distribution is awful and i doubt very much he will be missed next year.

            Biggest dissapointment for me over the 2 legs… Marlon King caught offside what 20 times? snatched at his chances, 2 very poor performances from our leading scorer.

            Anyway KRO its been a fantastic season!

  • Mark Y says:

    A brave attempt last night but the inept away performance cost us along with Spectors and Myhill’s injuries. I hope I am wrong but unless there is a miraculous takeover I think it could be the last time we will see many of the following. Hughton, Davies, Redmond, Murphy, Burke, Doyle, Zigic, Foster, Butland and Carr.

    • NooBloo says:

      Actually peajay one of Doyle’s passes actually went backward into the net but i dont want to split hares. Ramage has been a nightmare since he arrived and i guarantee you, he wont be there next year if CH stays at B/ham because hiss performances have not lived up to his performances for QPR when he was in their team

  • mitchell says:

    I think exactly the same Mark – the next week will make us/break us.

    Given that the players are still being paid I don’t think it’s as bad as administration. But Hughton needs to keep hold of that squad plus given 5/7 mill to spend or he’ll be off.

    Fingers crossed we can give it another go next season.


  • Arthur says:

    I thought Blackpool outplayed us for 180 minutes (190 if you include stoppage time). I think we will now lost our manager, lose our only good players (Redmond and Burke) and go into administration. I think we all need to be realistic next season and accept that a relegation battle is on the cards… I hope that this time next year I’m not devestated at just missing out on survival….

  • Denis Thwaites says:

    We needed a goal in the first few minutes and it wasn’t to be. Once Blackpool settled we were always fighting an uphill battle. A few players who have done us proud this season failed to produce last night but like most fans although bitterly disappointed I have nothing but total admiration for them all. The main disappointments last night were Doyle who surely must have been carrying an injury from the first leg cos his confidence was shot to pieces! He went back to how he was earlier in the season post Maribor away. And poor Jordan Mutch a night for him to forget. I am not sure whether the gloves he was wearing were some kind of a superstitious thing but if so then I suggest he bins them. He is young and will improve so we need to stick by him next year as he is a talent who had a bad night given he was seen as Blues creative source last night. King and Zigic – They are the preferred two up front but they do not gel together. The former gets caught offside too often and the latter gets bullied around. On the plus side, Davies was magnificent again and Burke a constant threat. The remainder were average and if you want to get to a Championship play off final you need more than two players to stand out. The Aston crowd can crow all they like but if we have another season like ours and they have another one like theirs i know where I would rather be!!! I await with interest news on where we are left financially now.

    • Big G says:

      Arthur are you a Vile fan?? I for one was naturally disapointed last night but I can’t help but feel proud of the players this year for displaying some excellent football and a European campaign that will live long in my memory (despite not qualifying from the group stages). At the start of the season everyone wrote us off including our own fans due to the mass exodus of players and virtually no money to spend…. yet the worst thing that has happened this season is failing to reach the final of the play off’s. I believe with the focus purely on the league next year we should be aiming for automatic promotion. KRO

  • Paulo says:

    I am well and truly proud to be a bluenose! we were written off at the beginning of the season, given a team that consisted of a ‘few’ players that actually had contracts, and basically free transfers! Then we had Chris Hughton who got it all together. Could another manager have done what he did? I doubt it.
    But to finish the season on a sell out night at St Andrews, in a play off 2nd leg ..and finish just one goal short ..now that’s a reflection on what we have achieved.

    What have the vile achieved …a very lucky draw with spurs that’s all, so to all the vilers out there ..


    (for now)

    Keep Right On

  • henrybloo says:

    Almajir,you should ban all the moaners from your OP site.We have played 62 games with a squad of 22 senior pros,of which 6 were loanees and during most of the season we have had 3 or 4 missing with medium to long term injuries,to achieve what they have this season is truly remarkable.Irrespective if CH is at St Andrews next season,BIRMINGHAM CITY will be !!!!

  • Macc lad says:

    Fantastic season. I expected us to fall through the floor. Well done to Chris Hughton and every player to have represented Blues this season.

  • Chippy Blue says:

    Almost a day to reflect and still not sure what to make of it. Even after 40 years, Blues still baffle me! My view right now is we’ve dodged a bullet in missing a likely loss to Sullivan-Gold-Brady Utd or failing that getting back into the Prem. In 2002 and 2009 we got promoted with a sound base to the club and squad – there’s little chance this summer will give us that, one way or another.

    CH and the younger players have been a breath of fresh air, no question, but they’ve all got more to learn. CH has made some mistakes but they’re easily outweighed by the way he’s moulded a team that plays attractive football (admittedly not this last couple of games) and that cares. I hope he stays and keeps the Davis-Fahey-King backbone with Burke, Murphy and the young lads. I wouldn’t put my mortgage on it though! I hope PP’s programme notes are not more wishful thinking.

    Last night was a big shame but the last 30 mins reminded me of how great St.Andrews can be and we’ve had a season to tell the grandchildren about!

  • Masaccio says:

    Great season, magic moments all the way! Great football, goals, europe etc wouldn’t swap it for a place in the PL

  • Gareth says:

    I am an Arsenal fan, however, I was at blues last night. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great effort and what great support. I cheered every Blues goal with my son, a Blues fan and was gutted with every blackpool goal, that said, Blackpool did impress me in the first half.
    Apart from your magnificent fans let me make another observation. That mob down the road will be laughing at you, somehow thinking that their season has just got better. Well it aint. They are as crap as they have ever been and cannot inspire their team like you lot.
    If I were a Blues fan I would be mighty proud of my team and everything that goes with it. As I live in Brum I am getting a season ticket next season and will be cheering you on like I did last night. Arsenal are my team and always will be but I now have a little more blue blood than I ever used to.
    Once again you did your club proud as they did you, KEEP RIGHT ON

    • Mark says:

      Gareth whilst I am chuffed at your delight I will warn you there are other times when the fans collectively dont achieve that level of ferocity…. Then again the same can be said for most.

      The important situations I can proudly say us Blues Fans really do know how to crank it up. Loudest ever at new wembley and seriously I am almost over come with emotion when we belt out Keep Right On! You can’t quite bottle that kind of atmosphere because I dread to think if my heart could take that every week lol

      For me the atmosphere reminded me of the Brugge home tie also 2 down AND OUT but a sense of togetherness… Usually I would have expected the floating fans to start drifting off after 2-0 but they stuck with it. Shame because I thought we had them and the 3rd goal was just a matter of time.

      This game will live long in my memory when the fans can say WE GAVE OUR ALL

  • ForevertheOptimist says:

    Gareth, top man.
    Just seen the tweets from that ugly little douche bag over the city.
    What a complete and utter moron.
    Hope he goes back to being a nobody and ends up stacking shelves in our souvenir shop!
    Now thats optimism for ya.
    KRO Blues 4Ever.

  • Bluehobba says:

    Time to reflect – Took me 2 1/2 hours to travel 35 miles from Daventry last night to watch my team. Got in Stans 15 minutes after kick off. The mighty Blues did us proud yet again. Congratulations to Blackpool and I hope they get their rewards against the hammers. Season ticket to be renewed – Most definitely.

  • Joe says:

    Almajir, I’m surprised how many blues fans are coming on here slating the team,at the start of the season you said this is a season to consolidate and i agreed with you. I know it was a long time ago but you have to think back to last July/August when the players were flying out of the door we didn’t even have a proper pre-season.Blackpool and West ham kept the core of their squads so we were always playing catch up in terms of finding a settled squad. I honestly believe give Chris Hughton ( who i believe will stay) a full pre season with a settled squad and we’ve got a very good chance of automatic promotion next year.Be proud bluenoses. KRO.

  • cheltblue says:

    The negative comments about Zigic are harsh and out of order! Missed alot of games and still 12/13 goals this season….AND BIG GOALS

  • freddiek says:

    Strikers are judged on results – Zigic has done well for us and at important times. At the other end, just imagine if we’d had our own 1st choice goalkeeper between the sticks – Foster, how many of those would he have condeded. So what has that loan really cost us – £30M? Clean sheets…..

    I think the Euros is also what did for us – fatigue, plus the speculation re Hughton. You’ve only got to look at our league encounters to see we can beat Blackpool.

  • bluenose08 says:

    I have really enjoyed this season and would like to thank ch and the team for the effort they have put in over the whole season. Last night i would have played the team that played against reading as that for me was the best performance of the season and showed you could play redmond and townsend together and without ziggy in the team the ball stayed on the floor, also like a few others couldnt understand why gomis didnt play as he is a box to box player also elliot instead of mutch. All in the past now lets hope we have some good news in the coming weeks re; accounts and keeping ch and the players he wants to keep. .k.r.o.

  • Dirty Bertie says:

    Well, that certainly got everyone yapping. Same again gaffer, only better still.

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    It has been a truly memorable season whichever way you wish to consider it.

    Well done to all connected to the club – in whatever capacity.

    Big – up to OP and Almajir for connecting Blues fans and adding to the enjoyment immensely. Always a solid and dependable quality read.

    Gracious of Ian Holloway for his comments towards our team and club. At least most of us are sure who we shall be cheering come a week on Saturday….

    Looking forward to your analysis of PP’s comments from yesterday, regarding possible new investment and the accounts.

    Lets take a breather and then gear up for an ‘interesting’ summer.

  • DoctorD says:

    I agree with Chippy Blue — what we want is stability and the last thing a promotion would have given us would have been stability. Suddenly the finances would have gone topsy turvy again and cast-offs seeking big wages would have been touted CH’s way. It would have been a season of nothing but struggle with another relegation in store. At least this way we’re in the same division two years running – that’s some sort of stability at least.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    We should’ve played Redmond as the second striker from the off and used two holding midfielders in Ndaw and Gomis. That would’ve stopped the blackpool midfield. With the pace of Townsend and Burke I don’t think blackpool would’ve been able to cope with us. I’m not convinced with Ramage at RB though he has been okay recently. A fit Spector everytime for me. Agree Mutch and Doyle were poor and we weren’t really ready to go up with all this financial uncertainty and transfer embargo.

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