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Summer Jigsaw Falling Into Place

After a few days of feeling a bit glum about things at Blues yesterday cheered me up no end. The dreaded approach came from WBA for Chris Hughton and after Peter Pannu told them it would cost them £2million for his services they decided to look elsewhere. All in all, a good result.

I’ve been quick enough to criticise Pannu in the past so right here and now I’ll say he deserves some praise. Despite the criticism that Blues have received over Hughton’s rolling contract it appears Pannu has done enough to ensure it’s going to cost a team a bundle to bag our manager, so kudos has to go to Peter.

I have seen people worrying now that there is a price tag on Hughton’s head but the truth is there always would be – that’s just the nature of the game. Blues would be hard pushed to deny a big team if they came sniffing but with a bit of luck the price tag Pannu has come out with should make a lot of teams think twice about cheaper options.

Of course there is also the possibility that Chris Hughton could resign to force the situation – again, I’m of the belief that I don’t think he’d do that. I’ve seen nothing to suggest that Chris isn’t happy preparing for the new season and I don’t think the Baggies job is lucrative enough for him to want to walk away from what he has currently.

It also lifts a bit of uncertainty from the club. Yes, there will be other jobs available in the summer – for example there is the potential of vacancies at Wigan, Swansea or Norwich depending on the way the managerial carousel spins but we can’t worry about that until it happens. As it stands Blues have secured their manager from being poached by another club and the first part of the summer jigsaw has fallen into place.

The second and major part of the jigsaw can fall into place with the production of the overdue accounts. I’d expect that Hughton and his staff will have put together their transfer wishlist with various names depending on what financial constraints will be put in place and it’s now down to BIH to ensure that Hughton can get on with the job of continuing the squad rebuilding so that Blues can challenge again next season. I’d truly like to believe that they are forthcoming and I hope that BIH understand how important it is that they are – not just from a company law standpoint but how it affects their primary subsidiary in the short-term future.

The club is obviously ticking along – season tickets are on sale, friendlies are being booked and players are being scouted. Despite some of the absolute doom and gloom warnings in the immediate aftermath of the playoff semi defeat it does seem that it’s business as usual at St Andrews. Let’s hope the good news continues to roll this week and we can get on with the usual summer sport of trying to guess who’s coming in next soon.

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24 Responses to “Summer Jigsaw Falling Into Place”

  • mitchell says:

    It was a huge relief yesterday – slighlty surprised that a couple of million would put the Albion off, 5/7 fair enough, but 2 million? Albions loss is our gain.

    If ( not too sure how big the ‘if’ is) the accounts are released an CH is given the freedom to sign players, albeit bosmans/free’s, then I am very very confident of a return to the top flight. ST prices have been frozen so we should see an increase in ST holders.

    Fingers crossed for a good end to the week, accounts released, and Mick McCarthy signs for the vile!


  • Macc lad says:

    The only worry for me is if Liverpool come calling, and that doesn’t look likely. Wigan, Swansea and Norwich are all on a par with West Brom, with the added distraction of having to relocate. I can’t see Hughton being interested in any of them

  • Gibbsy says:

    I think this is excellent news, particularly as I have already renewed both my son’s and my season tickets :-)

  • Evesham Blue says:

    Hate to say but I told you so on alot of your other blogs that CH would not be going to the Baggies and PP deserves some credit :) I was very annoyed with the Baggies,media and some of their supporters thinking it was a foregone conclusion.

    I dont think it helps really getting too wrapped up in all the off field shennanigans and speculating about the latest Doom Scenario from Hong Kong tbh

    As long as we have CH there is always hope as was shown last season ! KRO

  • Dave says:

    I wish I could share your sentiment about Pannu but I simple can’t. Now the worry for me is this Those accounts are being delayed for a reason and it’s nothing to do with a technical hitch. BIH were a company floated on the stock exchange with vast experience in dealing with accounts and administration other wise the Hong King hair dresser would have gone out of business years before he got his grubby hands on Blues.
    Peter Pannu in short is a spin doctor for a corrupt company trying to avoid the administrators banking on gambles like his appeal against his frozen assets.
    Pannu is told to feed us stories like the accounts will be out soon, it’s common for technical hitches with relegated clubs and so on.
    Does he really think we’re stupid enough to believe him after the lies he’s told this man deserves no praise no praise at all. Name me a relegated club in the past 20 years of the premiership who delayed there accounts for so long?
    We are blinkered by the fact that we love our manager and Peter’s put it down to himself for that master stroke. Simple if we sell any more players and can’t bring any in Hughtons going to walk. And wait till the backlash comes then from the fans.

    • Evesham Blue says:

      PP worked very hard to keep us in business as an ongoing concern last year mate when we were hamstrung by an owner with frozen assets, relegated and a black hole in the finances with dodgy signing and wages paid by the previous manager. He then also thought the Vile to ensure they paid the max price and also appointed CH the fans overwhelming favourite. He has kept CH fully briefed on the finances. Give the guy some credit for doing his part to give us the season we had last year.

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        Worked very hard?

        What did he do exactly?

        Offered an out of work manager a job?

        • evesham blue says:

          Mate – use your noggin. CH was not the only choice. PP has kept the club going by restructuring it and getting the best prices for players who wanted to leave to balance the books after relegation. Jeez absolutely clueless

    • Daddyblue says:

      The accounts are nothing to do with PP he is not even on the board!!! If it was not for PP we would not have Hughton ffs Kro4ever

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    This accounts crap has been going on to long.
    Doesn’t anyone know a hong~kong reporter/journalist who can bang some doors & ask what the f`ck going on ??
    It’s ok shouting from BIRMINGHAM “where’s the accounts”
    We might get some answers if these people on this bullshit board,were asked questions face 2 face.
    Surely someone at the e`mail must know someone.
    This SILENCE is doing my head in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Ainsley says:

    According to Tom Ross, Pannu told him that WBA never made an approach for him? Don’t know if that’s true or not just thought you might want to know

  • Dave says:

    So what we’re saying is give him a medal everytime he proves not to be a complete bafoon.

  • cecilFW says:

    You may have noticed that Hughton is making noises around summer signings. He will be building the case that his position is becoming untenable (which it will be), and hence grounds for constructive dismissal, which Blues would need to compensate him for (c2M). He will then use this to negotiate relaxing the compensation that Blues are seeking, and they will agree to call it quits.

    • Lichfield Blue says:


      Perhaps i’m just being naive but I can’t help thinking you are portraying CH as a conniving git and I think that is not fair.

      Even if you are correct in your view, I wonder if there is really a sustainable claim for constructive dismissal as things stand. To succeed with such a claim CH would have to prove there is a material breach of contract; given that [as he says himself] he came in with his eyes open to the harsh financial realities it would be difficult to pursue that line. The area of concern would be to do with the accounts and our viability as a going concern.

      Moreover, if we went into administration and/or were unable to pay his wages the he could walk away anyway if he chooses to do so – but he might want to stay and see what the future brings…

    • Paulo says:

      Woh there cecil ..hit on the brakes a bit please! CH doesnt deserve that said about him.

    • almajir says:

      Just bordering on what is acceptable there Cecil.

  • Barry says:

    While yesterday’s news was indeed good maybe West Brom are being smart in as much that if the accounts publication is delayed again Chris may say “enough is enough” and force the issue any way. While I don’t hold PP to blame for the delay and also feel that he deserves more credit than he gets for keeping the club going, it is vital that the bad news is finally allowed to be published this month so there is sufficient time before the new season begins to have our plans in place

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    P`P talks to sky sports news “BIRMINGHAM have had no approach from wba”

    Any chance of talking to the BIRMINGHAM CITY FANS ??

    Mr P`P. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • andy says:

    I must admit im a little surprised Albion backed off over the compensation fee. I mean Wigan paid us £3 Mill for Steve Bruce and we got the same from Villa for McLeish, so obviously Albion were not desperate to get Hughton. I am relieved tho and now we await with trepidation, the release of the accounts and the embargo to be lifted.

  • Paulo says:

    it’s a bit like Peter Pannu said during the (alleged) touting of Nathan Redmond ..no one is for sale, whilst everyone is for sale!
    nice to see he’s stuck to the same reasoning and we all have to accept that the clubs with the money will always be looking wont they?


  • ForevertheOptimist says:

    I optimistically believe the Boing Boingers didn’t push any harder for CH because they value Ben Foster more.
    He secured many points for them last season ensuring a mid table finish.
    Any conflict over managers and compo etc could have seriously damaged their chances of signing the best goalkeeper they have had for decades.
    CH is still “work in progress” and thankfully with us for now applying his trade and progressing well.
    They tried…bless….and moved on , knowing thats 2mill towards Foster.
    Hopefully accounts out tomorrow and CH gets on with the job in hand…..otherwise the Latics will be sure to come knocking….fresh with the compo from the Boys in pink and baby blue for Martinez as Whelan favours young hungry managers.
    Gonna be a long summer…..KRO

    • Euston 9.18 says:

      Martinez is stopping at Wigan.

      Think Lambert has already said he’s stopping at Norwich.

      Don’t think nobody wants the “vile” job !! LoL !!


  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Take each day at a time lads FFS

  • Steve-0 says:

    Talking to Sky Sports IS talking to the fans. What do you expect? A house visit?

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