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What Can We Do?

One of the common themes of the comments on recent posts about the club has been about what can disaffected fans do to show their dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs at Blues. Whilst I’m not (and would never profess to be) a spokesperson for the fans, I’d like to offer my opinions.

For me it has to be about positive steps. Whilst I can understand and empathise with people who want to withhold their money from the club because of what is happening it’s not something I would advocate personally as I think that would do more harm than good.

As I’ve stated many times before, I’m a believer in supporters trusts and as such am a member of the Blues Trust. It’s my opinion that the framework they work within is the best method for fans to organise to do something for their club. The trust is a incorporated entity regulated by the FSA and is set up so that anyone can have their say – and should they want, can drive the trust forwards. As they get more members their legitimacy will increase and as more people volunteer their time and energy they will be able to become more professional and well-rounded.

I know some people have spoken about protest at St Andrews but I cannot see how this would work. The only people who would be likely to see it are the hard-working staff who run the day to day business and they have done nothing that merits having people shout angry stuff at them. The BIH board are in Hong Kong, and as such if people want to send them a message, then they have to do it in a medium that they will be able to see. If you want to do the British thing and write them a stiff letter, their contact details are here. I would urge anyone who was going to do that to be polite and not abusive; whilst passion is running high there is no reason that people should be offensive in what they say.

I realise that some people will think that it is pointless to try and do anything as we don’t have the money to take the club off their hands – and to be fair, they may well be right. However, I’m one of those people that has to try and do something if only to say “I tried.” As the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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  • nicky wicky says:

    the club is their cash cow if we give them our money by buying season tickets etc, then we are just helping them in their asset stripping of our players and other saleable club assets. So I can’t agree with renewing while they are still in charge. What the trust can do i don’t know it just seems to be a liason method between the club and the fans but they’re not interested in us anyway as they have shown in the way they have continued to sell the players regardless,and may have forced our manager to consider leaving. The accounts if they exist won’t be published till august and i fully expect them if they are still here to make another announcement postponeing them further!

  • jassyblue80 says:

    I agree, now is the time that the club needs us most… any money going in to the club now stays there as I understand it, money cant go out with out HSBC’s approval?

    I will write to those on on the list and urge them to sell up and go (but in a polite way…)


  • Chesterblue says:

    What I cannot understand is the fact that the local press are not on the backs of the Chinese. The failure to publish accounts is scandalous but when the last deadline slipped past the Mail had little or nothing to say. Today we have an article telling us that the club is sliding into crisis.Thanks I would never had known! When Wolves were in the hands of the Bhatti brothers the local press waged a long campaign to get rid of them. Why isn’t that happening now?

    • Naja12880 says:

      because unfortunately it isnt just Carson that doesnt care about us as the song goes.

      flash back to the days of the Kumars, the media are only ever interested and even then fleetingly when theres success at the club.

      the apathy towards the club that carries the name of the city has always been of major concern to me.

      KRO we’ve been here before and the supprters will remain long after the current owners.

  • KLB says:

    Its all very messy and worrying. I keep looking at Portsmouth and thinking “that could be us soon”.

    I would love someone to buy the club and move on, I am fed up of all the mess and uncertainty from BIH.


  • Thomas Hallberg says:

    As always, your so right. As à fan from Sweden
    I find it very hard to find à way to let the owners and
    board to know what My thoughts about The Mess
    We’re in.

    Thanx for the link, now I get a chance to at least
    say I tried. I fullt agree with you tjat it’s not the
    Day to day stuff that we are angry with. And I Also
    Agree with you that it’s bettet to act with dignity

    We are proud Bluenoses But not stupid…

    Keep Right On and believe in miracles

  • Art Watson says:

    Is it possible to start a press campaign and get the support of The Evening Mail?

    We just can’t sit back and watch our club go down the pan which I fear is the case.

  • pierre says:

    what sort of manager are we going to attract under these circumstances, as unfortunately i think we must ch is going.

  • Clive says:

    Nothing we can do its out of our hands and it’s not “they” it’s just one desperate individual CY trying to save his financial skin and it would appear prepared to go down with his ship if he has to.
    If as reported he loaned bcfc 15mill wel he will try to recoupe what he can starting with the compo for CH. Followed by……….
    The other worry is if as reported the interested parties are going to wait til the shit hits the fan then I ain’t sure they will be better off with the liikes of them.

  • Bluepenguin76 says:

    How about an online petition to air our distain at BIHL continued presence at the Club. Totally toothless, I know but 10,000 signatures would atleast demonstrate we are not apathetic about the continuation of this regime ? They would have to take some kind of notice? .Maybe the press would jump on the protest and atleast make it news and shake a few feathers in China.

  • Neil says:

    i feel its time for us supporters to “ramp it up” a bit, but how?, there are options,
    chinese culture is very big on “saving face”, so i believe we really need to let them know its time for them to put the club up for sale (for a reasonable price) and move on,
    evening mail would be a big help as others have mentioned, although i believe members of BIH will only start to take us seriously if our feelings start to get highlighted in the chinese press,

    this is OUR club, and im fed up of sitting back and watching it be destroyed.

  • Macc lad says:

    Living as I do in the North West, I have witnessed at close hand the treatment handed out to Kean and the Venkys. I have to say now that this is not the way we should go. As frustrating and frankly annoying it may be, this will end. It may be another season, but once the courts in China pick apart Carson’s finances, we will find ourselves in new hands. Then we can move forward confident in the knowledge that Peter Pannu and Chris Hughton have done much to reduce our running costs to a manageable level.
    Our aim this season should be to get behind whatever manager we end up with and attempt to cheer the team onto Championship survival.

  • Art Watson says:

    How about lobbying some of the major Chinese business’s in Brum.

    They will understand the Chinese culture and will appreciate the feelings of local people who have a passion for their football club.

  • Bluepenguin76 says:

    I agree,we HAVE take action!. We have been lied to and lied to and lied to….and we have hoped for the best…but nothing good has came out of this regime,no doubt we will be lied to some more….I’ve had enough of it. I think i said last year “dont pee dont our backs and tell us its raining”,sorry its crude,but highlights whats happening.

  • Dave says:

    Seriously, I think Blues should only play in December – during pantomime season! What a laughing stock we’ve turned into!

  • joe 67 says:

    About a year ago i posted on this site explaining i had researched carson and co and raised my concern prior to his takeover with gold sullivan and co, i also raised at the end of last season about the finances i.e 24m raised by shifting players and reduction in wage bill 30m from premier league parachute ect 6m from europa league and was criticised for potentially libellous remarks about carson !!! the present board in hk havent got any real money and carsons wealth is well short of requirements to run a football club !!! lets get the online petition up and running and target the hq of HSBC in london for starters. Aljamir you run the best blues site and your intentions are honourable but i told you so !!! and you were protective of the board and carson !!! lets get at em and get them out kro

  • Louise says:

    Maybe all fans could voice their concerns by emailing a Chinese newspaper?
    Not sure if it would work but maybe if they’re bombarded by disgruntled blues fans, they may decide that such a high ratio of letters has some substance.

    As of today hearing that our manager wants to talk to Norwich, is the final straw for me. Also heard that WBA would have been given permission too but weren’t prepared to pay the compensation.
    I thought you were making a stance Pannu, ensuring our manager stayed ours and all clubs would be told firmly where to go.
    As usual money talks and you lied again…Get out of OUR club!!

  • holyhead blue says:

    I get the impression that CY is clutching straws! He believes in his innocence. And as such, maybe just maybe, he believes he will be found innocent, in the unlikely event he did get cleared would he be eligible for any sort of compo from hong kong authorities????
    If so I think thats what he is playing for.
    Any thoughts aljamir??????

  • Masaccio says:

    Get the bed sheets out!

  • Simon Walters says:

    Stop the negativity for a minute, whilst I know there are concerns lets be positive about it. We were always going to struggle in the Premiership whether there was investment or not. We just had a fantastic season in the Championship were we played some great football and I was thoroughly entertained, more than I can say when we were in the Prem.What negative vibes are we giving a new manager? Chris Hughton did us proud and we thank him what if another manager came in and done better? Stop the doom and gloom, I am not saying everything is rosy by any means but lets not condemn ourselves yet.

  • Mark R says:

    I think the most likely thing to happen is that Colin Calderwood is made manager – this would be the cheapest and least disruptive action.


  • Art Watson says:

    I agree and can’t understand why the EM has not been proactive.

    Maybe they are waiting to judge the mood of the supporters.

    They could be of great help if we get their support though a campaign which in turn would improve their circulation and how about Tom Ross?

    I live in Cyprus but would be willing to help if I can.

  • Chris says:

    KLB I don’t think there’s much chance of us ending us like Portsmouth, As someone who lives in the South I have several workmates that support pompie & here’s a brief lowdown on how they ended up the way they did, They were spending money on transfers & players wages that they didn’t have, they still owed transfer fees for players that had been left the club for 2 years or more!!, AND, they STILL owe Sol Campbell £6000000 in wages amongst other players, that’s just the tip of the iceberg & i’m pretty sure we’re not even close to “doing a “pompie” just yet

  • Jonno says:

    Who on earth will want to manage us with a transfer embargo and more than likely our best players being sold off again.
    It feels like a catch 22 at the moment, If this rumoured interested party is out there why would they pay tens of millions now,when they could wait until we go into admin -(whenever that may be) and pick us up for £1. BIHL willdo their best to keep us out of admin to protect their investments, meanwhile we slip further down the leagues. Or Carson goes to prison. Im not sure what happens to his shares if he does go to prison

    Its one thing the club being put up for sale but its another thing finding somebody to buy it. Look how long it took Sullivan to find an interested buyer! Im going to write( and ive joined the supporters trust as i feel its worth giving it a go) but i fear it will fall on deaf ears. “we are family” seems like a long time ago.

    Can anybody explain what the deal we have with HSBC is? If carson wants the 2 million compensation to put towards this ruling regarding his house that hes had from the court, then can he do that? Likewise, when Hughton comes back in for Burke and the vultures circle some more on our other playes, can the money just go straight to hong kong?

  • Mark R says:

    Aha, didnt think of that!

    Haven’t seen any speculation on new manager, who would come?

  • AuldBertie says:

    I wouldn’t waste my time trying to lobby support from the Meaning Evil. Their precious aston villa is now back on the up so they have nothing to concern themselves about. Unless there are a few millionaires amongst us willing to plough our fortunes into the club I fear unfortunately nothing we could do would make much difference.

  • Spotlight Kid says:

    For a moment concentrate simply on the positives of the present situation – and there are far more than the over-emotional here are prepared to acknowledge. As a consequence of the tight ship PP & CH have had to run, and the astounding level of cloth cutting for Championship football plus TV income from European full houses, FA Cup, Play Offs, TV etc. I would think that the current spreadsheet looks almost balanced. CH proved that this cut-price squad is currently only 3 to 4 players short of mounting a realistic top two challenge this coming season. BCFC, the club, is in pretty good shape.

    Alas, the BCFC owners are not and whatever gains are made on the field are liable to be siphoned off – even cut-price CH will have made them a tidy profit if he leaves once the compensation rolls in. If ever there was a time for a serious challenge to be mounted this is it.

    I suspect the Blues Trust would be several months behind the game at best if it intends to be primary stakeholder, but it would be perfectly placed to take on the role as the key facilitator of a fan-friendly takeover. To do this it would require overwhelming press support and considerable more maturity than chucking chickens on the pitch…

    Step up Almajir as King-maker?

  • Paul says:

    Now is the time to back FORZA BLUES we have grown in statue now we ave h backing of the club and let’s be fair the people who run the day to day affairs ST the club are all blues fans like us . we will be situated in Gil Merrick Lower 5 as this is where the club feel it is best to put a group as it has space to grow also we are able o interact with the way supporters and give the players that extra lift when they come out of the tunnel and leave at halftime .
    We have had plenty of doubters but we are working hard to make this group grow . So come and join us
    We are Brummies , We are Loud , We are Proud , We are FORZA BLUES………..KRO

  • Geoff corvette says:

    Think you should get alex mcleish back. He has been your most succesful manager of all time!

  • honest blue says:

    Will the last one out please turn off the light !

  • Mark says:

    (FAO) OP:

    Yang resigned was this under the proviso of his owed monies being converted to shares? if he has just resigned with no claim to his owed money the the fear is, how bad can it be if a man who has loaned out so much and then to walk away with nothing in return?

  • desertblue says:

    leyland daf, dulux paints, bills the butchers….. can feel a cup run coming on!

  • Mark says:

    Almajir as long as the owed cash remains the same then that’s ok, when will there be more information following on from resignations, from memory I can only remember it being a case of they resigned… Willl there be a follow up more detailed document on the resignations?

  • DoctorD says:

    We shouldn’t worry too much about the next manager — there will be someone daft or desperate enough to take it. Unfortunately, he will be someone from a lower league with either a tainted record or nothing under his belt.

  • desertblue says:

    talking of the leyland daf/fizzy pop cup, if half of the people who went ventured in ST. Ann’s then maybe we can fill the place occasionally!!!!
    Situations vacant… wanted, internet billionaire or oil sheikh,
    willing to waste millions so 16 or 17 thousand people can bitch and moan about how bad you run the place… porn barons need not apply…. had those who did a fantastic job but got pissed of with the locals…… Must be prepared to reinstate the Kop so we can stand in urine running down the stairs. interested parties please send c.v to Ken Wealdon/Kumar Brothers……………..
    wake up blue noses and smell the air…… it smells of div 2 or 3

    • blaneh says:

      Yeh those ‘fantastic’ porn barons are one of the main reasons we are in this position. Have you also forgotten that we are brummies? Our job is to bitch and moan and forever be miserable!


  • Bluenosesol says:

    Just took a trawl on Newsnow at the Chamionship clubs and their preparations for next season. Its frightening, how on earth are we going to compete?
    I am praying that we hear of some positive developments before the end of the month, because I truly do want to buy my season ticket.

  • Woodlands says:

    I am soooo depressed, I just had to get it out of my system – this is melt-down big style….Regretfully, almost everyone could see this coming. CY has to try to get something out of the club, if he is to personally retain any semblance of his ‘fortune’ or that of his ‘backers’. My prediction is this will drift until the Money Laundering case is settled. We will start the new season with Paul Trollope as Caretaker Manager and a skeleton squad. We will then be praying for mid table mediocrity. Not very appealling is it. Oh and the transfer embargo will stay. There is only one possible positive outcome. Somebody buys the club at a knockdown price – ie ‘Nil’ IF the Chinese authorities accept that freeing his assets and getting something back is a better alternative to locking CY up. Remember the fundamental issue is ‘was the club bought with the proceeds of illegal activity’? – only the Court will decide….

  • desertblue says:

    i truly do want to buy my season ticket……… but i want somebody else to invest millions before i spend a few hundred quid……………. well good news! new team sponsors…………… facebook… move over Man c ……

  • Peckham_Blue says:

    Is there a news blackout on the nationals? Is it a good time to be ignored? I know we’re incredibly unfashionable but I’ve barely heard anything about us on Talksport/5live.

    Not too sure whether to be worried or not. I’m more disappointed and sad than anything else. With the exception of a few Vilers coming on here on the wind-up, it’s genuinely sad to read the emotion and apprehension in people’s posts.

    This is exactly the type of situation Panarama investigated and it’s worrying how easily we’re staring into the abyss after such a great year. I still feel like I’m celebrating the CC Final so the last 12 month’s events have barely sunk in. Such a strange year.

  • andy says:

    Why dont we call for Roy Keane as manager then set him on the chinese!!

  • WARDOGZ says:

    The ONLY voice we have as fans is to withold our money and not go to the games or purchase season tickets. Harsh I know, but money IS ALL these people are interested in and they will not listen until it really hurts theyre pockets, sure it will hurt the club in the short run, but by continuing to fork out to these robbing B****** will only serve to prolong the enevitable.

  • teerev says:

    Who would buy us?? We have a big city name with a small ground we can’t fill,even in the premier league.We were a sleeping giant that slept to long.
    When sky took off we were at our lowest point and missed a generation of fans.People want instant results nowadays.The best we can hope for in the medium term is promotion and 4th from bottom for a few years.Where is the fun in that??
    There are a lot of bigger clubs than ours out there ripe for investment,so wouldn’t hold your breath.
    If houghton goes,get trevor francis in to hold the reins for a season!!

    Anyway,kro and look forward to next season,will be interesting!!!

    ( ps,it’s my son i feel sorry for,he is 12 and can’t understand how wrong it can go so quick?

  • andy says:

    I dont think they give a shit, Butland will be their next quick buck then more will follow, Ricky Tomlinson will be installed as manager and then they will walk away.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    I can see just about all our saleable assets being sold by the Chinese before they go under. If the accounts are released it will show BIHL are bankrupt and we will go into administration. They want to remain in control for as long as possible so they can recoup as much money as possible. very dark days. It will get much worse before it gets better. However it will get better one day and these bastards will be gone.

  • andy says:

    What we all must remember is that Blues owe Carson Yeung a lot of money and he wants it back!

  • andy says:

    Look i see no reason why Pannu cannot come out and tell us as it is. We have all accepted that there are major problems, CH would not be leaving otherwise, and it would be sensible for him to tell us such. I lost faith and all hope in Pannu when he promised to do a radio phone in with Tom Ross and never did one. There is not a lot we can do other than voice our concerns and opinions but almajir is quite right, common sense is needed when posting on here.

  • skareggae72 says:

    Surely this could not possibly get as bad as the Weldon/Kumar era…….or could it??

  • James Black says:

    People seem to of the understanding that any money made now via season tickets will go into carsons pocket. It is not so and boycotting season tickets only damages the club, not Carson. I think the outcome is inevitable and don’t expect that a new owner will be able to prevent the sale of players as we are unlikely to find a buyer that rich. So we simply have to let this run its course when we are in the bargain basement then a buyer may come. Protest and anger wont achieve a thing as first you need an interested party. There isnt any. Does anyone know of one interested party??? No you dont so some of this talk is pointless.

  • Art Watson says:

    The Sun says Houghton and his full back room team will join Norwich today.

    Good luck Chris and thanks for bringing some joy into my life .

    Stormy waters ahead I!m afraid.

  • Art Watson says:

    Daily Mail reports that Curtis Davis will be moving to Norwich for £3m.

  • blaneh says:

    No worries chaps, the euro’s is up to £126million, plan is to buy the club off the chinese when i win it!!

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Hang on hang on. This article is called ‘what can we do’ but instead of suggesting a plan of action you’ve told us what you think we shouldn’t do – write offensive letters, protest, or withold season tickets. You haven’t suggested a single idea of ‘what we can do’ all you’ve said is join the trust. A trust who publicly state they are not against the board of this club and who have said and done nothing about this situation.

    Sorry but the communication and actions of the trust mirrors PP and co. They’ve done and said nothing. I would join like a shot if they started campaigning against the board which most now think is what needs to happen

  • Mark Y says:

    I’m pretty sure that HSBC debenture over BCFC along with CY’s asset freeze is a restriction on an asset stripping exercise to supplement CY’s personal financial predicament. However, the lack of support from the owners and BIHL will create an need for player sales. The longer the transfer embargo goes on the greater the uncertainty of the future of the club will increase. This will lead to players being very unsettled when they return to training and a desire to jump ship. In this environment it is only natural that season ticket sales will be lower which will further exacerbate the problem leading to need for more player sales. Therefore, we are on a downward spiral until either the accounts are released. I am sure talksport have put a block any discussion about CY for legal reasons. I think it is up to the local press and particularly the Evening Mail to demand answers from PP on the issue of the delayed accounts as the club cannot possibly avoid this downward spiral unless the transfer embargo is lifted.

  • Art Watson says:

    I agree-the local press are the key to getting some answers and they will get the benefit through extra sales of their newspaper.

    There must be someone out there who has good press contacts and is prepared to champion the campaign and how about the local radio….BRMB/WM.?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Madge having read all the comments. I think Louise has got the best idea. Getting our plight into the HK press as the forgotten victims of Yeungs alleged crimes is a brilliant idea, well done Louise.

    It is all about face with the Chinese and nobody in HK is aware of us and our beloved clubs plight. Hell, hardly anybody in the UK is and I think raising the profile of this issue is a must especially in HK but also here in he UK. I mailed the FA but as you rightly predicted got no reply. If hundreds of us do this at least the awareness goes up if nothing else.

    What is the most popular HK paper and what is the Sports Editors mail address? Also which UK media do you think would be the best to target?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    No edit function so I need to say that all local media are a waste of time and Vile through and through.

    This needs to go national so the FA and PFA hear about it.

    • almajir says:

      Paul – you’re wrong.

      I keep saying this and you keep ignoring me, but you’re wrong.

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        Madge, trust me on this if this was happening to the filth the local media in all it’s forms would be campaigning big time.

        Always been Vile the media round here. I never watch or listen to it for that reason and I wouldn’t have that filth rag the Mail in my house for firewood.

        • almajir says:

          1) Paul – my name ain’t Madge.

          2) I work for the local media. It might just be I know more about things that are happening than you do.

          • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

            I was calling you Madge as a shortened version of Al Majir.

            No, granted you may know a bit more than me currently but you are a younger man and my experience tells me different. But seeing as you do work for em then why the hell ain’t they campaigning for us like they would for the filth?

          • Jay Sidney says:

            Almajir. You said earlier you might know more about what is happening than Paul Carter as a result of your media connections.

            Can you be more specific, please?

            Also, I checked the link re the address to send protest letters to. I was wondering where any letters should be sent: The office in the Cayman Islands (is that a tax haven for the very, very wealthy?) or HK?


          • almajir says:

            1) – watch this space

            2) – HK. The Cayman Islands address will be a nameplate on a wall in a lawyer’s office, nothing more.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Courtesy of google

    The South China Morning Post is the biggest selling English language paper in HK, The Oriental Daily News the biggest selling Chinese one.

    Trying to find mail addresses

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Daily Mail are reporting that Blues are looking at Lee Clarke and Zola. Please tell me that the Zola one is a joke? CY seems to like him as a manager! Great player, but not a manager IMO.

  • Jay Sidney says:

    The “Evening Mail” (is it still called that?) has had ample time to set up a professional journalistic campaign to hound (within legal limits) the board of directors at Blues for answers to the utterly outrageous state the latter has let a proud football club slip into. The fact that this hasn’t happened is surely because, in footballing terms, that publication is rather more interested in that lot from the other side of the Aston Expressway and, imo, always has been.

    Colin Tattum is a keen Blues fan but are his hands tied? If they are, has he considered going freelance where he may have more freedom to investigate?

    Other people have already pointed out that the main (and possibly only) point of a Supporters’ Trust is to try to have a dialogue with directors. Surely the reality is that that simply AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN at St Andrew’s.

    Blues supporters are like fans of any club insofar as they are passionate about their club. It was recently announced a “new investor” had been identified for BCFC. Really??

    When football fans are treated with such utter contempt and told one brazen lie after another and generally treated like mushrooms (i.e. kept in the dark and fed on you-know-what) by money people or by those claiming to have money when the likelihood is they have not, patience can only be expected to last so long.

    The fatalistic approach some argue where, sooner or later, the club will come out of this living nightmare one way or another is, to a degree, understandable. However, the news about Chris Hughton may surely be the final straw.

    I agree with almajir that any letter of protest (I’ll write one) to the address he has helpfully provided should express anger but avoid abuse. However, is it not becoming clear that that very mood of anger and even outrage is heavily deepening among Blues fans to the extent that even writing the stiffest of letters won’t feel like it is enough?

  • Art Watson says:

    What about HSBC -surely it’s not in their Interest to see all this unfold before their very eyes.

    They must be getting very nervous about he goings on at St. Andrews /home and away.

  • BCFC83 says:

    News is that Panu is back in the country next week, surely if we are going to do a protest this would be the best time to do it. When he is actually in the country and he will be able to see the protest.

    Writing to the other board members is a good idea but considering McMananman didn’t even know he was on the board will any of the other members give a shit?

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:

    After 48 years of supporting Blues I believe I have shown much commitment to the team. That said I have never known such a bleak outlook for us. I genuinely thought that if CH stayed then we would have a glimmer of hope in that somebody would buy us. For a guy of his moral standing to be now leaving speaks volumes. The best case scenario is that we don’t go into administration and I truly believe this could happen before years end. If we do manage to survive then we are destined for a few years of oblivion and there isn’t anything we can do about it. Take your rose coloured spectacles off guys. There is no money, gate receipts are falling, any decent players we have left will leave and subject to the next few days we will not have a manager.

  • andy says:

    I personally am not attending another game while these jokers are running the club, this is a club we all are very passionate about and they have sucked the life out of it we need to make a stand because if we dont were only going in one direction. hughton goes and takes the likes of davies, burke, redmond, not only norwich any club could come in for any of our players and bids would be accepted only reason hughton didnt go WBA is because they wouldnt pay the compo, this is all money we wont see re-invested in the team its going to take us a good 5-10 years to rebuild the mess these w@nkers cause if we let them have another year or 2 at the club

    comment edited

  • Oby says:

    This Bluenose has taken it upon himself to try and do something, he has sent a letter to the HK Judiciary, to The Hon Mr Justice Robert Tang and The Hon Mr Justice Joseph P Fok c/o The High Court of the Hong Kong Administrative Region – they are the judges hearing Carson Yeung’s case – explaining to them the effect that delays in resolving Carson’s case are having on the (innocent) fans of BCFC, and asking if they could see themselves to speeding up the resolution of the matter. he posts on SHA, here it is,–

    FAO The Hon Mr Justice Robert Tang and The Hon Mr Justice Joseph P Fok

    Dear Sirs,

    If you are reading this then it would appear that i was wrong to assume that it is impossible for an ordinary denizen such as myself to be able to make such esteemed gentlemen as yourselves aware of my personal feelings on a matter which is affecting me greatly.

    I speak on behalf of myself alone as a supporter of Birmingham City Football Club here in the UK, and not on behalf of any organisation or the club itself.

    It is my belief, from newspaper reports here, that you are the Judges presiding over the various ongoing legal cases involving Yeung Ka-Sing Carson and alleged crimes committed in either China, or Hong Kong, or both.

    You are probably aware that Carson (as he is known here in the UK) is the major shareholder in Birmingham International Holdings which in turn owns Birmingham City Football Club (BCFC).

    The current freeze placed on Carson’s monies and assets is causing great uncertainty here, and is presenting all sorts of problems regarding the daily operations of BCFC…. indeed, if local newspaper reports are correct it could even lead to the club being placed into Administration and perhaps even ceasing to exist.

    Whilst realising that justice has to take its course, and without knowing anything at all regarding the legal complexities of the case, and without knowing in the slightest whether Carson is guilty or innocent of any crimes I would however ask if you have been made aware of the ramifications this asset freeze is having on the the financial stability of the club that I, and thousands upon thousands of others, love and cherish.

    On that basis, could i request graciously that the case is resolved (either way) as quickly as the court process allows so that the fans and followers of BCFC would then know for certain whether the club has any hope of a future under the ownership of Birmingham International Holdings or not. If the answer to our future under BIH is negative then at least the club can be placed into Administration and a new buyer can be sought. At the moment however we are left in a state of limbo that is proving distressing and worrying to many thousands of football fans who are completely innocent in terms of any wrongdoing.

    Yours In Good Faith.

  • andy says:

    There is very little we can do other than just continue to support the team,the club needs as many fans as it can more now than ever
    Expecting the Mail to help the cause would be like asking Hitler to help Israel,the Mail has been actively doing all it can to promote the exit of CH,printing many articles of disgraced racist/sexist ex filth and others who have an agenda,also radio WM stands for Wolverhampton,BRMB/GOLD are the only ones who seem to have blues interests at heart,but in truth i doubt any of it will make the slightest bit of difference

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Even in the face of so much adversity and utter farce flying around, we ask ourselves what we can do.

    It is more than likely that CH and his backroom team will be signing for Norwich later on today. The accounts are nowhere in sight and therefore the embargo remains. CY and by extension BIHL, remain firmly entrenched in the mire and are in their death throes (metaphorically speaking of course).

    Where do we go from here?? Firstly I hope that all the stakeholders in this realise that we have a solid football club that is functioning and by all accounts, very well run and capable in executing its duties. The problems occur at boardroom level and to some extent with PP. They have simply been abysmal and have compromised their credibility to such an extent, that when they utter anything – which is infrequent to put it mildly – it has the preceeding smell of bullshit.

    Because of what is happening to CY and BIHL, our club is naturally going to feel the impact of its parent company. We have not mucked up to the extent of Pompey or Coventry, as their circumstances were/are completely different. There, the clubs were messed-up and had complex payment and debt/asset/income structures compared to us. We do not have massive debts to ex-players and expensive failures on our current books – some might disagree on the latter point – and still have a tangible asset or two. Consider this, if/when CH and co depart, £2m from Norwich plus circa £4m for Davies – if as predicted he follows CH – and another £5m for Foster now that the managerial issue has more than likely been resolved at WBA. For all his failings – there has been a fair number – I do not believe that PP would let anyone off lightly when negotiating values and payments.

    If CY has any modicum of foresight left, he will realise that by putting this or the majority of it back into the club, will only help him in his quest to get a return on his original investment. Do not labour under the illusion that it will be transferred surreptitiously to HK – it won’t. The only way CY will see any money from Blues is when he sells us.

    Let us not concern ourselves with where it all went wrong – only in how we move forward. Twelve months ago we despaired at what might be. We could have been in a much better position but then again, it could have been a lot worse.

    Getting the right management team in place is imperative. Allowing him to then sort the squad out and add substantially is only going to aid us long-term. But this depends on those forsaken accounts being published – we all are aware of what they’re going to be liked – again the uncertainty of when is doing us all no favours.

    There has to be developments soon – this situation has to give somewhere along the line. In the meantime let us act by contacting those will influence to voice our objections and hope that a suitable replacement for CH is in place fairly soon. My own hope is for Alan Curbishley to get the position. Experienced, good coach, has connections to the club and with an appetite after being out of the game. Only sticking point could be the parameters that might be set by PP.

    Let the situation unite us rather than divide us. When it is over – and it will be, we can then look back and realise that the one constant binding factor was/is our true love for BCFC.

    • Dirty Bertie says:

      Ata boy :)

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      Cant see any manager coming to a club that can’t buy players.

      Sorry but the likes of Curbs will laugh their bollox off when told

      • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

        For some who considers themselves to be the ‘The Voice of Reason’ – you do not half make very unreasonable comments.

        Why on earth would Curbishley laugh until his testicles fell off??

        PP/CY are not stupid enough to believe that a good manager will sign under the present circumstances. We had a good one until he decided to move on. If the accounts are accepted by the FL and the embargo lifted, and PP can sell the club enough to any prospective manager – I sincerely hope it’s Curbishley – then there is a good prospect he will come. He nearly went to Wolves and they were in a not exactly brilliant situation. Ours is more severe but has positives which could soon outweigh all else if that new owner/investor would show their hand……….

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