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Who Will It Be?

It’s been four days now since Chris Hughton left Blues for Carrow Road, and the rumour mill is truly and well under way for the his replacement. I thought I’d have a scan through the rumours out there and see who is and who isn’t interested in the job.

The Daily Mail have named a shortlist of four managers who are supposed to be in the frame for the role – Lee Clark, Steve Cotterill, Sammy Lee and Nick Barmby. It’s only a short piece however, with no byline and a misspelling of Clark’s name and thus I’m tempted to file it as “filler” and nothing more – especially as it’s a bit underwhelming as shortlists go.

Sky Sports have added Mark Robins‘ name to the frame, but also name Clark, Cotterill, Lee, Billy Davies, Gary Megson and Mick McCarthy as possibles. I think Mark Robins is in an interesting one; he took a Rotherham side on -17 to the brink of promotion from League Two so is clearly used to working in difficult situations; although that has to be tempered with the fact he quit Barnsley because he had a run in with the board there.

Sky Sports had Paul Ince as an early frontrunner but (thankfully, in my opinion) his name seems to have fallen by the wayside as a possible contender for the job. I got the impression Ince’s agent might have been touting the self-proclaimed “Guv’nor” as the replacement for Hughton because of the speed his name was mentioned – hopefully that is the case.

One person who won’t be coming to Blues is Watford boss Sean Dyche, who told the Watford Observer he’d reaffirmed his commitment to the Hornets in the face of being sounded out over a couple of jobs – believed to be Hull City and Blues.

The fans choice appears to be Ian Holloway – at least according to a poll in the Birmingham Mail. The Blackpool boss is apparently available for a small sum and has never failed to speak in glowing terms about Blues players, management and support. I’ll be honest and say that I do like the idea of Olly becoming Blues boss – he might be a tad annoying with his non-sequiturs in press conferences but I think that we need a bit of humour in our current situation. Olly has a reputation these days for playing football in expansive, attacking ways and that would go down well with the faithful – and judging by the way he’s brought through Matt Phillips and Tom Ince he’s not afraid to give youth it’s head either.

Two candidates that haven’t been mentioned as much in the press but seem to have attracted attention on here at least are Mark Yates of Cheltenham Town and Karl Robinson of MK Dons. Former Blues midfielder Yates has been at Cheltenham for two and a half years and took them to the brink of promotion to League One this season, falling in the playoff final. Karl Robinson, who at 31 is four years younger than Stephen Carr has led MK Dons to successive playoff finishes and is regarded as a bright new managerial talent.

Hopefully Blues will start to narrow down the field soon with an eye to getting a manager in and ready for the pre-season. It’s going to be an interesting appointment with the current off-field problems – will Blues go for someone untested who might want to step up and have a go at a higher profile job or will they hand it to an experienced head who has been out of work for a while? Time will tell.

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  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    I honestly can’t see any of em coming to a club that can’t buy players. It must truly be a unique situation.

    None of em float my boat bar Olly who is akin to the second coming of Barry Fry but I can’t see him leaving a cosy job in Blackpool with a budget and supportive board to come to us a club that can’t buy anyone and a board that’s never here.

    • Graham Woodward says:

      Same here, none of them are that great imho and I think we’ll only attract some untried, untested manager from a lower league given the current situation, which probably won’t get resolved any time soon.

    • nicky wicky says:

      Paul why wouldn’t Olly come to Blues? it’s a step up for him. I can’t see this embargo carrying on forever,and CH never really bought anyone did he? he spent about£1million in transfer fees after all those players left, most of the players he signed were bosmans and loans!he would have a better quality of player to work with. I’m sure Jordon Mutch could play the role Charlie Adam used to? it would only take a few good loan signings,and Blues could be challenging for the automatic spots!

  • carlos says:

    Mark Robins is a name completely out of the blue, and I must admit I wouldn’t be disappointed with this. I remember he did a cracking job at Rotherham and decent job at Barnsley, I thought they were the best team down Blues last season, although how much of that was his influence or the new managers I don’t know.

    • nicky wicky says:

      did they finish in the promotion slots, cause Blues don’t need a manager who is just going to finish midtable, the team needs to be competitive. At least Ian Holloway has proven that he can build a promotion team he took Blackpool up in successive years and after they got relegated he built another team that very nearly got back to the preiership!

  • nicky wicky says:

    The best names mentioned in the list seem to be Mark Yates and Ian Holloway. Holloway has worked miracles with mostly average players, and one or two ageing premier players. He is a good wheeler dealer in the loan and bosman market. Yates, crafted an attacking team with no money and improved the players he had ,and justed missed out in the play-off final on penalties. Mick McCarthy would be a one season wonder,as he doesn’t seem to be able to cope with the Premier League? I think Holloway has learned from Blackpool’s spell in the Premiership that you need to be defensively sound as well to succeed. I’m not sure that the Blues board are in a position where they can experiment with managers. they need someone who can hit the ground running.The others mentioned would be going back to the ultra defensive defend at all costs ways of McJudas and Bruce which probably won’t work in the Championship these days, as the standard of the teams is better,and more teams play attacking football. The ones that just defend finish mid-table!

  • Glynn says:

    Well all i can say is my Season Ticket will be going cheap if Gary Megson or Steve Cotterill gets the job!

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    McLeish @ 25/1 worries me

  • BCFC83 says:

    I am again one of the people who is very unsure about whom I want as a new manager.

    For some reason I just don’t want Holloway, I can’t put my finger on it but there is just some nagging feeling in the back of my head who says he would not be able to repeat here what he has done at Blackpool.

    I have stated before that I would like an old player who the fans would give time and Yates seems like a good choice. If we could not get him I would like to give somebody a chance everybody has to start somewhere and I would like to give Jeff Kenna a go. Just passed his badges and still loves the club. The fans would get behind him.

    The big thing is trying to get rid of the board. Talk of new investors is one thing but we need to see the colour of their money now. The situation needs to be sorted soon as possible to give the new manager who ever he is time to build his own team

    • nicky wicky says:

      BCFC the problem is the Blues board don’t really have time to experiment with unknowns. They need somone who can hit the ground running and get the club in a decent shape so they get a good price when they sell up. If they pick the wrong oneit could put the fans off and make the team uncompetitive devaluing the shares in the club.

      • BCFC83 says:

        I understand where you are coming from Nicky but who in their right mind would come to a club that cannot buy any players and will still be under the embargo until the accounts of BIHL are released?

        Least with an unknown manager he may get a big of beginners luck! :)

        • nicky wicky says:

          BCFC your not thinking straight. now the accounts have been published. the embargo is likely to be lifted even though there are problems. CY is in a tight spot now andhis only saleable asset is the club. he can ruin it by selling off the players,but wouldn’t get the money he needs so the only logical thing to do is get a decebnt amanager in and sort out the team to make the club attract to a new investor.

          I don’t think the clubs probs can last forever, and a guy like Holloway would realise that. even with the embargo he’s pretty good at biringing through youth, and Blues have a pretty good academy. I think your being too pessimistic!

  • Daddybluenose says:

    I know it’s off the subject but wanted your opinion on the takeover rumours of Branson and blues. Thoughts??

  • DoctorD says:

    The pluses on any wannabe manager’s mind have to be:
    * big-city club recently out of the Premiership who came fourth in the Championship;
    * talented, youthful tight-knitted squad;
    * club with long history and decent potential.
    * decent ground, facilities and recent Cup/Europe success.

    The minuses are
    * massively uncertain financial situation;
    * thin squad and no ability to sign players apart from Bosmans and youngsters;
    * owner under arrest and most of board invisible;
    * probably not a massive pay packet or long-term deal guaranteed.

    I think there’s still enough pluses to get someone fairly decent in. But for a lot of people in work, like Ian Holloway, the minuses will make the job worse than what they currently have. That’s why I don’t think he or someone like it would take the job and it will go to someone out of work with a point to prove.

    • Evesham Blue says:

      I think your reasoning is sound. No chance of getting Holloway. He would cost money and why would he come to a job which is a less secure job on a rolling contract with severe financial constraints?

      Think alot of fans need a reality check in our current situation and who we can attract.

      For me it would have to be a younger manager with a point to prove who sees Blues as a chance to make a name like CH did and get his career back on track. I dont think we can think longer term at the moment until our situation changes. Any manager will more than likely be on another rolling contract so if he doesnt deliver he will be out the door next year probably.

      Any new manager would need qualities just like CH.i.e. they get on with the job without worrying about the off field situation, they are measured in dealing with the media and their teams play attractive football. It would also be useful if they have network of contacts as wheeling and dealing and loan signings are the parameters they need to work within. I dont want an Old Hand that has gone round the block a few times that failed at some point.

      Out of the names mentioned that are realistic? Clark and Robins. Cant really comment on Cheltenham or MK Dons managers as I dont know what they have done. Jeff Kenna – that’s left field but I could go for that.

      • nicky wicky says:

        I don’t think you’re thinking sound about holloway. he’sonly on about £500k which is less than the Blues manager post. Theres more potential at Blues his board have said they wouldn’t stand in his way if a bigger club came calling as they reckon he desserves a shot at a top job and Blues does fall into that as Blues are a big city club with a large fan base! Do you think that ian Holloway wants to spend the rest of his career just aying he coached Blackpool, which is a small seaside town with a small ground and capacity of 15000. Why wouldn’t he not like a shot at trying to get a big club into the preiership,and working with better players?

        So theres an embargo at the mo, and the board are hopeless,but thats not going to continue for long. With a bit of luck they’ll have to sell up soon. I can’t see them selling off all the players that would be crazy,and make the club worthless! CY is in a tight spot right now and needs to raise money quickly to save his dignity and get his home back so he is running out of options. It is a buyers market. The only thing he has left worth anything is the football club. So my guess is they are trying to get it into a shape where they can sell it on for a good price? if they reck it or have a crap manager then the price will go down.

    • nicky wicky says:

      I agree with most of what you say,but he’d probably get more than he’s getting at Blackpool,and the potential if he got into the Premiership of a much larger salary. The problems at blues are not going to last forever,and if he got Blues promoted he would have a better chance of staying up than he would with Blackpool because of the resources available, and it is a big city club.

      I have listened to his after match speches and he strikes me as a pretty intelligent guy, and he certainly sussed Blues out in the play-offs even though he had players of lesser ability, which showed up against West Ham. He has made nice comments about blues in the past and i’m sure he’d realise that things are not going to stay like this permanently. CY has to quit his home in 56 days the pre-season starts in july so something(probably a lot) is going to happen in the next month!

  • Daddybluenose says:

    I realise it’s far fetched and I know he’s buying ground around st Andrews so I posted on his twitter page just on a whim and although there was nothing from him I suddenly got half a dozen American businessmen following me googled them but still never heard of them just thought that was kinda weird.

    • Euston 9.18 says:

      What ground is branson buying around St.Andrews ??

      I still think he owns the land which was the old training ground on damson Lane,which weldon sold him.

      What a waste,all this time not used,just over grown now,very good training ground with top pitches.

      Blues got f`all for that land,wonder how much it would be worth today ??

  • neal says:

    I cannot contain my excitement at the names mentioned!!!!!!!

    Given the present situation it is only likely to attract someone wanting to use the size of the club as a stepping stone or be their one chance at having their 15 minutes of fame, I dont believe any manager can enter the turmoil that exists and hope to be constructive and harbour any realistic hopes of achieving success.

    I fear a Gary Pendrey situation all over again, well intentioned but hands totally tied. The lifting of the embargo will be key.

  • Ingerlund says:

    I dont undrstand why so many people and blues fans seem to regard us as a lost cause and the only hope we have is to be a stepping stone for unproven managers. If you want the job done you dont ask the apprentices from League 2. There are some candidates who have achieved promotion to the prem before and some more than once. We are still a big club and a big attraction to managers regrdless of finance, and it may be a surprise but we are in a better financial position than most clubs. A 10M loss does not mean we dont have money in the bank to pay our way.

  • danny boy says:

    why is curbs not mentioned here. people have said in the past he will only be intrested in a premier league club but he lowered his standards and applied for the wolves position after they were relegated. the only candidate really for me. we need someone who can focus on the field as well as off it. these young managers wont be able to cope with both we need a wise head and calming influence. robins, barmby and clarke are unlikely as they have a reputation of falling out with the board

    • Evesham Blue says:

      Good points. Hadnt thought about it that way. Depends if Pannu likes them ultimately. I dont think that would discount those you mentioned altogether. I mean CH fell out with his board at Newcastle. Clarke was unbeaten in 43 and got the tic tac. Then his team gets promoted in a penalty shot out. The job is effectively a temp job on the rolling contract. Wont be signing them up on 3 year contracts for sure! There will be an element of a gamble involved (as there would be with an Old Hand as well).

      Like most interviews – depends if you get the buzzword bingo questions right.

  • ForevertheOptimist says:

    Second biggest City in the Uk.
    Club that has been in the Premier league and just missed out this term -so has the potential to pull in 90 million.
    Fantastic fan base.
    Previous Cup Winners

    Dont be surprised to see a wealthy foreign consortium sitting in the wings step in out of the Blue and surprise us all.
    Good times around the corner just gotta be patient.

  • nicky wicky says:

    well karl robinson certainly seems to know how to get a team into the play-offs,but got knocked out quickly in the semi’s!

  • bcfc says:

    Someone who would be a great gaffer, would be steve davis of crewe. Took them from the foot of the table after about fifteen games and got them promoted. Very good coacj who is spoken highly academyof and is young, and has done it all with a SQUAD (not first 11) that have all but 5 come through the academy. Most of those players arnt even 18. And there chairman is the type not to standi his way if it were to enhance his career. Oh, and hes a brummoe.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    I can’t see any managerial talent (unless desperate) coming to a club with such uncertaintly. Until these muppets of owners stop slowly destroying the club and admit the inevitable; we’re only goung to attract the dregs.

    I’m normally an optimist but lets face the facts, we can’t deal in the transfer market, we have made a huge loss, our owners are broke or facing prosecution, the trail of money been taken out of the club seems dodgy, there is no leadership from the club owners and the same situation drags on and on. How could these people have been deemed fit and proper owners?

    Wht will it take to force these sharks out of the club?

  • skareggae72 says:

    Can i just throw a new name in,Slaven Bilic of Croatia,although we would have to wait till they get knocked out of the Euros first,which kind of suits us,as we need more time to remove the embargo.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      Right Slav me old mate dya want this job or not?

      Are yous in the Champions league? Errrm no.
      Are yous in the Premiership? Errrm no.
      What’s the budget to buy new players? You wont need any we’re on an embargo.
      Can I have a look at the latest set of accounts? Errrm no we’re busy adjusting them so they get through the auditors approval.

      Fac*in strap back, when can I start?

      • skareggae72 says:

        What you fail to mention is that most championship managers are paid more than the manager of Croatia,he has also,in the past,been linked with his old club West Ham,hardly a club dripping with Champions League honours,or consistent Premier League football !

        • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:


          Prove it

          • skareggae72 says:

            Try reading my posts before you comment,its not too difficult.
            I state that in the time it takes Croatia to go out of the Tournament,our situation could well be very different,but you totally ignore that and still blab on about the embargo.
            When you actually bother to read the postings i might take you seriously,yawn.

    • danny boy says:

      sorry to piss on your parade but his taking charge of lokomotiv moscow after the euros!

  • nicky wicky says:

    Agent 10 Million is not a huge loss in comparison to someother clubs. villa posted a £54 million loss. The problems in the transfer market are not going to last now that the accounts have been published. If PP appoints the right manager then the club will then be worth something to a new investor. Can’t see them selling off the whole team that would be crazy,and they’d never get the money they want that way! No the only way left to them is get the club in a good shape and sell it on for a decent price.

  • Tom says:

    We have 17 players, owners who couldn’t run a corner shop let alone Birmingham City football club, and a man who we brought at 30 years old called Zigic for 6 million who only scored 4 goals against Leeds and that’s about it and he’s on 50K a week, buying Zigic was abit like when Chelsea brought Shevchenco for 30 million how can you pay that much for a 30 year old man, may aswell try get Dugarry back he was a don.. And Forsell

    • nicky wicky says:

      tom you don’t know he’s on £50k a wekk that is just rumour. surely if he was on that much they would have tried to move him on by now if they loaned out foster, and he wasn’t on anywhere near that much?. he must have done some sort of a deal or agreed to take a paycut because he has said he enjoys playing for Blues?

    • Martin says:

      tom you must have an awful memory, zigic has scored 20 goals for blues of which 1 knocked villa out the quarters and 1 helped us win the cup, them two goals alone were priceless to any blue nose.

  • mitchell says:

    Until the embargo is lifted I can’t see any manager coming to blues. It’s a bit like saying to a sales person, make some money but you can’t communicate with anyone, or asking a builder to build an extension without any tools.

    I can see the search ( a pointless one at that) dragging on for weeks/months and yet more spin from Pannu – before anyone mentions it, yes he did employ Hughton, but very little else.


    • nicky wicky says:

      Look even with the embargo they can still sell players,and there are enough academy players to make a team. I’m sure in a month or so a lot will happen at Blues,and this embargo will have been lifted. Now that the accounts have been filed, if they find a decent manager then things will start to pick up. CY has 56 days to quit his home. he needs to do something in that time. If he ruins the squad the club will be worthless and he won’t get the money he needs. the best hope he has is get the club in a decent shape so that a new investor feels confident enough to offer him a good price!

    • Agent McLeish says:

      Mitchell, or a hairdresser trying to run a football club!

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Yes he employed Hughton then didn’t give him a penny to spend in the transfer market making his job nigh on impossible

  • andy says:

    Zigic has no intention of leaving Blues and with 2 years left on his contract and the big wages, why not give him the job??

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    As danny boy said in a previous comment; Curbishley would seem like a sensible and and practical choice. He has a wealth of managerial experience – over 20 years even though he’s still in his mid – fifties, has managed at the highest level, will not be fazed by the current shenanigans, can handle egos and high-pressure environments, has good pedigree and will more than likely wish to have a project to get back into the game after his sabbatical. He spoke to Wolves and may have had contact with WBA, so it shows that the desire to get back into the fray is there. Rather than say we should worry about his absence from the game for the last few years, let’s look upon it positively in the sense that he will have used the time to gain different skills, knowledge and experiences. After KK left England, Bobby Robson said that AC was the best placed manager to get the role. He has also been linked with the top posts over the years. When he was managing Charlton and West Ham, they both performed well in the EPL and as soon as he left – look what happened to both.

    He might not be everyone’s choice at Blues, but we’d stand a high chance of progressing with him in charge. It’s ok to say look at the squad, embargo etc., but sooner or later things will change as the status quo is verging on farce and one way or the other something will give. If a potential manager can see past the present and remain confident in their ability to ride things out, then there really could be many gains and benefits to be had. He will be just a big an asset to the club as any star player.

    Question remains if PP believes he could handle a fairly high profile man such as Curbs or feels the need to have a more ‘raw’ man in charge who would not ask as many questions. We do not even know if his name has been discussed, let alone if he’s interested. All said though, if he has been short-listed/is interested, then we could do a lot worse than him.

    • nicky wicky says:

      Curbs did a good job at Charlton,but he hasn’t been in management for some time. What do we know about him and has he kept up to date with whats going on and players,etc. Maybe?

      • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

        After leaving West Ham in late 2008 – he did TV work in a commentary capacity, and has been wanting to get back into football for some time. All the top jobs that have come up over the last year or so have had Curbishley linked to them in some capacity. His footballing credentials are well established, do we really need to know who his favourite telly tubbie is??

  • Blue Machine says:

    Holloway would do a good job but i’d like us to take a gamble on Karl Robinson of MK Dons, I know hes still very young but has had about 3 decent seasons as a coach and manager, i like the way he gets MK Dons to play and he also talks a lot of sense whenever he is a pundit on sky.
    I know it would be arisk but in my humble opinion arisk worth taking.


  • Roy Smith says:

    Not Clarke, plays boring football. Ince has failed everywhere so far so no thanks. Can we afford even a minute amount of compensation for Holloway? Wouldn’t bet on it.
    We need a yound manager not under contract who plays good football. It’s obvious step up Pep Guardiola.

  • alexjhurley says:

    I’d like Holloway or Derek McInnes. Curbushley at a push. Agree that the rest are uninspiring.

    My guess is that Pannu will quite rightly be focused on getting the accounts sorted out over the next week or 2. There’s no point prioritising finding the new gaffer unbtil that’s done – because as people have rightly pointed out, we ain’t a very attractive proposition right now !

    It’s my opinion that things are OK (but not great) financially. We only lost £10M in our relegation year, and subsequent income from last summer’s player exodus and this seasons cup runs and play offs along with huge reduction in wages measn the current situaiton unlikely to be much worse. £20M debt is not too bad at all.

    Pannu should hopefully spend the next couple of weeks ironing this all out with the auditors and the league. Then we get embargo lifted and as the financial situation becomes a little clearer, we’ll become a far more attractive proposition to a new manager. Whehther that’ll be eniugh to attract a good enough candidate remains to be seen………fingers crossed

    One other thing with Pannu to give him his due – he said in his prog notes things werent as bad as people thought. He was right. Hughton is on record on numerous occassions saying Pannu’s a straight as they come. I know he has his detractors, but there’s more and more evidence that he’s a decent bloke doing a good job in testing circumstances……

    In fairness to PP he said in his programme notes it wasn’t as bad as people thought and he’s been true to his word.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Pee Pee does himself no favours though by constantly saying nowt to us fans. He could be a cracking bloke doing a good job but none of us know anything about him or what he’s like. For the life of me I can’t understand why he doesn’t engage us fans and get us onside. I agree where you say ‘Pannu should hopefully spend the next couple of weeks ironing this all out with the auditors and the league’ but he should also start builing a relationship with us fans who are the most important thing at the club. Making us feel ignored and worthless aint doing him any favours. All this speculation, backbiting, tension could be taken out of the equation with just a few words. I really want to back this guy and rally round him but I just can’t cos I don’t know what he’s like.

    Christ is it too much to ask?

    • alexjhurley says:

      Paul – i agree – I don’t understand why he won’t build bridges. I’ve argued on here before thathe needs to go on a PR offensive. I think there’s a lot of positives about the guy and what he’s done (and some Negatives too!) but most fans would give him the benefit I reckon. Wouldn’t half help with ticket sales if fans startted to like the guy (or at least stop loathing him !)

      • Martin says:

        Maybe PP only has bad news for us therfor finds it easier to stay silent, that said i think he underestimates the support that blues has and the amount of fans that will stay away when they don’t know where there money is going. If he was in this for the long haul i believe he would have attempted to build a good relasonship with supporters, as he has not i suspect he is attempting to protect CY as much as possable, CY appointed him, and it is no suprise that now the accounts are at long last handed over that there seems to be problems with them. The issue to me is this court case on CY could last another 12months+ so it seems we are stuck in this cycle of knowing nothing as fans.
        The league need to help us as they failed to spot CY was as dodgy as a £9 note, now ultimatly we have a transfer embargo impossed on us BY THEM due to this. It feels very much like the league have shut the door afer the horse has bolted.
        17 players is not enough to even fill the teamsheet now we are back up to 7 subs, getting this transfer imbargo lifed is our priority, then we can look to bring in the man to do the job, i believe the 17 we have are good enough to get us up but obviousy 17 is not a squad with injurys/suspensions ect.
        There has been alot of ups and downs over the last 18 months and no doubt alot more, lets hope we can get trading in the transfer market with a good manager, we can not do a great deal about what happens behind the scenes but we can support the boys in blue at every game, thats what we do best. KRO

        • Gary says:

          apparently CY’s court case will be a quick one – 2 to 3 weeks, hence why it’s taken so long to get to trial in the first place. Maybe Almajir can confirm this?

          • almajir says:

            The prosecution want three weeks to present their evidence alone.

            That doesn’t strike me as being quick.

          • Cleggy says:

            God you’re well informed Almajir! You should write a blog or something….

  • andy says:

    Well its a pity Pannu wasnt true to his word when he promised to do a phone in with Tom Ross!!

  • Ben says:

    Lee Clark; young, ambitious, cheap and would be willing = perfect man for the job
    Lets not forget his Huddlesfield town team went 42 games unbeaten

  • blue says:

    of all the names mentioned only Robins or Grayson float my boat.

    if not them, how about giving Noel Blake and or Stuart Pearce a pop at it?

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Just read this in the B/Ham Post.

    Details of the clubs long awaited accounts,which emerged over the w/end,revealed a 10.6 million loss for the year ending June 30th.

    But the document also forecast a move back into “SUBSTANTIAL PROFIT” through player sales & Premier League parachute payments.

    The player sales are from last season.

    CONFUSED ??????????

  • Ingerlund says:

    Well said ForevertheOptimist.
    Nothing different this time to when CH took the job.We had plenty of applicants and plenty of CV’S that didnt get past the shredder. WE ARE A BIG CLUB and dont need any chancers taking the job, its too much of a risk. Since the Wheldon days we have always attracted well respected managers and the way I see it we are no worse off than when DS and DG were at the helm. The club is being financed with income rather than borrowing and the only uncertainty is that surrounding the owners personal finances. We are open for business and paying the bills including the wages without dipping into bank or director loans.
    Portsmouth were and still are worse off than us and they dont rummage around in the bargain basement for managers. Managers like a challenge and dont give a damn about the finances as long as they get paid and I think BCFC is as goos a job as any in the Championship.

  • andy says:

    If thats the case then i would like to see Roy Keane offered the job and see if he takes it.

  • Ingerlund says:

    The embargo will be lifted before we recruit and what exactly has Keane done apart from spend a fortune at Sunderland and walk away from the monster he created and then couldnt buy a win anywhere else. We may well try our hand with young and inexperienced but if things are as bad as made out by some we may as well give Redmond the Player Managers job. Ahh!! forgot he is going to be sold. Wer’e doooooooombed.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Why will the embargo be lifted when the auditors have all but said the accounts are dodgy?

    Worry is Hughton comes in with decent offers for our players, we sell but can’t buy anyone to replace em and have to play the kids

  • Liam Moakes says:

    I agree with Paul Carter entirely.
    Nicky Wicky, you need to get your head out the sand. How on earth can you be confident the embargo is going to be lifted?
    BIHL’s accounts are nearly a year late and there’s no sign of them arriving. Even then, it’s highly debatable whether they will satisfy the Football League.
    Keep dreaming if you think Holloway will come. Anyway, whoever it is, Blues do not have a prayer of winning promotion next season with such a thin squad.
    The directors have also stated in the accounts report that more sales are to come to keep the club as a going concern. IT’S IN BLACK & WHITE – read the stories!
    Bad times ahead and the sooner some get used to it the better.

    • nicky wicky says:

      Liam it’s standard practice with all lower league clubs to sell a player or two every season to keep the clubs going as the TV money is not enough, and hope that they have a good season so that they move up the league a bit further. The accounts are not as bad as you think, and i don’t expect the emargo will still be in place come pre-season thers plently of time to get players in. I don’t see why Holloway wouldn’t be interested if he was offered the job as Blues manager despite the probs I expect a lot of things will be happening around Blues in the next month.we may get some new owners? this lot are incompetent but they’re not stupid. the club is the only thing they’ve got thats worth anything so do you really think they’re gonna run it into the ground? they got £22 million for all those top players that they sold last year well below what they were worth. What do you think they will getfor the players left now everyone knows CY is desperate. The club would be made silly offers for talented young players. I doubt they’d manage to get £14-16million, and some of that would have to go to rebuild the team. Makes sense they willtry and get the club in a decent shape so that CY gets a good price when he sells to new investors!

      • evesham blue says:

        Stop bleating about Holloway. We wouldn’t pay any compensation to get a new manager especially someone of his calibre. Hello? We are skint…Reality check. It’s pure speculation about takeovers with not one shred of evidence someone is waiting in the wings. If so they are invisible.

        We will also sell players if we get a decent price for them. Clarke for me

        • nicky wicky says:

          evesham do you not read the reports in the birmingham mail. I t said recentlythat it is believed that Holloway wouled be interested in a move to st andrews. PP apparantly ikes Holloway and £500k would be enough to buy him out of his contract.An online poll pf supporters said that49% were interrested in him. He has managed this season to get an average Blackpool team to the play-off final, and only just missed out on promotion. Malcom page has said that he thought that Blackpool were the best passing team in the division. A lot of people have made compliments about the way he gets his wteams to play. he seems to be a good tactician and he is liked by the chairman and supporters. it makes sense to try and get himat least? They received over £2million compensation for CH leaving that should tell you how much the st andrews job is worth. it is a good paid job!

          • nicky wicky says:

            Evesham when McJudas was Blues managerhe was getting £2 million a year in salary. you could buy a nice house in edgbaston with the Blues jmanagers job. I’d apply myself,but i don’t have all the badges, and anyway it’s virtually a closed shop. ex players get fast tracked. You don’t see many people like Graham Taylor these days who have come through without having played much or at all!! I reckon i could do it I was a pretty good footballer when i was younger,but I have epilepsy ,and I broke my leg, so they won’t touch me!

          • evesham blue says:

            Look I am not disputing I would not want Holloway. I am not disputing most Blues fans would want him. I am not disputing he is a good manager and would be interested in Blues if it werent for our current position. But..

            He is manager of Blackpool and has a secure job. I dispute Blackpool had poorer players than us. In fact they deserved to beat us and were the better team in the play offs.

            Why would he want to come to us in our current predicament??

          • nicky wicky says:

            evesham i beleive that he may want to come to us because Blues are a big city club with the chance of managing better players. we were played off the park,but that was not because the players were better at Blackpool. In fact it showed in the final that they couldn’t quite manage to find the goals to beat the Hammers. If you remember, Blues put 3 goals past them at the Boleyn ground. I think the fact Blues were missing key players and the better tactics by Holloway proved to be too much for Blues. It is also a better paid job, so there is another reason. As i said i was a pretty good footballer when i was younger. i don’t know how old you are, but I am the guy from b’ham that Terry venables talks about that recommended the england team to him for euro 96. isent him a dossier,and he sent me a standard reply, but he eventually picked every player, but chose to take tony adams. i recommended alan stubbs cause he was quicker, solid and good at dead ball situations!

  • andy says:

    Keane took Sunderland from the bottom of the Championship at Christmas and went on to storm the League, pipping Blues to the title on the final day, Remember? Thats what he done.

  • Liam Moakes says:

    That’s not incorrect Andy, but with huge financial backing! Slightly different circumstances this time around unfortunately. I honesly don’t see the fuss about who the new manager is. Whoever it is is on an absolute hiding to nothing.

    • nicky wicky says:

      exactly Liam so it needs to be someone who can build a team with little outlay.Holloway has done that at Blackpool. Mark ?Yates at Cheltenham. Don’t let the weather depress you there will probably be one or two players sales to keep the club ticking over,but i can’t see some of the crazy scenarios happening!

  • andy says:

    I do think its important Blues get the right man. As someone pointed out the other day, we dont want a Garry Pendry scenario, a steady Eddie manager. We need a manager that will look to take Blues forward under difficult circumstances. I like Keane, thats my personal opinion, he will keep the disipline intact but im not sure whether he would tolerate the board. Lee Clark has aspirations of becoming Newcastle manager and Blues would be an excellant stepping stone for him, thats why i think he will get the Blues job. Clark would look to take us forward under difficult conditions to enhance his reputation, just like Hughton.

    • nicky wicky says:

      andy is not Keane and Clark going back to the days of Bruce and McJudas with ultra defensive defend at all costs. we havehad a season where we’ve seen the team playing expansive attacking football, and maybe if they’d performed better away from home they could have got automatic promotion. The standard of the Championship has improved, and teams attack more, and are harder to break down. If you see the teams that played that way last season they finished mid-table!

  • Paulo says:

    It’s out of our hands folks, we will have no influence on who PP is gonna have in the dug out. No point in going mental on who it is, all we have to do is say three hail mary’s and pray to the lord he isn’t a f**kin eejit.

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Think the new “gaffer” is MARK ROBINS.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    What about tricky Ricky Otto? The 4 years he did for armed robbery made stand him in good stead with the board? http://www.where-are-they-now.co.uk/footballer/OTTO+Ricky/2642

  • JK1875 says:

    I just cannot see the current “board” paying a fee for a manager.

  • NooBloo says:

    I am going to throw a name into the ring who will definately apply or the job. His success rate varies. 3 successful managerial positions at Reading Millwall and Motherwell but failed miserably everywhere else.

    He will apply and he wont be expensive. He plays attacking football but a bit of a long ball specialist but sometimes plays it effectively, depending on the personell at his disposal.

    I am ofcourse referring to Mark Mc Ghee

  • jazzzy786 says:

    other names I’ve seen mentioned are Jose Dominguez, Tony Hey, Curbs and Ray Wilkins. I know he’s an ex-scummer but what about Kevin McDonald? He’s a very good coach. It will be someone cheap as I can’t see the board even paying 500k for the likes of Olly.

  • Tom says:

    Harry Redknapp give him the 2 million Norwich give us for Chris Hughton

  • Tom says:

    Harry Redknapp give him the 2 million Norwich give us for Chris Hughton

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