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The shortlist…

Lee Clark, Roy Keane, Alan Curbishley and Phil Brown. Yesterday afternoon this emerged as the rumoured shortlist for the role of 32nd permanent Birmingham City manager. As shortlists go, it could be better – I’d like to have seen us looking at Holloway for instance, but on the other hand it doesn’t have Gary Megson on it. Or Paul Ince for that matter.

My first reaction to that list was “Dear God, anyone but Phil Brown.” I suppose I’d better get my thoughts on the ex-Hull manager out of the way first because they’re all negative. I don’t like him as a boss, I don’t rate him as a boss and I don’t want him to be Blues manager. According to Andy Walker on twitter the board are taking on board fans views on managers – so Mr Pannu, if you’re listening – say no to Brown. Thanks.

The other three on the list aren’t too bad, bearing in mind one of the main criteria for choosing a new manager appears to be “out of work currently”. I mean, I don’t think I’d be massively unhappy if any of them became manager – I wouldn’t be ecstatic either, but they’d be okay – and this is pretty much the most I think we can hope for in our current situation.

I will say here and now I don’t think Curbs will get it. Curbishley has been out of management for a shade under four years now and I can’t see him coming back into it. In honesty I wonder if he’s on the list because Blues potentially want him more than he wants us – I can’t see Blues being a massive draw for his talents even if he is a former player. I mean, he played for them across the expressway too and I don’t remember seeing him interested in that job either. I also think it should be in the job spec that a prospective manager can pronounce “Birmingham” properly.

Roy Keane is an intriguing one. I think he’d have the right sort of attitude to pull fans onside immediately; I’m guessing many people would agree with the notion that Keane would just chin Pannu if Peter pissed him off and I also guess that many people would like that notion. Not that I’m advocating violence against anyone; more the fact that I don’t think Keane would stand for any crapola in the job. Of course there is the hurdle that Roy isn’t even in the country at the moment as he is out in Poland with the ITV boys but I don’t see that as a problem – surely Mr Pannu wouldn’t mind a couple of days in Eastern Europe to check him out fully? I mean, it’s not like PP hasn’t clocked up a few air miles this year already, eh?

And then there is Lee Clark. Before anyone says anything about him being Eck Mark II, I’m going to refer you to what the learned @TheSpecialRon said on smallheathalliance.com about Clark:

It went stale for him at Huddersfield, as it does for a lot of managers at a lot of clubs, and it would appear that two play-off failures took their toll on him and the fans, as they inevitably do.

However, that first full season at Huddersfield he was lauded by everyone and his side played really good football. They also scored 86 goals in 46 league games – eight more than we scored under Sir Chris Hughton last season – and went unbeaten for loads of games under him.

I think he makes a fair point – I do remember people lauding Lee Clark as the next big thing at the start of his career with the Terriers and I’m willing to give anyone a go that can get teams scoring goals. Clark also fits the profile of a younger manager on the way up – he’s not 40 until October – and I think if the role was sold to him as a “fixer-upper”, a no-lose situation (much in the same vein as Hughton) then he might see it as a chance to further his career.

In short, whilst I’m falling short of giving my ringing endorsement of any of the candidates (I still want Holloway), I think Lee Clark or Roy Keane would be the best option. Obviously this is only my opinion and in no way represents that of “the fans”, but there it is.

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165 Responses to “The shortlist…”

  • Tomeo says:

    Holloway please, Make it happen Peter!

    • Phil Bluenose says:

      I loved Keane’s comments last night after seeing Ireland utterly humped – he said something like it’s not good enough going all that way every four years just for a sing-song. Blunt, to-the-point and accurate, just as he played the game. From that list my heart says Curbs (I loved him as a player when he was with us) but my head says Keano.

  • les says:

    harry for blues !

  • Mark R says:

    I think Roy Keane would be a good appointment, I don’t especially like the bloke but I think he is what Blues need now – discipline, attitude and determination. He also has a promotion on his CV so he has some experience of what we need.

  • AR says:

    How can you possibly want Roy Keane, an arrogant failure at two clubs. I think he even let Jordan Rhodes go. He would upset players & fans as he has absolutely no tact. Remember what he did on Ireland in the World Cup. He would be a disaster.

  • Masaccio says:

    Roy Keane won’t get many votes from blues fans, the guy is a berk left, right and centre.

  • Louise says:

    If mr Pannu was listening to the fans and taking our views into consideration, the shortlist would read…
    1) Holloway
    2) Holloway
    3) Holloway.

    If the 500k reported is the release fee, then it’s every penny well spent.
    Surely we can afford that?
    The compo money we got for Hughton and his backroom staff was a surprise unaccounted for income, money we never had and wasn’t expecting. What’s the harm in spending a small percentage of it to make the right appointment?

    Go get him Mr Pannu, the extra season ticket sales will claw back some of the fee.
    You know it makes sense!

    • James Black says:

      Louise yes many want Holloway but many are making other calls. Its not a forgone conclusion he is everyone’s choice. I would not be unhappy with his appointment in the circumstances but i personally am not convinced by him. But yes id take it if he was appointed and yes many would be happy but im shocked a man with perfect credentials who made a club in ruin into a great club year after year without spending and developing a crop of young players. Built a club that was in the gutter to such dizzy heights is not being hailed as the man for the job is shocking for me.
      He may of been out of the game but his achievements at Charlton are surely not so long ago as to be forgotten are they. I wanted Curbishley a year ago, i want him still. Houghton was chosen and was a good choice so fine but im still saying this is the time. The man has a CV that suits our objectives perfectly. Alan Curbishley without a doubt the right man for the job. Would not be overnight success but he would put in structures that eventually grow success. Its not just about a name to sell season tickets, we need a long term solution. Curbishley ticks all the boxes. We can teach him how to say Birmingham properly and go on from there.

      • nicky wicky says:

        James your another one of these dreamers who talked about consolidation last year. This year your talking about bringing in a manager for a long term project.Haven’t you relaised it yet,but these owners are not interested in the long term they are only interested in overnight success,and getting their money back as quick as possible. that is why the embargo must stay in place to stop them flogging off any more players and destroyingour club It needs to be kept as a going concern. Long term projects and consolidation these owners are not interested in.we need them to sell up and move on and let someone else take over who can move the club forwards!

        • TonyB says:

          For goodness sake stop saying the embargo should stay in place so we can’t sell players. The embargo only prevents us from SIGNING players. It has NO EFFECT on our ability to sell them!

        • James Black says:

          I cant speak for others intentions and all is pure speculation really as to what the owners plans are. Yes i think if and when a buyer comes along then they will have little choice but to sell up. But my comments are really stating what i think we need. I cant speak for the speculation or the intentions of the owners. I think they want to probably sell the club. Sell a player get cash back but it all makes the club a little less attractive to a buyer also so i cannot say they want to sell off anyone to get money.
          Either way the club has to survive and as some are boycotting season tickets then it is more likely they will sell players to survive. Also people talk in terms of cash coming in and don’t take into consideration running costs going out. Its simple accounting really they still have bills to pay and the money coming in has to get paid out also. When u get ur wages don’t u have to pay ur gas, electric , mortgage/rent, phone bill council tax and much more. Of course you do so cash goes down u are not left with just ur wages are you you have to give much of it away. They still have wage bills don’t forget they still have to pay out as we all do so that income is just towards the running costs. In case anybody hasn’t noticed running a football club is not an inexpensive venture. Just saying that so that you consider that its a big help but i doubt it just sits there in a bank account as the club has many many running costs. People forget these things.

        • James Black says:

          James your another one of these dreamers who talked about consolidation last year. This year your talking about bringing in a manager for a long term project.Haven’t you relaised it yet,but these owners are not interested in the long term they are only interested in overnight success,and getting their money back as quick as possible.

          Nicky when did i talk about consolidation last year. I dont even remember posting last year but ok. Well anyway last year i believed we needed a long term plan and i still believe the same now. Houghton achieved more than any of us thought possible and im happy aboput that, but looking for a long term plan is not so absurd, im a little lost with what the point is in what your saying.
          Overnight success????? well they had a long term plan to attract a large chinese fan base yes but in the circumstances that came about of course that never happened as the arrest and relegation put pay to that notion but they did come originally with a plan. Sadly it failed as arrest and embargoes and frozen assets would basically end those ambitions naturally.
          I fail to fully understand ur point but maybe its me just reading you wrong.
          Its all gone horribly wrong we all know that but i still see no wrong with thinking long term and even if the owners plan to sell up, its still in there interest to have a viable club to sell.

          • Oldbluenose says:

            James,mate;, I also have stated in the past, [ and still hold the opion ], — That IF we get new owners, I would be happy with starting from scratch, [ yet again ], Build up our club on a SOLID BASE, even if it takes a couple of seasons to get back to the Premier,!!.

            Yes indeed,!!. What a wonderfull ” pipe-dream ” it would be to have a ” mega-rich ” owner,?. but realistically, — I doubt that will happen,!!.

          • nicky wicky says:

            James I’m sorry if i put your nose out of joint.basically what i was trying to say was that these owners don’t seem to be interested in anything longterm or cosolidation as a lot of fans talked about last year,and until the embargo is lifted we can’t bring anyone in. I think you can bring lplayers in who are under the age of 24 maybe cause Callum Reilly has just been given a pro contract? This lot just seem to want to get their money back one way or another,but we really need them to sell-up as it could drag on for years!

      • nicky wicky says:

        Well James maybe you’ll get your wish as he seems to be on the shortlist?I remember he did a good job with Charlton taing them into the prem,and keeping them there for 10 years ,but then he had problems when he moved to West Ham. he’s an ex Blues player,but I can’t say I’m totally convinced by any of them. I suppose you have to wait and see who they pick and hope they don’t sell too many players and have a competitive squad?

  • AD says:

    KEANE – Fantastic player with a fantastic never say die attitude but as a manager his failed at Sunderland and Ipwich and made some terrible signings and he upset the apple cart at Sunderland and certain players didnt want to play for him.

    CLARKE – Un proven manager in division one never mind the championship. He was the manager of a team whom can afford to pay players £15000 a week in division one, they should be near the top of their league (Man City of Division one)

    BROWN – I think theres a reason why his unemployed!!

    CURBS – Best choice out the bunch, due to financial difficulties we will need to start developing our youth players and introduce them to 1st team action. Curbs has proved at West Ham and Charlton that he can work on budgets and work with players of all ages. He also has many contacts within the game which could be vital within the loan market.

    Outside the four I would also be considering Darren Ferguson, his done a fantastci job at peterborough on 2 occasions. It would be a big step up for him but I think he would grasp the challenge with both hands and take the club forward and his dad can use us as a devlpoment club for his youth players.

    • nicky wicky says:

      If it’s a choice between these fouor then i would say Curbs or Brown. Brown did get Hull into the Prem and played some good football,but they got founf out defensively in the second year. Curbs did a good job at Charlton taking them into the top flight and keeping them there for 10 years,but then had problems when he left for West Ham! I suppose it all depends on what players they have got to make a team with doesn’t it?

    • nicky wicky says:

      Yeh AD if we can’t get Holloway then i thijnk you’ve got them in the right order starting from the bottom up!

    • NooBloo says:

      I see a little bit of positive thinking here in mentioning Darren Ferguson. What you get there is the Man United scouting system on board.

      in that i mean when they go hunting around the UK and Europe and see good players, who are not quite good enough to make it at Man Utd, Ferguson senior tips off Ferguson junior about these players who then snap them up. Thats how they got Paul Taylor from a small Belgian club.

      The draw back you have is that there would be compensation and Ferguson senior did not exactly make the step up when he moved to Preston, so he is a bit of an unknown in terms of ability because.

      Over and above that, Birmingham cant sign anyone at the moment so we are in no position to take advantage of the benefits of the man Utd scouting system, so I am not sure Ferguson junior would se us as a great proposition until that is lifted.

  • DoctorD says:

    If it was just those four I’d order them
    1 Keane – only because he has a bit of profile and will get a bit of momentum (in whatever direction) going
    2 Clarke — sub-Houghton potential
    3 Curbs — experienced veteran, ex-player
    4 Brown — no thanks Mr Pannu please!!!

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Curb or keane will only come to BLUES if there’s money to spend.

    I think Brown would be a joke selection,did f`all at Preston.

    That just leaves Clarke.

    This 4~man shortlist,is on the back page of the B`Mail,written by the RUGBY journo “Mr BRIAN DICK”

    I think MARK ROBINS should be in the shortlist.

  • Bluenose Pete says:

    For me, Keane is far too volatile; his track record in the Championship (at Ipswich) isn’t that good either.

    I’m not terribly enthusiastic about Lee Clark but of the four, if that really is the shortlist, he would have my vote.

  • Coy says:

    In Roy Keane you have a man that will tell it the way it is! No sugar coating, JUST WHAT WE HAVE ALL BEEN ASKING FOR! He will be a great manager, Ipswich was a learning curb but remebr he took over at sunderland when they was 19th in the Championship and consolidated them in the Prem! Its prob almost worth baring in mind that Paul Jewel also took the Ipswich job and struggled and he has consistantly promoted teams (a mission impossible there)

    • James Black says:

      Problem is Coy Keanes interpretation of the way it is can be a very deluded one. Is someone trying to organize a mutiny in the middle of a world cup campaign really someone to give us an interpretation. Not interested in a thugs interpretation on any level. The man is a clown an oaf and an arse and on top of all that not a very good manager.

  • BlueBax says:

    Discipline and determination maybe, but I’m not sure of his man management skills. It would be a massive contrast from the warm motivational skills of Hughton. Could you see Keane taking our younger players under his wing to nurture them? Or just scare the sh*t out of them? (These are the younger generation which we are probably going to rely on given another potential summer exodus). However, he maybe have fruitful relationships with ex-teams and players which could assist us in the loan market.

    Definitely not Brown. Would give Clark a go, but not sure on a limited budget. Holloway all day long.

    • nicky wicky says:

      Bluebox as long as the embargo stays in place it will be hard for there to be an exodus like last year. Blues are no longer a club with loads of experienced players on fat wages.Blues have players contracts running out in July like Doyle and Carr so they may need Foster and Butland to make a team. it’s no good talking about other names cause it’s clear that PP is not interested in the views of Blues fans, and is just going to pick someone. I remember that Hull played some good football under Brown but were suspect defensively even though they stayed up. Curbishley got Charlton playing good football,but it’s been a few years now so I don’t know.Clark and Keane,are Mcjudas clones. scoring goals in divisions one and two is not that hard,but getting a winning team is!

  • joe c says:

    no to keane for sure the only one which will help appease the loss of chris in ollie go get him at 500k he will be the bargain of the year!

  • matt says:

    Trouble is with roy keene being ex man utd in hong kong! Ryan “giggs” Yeung must be begging his dad to employ him!

  • Leonmono says:

    Wherever Roy Keane has managed he’s always had pots of money to play with (Sunderland and even Ipswich). Would be interesting to see how he fared at a club in our situation? Loved him as a player, one of the best I’ve seen… have my doubts as a manager.

    One manager I fancied when we were looking to replace McLeish last year was Darren Ferguson. Apart from his shocker at PNE, he’s done very well at Peterborough, with limited resources, and always plays football in the right way. I image his fee would be a problem?

    Surprised Billy Davies’ name hasn’t come up more often? I must admit that I can’t take to him as a bloke (comes across like a Scottish National Party politician) but his record in the Championship is good… one promotion and 3 play-off semis.

    Phil Brown comes in the Megson/Dowie category of managers. No thank you… although the tanning parlours of Brum will hate me for saying that!

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    Shocking shortlist really , I believe PP needs to get his head up here , & spend some of the CH compensation money on recruitment…

    My choice is still Karl Robinson & Mick Harford of the MK Dons because the pleasing style of pass & move play they encourage will build on the legacy left by CH .
    Ian Holloway would also be a great catch for all the same reasons.

    Out of the four mention above Curbishley would be my choice , but I would be amazed if he came.

  • Dave Smith says:

    I’d like to throw in a few names of guys not mentioned – how about Big Mick – a great manager at Championship level – got Sunderland and the Dogheads promoted with limited funds AND poor Chairmen. What about Billy Davies? Did a great job at Preston and Derby on limited resources. Both of these guys come free but for a smallish fee I reckon we could get Gus Poyet from Brighton. We need to appoint soon – and Mr. Pannu – if you really ARE reading or listening to Bluenose opinion – DO NOT SELL ANY MORE OF OUR PRIZED ASSETS – The new manager has to have SOMETHING to work with.

    BCFC for Ever. KEEP RIGHT ON.

    • nicky wicky says:

      Look Dave haven’t you read the shortlist or being paying attention PPis not interested in fans views and managers in work so that rules out any of those names you mentioned!

    • nicky wicky says:

      Dave the only problem with Big Mick is it would only be a short term contract because he would have to be replaced once promotion was achieved as he can’t seem to manage in the Prem even though he has a good record at Champioship level!

      • NooBloo says:

        Try telling millwall fans Mick Mc Carthy has a good championship record. he was shocking when he was there and the players he assembled were even worse

  • BlueBax says:

    And for Curbs…. Almajir, you’re so right….I’m not sure how many times I can put up with hearing our manager say Bummygum City!!!

  • alexjhurley says:

    agree with the consensus here – no to brown, no to keane, curbs and clark if we really have to. Holloway would be great. I totally fail to understand why nobody other than me has suggested McInnes from Bristol.

  • Macc lad says:

    Holloway please. At least approach Blackpool so you can tell us you tried.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Keane comes I go, as simple as that

    Willing to give all the others a chance but still think when they have an understanding of our ‘special’ circumstances a lot will pull out anyhow.

    Why we’re even considering Keane, a man who admitted going out to assault another player, who walked out on his country causing all sorts of uproar and who was awful in his last job I do not know.

    • James Black says:

      Paul, on this we are in total agreement.

    • James Black says:

      And besides he hates the English based on the insults he gave Mick Mcarthy that day. Were english aint we. Not welcome in my book. Hates the English but happy to make his living here.
      I think its Cork he comes from and he and his brothers used to terrorize people or so im told and ok its maybe hearsay but i cant think of one positive for having Keane. We dont need a thug period, especially a thug that is not even a good manager.

  • The Khrushchev says:

    I have to go for Holloway as my first choice the half a million compensation is the only stumbling block but if Peter Pan wants. To listen to the fans then this shouldn’t be an issue should it!!!

    The interesting one is Karl Robinson at Mk Dons , he’s done a great job there ,plays decent football and an ex blues link with big Mick Harford as his assistant.

    Roy Keane , No,no no great players don’t always make good managers and I feel this is the case with him.

    Phil Brown,no chance ,simples

    Curbishley , I would like but really can’t see that happening , I have to agree with other comments that he has been out of management for a couple of years now and couldnt see him coming to St Andrews under the current climate,but a good manager .

    • nicky wicky says:

      We should at least try for Holloway but it appears that PP is not interested in the fans views. Brown got Hull promoted and played some good football in the prem, but was a bit suspect defensivly, and they stayed up on goals scored so he could get Blues playing attacking football. Seems PP has made his mind up and is not going to look outside the shortlist?

  • James Black says:

    We have a group of young lads. Keane well known for being Fergies enforcer just is not fit in my opinion. His bad vibes and a bully and frankly although some have claimed he has had success as a manager, i beg to differ. Keane big no don’t need a bully boy and im not of the belief that bully managers are often successful. Sir Alex is known as the hair-dryer and yes i take that it aint done him any harm but i wouldn’t call Sir Alex an outright bully, just very grounded and that’s the difference between him and Keane.
    Would of liked another couple of names on the list but if its not to be then for me its gotta be Alan Curbishley. Built a great team out of nothing introduced many youth palyers and was an attractive attacking team. He didnt just have a year or 2 of success with them, it went on year after year. exactly what we need and ok he may of been out of football awhile, but for me that just means he is rested and up for the challenge.
    Clarke nothing against him just doesnt really excite me but if chosen would back him all the way.
    Brown. Well if keane has man management doubts then they are nothing to Phil Brown. Stupidest thing i ever saw was the humiliation of his overachieving Hull side. Worked a treat didnt it as they was soaring high in the table at the time and ended up relegated.
    The only one that really excites me is Curbs.
    Would of also liked Steve Davies of crewe as i believe youth is going to be our main concern for at least and he is well qualified to enhance that side of the club.
    But im curious when they say short list. Is it a real short list or is it the media short list.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      BTW James no problem with anything you post mucker

      Tis all about opinions

      • James Black says:

        Yes i know Paul and i do understand your frustrations. Maybe just a different way of looking at it but as you said its just points of view. We agree on Keane though totally. Please no anyone but him. How can i love the Blues when i cannot stand the manager. I can live with some but never him, just an animal and a thug.

    • nicky wicky says:

      James you forget that Hull stayed up the first season on goals scored. They got relegated the second year after Brown was sent on gardening leave,and ian dowie took over. They got found out defensively,and Myhill had a torrid time!

  • Mark says:

    Phil Brown NO X1,000
    This is how far we’ve come then having such a poor shortlist
    Mr Pannu, Mr Yeung please move aside ASAP we will never progress with you in charge.
    You let Hughton go without a fight, just took the money and said thanks

    • James Black says:

      Mark the Money is in the club. If player or manager want to move on then it would be stupid to stop them as they are never going to give it there all if there minds are looking elsewhere. If Chris wanted to try his hand in the Premiership which is the reality, then its pointless trying to stop it.

  • David Richards says:

    Would like to see Clark given a chance if there’s definately no chance of getting Olly he would be the perfect fit for Blues

    • nicky wicky says:

      Dave Clark is aMcJudas clone. It would be back to the ultra defensive defend at all costs strategy. basically going backwards. Blues would finish mid-table. they got this money for CH and they should try for Holloway who would inspire the fans,but it seems clear it’s not going to happen!

      • Evesham Blue says:

        If you read the intro Clarke’s teams scored a lot of goals albeit in a lower division. So how exactly is he a McJudas clone? Besides he used to be a midfielder by trade.

        We all know you want Ollie but there are 2 pretty good reasons he wont come.

        1) We would have to pay compensation. Rumoured to be 500K but since when is this gospel? From what sources? Blackpool aren’t just going to roll over are they and let us have their cult hero manager?
        2) You are assuming he would want to come to Blues at this time ahead of Blackpool. Dont know bout you but I wouldnt be joining a team from a team with better odds of going up on a far less secure contract. Frankly, this bigger team than Blackpool mentality is slightly arrogant in our current circumstances.

        Instead of getting hung up on “Ollie or Pannu is not listening to the fans mentality” why dont you be open to some other contenders? There may be perfectly good reasons why Ollie is not an optin in the first place.

        • nicky wicky says:

          Evesham McJudas also scored goals in a lot of games but he got a lot of draws after spending money. Same with Clark. I never said that Blues were a bigger club I said they were a big city club, and that they had more potential than Blackpool if they got promotion,and that the players are slightly better. Blackpool is a smallclub with a capacity of 15000, and the board of Blackpool have reportedly said that they wouldn’t stand in his way if a bigger club came calling for his services as they reckon he deserves a shot at managing at a higher level than they can offer! Apparently though Blackpool have had no enquiries for him.

  • zuluspice says:

    charity event… blues fans raise as much of 500k as possible, then buy holloway ourselfs!

    • nicky wicky says:

      nice idea, but PP would just pocket the money. Mark is right PP and these owners need to move aside and let someone else run the club and take us forward!

      • zuluspice says:

        not if we dont put it in the bcfc bank, set up an account that requires multiple signitures to withdraw and then sign him ourslefs and bcfc take him off on a free haha, but yes i agree we need to be sorted out inside the club but does it matter when the manager coms before or after? i dont think it does as long as it does happen, and in my eyes the quicker we go in the more changes we have…

  • KLB says:

    People have short memories. Curbs took on Charlton when they had no money or no ground! Promotions, attractive football and left them in the prem on good terms – not sacked. He done so much for that club they should have a stue of him outside the ground!

    He is by far the best candidate – only problem is PP hasn’t been round enough to remember him.


    • James Black says:

      Seconded KLB, absolutely the right choice. His achievements at Charlton are not lauded over enough. He built that club from nothing and sustained success year after year.

    • Stratty says:

      PP hasn’t been round long enough to know that you should put relegation clauses in players contracts, hence the mess we are in now.

    • danny boy says:

      KLB he has heard of Curbs. I outlined his credentials in an email to him last Friday. And the reply back was positive. I’ve put £100 on at 16/1 I’m that confident :-)

  • Andy Jones says:

    As you say, Keane might ‘chin Pannu’, and with all what’s going on at Blues I don’t think we need that sort of problem as well. If Keane didn’t get any transfer funds after being promised some he’d kick off and then just quit which would be massively unstabilising for the club.

    We need a stable manager who can work with a very unstable board.

  • TonyB says:

    One name to consider might be Gareth Southgate. Not a ranter, intelligent, thoughtful, a bit like CH.

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Now, theres a thought, TonyB;, Southgate always struck me has a CH, type of manager, Quiet, but thoughtfull, A class defender, but with attacking instincts,!!.

  • Leigh says:

    I intended making no comments on this issue until the manager had been appointed. However now Roy Keane is in the running……………… A great yougster when under the control of the great Brian Clough, given his head by Alex Ferguson…..absolutely uncontrollable….in charge how can the players have respect considering his own actions on the pitch. NO WAY PLEASE.

  • adamcmk97 says:

    i live in milton keynes and support blues and i watch mk dons occasionaly and i have always noticed that karl robinson got a lot of help from john gorman his assistant and hes now retired so i dont think he would be the right choice now but for the future he will be up there

  • Bluepenguin76 says:

    I can’t see it going to anyone but Clarke really!!!. I think we need appointment action quickly and Keano will be holidaying it up in the east until the end of the month (tho he would excite me more than Curbs or that tanned lunatic Brown).

    One of my former housemates from Uni is a lifelong Huddersfield Town fan and he says that opinion was split on Clarke, some people thought he was unfairly removed after getting them to within touching distance of two promotions, bringing in some exciting talent along the way, whilst other think he signed too many players (wasting a heap of money to boot)and would never have got them up??.

    He altered his style during his spell there, initially playing flowing attacking football but then changed entirely after the playoff defeat against Millwall and going for a more structured methodical style of play this time around….he seems to have had his teams scoring goals both seasons though.

    I’m not as sure as I once was about Clarke after hearing about him first hand…………but maybe he’s worth a go. Best out of a very very ordinary bunch.

    • nicky wicky says:

      Bluepenguin i think if you read between the lines i think you will realise why he was sacked by Huddersfield. Kept spending money,changing his tactics, and still couldn’t get the team winning, or at least in the promotion spots. They decided he didn’t have any definite plan of attack so they needed to bring someone else in!

  • dino tiltoni says:

    Anybody but Keane. He’s no manager, check the records.

    Curbs or Clarke fine. Redknapp better!

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:

    No Roy Meane please. Angry man, arrogant, great player, very poor managerial record and probably the worst man-manager out there.

  • a hawkins says:

    I also believe that Lee Clark or Roy Keane would be good appointments. They were never given enough time at there previous clubs. I believe Keane is destined to be a great manager if hes given time at any particular club. We all forget that Clark help guide Huddersfield to a unbeaten run so he myst have something about him. But please not Phil Brown and Curbs has just been out of the game for far too long.

  • Smokin says:

    Oh dear, you could not pass by a chance to make a snide remark against Pannu could you. Roy Keane may be out of the country but his agent is not, and if this is the shortlist, Blues would have only spoken to agents at this stage to find out if targets are interested. Don’t go all tabloid on us, please :)

    As for the list, I am not too bothered.

    I want Holloway. I don’t think we are going to get him.

    Of the four on the list they all have had bad moments (Keane at Ipswich, Brown at Preston, Clark at Huddesfield becoming TSM mk2, Curbs whenever the stress got too much) but likewise they have all done wonders (Keane at Sunderland, Brown did fantastically well with Hull, Clark the first year at Huddesfield and Curbs at Charlton).

    Whoever our manager is their success will depend mostly on what their squad looks like by the end of the transfer window, and how they react with the players we have left. (This is what CH did so well) For that reason, I believe all four could be successful next year and get us in the promotion battle, or all four could have us battling against relegation.

    And to be fair, the same could be said for my favourite, Ian Holloway who has had more than his own share of bad moments too!

    Either way, ST is renewed and a fun season of some sort awaits. In the meantime, I am off on my holidays now. I suggest that you take one too. You deserve it and will come back more positive :)

    It’s Blues afterall :)


  • James Black says:

    I keep reading comments here and other forums that Curbishley would only come if he had money to spend. I don’t see that. He did what he did at Charlton without spending money didn’t he. Was there some requests from him when at West ham, maybe i don’t know maybe its based on that but i don’t think Curbishley is the kind of manager that spends a fortune anyway.

    • Euston 9.18 says:

      James Black:

      The reasons I wrote Curbs would want money is because I remember him on sky sports news & he gave the impression,he only wanted a prem club next to manage,with money to spend,he thinks he has done his time managing outside the top div,also didn’t he turn the wolves down twice,before they got relegated.

      I think BLUES should employ,a manager with attacking thoughts & with something to prove,C`H mould.

      • James Black says:

        Fair enough Euston i wasn’t aware of those comments on sky. One difference though is as his been out the game awhile perhaps he just may have to go back on those words. Personally i hope so. Fair call though mate i wasn’t aware he had said that. My remark was more general than aiming at your comment though. I guess that’s what the others who say it are basing it on also. Fair cop.

        • Euston 9.18 says:

          Thinking about Curbs,JAMES,I wonder what prem club would have him,who had money to spend ??

          Tottenham,nah !!

          Don’t remember him even in the running for the vile job or the wba/norwich vacancies.

          • James Black says:

            Euston even after taking into account what you said, as you said premier leagues are not queueing up for him so we do stand a chance, hope anyway.

          • Jay Sidney says:

            Alan Curbishley did turn the vile job down a few years’ back.

            Ian Holloway the popular choice with many Blues fans. However, and without wishing to appear cynical, is Pannu really likely to make any sort of bid for him?

  • bkkblue says:

    Keane would be a disaster, there is 0% chance he would complete a season.

    Brown is similar to Steve McLaren in that he’s a lot better than his detractors suggest, but he has become a bit of a figure of fun and there is a real danger players and fans would not respond well to his arrival.

    Clark may be okay, but Curbishley is far and away the best name on that shortlist. As I understood it, nobody employs him though because he took West Ham to a tribunal for constructive dismissal – and won.

    • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

      You’re right bkkblue. Curbishley sued and won his case for constructive dismissal against West Ham. He had made it clear that he would have the final say on transfers in and out of the club as part of his contract. The then Icelandic owners were heavily in debt and and lost a fortune due to the banking crash in their country and could not sustain the club. They went behind his back and sold players. As a point of principle he resigned and sued. No big thing. Plenty of ex – players and managers sue their ex – clubs for money they believe they are owed for whatever reason. Does not make them a pariah if they still have something to offer.

      He may have been out of the game but he still has the ability and experience to deal with the situation we find ourselves in. Not spectacular but maybe thats what we need. He does not seem the sort of individual to be fazed the our current situation at Blues and would be ideal in dealing with the various issues facing us – selling / buying players (yes I am saying this even while the embargo is in place – it will get resolved soon one way or the other), sorting the squad, developing our youth and creating a solid team around him as did CH. A manager with aims of longevity for the club and infrastruture is what we need.

      Hopefully PP will click with him – if they meet – and Curbishley will be able to see past the current situation to better days ahead. Solid and dependable, just what is needed at Blues.

  • Ted says:

    Roy Keane? Lee Clark? They both lack the essential sense of humour needed at this time.
    Alan Curbishley? A bit out-of-the-loop nowadays, but still a ‘safe pair of hands’
    Phil Brown?????????? I’d rather we appointed Gordon Brown!

    We all know there is only ONE man… probably more suitable than any other name mentioned (inc. Arry), he is THE man…

    H-O-L-L-O-W-A-Y ALL THE WAY! It’s our destiny.

    Ollie, Ollie, Ollie!


  • AR says:

    3. Clarke

  • Andy S says:

    Mick Mcarthy Or Curbs for me

  • nicky wicky says:

    Having seen the shortlist for the Blues job I can honestly say that none of them really inspire me to want to go and renew my season ticket. Brown seems to be the best name mentioned as he has recent Premier League experience with Hull, I’m surprised that Holloways name isn’t mentioned as PP is supposed to like him, but it seems clear that PP is not interested in the views and opinons of Blues fans and is going to go for the cheapest option even if it takes Blues backwards. that is why I feel the embargo needs to stay in place till a time when it is clear they are trying run the club as a going concern and not just selling the players off to try to recoup their money,and destroying the club! You have to question whether they are going to sell t a new investor, and their motives.

    • James Black says:

      Nicky the only reason players was sold off is because we was losing millions a year all on stupid contracts that was draining the club. They are not selling players and buying Racehorses with the proceeds. There is no evidence to suggest there is any truth that anyone is pocketing any cash and trying to get money out. If they did not move those players on that they sold our wage bill would still be 45 million a year. Maybe doing some maths may be helpful. They allowed the previous manager to give signings stupid money in a bid to back him. Then we got relegated and everything had to change. Reality check please.

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Nicky, Mate, You are doing it again,!!. We had to sell those players last year, as we had no income coming in from C,Y, because the Hong Kong court froze his assets,!!.

      Not only were the transfer fees needed, The lowering of the wage bill helped financialy,!!.

      In case you refer back to the previous time we came down, — Sulli/Gold, were able to fund the staus Quo, Carson Yueng, [ as I have said ], Could not,!!. So we had to get money from somewhere to see us through last season, Mate.

      No,!!. I did NOT like it, but survival is king,!!.

      • nicky wicky says:

        You seem to be very trusting. Of course they had to sell the llayers to reduce the wage bill,but now they have got the wage bill down to a reasonable level,and although the club seems to be on an even keel we keep getting conflicting stories coming and maybe the fottball league are suspicious too that if the embargo was lifted they may start selling off the players again not just the big earners for whatever they can get. They really need to move aside and I am getting fed up with them dragging the club down because of the situation CY has got himself into through lack of forsight or stupidity or whatever!

        • Oldbluenose says:

          Nicky mate;, You are doing it again, despite others assuring you, That we can sell players whenever we like,!!. The embargo is on getting new players IN, not stopping us from SELLING them,!!!!.

          NOT, that we want to see any more go,!!!!!!!!!!!!.

          • nicky wicky says:

            Of course we can sell players but it would be pretty stupid while the embargo was in lace which may not be lifted for some time yet. If they sell while the embargo is in place then there won’t be a teawm will there?

      • Peckham_Blue says:

        With the exception of some of the more ludicrous suggestions (Hoddle, Redknapp, for example) I genuinely can’t see the money situation being a hurdle to any prospective manager. Good managers are creative and anyone creative will appreciate our crisis/situation as a challenge – or as Homer Simpson says, “crisitunity” :) If it didn’t put CH off coming here then why anyone else..? As I’ve said before ANY new manager will be in a win-win situation and can be as political as he needs to be to spin any negativity. We all know who’s at fault for this mess and it’s not the next manager or the last one. Someone’s going to either make themselves a hero or finish mid-table and leave after a year knowing he gave as good as he could. Which is all we want, surely…

        IMO the money available to spend on players or even the embargo is not enough to put off a hungry manager – possibly the compo may be but PP’s got no excuse as we know how much we got for CH.

        Ask any teacher who trained at a crap school in a crap area and they’ll tell you it was tough but stood them in good stead for the rest of their careers. The same goes with coppers, nurses, paramedics etc. The same applies here IMO.

        Having said that I thought CH would say and was proved wrong. Either way I don’t care. There’ll be football played at St Andrews next season and that’s all that matters.

  • danny boy says:

    So what if Curbs can’t pronounce “Birmingham” does that make him a bad manager? This is the worst excuse I have heard for him not getting the job (and also a bit of an insult !). So Hodgson can’t pronounce “r’s” but he still got the England job.
    Where is the evidence that “Blues wants him more than he wants us”. So what if he hasn’t managed for a while. He still has the knowhow and still has contacts (and how long was Martin O’ Neil out the game before he want to Sunderland) I’m afraid the arguments for Curbishley NOT getting the job don’t add up!
    I don’t care for Lee Clarke. My good friend is a Huddersfield fan and on the board up there. He is arrogant and plays defensively and settles for the draw to easily (20 out of the 42 game run were draws). ~sound familiar? Unproven in championship
    Phil Brown –NO
    Roy Keane-NO
    Curbs as an ex-player and numerous years as a Premiership Manager is the only 1 for me

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Think if there was a “new investor” for BLUES,you would get the “money managers” putting the name forward, ie: sven,benitez etc~etc…..

    The footballers/manager’s agents get to know a lot what maybe happening with clubs,well before the fans of the club.

    Read about cotterill at N`Forest,some arab has bought the club & want’s his own manager brought in,warnock has been mentioned !!

  • Doug says:

    This has to be the most uninspiring short list imaginable and I think there’s a danger we could sell ourselves short here. Managing BCFC is still an attractive prospect to many mainly thanks to the good work done by CH last season.
    We have a decent squad that will be capable of challenging again next season and is very capable of playing attractive attacking football.
    Glen Hoddle was on Talksort this morning, he said he wanted to get back into management and that there are currently “one or two interesting situations at the moment”.
    Given the criteria that no compensation will be available the best man for me is definitely Hoddle. He built an outstanding team at Swindon with hardly any funds, was good enough then to get the highest accolade any English manager can achieve. He has been out of management due to none footballing matters and I’m sure would be interested if a club of BCFC standing were to offer him an opportunity.

    • Euston 9.18 says:

      I remember Hoddle’s swindon team down at St Andrews,think BLUES were winning 3 or 4 – 1,hoddle was the player manager,into the 2nd half he made a change,brought himself on & mickey hazzard,they ran the show,BLUES ended losing 5 or 6 – 3.
      Think England killed him.

      Good choice,but again,i’m sure hoddle would only come to BLUES if we had money to spend.

      But Hoddle’s teams did play ATTACKING~ENTERTAINING FOOTBALL !!

      • Dan H says:

        6-4 we were 4-1 up at half time

        Hoddle went to sweeper and the striker Mitchell killed us, I’ll never forget that game with Andy Saville screamer past Fraser Digby in goal

        Hoddle is a top coach all-be-it a bit of a philosophical religious bloke which haven’t done him any favours, he struggled to get any higher than play-offs at Wolves

    • James Black says:

      Interesting call Doug. I would not rule it out and wouldn’t be such a bad appointment by any means. After all is this shortlist really the clubs shortlist or is it a media shortlist.

    • nicky wicky says:

      Unfortunately Hoddles name doesn’t appear to be on the shortlist so that rules him out!

  • Kimberley Blue says:

    The board are in no rush every week that goes by is another week without having to pay managers and assistants wages.
    The new manager is not in position to change squad which also means saving on new staff wages.
    In meantime the board recieved £2m compensation for outgoing manager / staff so gaining interest.
    The only motivation will be if season ticket sales do exactly what the board are doing and grind to a halt.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Not that I think we have a chance in hell of getting him but I’d like to point out that the 500K shouldn’t be a problem. The club must have spent that in all those first class flights and 5 star hotel long trips to HK that PP takes. Paying it wouldn’t be a problem in my opinion but wanting to pay it would.

    Also the Europa must have bought in a nice Brucie bonus too not to mention the 2 mill from Norwich for CH.

  • Dan H says:

    Surely one of the following would be better than Keane or Brown

    Bryan Robson
    Nigel Worthington
    Graeme Souness
    Billy Davies
    Ray Wilkins

    Ray Wilkins is a very similar character and experience to Chris Hughton, a very good coach, lots of experience, a cool head and a gentleman with the right assistant manager to motivate the players he could be the perfect fit

    • James Black says:

      Actually Dan not a bad call when i think about it. Isn’t speculation fun. It keeps us going till we get the new guy in place i guess.

      • Dan H says:

        I’d love Holloway however PP would be mad to sanction £500k spend as we need funds to pay the staff before the next parachute payment.

        As the funds have clearly dried up, I reckon we would need about £2m to get through to August when the next payment is due, we have £1.6m from Hughton compensation. The shortfall may mean selling a player unless we can find alternative funds from somewhere.

        I think we need to spread the word on renewing season tickets or sell Foster to West Brom

        • nicky wicky says:

          Nice idea Dan selling Foster but while the embargo is in place it is a little difficult to sell Foster as it would leave the club with only one goalie Butland as Doyle scontract runs out in july. The football league are obviously not completely satisfied yet about how the Blues board are going to keep the club running and that is why they haven’t lifted the embargo. I’d like to see a new investor come in and this lot leave soon because they just seem ike they are running the club into the ground!

        • nicky wicky says:

          Nice idea Dan selling Foster but while the embargo is in place it is a little difficult to sell Foster as it would leave the club with only one goalie Butland as Doyle’s contract runs out in july. The football league are obviously not completely satisfied yet about how the Blues board are going to keep the club running and that is why they haven’t lifted the embargo. I’d like to see a new investor come in and this lot leave soon because they just seem ike they are running the club into the ground!

  • Matthew Edwards says:

    Would the transfer embargo not stop us paying compensation to another club for a manager? That’s Holloway away. Tongue twister.

    A full St Andrews would be a big stage Darren Ferguson and his dad’s loaned players.

    • almajir says:

      No, it would not

    • James Black says:

      Lets stop deluding ourselves about this sleeping giant crap. We can sell out a stadium on big occasions only and we have a small ground. Under 2 managers we was at one time 9th in the premiership and we still had a half empty stadium. Your thinking back to Barry fry days and yes we sold out only when it was kids for a quid or the tickets was 5 pounds only special offer. As soon as was a normal price again half empty. I think we used to be a sleeping giant in times gone by. Now were more more a kipping midget, lets be real about this. One sell out against Blackpool in a small stadium does not say sleeping giant your dreaming.

      • nicky wicky says:

        What’s this small ground nonsense. It’s a big pitch, and the stadium isof medium size and is not completely redeveloped. there is room to add further capacity.the reasons for notselling out are several.economic, the doom and gloom surrounding the club, uncertainting surrounding the owners,etc it all makes people wantto stay at home and when they see the team doing well they feelbetter and come out and supportit!

  • Doug says:

    I’d be happy to give Ray Wilkins a chance, I think he’d play the right kind of football…..maybe as assistant to Glen Hoddle…

  • Blue Machine says:

    We need a young up and coming manager of which there are some good candidates about at the moment, the only problem is most are already in a job but in my opinion not as big a club as BCFC so they could be got by using some of the money we got for CH’s compensation.
    My list would be , in order

    Karl Robinson
    Ian Holloway
    Dougie Freedman
    Derek McInnes
    Lee Clark
    Darren Ferguson
    Paolo Di Canio
    Gus Poyet

    • Dan H says:

      They’d need to sell Foster to have the ability to pay compensation.

      Blues need to consider the No 2 to the manager as much as the Manager itself, Blues have always done well when with a good No 2 – i.e Barlow with Francis (we went downhill when he left and mills came in) Bowen with Bruce, Aitken with McLeish.

      Robinson Freedman and Clark all have experienced assistants in Gorman, Lennie Lawrence and Terry McDermott, we’d need to get the experienced coaching team with the up and coming managers which also costs

  • jason says:

    I cant believe no one has put a case for paulo sergio (ex hearts). Won the cup with them last season and a decent placed finish after all the board room goings on and state of the club. he is now a free agent after rejecting a new contract and wants to work in england.

    • Dan H says:

      The Jam Tarts fans love him, he did well in Scotland

      My only doubt would be getting someone with good contacts in English football to work the loan market to our advantage, we also need to generate some funds to make loans available.

      If we had secured Dobbie last season we could well have been celebrating at Wembley

  • Mortonsblue says:

    So that’s that then…… Brown it will be!

  • Letsby Avenue says:



    1-Keane – would need money to buy and has no track record of youth development.Sold Rhodes
    2-Holloway – best bet but is ’employed’
    3-Brown – egocentric, had a good 6 months run, but down, down, down since
    4-Clark – 43 game unbeaten run(20 draws)benched Rhodes in important fixtures, as they say in 4 years never found out his best starting eleven.4-5-1 tattoed on his forehead.

    Because Holloway would cost, I don’t think he’s seriously a contender.
    One employed person who would be free is England U-19 manager and an ex-blues.
    Noel Blake and or Michael Johnson…. both have great experience in youth development, both have close ties to Blues and both would see the opportunity here as a huge shop window if nothing else.


  • AD says:

    why are we even discussing Poyet or Holloway? do you read the news? yes they are both good managers but they will come with a fee that blues cannot afford, we have some inetresting choices of managers which could cost us zero, where this will leave us more funds to spend on out very thin squad if we have any funds as we are skint

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      We can’t spend anyways due to the transfer embargo

      • James Black says:

        Paul as Al pointed out we can buy if we sell as the league have to let us carry on existing. Yes that’s limited granted but i believe that’s the case. We cant just sell players as we wont be a club any more and there be nothing to sell to any prospective buyer. Not sure thats right but i believe thats what Al said, correct me if im wrong.

        • nicky wicky says:

          James with the embargo in place we can only selll at the moment. The point of an embargo is that before you sell you usually need to have a replacement or others lined up to take their place,but the embargo stops that. Blues are not a Chelsea or Man City with a glut of talent they can sell on, and have players coming to the end of their contracts so they become bosmans and can’tbe resigned while the embargo is in place. It’s not a case of if we sell we can buy at the moment we can just sell but we could end up having no team or a team with say no goalies!

    • nicky wicky says:

      AD fans are discussing Holloway because he would probably be the best choice even though he’s employed and the compo is not high. A recent poll had 49% of fans votiing for him,but obviously PP is not interested in our views or opinions. Of the list i think Curbs or Brown would be the best choice because I remember how they had their Charlton and Hull teams playing, but i’m not overly impressed by the list. Clark and Keene would be a backwards step to the Bruce a McJudas days!

  • andy says:

    Its Keane all the way for me, he is exactly what Blues need at the moment and not to forget he is a manager that will learn from past experiences. If Pannu wants Keane, it shows ambition and if it doesnt happen because he dont fancy the job then Lee Clark should get it. Again its all about personal opinions and i certainly hope we get the right man.

  • James Black says:

    Al question for you. This short-list. Where does it come from? The club or the Media? Im really genuinely confused as the sources seem to be journalists and as we all know we can all trust a journalist hehe

  • Dan H says:

    Agents make the new go round, especially in the summer !

    Let’s look at the stories about Blues so far

    Jose Domiguez -” I’d love the chance etc etc”
    Tony Hey – “Blues need a fresh outlook”
    Paul Ince ” Ince in the Frame for Blues”
    Mark Robbins “Robbins in contention”

    I’d add Phil Brown to this list, I’m sure they’ve submitted CV’s followed by an agents call to a newspaper or skysports with a sound bite

    Blues had 3 names last time Di Matteo, Hughton , Zola I’m sure PP will follow the same process in sticking to 3 names that fit the Criteria

    1) Out of work
    2) Good track record – Championship and Prem
    3) Happy to work with constraints
    4) Good contacts in the game – Loan market, Free transfers
    5) Motivated with something to prove

  • steve-o says:

    I saw Roy Keane the other week in Dublin in a hotel. he walked past me and I did a natural double-take on him and I swear he wanted to knock me out. I was there with an avid united fan so I went back to his room to tell him Keane was checked in too, so he convinced me to go looking for Keane again. We trawled back through reception (me sheepishly) and keane walked in, again clapping hard eyes on me. I bet he thought I was a right nobber. I generally don’t bother celebs when I see them, I think its hard for themt o consistently get hasled by people, I mean what do you even say? “Hello Roy?”.

    Anyway, the point is he has a presence about him and his attitude is great. I wouldn’t mind him or Curbs to be honest. Curbs has more experience and at top flight level too, but today’s players might respect Kean a little more for his Man Utd playing days and his stone hard stare.

  • kentucky blue says:

    Not much to choose from,i wonder who the players would prefer, do they get to have any input?

  • kopite says:

    I am amazed at the faith being shown in PP to make the right selection for the following reasons;
    1. I don’t believe a word he says.
    2. So far he has shown zero management skills.
    3. I don’t believe a word he says.
    4. He doesn’t appear to understand anything about football.
    5. I don’t believe a word he says.
    6. He doesn’t appear to understand or care about Blues fans.
    7. I don’t belive a word he says.
    and finally
    8. I don’t believe a word he says.

    • Euston 9.18 says:

      Every board BLUES have had,have kept the BLUES fans on the “mushroom theory” …..


      P`P.. “Did pick (in my view) the best manager BLUES have had,for a long time”

      Let’s hope he makes the right “PICK” this time.

  • Eric says:

    NOOOO to Brown and Keane

    Definite yes for Curbishley

    Clark – perhaps

  • Jamie says:

    Pleas tell me I’m not the only person who would HATE Kean being our manager? I cannot stand him, He’s a thug and has been absolutely crap as a manger other than one lucky season with sunderland! not the best shortlist but he would be the worst I could imagine from anyone!!! and no to big mick either! i saw someone mention him and I just think the bloke is a knob!

    • James Black says:

      I think its fair to say Keane has been thumbed down by the majority. He would be a total disaster and frankly do we need an arse here. I would be sick to my stomach if that thing (wont call him a man his an animal) even came to eat a pie at St Andrews. Dont worry Jaime im sure it wont happen.

      • Jamie says:

        I have to admit I rushed to post here this time when i saw his name! :) my apologies to everyone who posted before i hastily posted myself! and thanks James, I certainly needed calming down! :)
        I usually read the comments before posting but did not really this time and only scanned a few nearer the bottom of the page! my own fault, as now I’ve read most of em I see quite a few people saying the same! I do feel that determination would do us well but that is the only positive he might bring!? and in all honesty I’m not sure he really has that! he is determined enough to begin with but has not seen much through in his managerial career especially! and I really do think the bloke is scum! and I hate to say a bad word about people in general but some people are just not very nice, and he certainly is not!

        • James Black says:

          Dont worry Jaime im sure it wont happen. Im going to church now to make sure. Only Dalgleish would have me shuddering this much. I just have to believe it wont happen cuz id feel embarassed every after game interview. But ok less about the man himself i guess and lets talk football manager. Its still no for me and achieved the least out of all the candidadates. Sunderland ok he did it there but was heavily backed with money at the time. As a grass roots hands on coach who has to get the best out of what his got, Well that’s where he fails and that’s what we need. So unless were desperate which we are it wont happen hehehehehhehe.

  • Paulo says:

    I think we all know that the pickings are slim right now! especially as the criteria is very obvious.

    I’m actually thinking we will find a few other names linked to the vacancy over the next few days …probably Crusty the Clown! (the journos keep the gossip mill turning dont they!)

  • andy says:

    I honestly dont feel Curbs is the man for the job. If Keane gets an interview u can guarantee he will want some straight answers from Pannu and he wont come to be made a mug of. So appointing Keane would send out good vibes i think.

  • Snoop says:

    Please not Brown or Keane.
    Both have shown themselves to be poor managers – their past failures should not be rewarded by giving them a job. Keane on top of that boasted that he deliberately injured an opponent – even if he wasn’t a poor manager, he is a rotten human being.

    I’d like to see Clark given the job, I think Hughton showed the value of taking a chance on a hungry manager looking to make a name for themselves and I think Clark is the same. Curbishley did well at Charlton but I don’t remember him doing that well at West Ham and he’s not worked for four years now, I don’t think he has the desire needed to do the job well even if he did take it.

  • I roth says:

    Good to see so many replies. Great debate. Why would Holloway leave Blackpool. doesn’t make sense to me. Would love him at st Andrews though.

  • Kaje says:

    Clark may have gone on a huge unbeaten run, but was it not with 30 draws or something like that?

    I simply do not want to be watching a lot of draws next season. No, thanks, to Clark.

    Keane, I’m really not sure about. He was very good for one season with Sunderland and has been mediocre to poor every season since. It’s all very well being able to speak bluntly, but if you’re an inept boss it means sweet FA.

  • Jonathan Herrador says:

    Lee Clarke has failed to achieve at league 1 level and he would struggle at Championship level, especially with the current financial shackles that any new manager would have to deal with. It has been proved he is tactically weak and he made more average signings then good for Huddersfield, hence the reason why he failed to get them promoted and he was sacked. Lee Clarke for Blues would be a backward or stagnate step. We need someone that can lift BCFC and it’s fans from top to bottom, a shrewd dealer in the transfer market and a manager that is tactically strong…Lee Clarke has none of these strengths!! For Blues postion and predicament at this present moment, in my opinion, I would like Blues to look at the likes of Holloway,Hay,Blake, Keane or Wilkins.

  • Blue Steve says:

    Almajir I completely with your sentiment regarding Phil Brown though am very suprised at you backing of Roy Keane. His managerial record is a very poor one bar one season. His record in the transfer market is also poor he spent 40 million at Sunderland but they still did so poorly that thay had to sack him before they got relegated, Given your and most Blues fans support and admiration for Hughton I would’ve thought that your opinion of Keane would be the same as many of the above posts – Given that Chris Hughton is a gentleman and Roy Keane is about as far from a gentleman as you can get!

  • Joking says:

    kopite says
    Err beg to differ about PP skills He did get 3 million out of the vile for McJudas.
    He Did appoint CH.
    He has got 2 million off Norwich for a manager who was unemployed less than a year ago.
    He has run the club as a going concern while other “Big” clubs have gone into administration.
    and to do this while he gets dogs abuse from people as he trys to sort this mess out.
    He is bullish and at times distant, but you must remember that CH had nothing but good to say about him.
    I await his next appointment as manager and not what the rags and redtops spout out to fill copy. We can all photoshop managers outside the frontgates of Stans and say this is who’s next.

    • Paulo says:

      pretty much all of which I agree with, I’ve always said that I wouldn’t like PP’s job as it takes a strong character to do it. I think we have survived so far from administration because of some very shrewd business decisions ..some of which I reckon were very unpopular, and being unpopular seems something he can be good at.

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    Trapattoni who knows a bit about football management view of Keane

    The most telling of which is –
    “Roy was a great player. [But] what did he do after he stopped playing?

  • Evesham Blue says:

    Just stating the obvious but it depends who has the best interview! The new manager will have to get along with PP as that will be the only communication from the board he will get.

    PP is not exactly a soft lad either. Would be an Interesting combo Keane / PP. Think you need the good cop and bad cop combo if you know what I mean?

    For me the only one of them I wouldn’t want is Phil Brown. Remember that time he went out on the pitch at Hull with the mic? The man is like some character out of Benidorm! :)

  • Evesham Blue says:

    Think the only reason Keane has been mooted about because of his Man U connections and this would surely go down well with the Chinese as he would be the highest profile for marketing purposes. However, Keane has a cushty media job at the moment so it’s debateable whether he is interested in the first place.

  • chris kane says:

    Roy Keane??!!,please say we’re not considering him!, the man who walked out of the world cup finals,because the hotel wasnt swanky enough for his tastes!,and was put in second class for the flight !,(boo hoo!), the man who walked out on sunderland and failed miserably at ipswich!!. He talks the talk as atv pundit but the man is a petulant arse!!!!. ANYBODY BUT HIM !!

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Roy Keane would be the final nail in the coffin.

  • nicky wicky says:

    Anyone noticed how Roy Keane is trying to say nice things lately talking about promoting youth how he did at Sunderland and Ipswich. Is he trying to butter us up?

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