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Great Expectations?

At around nine o’clock this morning Blues fans will find out how the 2012/13 season in the Championship will be played; when we can expect the big local derbies, the games against the relegated Prem teams and the upstarts from League One. It’s also a time when I begin to think about the new season and what we as fans should be expecting from our club.

This time last year it was all about getting promoted to the top flight. Like this year, we were managerless – although I don’t think you can compare McLeish crossing the Expressway via a resignation email with Hughton being allowed to talk to Norwich about a job in the top flight – but unlike last year, Blues weren’t too badly in the crap. It was still a fortnight away from the arrest of Carson Yeung and whilst we were looking to offload players on big wages Blues were free to bring in anyone they wanted. June 18 2012 however sees Carson checking in to the cop shop on bail, the possibility of a fire sale with the added complication of needing Football League permission to sign anyone.

It would be easy to say that this season is going to be a season of worry, a season of defeats and a season of despair but despite all that has gone on, I don’t think that this is the case. Sure, I may well be disappointed by the appointment of a new manager – the idea of Phil Brown does give me the willies – but I don’t think it’s time to reach for the valium or razorblades just yet.

One of the things that stood out in Chris Hughton’s reign was the lack of expectation on the team. Because so many players had left and the vibes were worrying there was concern from some quarters that it might be a season of struggle. Less fans demanded the team bounce back, which allowed them to play with a bit more freedom – and presto, the games were much more enjoyable. Is it possible that this could happen again?

Last season, when asked by The Guardian to give my hopes for the season I stated that I’d take a season of consolidation – if we could end the season without too many defeats and in the black, I would be happy. Here we are again, with an arguably worse position – and again, my expectation is similar. I have to assume (until there is anything public to the contrary) that the incumbent board will stay in place for the forseeable future, so I’ll be honest enough to admit I hope for a lifting of the embargo, some good football on the pitch, maybe more breakthroughs from the Academy and a continuation of the unity of the fans behind the team.

I guess this is why I’m ambivalent about the appointment of a new manager – sure, I have my favourites but barring the odd couple of candidates I don’t think I’d be massively disappointed with many of the names in the frame. The Blues job is a bit of a poisoned chalice at the moment and anyone who wants to come in, get us playing football like last season and is willing to give us something to cheer about gets my vote.

LIke with England in the Euros, I’m hoping that the whole lack of expectation means that if we achieve anything it will be celebrated. I hope that people join with me in hoping for the best next season and won’t get too despairing if Blues aren’t in the promotion race from the start. I also ask that when the fixtures do come out that people do not copy/paste them into the comments because they are copyright and I can get into bother if I have them on here in full.

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75 Responses to “Great Expectations?”

  • BowThai says:

    Spot on again.Its all of a muchness.If we get someone who gets the players enjoying the game and therefore enjoying watching them, i think thats as much as we can/should expect.As a Bluenose i always hope for the best-maybe in around the playoffs and just hope we are not another Portsmouth.KRO

  • KiwiJohn says:

    If you’re like me you’ll be feeling a bit numb to all the stuff going on. If it’s not one thing it’s another. I’m just going to wait and see who takes the hot seat and give them a chance to make an impression. Hopefully a good one! As far as CY, accounts & embargos go – this is all being played out away from us fans – we will find out when they decide to tell us. KRO as usual!

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    Enough is Enough!

    Can we stop this hand-wringing.?

    Can we stop this simpering, “Johny’s gone-of-to-the front” war-time Soap Opera?

    We are in the shitenhauzen …OK ?

    We have ONE avenue out of this. Only ONE.

    We don’t have magic investors, white knights nor lunatic billionaires to save us.

    We have hard workers, blokes to get down and dig and a loyal supportive staff.

    Our ONE AVENUE is Pannu. A bloke possibly blighted on this blog by an over assertive ego.

    AL is not going to save Blues, either by joining then not joining a Trust, either by attacking then not attacking the local media, whatever…this blog, through sincere posting has exasperated conditions.

    Thats my opinion.

    Pannu can’t trust this blog ( and I don’t blame him – go through the archives when it went weird on speculation).
    Local journos never trusted this blog. Till 6/8 weeks ago :-) Before the blogger got a job with them – poacher to gamekeeper as someone said about Jimmy Hill.

    Good luck and Good Fortune mate…but, how your attitude has changed.

    You may have not seen it, realised it, but this blog, this singularly honest and resourceful blog is stymied.

    You can’t break your brilliant pieces from HK media on here anymore.
    If you are under contract to a national media source, you can’t. post in depth or excliusive content on here.

    Which helps explain this meandering blog entry.

    I’m sorry mate.

    You were brilliant. Please be so again :-)

    • almajir says:

      Good Morning To You Too Mr Letsby.

      Let’s break this down.

      Firstly – I’m pretty sure that there is no hand-wringing in this piece. I’m pretty sure I said that the level of expectation being low could be of benefit to Blues – something I’ve said before.

      “AL is not going to save Blues, either by joining then not joining a Trust, either by attacking then not attacking the local media, whatever…this blog, through sincere posting has exasperated conditions.”

      Again, someone needs to take a step back and read what has been written and not what they think has been written.

      I am still most definitely in the Supporters Trust. I’ve never said that I wasn’t – I said that I wasn’t going to be at their forefront, that I needed to be able to be objective and I still believe that.

      As for attacking the local media – that’s something I’ve not done – partly cos I work for the local media…

      And as for “local journos never trusted this blog” … well, that one had me in laughter. Suffice it to say I know a lot more about the local media than you do, and have done for a long, long time.

      As for Pannu trusting this blog – for me, that’s neither here nor there. Some think he’s a hero for what he’s done, some think he’s a villain. I don’t think either, I think there is good and bad and I will praise and criticise as need be.

      You can’t break your brilliant pieces from HK media on here anymore

      Exactly what do you mean by that? I do believe I have broken several things from Hong Kong recently – I was the one who broke the court cases regarding Carson and their full import, I’ve been the first to write about the accounts.. maybe you’ve not been reading recently.

      This blog is what it always has been – my take on things regarding Blues. I’ve not changed much – sure, I’ve become a little more cynical about the board but that I believe is natural based on what has happened in the last 12 months. If you don’t think that I’m good enough, well you’re entitled to do so, and I have no problem with that. I’ll just keep chugging along.

      • Cleggy says:

        I think Letsby Avenue doesn’t know what he/she is talking about.

      • Jamie says:

        I think letsby is havin a bad time of it just now! :) pay no mind Almajir you have done a brilliant job to date and very much continue to do so in my humble opinion! and I’m incredibly intelligent so you should feel rightly proud of that fact! :)
        Letsby, calm down mate. this is by far the best site/source of info about our beloved club i’ve ever come across!

    • Paulo says:

      Wow, I think that’s a little naive to be writing something so ‘negative’ about the free and accessible site that is OP!!! Come on, if it wasn’t for this site we wouldn’t have news about ALL things concerning Birmingham City FC. I doubt almajir is a fly by night blogger, so my guess is someone who puts the effort into research that is posted here, is done by someone who not only knows local media, but knows how the media works and is obviously connected to the media.
      As for the trust not being able to do anything …why not ask them yourself?

      I’m sure we’re pretty much all together in being p****d off at the BCFC board and the BIHL board, and the lack of communication from them.
      (and that is because we have direct access to information …on here!)

  • James Black says:

    Frankly all blogs and even newspaper articles are based on nothing more than conjecture. I notice some really stupid and pointless media reports and well maybe im cynical but i don’t even believe the short-list. If there is a short-list then i think its foolish to come up with one, simply let those that want the job apply. If we have to talk someone into coming here in our present state they are soon gonna get frustrated. Someone that applies knows the score and comes knowing what he is up against and would present a more realistic prospect and not gonna cry at the first suggestion of lack of funds.
    As regards the criticism of Al im not sure i fully understand Letsby Avenues point but there again im fairly new to this blog so im a little lost in what he is saying.
    But i do find Al to be measured and does not go down the road of hysteria and thinking we are Manchester United and we have a birthright to success.
    Sleeping giant we are not. We was but i have seen season after season of poor gates and sell outs when the tickets are cheap or a big game. We couldn’t even sell out for one of the games against the Villa so please get this sleeping giant vision out of our heads we are not we need to be totally re-made.
    Big gates in the 1970s does not say sleeping giant 2012 and until we wake up to these simple realities we will stagnate.
    Al makes a good point about England and the lack of expectation. This is the first tournament we have gone into where we have not gone on and on and on about 1966. Therefore we are starting to re-emerge as a football nation at international level, although of course it may all go wrong.
    But take away silly expectation look at the reality and then and only then do we go forward.
    Im not sure what the criticism of Al is about don’t know if its a fair point or not as im new here, but for me he does a good job. Dont always agree with him but at least his not hysterical as in some posters.
    When we get real and know where we are in the real world, we will go forward. We have good supporters, plenty of moaners among them but that’s normal i guess. We have a good youth policy and the club has put us on an even keel as regards the day to day running of the club at a realistic level without big stars and big wages, that is important and that has been achieved.
    So for me things are far from ideal but the future is not as black as many would suggest. But if you have totally unrealistic expectations, then yes its black. I think we will re-emerge when the time is right and bigger clubs than us are facing huge problems so lets move forward realistically.

  • Barry says:

    Like last year I have no expectations for the coming season only hope that as financial realities are finally revealed we can take a few steps forward. From here we can then get some idea as to how we should be setting our sights in the campaign ahead. My thoughts at the start of last season were that it was to be the beginning of a rebuild and any expectation of an immediate return to the premiership were wishful thinking. I hadn’t banked on the impact that Chris Houghton would have and in many ways we did far better than I could have ever dreamed we could. Sadly, a year on, we face a management void, our team rebuild is still a work in progress and the funding required to move the club on uncertain. Even so, I will play the “blind optimism” card and hope that being unlikely candidates for glory will work to our advantage and give the players and our future manager whoever he may be the best opportunity to fulfil their potential and deliver to the fans some enjoyable football in the games to come

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Al does good work on here IMO

    Am not bothered a jot about fixtures, just too depressed to be bothered.

    How far we have fell.

  • Dave Gibsin says:

    To be honest, this is Blues, so It’s best not to expect anything!

  • Masaccio says:

    As long as the club is still going come the end of the season and the beer still tastes good down Digbeth who gives a monkeys?

  • neal says:

    At this point in time, any final position above the bottom three would have to be deemed a success! I would not worry about the fixture list too much, more will we have enough players to put out on the pitch to fulfill them

  • ForevertheOptimist says:

    If your reading PP how about Curbishley AND Lee Clark?
    Old head and a young head could be a dream team in the making?
    We need a manager and an assistant so pick up both for nowt and the compo should pay their wages for a couple of seasons!
    Come on PP give us something to be optimistic about………..

  • Mickey07 says:

    The thing I never understand mayor is you and the local media never give pannu a rough ride in regards too his “code of silence” towards us blues fans……..take a look at the Blackburn fans at present with there “hate” towards the venkys,and there meetings with the fa and all that too “oust” them which I personally think is great and good luck too them……then I look at us and think FFs what have we turned into??? just local bloggers pussyfooting around getting sod all done hoping for the best,years ago it would have been the big kick off down there and wanting pannus blood plus the kick off with the old bill,but it would have cleared the air and got things done…now people are too scared to bleedin stand up at a game incase you get lifted by the o.b….but for godsake mayor have you been bought by the mail or something too keep your trap shut……because all we have done in the last 12 months is amble a long like a load of idiots getting jack done….and this coming season is going to be the same if not worse because of them doughnuts in charge of us…you,the mail,Tom ross I feel all play along with the game of not rocking the boat which really does my nut in,in “towing the line”…but i tell you what once they have finally gone and back in china you and local media will no doubt criticise Them like anything,which is a tom Ross old trick and has a track record of doing it….ask yourself if you want to turn out like that??I really think you have taken your eye off the ball with most of the fans and there hate towards this board mayor….look at what we have been reduced too now “phil (swear word)brown” in the loop for the managers job?? come on FFs,is this what it’s come too…..come on mayor “which side of the fence” are you on,us or the “dont rock the boat” gang??….maybe I’ve got it totally wrong though and I’m too old school for this modern day football lark where you just got too shut up and eat your prawn sandwich and be a good little boy….I just wish you and local media would pipe up a bit more and turn the screw on pannu because at the moment following blues is really really Shite and none of us can see any light at the end of the tunnel with regards too these idiots we have in charge of us…kro.

    • almajir says:


      Here’s my advice to you. If you don’t think I’m doing enough, or the mail are doing enough then pick up the cudgels and do it for yourself. Write a letter, make a phone call, do something.

      Phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses are easily available.

      If you’re not doing anything, can you really moan at people for not doing enough?

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        I get what Mickeys all about cos I’m about in the same place re PP and the total ignorance of us the fans. I share his bemusement at how some of our fans accept this situation and tell those of us who don’t that we’re somehow ‘not loyal’ or ‘vile’.

        At the end of the day we as a club are in as serious a situation as we could get, The response that Mickey alludes to is nothing short of amazing. The new supporters trust – ‘We are not anti board’, the most serious shite we’ve ever been in but the fan group say they’re not anti board. This Forza group – ‘we are not anti board in fact we think they’re great cos they’ve given us a section we can sit in and they’re gonna let us bring a drum and give us ace music when we score’ The local media – well you always get the same there, Tom Ross – keep in with em until they leave then have a go, the official supporters club – as long as they get the odd mention in the programme do or say nothing.

        So Al I think Mickey is looking for a focal point for those of us who are sick to death of all what’s going on and are fed up. What can he do? You say send a mail, I’ve done that several times with no answers. Phone calls? Yeah OK. So my own conclusion is the only way i can show my discontent is to keep my money in my pocket. After having a ST continuously since 72 I’m not renewing unless I start being treated as a fan, customer or at least an interested party.

        People go on about takeovers? Hows that gonna happen whan no-one truly knows what’s going on but can see an unprecedented comment from the auditors on the state of our books.

        Mickey, I hear ya brother.

        • Mickey07 says:

          Cheers mate,Pannu deserves stick for his “code of silence” stance alone…..maybe he has done some good things at the club but it’s his total arrogance towards the fans that let him down and he just rubs up the fans the wrong way.

          • almajir says:

            Mickey – have you tried contacting Pannu?

          • Mickey07 says:

            No I ain’t,don’t think it would be a good idea either….I would rather tell him to his face….my biggest regret last season was not having a pop at him when he was sat right behind me mocking the fans….I was using someone else’s season ticket that day and just thought “don’t”…..he was sat next too mike wiseman that day if you don’t believe me…..he’s got a track record of it….

          • almajir says:

            So you won’t contact him because you think you’ll have a “pop” but you expect me to turn the screws on him?

          • Mickey07 says:

            Mayor I’d rather try and see him face too face down the ground if I’m honest and say my bit…ythats the way I am.and yes I do expect you too turn the screw on him a bit regarding the code of silence!!why not??I bet you don’t though..

          • almajir says:

            So in other words, you won’t do anything but are going to have a go if you don’t think I do enough?

            Two problems with that. 1) Like any other journalist, you don’t see the background work I do, and 2) it smacks of utter hyopcrisy.

            Mickey, if you can’t be arsed to do anything for yourself, in my opinion – and my opinion only – you should STFU.


      • Bluenosesol says:

        Do you remember the Blue Revolution of the late 70’s? Supporters were tired of the lack of ambition of the Birmingham City Board and arranged a Supporters Protest group. We leafleted the Rover at Solihull and various other major locations. We packed the town hall at a public meeting. We gained local and national TV and radio coverage and ruffled the feathers of Tony Butler and Co when we mass hijacked their phone ins. All great publicity! How successful we were is open to debate,, but for sure, the world and his dog knew about the shannanigans at the club!!

        • Mickey07 says:

          Even the blues action group against the kumars in the early 90s……at least we had a pop at them and the board knew our feelings……just get a feeling these days you got to shut up and be a good little boy and fall into line…..don’t step on my toes brigade…..

          • almajir says:

            The thing is Mickey – have you done anything? Calling Tom Ross doesn’t count – have you tried to make your feelings know direct to the club, or to the people in charge?

            IF you think something should be done, why not do it yourself?

            IF you want some help – contact details or whatever, drop me a line – almajir@oftenpartisan.co.uk and I’ll do what I can to help.

    • alexjhurley says:

      well said Almajir

      If mickey07, Paul Carter et al want to start a blackburn style protest that’s thier prerogative. It won;t happen either because they are in such a small minority with thier opinions, or they aren’t capable of organising it or, most likely, both. Personally I think the club could really do without the further negative media focus that sort of thing will bring – remember how we all laughed at Villa protests last summer – whatever happens let’s not demean ourselves to that level eh?

      I totally get their frustration,I wish we knew more about the financial piicture and I wish Carson would sell up and bog off – but let’s be honest about this Mickey07, having a pop at Pannu if you happen to see him in the car park is going to achieve sod all. On the other hand the supporters trust just might. They’ve already elicited a couple of albeit fairly bland reposnes from PP, but it’s something build on. Unlike any potential confrontation between Mickey07 and Mr Pannu in the car park which is really gonna make Pannu want to engage with us isn’t it (not).

      Mickey07 you should be ashamed of yourself – do your own bidding rather than try and bully others into doing it for you.

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        Can’t see what Mickeys done that’s so wrong.

        He wants Al to spearhead a protest group via his blog which reaches far more folk than he himself can. A pretty reasonable request, understandable, harmless really. Al disagrees and life goes on. No dramas.

        You, Alex wana do nothing but insult Mickey on the net whilst trying to squeeze between Als buttocks. Show me one thing the trust has done bar a couple of crap statements. Their policy states that they are not anti board. You’re one of these new type fans who accept anything, the kind I despise.

        Small minority? You wanna get out more, failing that ask the club what the season ticket sales are looking like.

  • Mickey07 says:

    I’ve done most of that mayor……..I’m just asking you too turn the screw a little on pannu and co,because of the code of silence…..which side you on mayor?

    • almajir says:

      Please elaborate on what you’ve done Mickey, I’m intrigued.

      Whose side am I on? I think the fact that this is a Birmingham City blog indicates I’m on the side of Birmingham City.

  • Mickey07 says:

    Phoning Tom Ross nearly every week,moaning about them etc etc….but let’s not try and turn this around onto me mate…ask yourself and be honest with yourself are you criticising pannu and this board publicly enough??sorry mayor but I don’t want too teach you to suck eggs but you doing things like this blog you have got to be open to criticism as well….and I don’t think you do that to our board enough….I think you tow the line and not rock the boat…

    • almajir says:

      Phoning Tom Ross – well, blow me I can’t compete with that.

      Mickey, the truth is I will never (and neither will the local press) display the vitriol you want – mainly because the level of vitriol you want isn’t feasible in the press. I could talk about the stuff I have done and have written – but if you can’t see already what I’ve said I cannot explain it again here.

      • Mickey07 says:

        VITRIOL??who said anything about vitriol then mate??come on if you was going to criticise them I would expect you to do it in an educated manner…let’s see.

    • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:


      Take a look at Almajir’s blog on the 18th of May – exactly a month ago. It is under the heading ‘Time To Go’.

      Maybe that will clarify whether you believe he does not criticise the Blues board or BIH enough. It does not get clearer than that.

  • prewarblue says:

    I am not as educated as some who post on here,,,,,I dont have a season ticket,,,i havnt for years,,,,I do follow a club I have “claimed” to be a supporter of since 1955, not 1956 !,,,,,,,but reading the posts from almajir has given me more information than has ever come out of the club or “Evening Mail”,,,,I dont always agree with his opinions or views,,,but they are his,,,he does not need to stand [or sit ] either side of the fence,,,,,if you do not like what you see,,,,the easy answer is ,,,,,,dont read it,,,no-one forces you to comment or expect him to make comments that will risk his employment or legal problems.

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Good common sense, prewar mate;, I do not always agree with almajir or others, — Surprise, surprise.!!. I think that means that we all have differing views perhaps,

      Airing such views on this blog or others gives us an outlet, but does NOT excuse rank bad manners,!!.

      I was not aware that almair, actually ” owned the Blues “, or had a casting vote on proceedings,?. If I personally was upset about my views not being heard, — I would set-up my own blog,!!!!!!!!!!.

  • bluenosegoat says:

    I, along with many other I would guess, were under the impression that you were “just” a fan like us – albeit a very eloquent and connected fan. How are you connected to the local media? Can you tell us?
    Whilst I’m sure it doesn’t matter a jot at the end of the the day I believe that knowing your affiliations might just colour the way I read your blog (although I will still be expecting Royal Blue of course!)

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Can’t see how Al has done much wrong.

    I don’t agree with his stance but hey that’s life.

    I’m glad he writes for that Vile rag the mail, might balance things up a bit.

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    I see the e`mail has a “EXCLUSIVE” from Florida,about C`Hughton,regarding the BLUES & how he loves us & we should get behind the new manager.


    Even if P`P tells them “NO COMMENT” at least we know as FANS they (e`mail) have tried,instead of getting an “EXCLUSIVE” from across the pond,from a manager who saw the bright lights of the prem & walked.

    • NooBloo says:

      That EXCLUSIVE is probably for real because I think CH is actually in Florida but it was probably a telephone call rather than a face to face chat

  • Leigh says:

    Well said prewar blue, perhaps I should change me name to prewar 2. My dad once told me that when irate punters had a go at The Aga Khan, he just told them ‘ we don’t run our horses for you. Now if you want to see better football you can support another club there are lots of so called fans who ‘support’ successful clubs rather than their local club. However was it Bill Shankly who likened football to religion, perhaps that is it, ‘ups and downs” messiahs and frauds’, that’s what makes it interesting. Would you really be happier if we were winning leagues and cups every year….I think not…the result would only be puffed out chests and bragging rights…and to me that’s not sport, or the way a true supporter behaves. On the other hand is football really the national sport any longer, or just a rich mans toy?

  • Denis Thwaites says:

    Some interesting exchanges on here this morning! We are in the dogs doo doo and for all blues fans it is a worrying time not knowing what is coming next and anticipating the worst!

    I am sure everyone would want to vent their anger at the current owners if they were able to do so but we are in the unenviable position of not having access to them so we can protest all we like but I am not sure it will make any difference. If there was anything positive for them to say then why would the owners withhold it? We therefore have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst!

    Not buying a season ticket or deciding not to go to matches provides a signal that we are objecting to the current regime but in my view this would have more of a detrimental impact on the team on the pitch so I would argue it is not warranted. If there is/was a viable way to impact on the situation either collectively or individually then a lot of Blues fans would back it but I have not seen any evidence that there is any such avenue to follow. We therefore probably have to wait and see how all this unravels and accept it as being part of the roller coaster of being a fan.

    We don’t have a divine right to be successful so anyone looking for that needs to look elsewhere and go and support a team in the capital or Manchester. There are plenty of teams like us that are facing difficult times and the 2012/13 season will for Blues be a crucial one given the circumstances and we therefore need to lower our expectations and try and be as supportive as we can to whoever takes the helm from CH.

    It will be an easy target to turn on a new manager if things don’t go well on the pitch and in a way this is testimony to the job CH has done but we should not really be making a direct comparison. Last year we had 3 potential candidates for manager all of whom in my opinion would have done a good job as indeed CH did (Di Mateo and Zola being the others). The problem now is that the candidates that are available without compensation are not of the same calibre and anyone that we were willing to pay compensation for is unlikely to fancy the blues job at this time. Also last year there was the pull of being in Europe and being able to attract decent players on loan whereas this year with the transfer embargo we are likely to start with an inferior squad weakened by our better players being sold on and not being able to attract such good players on loan. Any potential new manager who is looking to protect or enhance his reputation is therefore not going to jump ship from another club for us and therefore the ones willing to accept this challenge will be doing so knowing they are on a hiding to nothing.

    It is where we are!

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Denis Thwaites;, I could not agree more about most of your piece, Especially that neither WE or anyone else HAS a God Given right to Premiership Status,

      Of course, It IS what we want for our Club, but will/can, only come about with strong stable ownership,!!.

      A White-Knight Multi-Billionaire, Would be lovely,?. but highly unlikely,!!.

      I have stated on this blog before, A Sulli/Gold type steady hand, to build up our Infrastructure, then playing staff, over a period of time would be — ACE,!!!.

  • BobbyBlue says:

    I thought I was p1ssed off with the board… sounds like there are one or two who are hurting so much that they think its time to have a go at Almajir. Jokers. OP is the best place to get blues news from someone who clearly puts effort into his research.

    I think it is important that we get the right manager in. Alan Curbishley has experience, which i think will be invaluable to Blues’ season, is respected (may be trusted by other managers in relation to loans) and plays decent football. He’d be my choice.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Agree with the supportive comments for Almajir. Where would we have been this closed season without OP? Climbing the walls and tearing our hair out no doubt. As for buy or dont buy season tickets. Many comments suggest that all Bluenoses are well off and hence its a matter of loyalty and any true Bluenose is obliged to renew. In reality I believe that most fans struggle to pull together 4 or 5 hundred quid and that it is not a question of loyalty, rather financial priorities and fear of the unknown and until PP tells us what we are getting for our money, then most will not be partaking. As for the manager, I have my personal preferences, but would be relieved just to know we had appointed one whether it be the dreaded Phil Brown, Mad Mick or Barry Fry!! KRO

    • prewarblue says:

      I can only agree with your sentiments,,,,,those who would have fire,flame and brimstone directed at the Board,,,,,and bodies hanging from lamp standards all the way from St Andrews to the E-Mail offices,,,must realise,,,,they have no restriction as regards their actions and comments,,,,no doubt they run their own companies or are senior management so have no fear of unemployment,,,,,,those who work freelance as the name implies are not in a position to speak or comment as they would like to,,,,,,again due to the fact that the establishment can chose to not publish their work

  • Art Watson says:

    Regardless of what is said on this blog the truth of the matter is the goings on at St Andrews and the final financial outcome is beyond our control and will not be influenced by personal attacks or media campaigns.

    Cool heads and patience are the order of the day.

    Patience is a virtu-embrace it if you can.

    Found rarely in a woman.

    Never in a man.

  • Paul says:

    What is with all the anti OP this morning , this site is a great source of information for those of us who need there daily fix of whats going on at our beloved club .

    I see no point in protests or Bloggers slagging of the Board for the sake of it the site will lose its credablity . AJ you keep commenting on the facts as you get them mate i and i reckon many others appreciate what you do because you dont have to do this , You do it because you love our club and feel that the information out there is recycled CRAP .

    Also my opinion is that when needed AJ does give constructive criticism to the board .

    Keep up the Good work

  • Keep The Faith says:

    I have been thinking long and hard about our present situation re CY, the board ect.
    I think we are all fed up at the lack of management of our beloved blues. Like an earlier blogger I too believe that we are no longer a sleeping giant. The issue now is how can our situation be improved and how to stop other clubs from joining the inevitable slide into chaos.
    I wonder with all the recent TV monies available to the premier league and thus the F.A. if a fund should be put together so that when owners such as ours show their inability to manage in a competant and honest way, for the good of the club then the F.A. compulsary purchase the club for a fee of say 25% of the origanal purchase price after debts have been settled. The F.A. then appoint administrators to oversee the club for 12 months while new owners are found. The administrators are then duty bound to give first refusal to the clubs fan club or supporters trust providing that they demonstrate they have the support of the clubs fans and show the necessary competance to run the club.
    The F.A. could also offer business/admin support to these groups and help to give them back to the supporters and communities they represent.
    Any thoughts?

  • mitchell says:

    I’ve been incredibly miserable over the last few weeks, and make no apologies for it!

    However, attacks on the OP are bang out of order, given the effort and decent reporting; how many of us can say the Mail, red tops, or any other website give us this level of info?

    Keep up the good work

    A very miserable blue nose……..

  • Barry says:

    Wow! Passions are running a bit high today. Not that that’s a bad thing so long it’s just words being thrown and not bricks. I think we all agree on a few points. The situation the club finds itself in is bad – how bad we don’t really know. The people that do are thousands of miles away and appear incapable of communicating to us here. The BCFC directors have been both “saints and sinners” in that they have managed to maintain the day-to-day running of the club on a shoestring but so far have been unable to bridge that communication gap. As I see it, this lack of information has just increased the level of frustration for all the fans. One area I will not vent my frustration towards is this website which still in my view remains consistently objective and does not just follow the normal rumor mill standard of journalism. Whether one agrees with all opinions made is down to the individual – I don’t and will never rely on one source for my information. I will say however, abig thank you to al for taking the time and trouble in providing this avenue for both providing generally interesting and informed material and a vehicle through which I can make my feelings known

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Succinctly laid out observations, methinks,!!.

      This Blog, does give us all an avenue to vent our innermost feelings, — That’s no bad thing,!!, BUT, — getting personal, calling others names, [ for not agreing with oneself ], is far beyond the pale,!!.

      We can all express ourselves, [ opinions, that is, ] without attacking others,!!.

      As Barry;, points out, — Communication, [ or the lack of it ], is probably the root cause of this, as well as cheap journanlism that peddles re-cycled hash, or conjecture just to fill out the sports pages, — Again, probably because of the lack of information from our owners,!!.

      Must log-off now, My Nurse is bringing my medication, — Chuckle, !!.

  • DoctorD says:

    Almajir does a great job — remember this is HIS blog and he can write what he likes. You want a vitriol-filled blog attacking Pannu every day — then go and set one up. It’s quite easy really this blogging lark. I for one find this an indispensible source of Blues news. So KRO mate.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    It is your blog almajir and I think it offers a fairly balanced and informative read. It seems some people want you to be a leader of a vocal mob of some sort against the board because of your connections with the press. I think its more a feeling of frustration by most blues fans in these trying times and a lack of voice while the club they love is dismantled before their eyes. Maybe a feeling that as you are now a respected member of the press then your voice carries more weight.

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    The crux of the dissent is towards Pannu’s perceived silence..
    While he oversees the day to day activity of the club he does not own or have a significant shareholding within the club.
    In short he is a servant of the Club & will ultimately do what he is told.

    These guns of anger should therefore be aimed at other more significant targets.
    Don’t shoot the messenger , even if he is mute.

    As for OP it is a platform for disscussion & opinion of all things Blue , so I am all for a venting of spleens , & long may it continue…

  • AR says:

    Don’t be put off writing your stuff by those who do sweet fanny adams themselves, yet attack those like you almajir who write interesting and thoughtful articles, particularly on the HK legal affairs. We are all frustrated; for me the embargo is the biggest cause of concern. But I wish that the moaners get off their backsides, get off your back and do something themselves instead of criticising someone who actually does something.

  • andy says:

    How do you think Coventry fans feel? They really are going through the mill. I suppose we have to be thankful we are not yet going down the same road. Thats my hope for next season, that Blues dont go the same way.

  • Paulo says:

    Blimey!!! what’s with the anti-OP today??? We dont have a god given right to be promoted to the premier league, nor do we have a right to expect wins every week in order to get us there!

    This coming season will be football at it’s toughest for us, because the consequences will be very unpleasant if we lose our faith.

    It’s pretty simple I guess ..turn up, join in vocally, air an opinion or two and keep watching incase something just amazing might happen… just might.

    But all in all, be a bluenose and expect the unexpected.

  • bluenoseneil says:


    Can I echo the sentiments of those who are PRO OP, and suggest you mostly ignore the detractors.

    You provide me (and many others) with as much insight and detail as I could possibly want, and I am aware that there are many mouthpieces for Blues but not as many doers. You are a doer and for that I thank you.

    At the end of the day, none of us run the club so it’s all opinion and conjecture but I think it’s fair to say those who are truly passionate will always have opinions – good and bad – and that’s ok.

    The main thing is that Stans is rocking come the first day of the season and we support whatever team is fielded…or we may as well do one now and start a Sunday league team instead, eh?!!


  • Bluenosesol says:

    Next week we have a last minute family get together to debate if we are renewing the 4 season tickets we have held for years! A good manager appointment could swing it!

  • Trevor Francis' Tracksuit says:

    Holy sense of entitlement and laziness Batmen!

    I’m now distracting myself from the Euros in defence of the man who spends his time writing this objective blog. The operative word amongst that for the purposes of this debate being ‘objective’.

    I find it refreshing to read the studied considerations by Almajir, and would hate us to go down the cretinous line of effigies and pitchfork-wielding a la Blackburn. All too often Midlands fans of all footballing colours go into whinge or extremist / reactionary mode, and this blog is a rare oasis in what often seems like a parched desert of lunacy.

    Of course, if we actually knew how parlous the state of our finances was, a) I think Almajir would be one of the first to break it, and b) I think he would provide one of the most measured, appropriate responses. If that was to organise a concerted protest that went beyond moaning to Tom Ross, I’m sure he’d recommend it, and in any case I’d rather listen to what he has to say than almost anyone else. Until it reached that point, why protest about the unknown? The ‘we don’t care about Carson’ chants make it clear what we think to a proportionate degree (disregarding the profane insults involved).

    So for ‘Mickey’ whinging about how others don’t get off their a*ses and go postal on his behalf. If you really think that way, DIY sunshine. Even though I think you’re being very much premature and overly judgemental.

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    Colin Tattum has intermated Roy Keane has actually applied for the vacant managers job…

    Also CY’s preferred candidate……get your money on..!!

    Sadly don’t think he is right man at this momemt in time…Que Sera Sera…!!

    • Paulo says:

      I agree, he isn’t what we need right now, and his past management record shows that he has alienated almost every team under him, and is the reason he sits in a comfy chair sharing his divine knowledge about what should be done!
      The only thing I admire him for is his upfront, take no s**t and say what he thinks attitude. But I dont think he knows when to consider teamwork at all.

    • Lee H says:

      Just because he is CY top choice for manager doesn’t mean its already a given. Last season he preferred Zola to Hughton, but it was PP’s decision to go for Hughton. When does it ever work declaring your interest in players/managers in the press? It just leaves you with egg on your face if you declare to the nation you want a manager then he rejects you.

  • Dirty Bertie says:

    Put your head above the parapet, it will be shot at. Nature of the species

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