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Mutch to Cardiff

Jordon Mutch has left Blues for an undisclosed sum to sign for Cardiff on a three year deal.

The 20-year-old midfielder made his debut for Blues against Southampton in 2008 and clocked up thirty-six appearances for Birmingham City.

Whilst I (like many other Bluenoses) had figured one or two players at minimum would have to leave this summer this actually sickens me. It’s one thing to sell players who are at the top of their game but to sell someone who has come through the academy and is just taking their first footballing steps seems more than a bit short-sighted to me. One has to wonder who will be next – Nathan Redmond, Jack Butland… the tea-lady?

I try really hard to be positive about things but there is nothing I can take from this that is positive. It’s a sign that the club are going to sell anything that is nailed down and it’s a sign that we’re in for a stormy season. I can understand and sense the frustration felt by many fans at the moment – believe me, I felt sickened when it popped up on Twitter that Mutch was going – and it’s annoying me that nothing seems to be done.

I’d like to join with the statement on BCFC.com in wishing Jordon the best for the future; after the promise of some of last year’s performances I’m gutted it won’t be in a Blues shirt.


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  • Alex W says:

    An absolute disgrace. Didn’t see that one coming AT ALL

  • Smeghorn says:

    I’ve had a season ticket since 1987 but this has seriously annoyed me. I’ve not renewed yet and am certainly having second thoughts now. And I never thought I’d say that. God knows what the attendances will be next season.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      Had once every season since 72 but not this time

      The only way to get through to the cnuts

      No dialogue, dodgy accounts, flogging the kids, transfer embargo yet they have the fackin cheek to mail me telling me to renew

      Enoughs enough for this Blue and others I know too

  • Macc lad says:

    I’m sorry but something has to give now. This isn’t overpaid and underperforming players being sold to balance the books. This is desperation and given the statements in the accounts, you have to wonder where the money is going. I fear the only option now for us is to walk away and set up a true Birmingham City club, just like those Manchester lot did when the Glazers took over.
    Their phrase love United hate Glazers rings true with me now. I won’t be returning to St Andrews until Yeung has gone.

  • steve says:

    this is ridiculous. its worse to know that the latest report is that he has gone for in excess of 1 million. this indicates it was probably something like 1.2 mil. so not only a firesale, but give us the smallest amount and we will accept. well good luck to mutch though, great future. i wouls also like to take this opportunity to say farewell to jack butland, nathan redmond, ben foster, curtis davies and chris burke. these will be the next to be sold off. why can’t pannu and yeung see they are ruining our club. i love blues, but this is a joke. im with macc lad, not going st andrews again until those clueless idiots have done one.

  • morty says:

    this is the last straw, pannu and the chinese mafia, are going to rip our club to bits,whos next, ????

  • Coxydoc says:

    This really is setting the scene, if we are selling on players like Mutch then what next?!

  • jayvbcfc says:

    There’s no doubt now that any last penny that comes available will be snatched from the club. Mutch was a good up and coming talent that would of been a regular starter this season so for him to be sold can only be to raise funds quick. We need a takeover asap before we are stripped bare. I think for far too long us fans have been clinging on for hope and always looking for a rosy outlook. This is partly because were told nothing apart from either blogs like this or rumours in the mail. Its about time someone came out and spoke to us and explained what the future holds or are protests going to have to be started up????

  • Jamie says:

    this is a disgrace! I’m very angry about this one and as others have said, it’d be one thing if it was to get some high wages off the books but to sell players brought up through the ranks is just now on! if Butland and Redmond go too I will be angry beyond belief! not that I’m am happy right now! I have been trying to stay positive and support the owners and give them the benefit of the doubt but this is a step too far! I think the sooner they go the better!

  • Jamie says:

    * not on! sorry, I’m mixing up letters in my anger! :)

  • bluesbot says:

    They are gonna have to come up with something amazing to justify selling one of our hot prospects – like a massve transfer fee with addons or we have a much better target on the radar – however rumour has it that he has only gone for a pittance and I doubt we have a target list

  • Gareth says:


  • ROY says:

    as a lifelong bluenose, i feel today has become the final straw. I work most saturdays and sundays so do not get much opportunity to see the famous bcfc very often , last season i managed to see quite a few evening matches with my father who had not been down the blues for over 15 years.with the season ending on such a high, a fantastic manager in place and the shared sense of belief around the ground after we had given blackpool a real game in the second half. my father decided to buy a season ticket for the first time since his teens hes now 70. on monday I WILL BE RETURNING IT.i feel sorry for all you regular fans who travel vast distances to follow the team and in the current climate I REALLY ADMIRE YOU ALL, BUT THOSE SLIMEY …….. WILL NOT SEE THE COLOUR OF MY MONEY UNTIL THEY ARE GONE!!! HOPE YOU LIKE THE REVENUE NEXT SEASON WHEN THE GROUND IS ONLY 1/3 FULL. FANS TAKE OVER NOW VOTE WITH YOU FEET!!!!!

  • Paulo says:

    This is just the first goodbye of the coming season! I cant believe CY is still trying to hold on to the club and PP is just more than happy to open the doors to anyone who comes sniffing! Jordan had that potential to be a Blues star through and through (I think, anyway) and it seems our chance in developing young players who stay with us from the academy and create history for the club ..is just finished.
    Also heard today that Hughton is after Jack Butland ..big time.

    I just wonder who can fill these places that PP is going to create?

  • Bluehobba says:

    I also try to look at the positives rather than negatives but never saw that one coming. I wouldn’t have thought Blues would have sold anyone before we got a new manager but then again……….

  • Rob78 says:

    can you post Peter Pannu’s email address on here??

    • almajir says:

      I can’t, I’m sorry.

      • Rob78 says:

        No worries,… I am voting the only way I can and that is with my money… Its a sad thing when the same day last year CH joined…. Its not the fact we have sold JM he is promising but frustrating at the same time and I do not thing he would come back and haunt us like AJ….
        For me to spend money that I struggle for I need to ensure I am getting value for money and I can not justify it anymore with this board… I dont have to go to church to be religous and I dont have to go to St Andrews to be a fan… Blues is in my blood and for now my money in my pocket.

    • Mutch's Gloves says:

      comment edited

      sorry, even like that I can’t have BCFC email addresses on here like that

  • Spike says:

    Oh for ****s sake!!!!!!! This is beyond a joke. I have today re applied for my season ticket, which I have had for over 10 years. Luckily, I have not sent the confirmation, AND WILL NOW NOT BE DOING SO. We will be getting crowds of 12,000 if we are lucky. Tel me Mr Pannu, how can a team like CCFC come along with an offer like this and take one of our crown jules? I will not get an answer, that is fact. I personally delivered a hand written letter last summer addressed to PP, and did not even get a standard reply. I warn you Mr P, do not keep treating the life blood of the club (the fans) with such somplete contempt!!! We cannot sign anyone, all of our loanees have gone back, so selling one of the few stars should not even be considered, at least until the embargo has been lifted. This is the beginning of the end for my club, last one out, turn off the floodlights please.

  • Macc lad says:

    Are the accounts available from Companies House now? Can you tell us who our major creditors are?

  • ROY says:


  • KRO21 says:

    Absolutely gutted.. The worst thing about this for me is how it was all kept so quiet.. It doesn’t surprise me as the board have dished out the silent treatment for a while..

    When we have no saleable assets left is when the bad times will get worse. Still in shock about this news..

  • paul bateman says:

    1st time for me to post on often partisan. always read every day, you do a fantastic job almajir. I have had to post I am absolutely pig sick every day it gets worst. I will not return to st andrews also until these have gone and everyone should do the same its the only way to get them out. Pannu can never be trusted and after waving wads of money at blues fans in madeira he should never be appreciated or thanked by any of us.

  • Macc lad says:

    So no chance of administration either then. How much do we owe HSBC? If anyone owns shares in HSBC it’s possible to apply pressure for them to at least petition for administration. Forcing BCFC to repay HSBC could just be enough to tip the club over the edge, and as Leeds and Southampton have shown, administration isn’t necessarily a bad thing

  • Spudmeister says:

    oh well let him go people are all moaning about blues selling players but there takes 2 to sign a contract the club and THE PLAYER!!!
    Jordan didnt have to go did he?
    but he decided he wanted to leave so its not just all peter and the board staff
    yes they have done alot wrong but what would people rather see one or two players going
    or a club on the edge of collasping for me i would rather let us sell a couple of players even if they came through the ranks but its not the end of the world and more importantly its not the end of bcfc.

    • Rob78 says:

      Small transfer fee and low wages!! get back down Vile park… Idiot

      • spudmeister says:

        Rob who. U sayin go to vile park idiot to?
        At least we still going to put out a team yes agreed not the best team but until this embargo is lifted we have to do things that some people won’t like
        But when this blows over this club we b back to what we need and hopefully a new buyer will come

  • Ste says:

    Absolutely Disgusted by this is PP our new manager ? Havn’t renewed yet…….having 2nd thoughts..

  • Matt Brooke says:

    WHAT THE F*&K!

    that is ridiculous!

  • Dodger says:

    I will not be going to St Andrews while the HK mafia are the owners/robbers i’ll follow the blues away from home but this is the straw that has broken this camels back…………….KRO the end of the road is nigh.

  • Paulo says:

    I dont know how PP can be trusted now!

  • Tom says:

    I thought he would be there for a few years yet, why can’t they get rid of someone like Zigic who’s on 50 grand a week, I think there will be a few more young assets sold yet, might go have a couple of quid on Cardiff winning the league next season, I can’t see why everyone is saying about not renewing there season tickets at a time when Birmingham will need a decent crowd every home game, we will end up like Coventry 3 thousand fans.. We never know could wake up tomorrow in the hands of billionaires like man city, KRO

    • Rob78 says:

      Im sorry but you need to get back to the real world… you can support your team with a banner at Wast Hills… you support the board with your season ticket….

    • TonyB says:

      For Zigic to go, even on a free transfer, someone would need to cough up at least the equivalent of what we are paying him now. That is just not going to happen.

  • Gwynfor says:

    PLEASE PLEASE DONT BUY YOUR SEASON TICKETS, we need to hit them where it hurts and that is in their pockets, i also think a protest should be put in place as soon as possible.

    • KRO21 says:

      Completely agree.. it is the ONLY way they will listen. All these phone calls, emails etc aren’t being heard. Money is the only language they will understand..

  • Gibbo says:

    Mr Neil Moxley predicted this,,I hoped it was anti Blues bluster..he said not, he was right

  • Blueboy88 says:

    If we can’t keep a young player on sensible wages , then the writing is well & truly on the wall…

    Almajir – How do I pay into your pay pal account for the China visit ?

    Also many years ago Ebbsfleet Utd set up supporters society –


    Maybe the time has come for something similar on a more industrial scale….!!!

    • almajir says:

      Paypal – https://www.paypal-marketing.co.uk/sendmoney/index.htm

      As for supporters society – the Trust is the answer. I believe that they’ll be doing something shortly in response to the latest developments.

      • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

        I would urge all true Noses to contribute however much they possibly can to the ‘Blue Fund’ to try and attempt to get Almajir over to HK in order to get some answers for us. Please give as little or as much as you can – it all counts and we are all stakeholders in this.

        Let us try and show the truth of what is happening to our club to the ordinary people in HK and China, who may not be aware of what is going on. Giving the facts and evidence will make people sit-up and take notice.

        • alexjhurley says:

          It’s unrealistic to expect almajir to make any significant progress. We are in danger of putting him in a no win situation, and that is grossly unfair. I will contribute, but I urge people to be sensible about this – a well intentioned whip round to send one of our own on what will almost certainly be a wild goose chase is not gonna make things right. Carson selling up is the only way to get things resolved.

          • only-me says:

            I say set up a fund for some major advertising, either in the Hong Kong papers, or our own, or better in both.

  • Dan says:

    Why would you set up a “true” Birmingham City Football Club? There is already one. Sorry, as much as a shocker this is, but that idea is dumb.

  • Daniel Harris says:

    Just gutted I missed the 14 day deadline to send my season ticket back! Never thought I’d see the day I didn’t want to go to St. Andrews. I think it’s about time now the fans pulled together and done something before they rip the club apart totally.

  • Masaccio says:

    i hope all the good players leave and find decent clubs/managers/boards to play for, they don’t deserve to play for the chinese crooks!

  • bluenose1234 says:

    I dont bloody believe this £1 million what the freck is going on?!?!? and I bet it was the first bid lodged , WE BLUENOSES NEED TO RENITE AND GET THESE IDIOTS OUT OUR BELOVED CLUB!!!! and I was wondering why so many youth players were given pro contracts, I know now!!!
    Im a avid fan of this site and I very very rarely post, but something has got to be done!!!
    Cmon lads lets cause a ruckess @ home to Barnsley because IMHO it can’t get any worse than this!!!
    In all the years Ive been a supporter Ive never been so disulutioned, Im absolutely gutted!

  • bluenose1234 says:

    I know fella but he was worth £4 million at least, totally gutted atm so Im letting off steam!!!, its killing me seeing our club being ripped to shreds

  • Suffolk Bluenose says:

    First time i have posted on here. Hello to my fellow Bluenoses. I am shocked and angered by this. The owners are assest stripping this club, we will end up like Portsmouth. Action needs to be taken before we end up like them.


  • therealdeal says:

    Transfer embargo needs to get sorted or we will be forced to use the youth team as our 1st team. We can only hope Lee Clarke smuggles Jordon Rhodes into Wast Hills

  • IOB says:

    Long time reader, first time poster. Good god, that was a bit leftfield, to say I am angry doesn’t even come close at the moment. They haven’t even installed a new manager yet and they are selling the team already! No wonder Keane and Curbs told us where to go if that was one of the conditions of the job. As many have said on here before me, this is a drop in the ocean compared to the bloodbath that will happen with the other shining lights in the team. If CY is not willing to sell now, how in gods name does he expect to get anything at all if he basically sells the whole team and god forbid, we go down next year?

  • Tonytiler says:

    Nothing surprises me at the moment. Not once as pp come out and spoke in public . It’s the wall of silence that makes me sick. I agree with most dont renew our season tickets. Until the board answer the questions ! If they don’t committ we don’t committ.

  • bluenose1234 says:

    Watch now..Redmond, Butland,will be on their way too, Id hardly be surprised if we have half a team of U19’s first game of the season, WHAT A JOKE! Bet them vilers are loving this!!

  • tom bermingham says:

    if lee clarke was undecide d about blues this will help him make up his mind get rid of these clowns

  • IOB says:

    How come there wasn’t even one bit of news saying that a bid had been lodged by Cardiff? they haven’t even got the bottle to tell the fans what they were up to….

    • chris says:

      i think it’s happened really quickly, for Jordon anyway, as he only signed up to twitter today according to Andy Walker (BCFC).
      don’t think he would have done that knowingly on the day he was leaving.

  • Ad says:

    Thats not be fickle football fans like the horrible lot at villa park, I’m as frustrated to lose such a young talented player as you all are, but in the real world we all knew this was around the corner and now it’s reality.
    the one positive I’m taking out of this is whoever does eventually become our manager I will have great respect for him and get right behind him and his team as it would take a real football man to accept the job and the challenge taking all into consideration.
    As for mr yeung he has treated BCFC as a game of poker, we have had some winning hands, lifting some silverware, Europe, big players, hughton, youth set up…………….and now he has been caught with his pants down and he needs to cash in!!!
    No matter who our current/next manager, board, players will be I will always be a blue and get right behind them next season.KRO

  • Blue Steve says:

    I have tried to stay objective about the board but this really is the final straw. How do we let them know we want them gone! Will messages simply not be heard or just ignored. We may never know the ansewer to that. Does Carson want the club to repay the money he has loaned before sneaking off into the night? Like many have said I could understand Curtis Davies and other senior players on bigger wages having to move on but this?????

    • chris says:

      bcfc owe Carson & BIHL about £20 million and if he’s getting his money back & maybe more importantly TO HIM getting back the money other people in China invested (if you get my drift) you can’t balme him.
      we spent what we didn’t have.
      we also didn’t ask him to bankrupt the club.
      on the other side by doing this (especially if it continues) he is making the club worthless so in the short term he has cash, but in the long term he will have peanuts left.

  • tom bermingham says:

    bring back Ken Wheldon

  • tom bermingham says:

    or the Kumars anyone please

  • Bluepenguin1976 says:

    F**n shambles.What else can be said?. This regime has been a total total disaster for us. How bad will it get under these people??. We’re selling are best talent to championship promotion rivals at a cut price fee for F**ks sake??. They took us over as a stable premier league club and we’re are rapidly being turned into a League one team (impressive work in just over two years) F**kn W**nkers ,seriously I despise what they are doing to my club!.

  • tom bermingham says:

    Jasper Trevor anyone help us please

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    However much JM was sold for, it is simply a pathetic attempt to keep the current situation ticking over. JM was/is a young player with his best years ahead of him and we’ve just gone and sold him to one of our biggest Championship rivals!

    How on earth does that friggin make sense?? It doesn’t. The fee, and whatever it may be, it will keep us going for how long? What idiotic and short – sighted bullshit is this?? All efforts should be centred towards getting a manager, sorting the embargo out and trying to build a squad. At this stage if Foster or Davies had been sold for £4m each, I believe most would have accepted it as something that was inevitable and as long as the other aims and objectives were trying to be achieved, then so be it. But to sell one of our best young prospects, what message does that signal to what is left of the rest of the squad?? Which promising manager would even consider joining us??

    PP, CY and all the rest of the crew, you have messed up big-time and I hope this is the straw that sends the camel to the desert hospital with a broken spine. You fellas are done for.

    Let the Blue agitation begin.

  • Ad says:

    The current board will move on once the have generated extra cash from further sales, we all know mr yeung paid far to much for BCFC that’s why the golds and co jumped at the chance to sell the club. It’s a catch 22 situation before yeung and co leave, more players will walk through the exit door!!!

  • Bluenozee says:

    I am confused regarding this embargo thingy, I foolishly thought it meant we could neither buy or sell?? How exactly does it work?

  • Daddybluenose says:

    Looks to me like were gonna have a firesale to pay for CY new house. Surely with the fiasco of account and the certain queries over the viability of said accounts surely something can be done to emphasis the owners lack of being fit and proper. I remember asking almajir a month back about Birmingham Limited and was informed it never happened then suddenly in the puplication of the late late accounts it’s suddenly appears , leftfield again, and money from the club has been pumped into it….and there are more questions…..wtf is happening we the fans need answers and we need them now. Come on F.A do we really want these clowns associated with our club and the beautiful game…seriously!!!!

  • Giblets says:

    A season of protest should be on the agenda – pitch invasions with placards and protest slogans in front of the cameras –

  • tom bermingham says:

    even Dick Turpim wore a mask are t hese pepole the real special agents

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Notice it’s another ‘undisclosed’ fee as well, same as last year

    Where are all the know alls lecturing us on what a great bloke PP is and how things aren’t that bad? You know who you are?

    Not that bad? I don’t know how things can get any worse.

    I hope this Forza Blues group can organise a protest or the trust, surely they have to change their stance now?

    • almajir says:

      What notice do you think Carson will pay to a protest in the Kop car park Paul?


      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        It’s irrelevant what CY makes of it Al.

        FFS we are Blues and our club is being ripped apart bit by bit, are we supposed to all sit around doing nothing? We, my mate, are having the piss taken out of us big time by those who run the club. Are we all too idle, too unfussed to get off our arses, get down the ground and make some fackin noise about it all? Are all the supporters groups going to continue stating they are not anti board or will one come out and say we feckin well are anti board or shall we just keep on doing nothing?

        • almajir says:

          But you miss the point Paul.

          Protesting the Kop car park will achieve precisely the square root of feck all.

          Worse still, the poor buggers who work day to day at the club and don’t deserve any sh*t will get it.

          You want to make some noise – have you contacted the board – there are lots of details on the “useful links” page. Drop me a line and I’ll help you further if you want to do it properly.

          You want to “make noise”. You want to “protest”.

          I don’t. I want a solution to the problem. So, I believe, do the Trust.

          • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

            Contacted the board? Are you taking the pee? Your square root of fack all is precisely what a mail will achieve. I’ve binned my season ticket cos of all this, it killed me to do it but I believe its for the greater good.

            Let’s not fall out Al but cmon, contacting the board? We all know it would be a waste of time,

            And hey give the Blues fans some credit. They would not go for the club staff, no way

          • almajir says:

            Again, Paul, you miss the point.

            Chanting stuff outside on the Kop Car park is going to peeve the hardworking staff inside who it has nothing to do with. It’s going to achieve nothing because no one will care about it.

            You don’t want to renew your season ticket – that’s fine, that’s your choice.

            You don’t want to try and get your frustrations across to the only people that can change things – again, your choice.

            If you want to go shout a load of slogans in the car park, or write what you think on the internet, that’s fine – it’s your perogative – but it’s not doing anything constructive – and for that reason, I’m out when it comes to protesting.

    • chris says:

      then join the trust

    • alexjhurley says:

      I think I’m one of the people you’re referring to Paul. Unless we get a very good explanation very quickly (which we wont) we can only conclude that yeung is asset stripping to get his cash back pannu can do frick all about it. Yuengs the organ grinder and he’s made a royal bollox of both his tenure at blues and his career in general. Now the chickens are coming home to roost he is becomi.g increasingly desperate and bcfc will suffer. I’ve still no axe to grind with pannu, but I am now firmly anti board and agree with you that the trust need to start taking a stand now. A motion of no confidence in the board would be a start.

  • danksy blue says:

    This latest sale has hurt i can’t get my hat on .
    us blue noses are thinking forward with thoughts of a new manager after losing CH we as fans are trying to be positive and the constant wall of silence from pannu and the board hasn’t helped then to sell JM totaly bamboozeled me
    PP needs to speak with the fans and tell us some kind of plan exists it feelse like asset stripping all players worth anything sold to pay for what Carson overpaid for the club then the club will be sold
    what happened during this fit and proper person test for buyers of clubs
    Surely they must except some blame as the test is flawed i fear what will happen next

  • chris says:

    is this sale just to pay wages of zigic and foster?

  • Blueboy88 says:

    HSBC have a debenture on all the club’s entire assets – including future TV cash and gate receipts – to guarantee loan payments.

    Surely its worth rallying them to bring this mob to book, before the assets they believe they have a call on are all sold off…….?

  • Macc lad says:

    The only protest that will work is staying away. If you’re a small businessman and a supplier to Blues, then stop supplying them. If you have a box, don’t renew. If you’re a customer or shareholder of HSBC then write to them demanding that they recall the outstanding loans. If a season ticket holder, don’t renew. If you’re Lee Clark and reading this, don’t take the job.

  • danksy blue says:

    Pitch invasions at home games might make the FA sit up and take notice ? We need the press to embarrass pannu into some kind of action

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      I don’t condone that but I can see it happening.

      Feelings for this great club are like the feelings you have for your loved ones and we all know how far we’d go to protect them

  • Ad says:

    Not a good idea macc lad, if we want new owners we need to look like a solid club with at least a loyal bunch of fans not a bunch of fans wh turn the back on the club just like mcgleish and hughton have done in the past.

  • Ad says:

    I’m very surprised with his contacts and wealth jasper carrot hasn’t got involved with a potential take over yet.

  • Bluey1875 says:

    This is an absolute disgrace and i feel sickened. To sell the likes of Zigic and Foster who are on big wages I can understand but to sell a player who I am guessing is not on mega money defies logic. I felt sick when CH left and this is just another kick in the teeth. Unfortunately this is only going to end when every asset we have is sold off and CY leaves the club in ruins.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    I’m fed up and going to bed.

    Really angry.

  • paul says:

    will not be renewing my season ticket,not just because of this!ive supported the club for 30yrs thick and thin,lower divisions the kumars and so on,but these lot sicken me!the only way i see to make a stand is to hit them in the pocket so these clowns will not be taking my money while they are raping my club!ill be back once they have gone.

  • james says:

    I told you that this corrupt bunch of ar5eholes would bleed our club dry – WE HAVE GIVEN PERMISSION FOR BUTLAND TO PLAY IN THE OLYMPICS – i wonder why?

    Start waking up. Get real. There are no investors and at least another 5 of our most valuable assets will be sold. You can kiss goodbye to Zigic, Foster, Butland, Burke & Redmond.

    This board are an absolute disgrace and I am sick to death about being told “innocent until proven guilty” cobblers.

    They are corrupt. They remain silent. They have now sold one of best promising stars for a pittance.

    I think you do a great job Almajir but this needs to stop – in your articulate tones, make your feelings known and attack the b45tards every chance you get.


  • Dave says:

    Woah, that came out of the blue! Although, I’ve had a thought… maybe it was Lee Clark who organised it to raise transfer funds? Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already been installed and waiting to be unveiled. Let’s just be thankful our board haven’t decided to change the colour of the kit like Cardiff’s new owners have!

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      We both know he’s the manager. It cant be announced because his signing on fee is stuck in the NatWest computer glitch black hole so he cant be sure its there!

  • danksy blue says:

    Is there any sniff of possible sale of the club

  • Neal says:

    I would say stunned but in truth why should we be? Angry yes very as everyone else is. I have said before and will say again I believe the parachute payments and the proceeds of every possible asset they have that can be sold will be used to try and repay the ridiculous amount paid for the club in the first place.
    Then when every drop is drained they will go in to administration. Within weeks there will be no value left in the club to even interest the most optimistic potential buyer ( not that I believe one even exists at present ).
    To CY and his cronies it has been a bad business deal and the fact is THEY DONT CARE about the club, only the cash. I fear any protest of any nature will be futile – they simply are not interested in what we have to say, surely that is obvious to all now.
    Hughton was told the full plans about what would happen to his squad and leaving was just another part of the equation in pulling in funds!
    And we thought it was bad under Wheldon – it will be nothing to the mess this lot will leave us with.
    Dont worry about the new manager, whoever he is he may as well start planning for league 1, we may just survive long enough to see that.
    Long gone are the days when a local would own your football club and you could shame him – it is just frightening now.

    Now how do I switch that gas oven on!

  • james says:

    Not in a million years dansky – the fairy tales suggested by the mail and pannu are a pure smoke screen designed to create ST sales.

    we have been lied to for the last 18 months and I have had enough

    Butland going to the Olympics will lead to a bid frenzy upon his return

    enough is enough.

    comment edited

    • danksy blue says:

      Parachute payments plus mcliesh 2mil, Chis houghton 2 mil , much 1 mil
      Davies 4 mil, foster 4mi ,l burke 1.5 mil, butland probly abt 4 mil , zigiic 2 mil, redmond 3 mil
      plus last years sales at abt 28 mil surely by then he’s had his money back you never know he might even sell the naming rights of the club for the nxt 30 years

  • SWExile says:

    Gutted. Supported Blues for 40 years, home and away. From now on I am only going to away games until that p**** and his cronies have gone.

  • Quokkasskip says:

    The only logical reason to sell Mutch is a financial one. Interestingly as a youth player he won’t be an asset in the accounts so receiving £1m effectively boosts the value of the club by £1m! V shortsighted tho. Before any has a go, I think this is a disasterous sign for the future and selling the crown jewels. Board out

  • Quokkasskip says:

    Need more beer

  • IRJ says:

    I normally just read these posts but i have to now comment, we are in big trouble and i can not see us being a club in the football league in 12 months time. good night gob bless BCFC. it appears to be the end of the road.

  • BluePete says:

    Like everyone else I didn’t see this coming, it is an absolute joke. I’ll support Blues forever but I’m seriously thinking about not renewing my season ticket this year. Does money go to the club for away games, maybe that is the way for me to continue supporting my team but not the owners.

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    The apparently low figure is odd. Even if you were desperate for the money you would try and maximise what you receive; about a milllion is too low to be true. Surely a few clubs would have been interested in him and an auction would have produced a better return???

  • paul says:

    so what the hell do we do?some say protest or contact the board,others disagree!so what should we do?we may not all agree……but im sure we agree its time to do something???

    • danksy blue says:

      We need the press ie the mail to get access to pannu or to shame him into coming out and setting the story straight the silence from the board is wipping up a storm

  • oldburyblue says:

    Using the “rape” analogy….I fear that there is a lot worse to come. They have removed our top-clothes and are now going for our underwear. We know what comes next. Do we “Lie back & think of England” or kick and scream to at least make it more difficult to screw us?

  • Dave says:

    The official page just blocked me for speaking out and calling the
    A disaster… They can’t hide from this forever…. I call for a every fan to write to the club asking them
    Leave not abusive but strength in numbers get this board out

    • darren astley says:

      i too posted on official website and got blocked the club is run by communists any critisism of the club and its policy and they remove your comments even when its constuctive critisism and no bad language was used had to bite my lip thou

  • 16yrWFA says:

    here here paul hit them in the pockets dont renew dont go to home games, we are blues we are used to be being shxt we dont care about the premier league or the money that comes with it. we all want the blues back we know and love if thats in the championship, league 1 or whatever,. the mail is doing nothing as always they didnt even let us know about a bid from cardiff for jordon. Time for everyone to make a stand lets all cheer the lads on at every away game and sell out at every ground but boycott the home ones until they are gone, what a mess. it really is sickening in all the years of following blues never been so angry we cannot give another penny to these crooks.

  • denis thwaites says:

    This development probably explains why they have been giving pro contracts to young players at the club recently to the likes of Reilly/Jervis etc without a manager in place to say if he wanted them or not. It will be case of work with what is left Clarky. The facts seem to be pointing towards the fact that there ain’t going to be much left come August. I fear the team spirit that was built up last year will have long since evaporated and quite understandably most of the players will now be looking to get away from a club that appears to be falling quickly into disarray!!

    The owners are just getting money back that they put in up front but as we all know that they couldn’t afford. So nothing new there then but what is hard to take is the total contempt now being shown by the continued silence and secrecy which no fans deserve.

  • Kel says:

    As bad as things are, and as frustrated as we are – not renewing your season ticket is going to hurt the club more. Any money generated from ticket sales, tv coverage, player sales etc will be kept in the club and out of Yeung’s pockets – as per the agreement with HSBC.

    I don’t think there is anything we can do – sadly, even if all the fans put some £ together, we wouldn’t be able to purchase the club so I think the only thing we can do, is sit tight and wait it out. It can’t go on forever.

  • TrueBlueForever says:

    Over reaction. The kid played 36 times for us and in his lst 4-5 appearances couldn’t complete a pass only to the opposition. There maybe better free transfers out there than JM. He reminds me a little of Darren Carter, promised a little but never achieved anything. He’s gone to Cardiff. Why hasn’t he gone to the Prem? Simple, not good enough.

    Watch the videos of the the Blackpool away game in the playoffs. He was absolutely useless. Now shut up whining and if you’re a true supporter buy the ticket and see what happens. Supporting this club is a roller coaster so accept it. END.

    • almajir says:

      Yeah, better free transfers… that we can’t sign with an embargo…

    • alexjhurley says:

      good point well made which we should all bear in mind – its easy to read this as the end of the road, but you’re right -he wasn’t that good, if he goes on to be a prem player ill be surprised (and pleased for him to be fair)

  • SWExile says:

    haveyoursay@bcfc.com just bounced my email back so have now emailed every address on the club’s contacts page, apologising to the person I have emailed and then having a rant. So frustrated…..

  • wrekinblue says:

    I think we now see the true colurs of our owners . You have to question their management ability when you consider the inflated price they paid for the club( money I’ve always thought went to help the hammers get promoted).You have to think they just got lucky with Chris Houghton and even then they were not able to see a smallinvestment may have achieved promotion and actually improved the value of their investment. I’m afraid our owners make the Venkys look good there’s been no fire sale at Blackburn.

  • JayDizzle says:

    How can the board sell the likes of Jordon Mutch to Cardiff for what is apparently next to nothing yet to a club worse than ourselves yet they are holding out for £6m for Ben Foster which isnt going to come instead of selling foster for the £3.5m that the baggies offered, let him go to get high wages off the bill and in turn be able to keep the likes of Mutch, Redmond and Butland at the club, to show some sort of future is there

    • Bluenosejohn says:

      That is the odd point about this. The initial suggestion is that the deal was a really poor one even if we wanted the cash urgently.

      Incidentally Cardiff are not worse off than us because they have had recent investment from the Far East and are now awash with money- you remember just like we were when Carson put in his £40m when he took over…………..

  • Sirharry1875 says:

    I’ve just got in from pub and I’m gobsmacked, I renewed last night for me and my daughter, what the f**k have I done, we have been destroyed by a Chinese hairdresser, Why us? So angry!

  • blue says:

    absolutely gutted,and the pessimist in me is fearing the worse,much like last season.

    without the full facts though,it’s hard to see what their thinking is. im waiting for a bit more info and/or the next few cards to be played.

    for instance did Mutch ask to go? after all he enjoyed playing for Malky McKay and maybe thinks he could achieve more professionally, with him and Cardiff. (just as Dann and Johnson did before him) or was it done (ok’ed) by incoming manager who has replacements(Bosmans) in mind to replace him ? was it cardiff’s bid and the proposed sale of Mutch what made CH leave ? if it had to be done for financial reasons and to keep us from administration then so be it.

    as things are though i can only really pin all hope on Pannu and hope he can play a blinder with the manager and replacement’s to get the club through these tough times for Carson and us.

    we never do things easy do we ?

  • Sirharry1875 says:

    That’s just shattered all dreams of a takeover. No potential new owner would sanction that. We are stuck with these idiots.

  • Firstly, I’m hugely disappointed about this transfer. I saw Mutch playing a huge role in our clubs future.

    However, something that is confusing me a little, is the fact that, we have let him go for such a small sum of money. Yet, we still persist in playing hardball over Foster. Now, to me, we could have accepted the £3m from WBA for Foster and we maybe wouldn’t have had to sell Mutch. I feel like there might be something else going on here. This transfer comes the same day Clark had his second interview, the same man that apparently came with a dossier for the whole of our squad. I’m not saying he has anything to do with this transfer, but it’s food for thought.

    • almajir says:

      Matthew – no one knows what Mutch went for. There are rumours but they are nothing more than that

      • Bluenosejohn says:

        Undisclosed sum covers a wide range. Although about one million seems to be quoted, in the money soaked world of the Premiership which is how the press seem to judge anything then £1m, £1.5m or £2m is all about the same- alleged peanuts and not worth bothering about.

        I have been thinking how much we could realistically have expected for Mutch. If he had a real chance of getting a bid time deal with a Premier league club then even assuming our beloved leaders were incapable of realising this Jordon and his agent would not be and would have made sure that he did the best he could.

        At a guess we have got as much as we can in a cash up front deal. One suspects the replacement will be young and cheap or from a lower league club ( and out of contract!) and cheap.

  • andy says:

    Why is anybody surprised? Funny to read how Keane wanted assurances from the board before even thinkin about the Blues job, and they couldnt give it him. If Blues go on to sell the likes of Butland or Redmond or more of our better players im joining a host of others and not gettin a season ticket. I am sick to the back teeth of all this now.

  • silver1875 says:

    Just a thought, what do you think might happen if a protest was organised out side the main HSBC 130 New Street Birmingham B2 4D. Or Birmingham supporters who bank with HSBC transferred to other banks in protest of what is going on with our club. Sorry but I’m Desperate to get our voices heard some how.

  • paul says:

    im not very good with these kind of things,is it worth everyone contacting the mail or wm or tom ross and asking that they talk to pannu etc or would it just be useless?

  • TonyB says:

    Let’s try and kill off a few myths.

    Firstly we don’t know what the deal was for Mutch. I don’t like the fact that the fee is “undisclosed” and that makes me suspicious. But at the end of the day we don’t know if it was £1mil, or less or more.

    Secondly get real about Zigic. People keep saying we’ll get £2mil for him and lose his high wages. Not a prayer! No one will pay anything for him and it’s highly unlikely we can even give him away other than a deal where we pick up part of his ongoing wages.

    Thirdly people bemoan the departure of Mutch and scream for the transfer embargo to be lifted. If we are as skint as it seems we aren’t going to sign anyone whether there’s an embargo or not.

    Finally Lee Clark is unemployed. Is he really going to turn any job offer down that will give him a few hundred grand a year? He might have misgivings but he’ll take it if offered and I don’t blame him.

  • 16yrWFA says:

    true blue foreva – jordon played 36 times for us came through our youth team and played for england at youth level if im correct and this is a lad who is only 20. yes he might have had a few bad games but he also had plenty of good ones and is the future of the club. why has he gone to cardiff? because they could not wait to get the money thats why. As for darren carter promised alot but achieved nothing what a total lack of respect for a player that sent us up and must have played 100+ games in the premier league how is that not an achievement? you should be proud of home grown players doing so well not criticise especially 1 of our own.
    Supporting Blues is a roller coaster always will be but we support the Blues not the Board and if we carry on as of nothing is happening we will never get rid. How can anyone respect Pannu the man that wont talk to the fans and waves money at the fans his customers. Hate Carson Love Blues!

  • crotcher88 says:

    there be sorrows and sorrows to while these mutes are in charge

  • andy says:

    Something has to be done and its gotta be a damn sight better than the march through Birmingham protesting about the non civic reception after the Carling Cup win. Problem is, we all saw Portsmouth fans protest, Coventry fans have and look where its got them?? What on earth has Pannu said to Lee Clark, is the guy desperate for a job? He must be mad taking it on if he does.

  • Jimmy says:

    What happens when CY gets sent down in November?? Will the FA give us money for letting them buy the club?? I want answers f*ck my season ticket, maybe he will get found not guilty and then he might come out and give us a few million

    comment edited

  • wheresmecell says:

    anyone who pays money to watch blues now is being ripped off . You dont have to spend money to be a supporter ..i know , i’ve done it for long enough even though i am currently a season ticket holder . It hurts to say I probably wont be renewing . I dont like being ripped off . In fact when you look at it , petrol , bills , bankers etc I reckon i’ve just about had enough of this horseshit . Im still livid with the club for letting Hughton go , and now we sell the familly silver ? Whats the point of going to the ground ..Its like going to the vets to watch them put your beloved pet to sleep when it could be saved .. Nah , not for me im afraid , too painful ..but then to pay the vet to do so is like self – hypocrisy

  • kentucky blue says:

    Supported blues since 76 seen good times and bad, but looks like we are going down like a lead ballon. I guess i’ll have to start liking basketball kro blue4eva

  • andy says:

    What we should do is get some straight answers from the new manager. We wanna kno what the board have in store? Hughton used to pussy foot around and was applauded for his conduct, but in reality, he looked after his own interests and got out whilst he could.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    BIH know that they will only get a £1 when they sell so they are going to make sure that is all it is worth

  • Cornish Bluenose says:

    I am as sorry as most of the other fans who have posted on this website, however Blues have a long and proud history and I would rather support a club that gives youth a chance. Who knows..? we may even be in a better place in a couple of years time if we can bring on some young talent mixed with a few seasoned pro’s I feel sorry for the staff and players who must be fearing for their future..? We are feeling let down..so must they be..I think we need to rally round the staff and players..Carson will only go when he has had his fill…and we need to re-build with whatever is left over..and remain true supporters. KRO

  • only-me says:


    How about organising a protest outside the HQ of the football league, we would get a lot of media attention, with shock waves reaching as far as Hong Kong, Im making my banner as we speak.

  • crotcher88 says:

    getting a chinese curry tonite seen blues players on the menu 6 for ten quid they are taking piss the out of us

  • Aussiebrum says:

    What a total disgrace.

    Shameful, these clowns have lost all credibility – pathetic.

  • Stephen says:

    Absolutely gutted about the sale of Mutch, he was one of the players we wanted the future team built around. Hopefully we can keep hold of Butland and Redmond but somehow I doubt it. I do want to see more of the youngsters coming through such as Jervis, Asanti etc.. But we can’t go a full season with an under 19s team.

    I can’t afford a season ticket but Whatever happens I’ll still go and support whoever pulls on the blue & white shirt whenever I can, whilst venting my frustrations at the board (not that they care).

    We don’t care about carsen, he don’t care about us, this is so true now more than ever & the same can be said about Pannu.

  • manicmac says:

    This is the lowest point we’ve reached. Selling the kids is just desperation. we’ve now become a tiny club. I cannot stand this continual decline in the club I love and have supported since I was 5 years old over 50 years ago, I’m sorry to say that the time has come to walk away with a heavy heart. I cannot stand the lack of communication.The people who own and run the club are a complete disgrace, an incompetent bunch of crooks who don’t deserve our support or to be connected to a proud club like blues. This is the last straw for me and I won’t be going again, R.I.P Blues

  • Ted says:


    Of all the board’s blunders, this is probably the biggest. Until now I’ve been one of the more positive thinking moderates. Not any more. We must ALL join the revolution. This is war!

    Jorden Mutch is a fantastic talent, destined to play at the highest level. If he was sold to one of the European giants for £10 million, we would still be unhappy, but at least we would understand. But to Cardiff for an undisclosed fee???

    Given Cardiff’s Far East connection, some people may think thant some secret dollars have changed hands, but I would never suggest such a thing.

    Hughton, Curbishley and Keane all knew that they should keep well away.

    The owners clearly have ZERO respect for Blues fans, therefore the days that lie ahead promise to be very dark indeed.

    It’s time to make it clear that CY and his gang have brought shame upon China. As English football’s first Chinese owners, they have been a monumental disgrace. Their incompetence and hopeless communication appears to be matched by their lies and deceit. Whatever representations we make, should also target the Chinese government and Chinese media. They MUST be held to account.

    Great sorrow.


  • Art Watson says:

    What a bloody mess and it’s getting worse by the hour.

    Truth is CY is trying to save his own skin and asset stripping the club could be his salvation.

    He has no loyalty to us fans and PP is just CY’s puppet.

    The only way forward is through a take over but I just can’t see this happening until the club hits rock bottom.We are heading towards this fast and media campaigns or delegations will have no impact as its all about CY’s personal survival.Dark days ahead.

  • Suffolk Bluenose says:

    Some good points on here.
    Asset stripping is whats going on here gents.
    After there are no more players to sell or any more money to be made, we will go into Administration.

    What this space!!!

  • Lucy says:

    I think this just shows the club has no ambition or direction anymore it’s such a shame. To all the Blues fans saying they aren’t going down to st Andrews next season, what are we Villa fans? It’s not the players fault the club is in turmoil, let’s give the players left at the start of the season, a reason to want to stay at Blue, how demoralising for them to come out to no home support. Get down there sing you hearts out and give people a reason to fear St Andrews again! Keep Right on!

  • evesham blue says:

    Cardiff put money upfront and Blues accepted to keep the cash flow going. Now Jordan decides to go as he has a lucrative 3 year contract on the table and a chance of making the big time at a club with new backers. He has also worked with Malky before when at Watford the manager is obviously going places.

    Now – which young lad would say no to this? If Blues say no – well lets face it players have the power and Jordan’s Agent can see the dollar signs.

    So before I get lynched – why this hysteria? You cant tell me Jordan did not want to go and you only sell if it suits both parties. We have played hard ball with the Baggies over Foster – if we were so desperate for money then we would have offloaded Foster alot sooner by now.

    Bottom line is Zigic is still here because he wants to be (some would argue because no one else wants him)- Jordan doesnt want to be. He jumped ship because there was a better offer and we have not stood in his way. Just like CH did.

    One other thing had occurred to me – Clarke must have talked about his targets – perhaps he has a midfielder replacement already in mind? Just a thought.

    Message is – keep your powder dry before you get the whole picture which will all come out in the wash. In the meantime kep calm as there is nothing you can do about it.

    This mass hysteria about going into admin etc is not helping. Not renewing season tickets will result in more sales. So do us all a favour and support your club which means you pays your money no matter who is in charge as you are a BCFC supporter. KRO.

  • Alex McLeish says:

    Mutch can go – who cares? He thinks he’s gerrard and spends all day giving the ball away.

    Anyone who thinks “the club aren’t showing ambition” etc must have been blind and deaf for the past two years, because its gone way beyond not having ambition. It became clear when McLeish was still here that the blues are going to get rinsed by Yeung and co., just like all the other yoyo clubs (yoyo club = everyone outside the top 5 these days).

    The big clubs arrange the loan players and the investment groups and then rinse and repeat. The only way it’ll change is if the fans decide to take their sport back, and thats not gonna happen for quite some time (if at all).

  • Bromsgrove Blue says:

    If you were part of a consortium you’d know Yeung is a financial dead duck – he can’t generate his own taxi fare. You’d wait until you could buy the club for £1 like Sullivan did. They made £80 millon. Blues will make someone a lot of money. Yeung will try to get as much money back as possible – we go into adminstration – someone buys us – and then we start again. BRACE yourself for a rough ride. Whoever comes and goes, gets us promotion, messes us up we go on supporting our club. Owners come and go. Players come and go. Managers come and go. BUT THE FANS GO ON FOREVER generation after generation. We are the club. No one loves their club like a fan. No one is loyal like a fan. A fan who becomes a player will move for money. Only the fans stay loyal. Its going to be a long, long road but we will endure, keep right on and come through. DIG DEEP LOYAL FAN and UNITE for the boys in ROYAL BLUE.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    I will not step inside St Andrews again until these w*nkers are gone. F*Ck you CY I hope they lock you up and throw away the keys. I urge everyone to do the same and vote with their feet.

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